A technical explanation of how faking the moon landings would not have been possible.

Magician Ricky Jay demonstrates his card mastery

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CNN Insider Blows Whistle on Network President Jeff Zucker’s Personal Vendetta Against POTUS

• Cary Poarch, Who Works at CNN’s Washington DC Bureau, Says: “I Decided to Wear a Hidden Camera…to Expose the Bias”
• Records Zucker’s 9AM Daily Rundown Calls
• Zucker Emphatically States Fox News is “Beyond Destructive for America”
• Zucker to Staffers: “Impeachment is the Story,” Ignore Other Stories
• Employees Ordered by Zucker to ‘Knock Off’ Their Friendliness Towards Lindsey Graham
• Nick Neville, CNN Media Coordinator: “Jeff Zucker…has a Personal Vendetta Against Trump,” “…Then You Get on the 9AM Call and the Big Boss, Jeff Zucker, F**king Tells What to Do”
• Neville: It’s About ‘Ratings,’ “…It’s, Like, They Pulled Names Out of a Hat and It’s Like We’re Watching the Gameshow Network”
• CNN Floor Manager Mike Brevna: “It’s the Trump Network, Dog…They Sold Themselves to The Devil”
• Brevna Recalls Colleagues ‘Sobbing,’ And Says The “Office Was Like a Funeral” After Trump Election Victory
• CNN Media Coordinator, Christian Sierra, Confesses CNN Prepares ‘Softball Interviews’ for Democrats Compared to Republicans, and Suggests “Anti-Trump Crusade” After 2016 Election
• Top Network Executive David Chalian Says Republicans are ‘Delusional, Defiant, or Silent’ With Regards to Trump’s Impeachment Story
• CNN Floor Director Hiram Gonzalez: “…We Created This Monster…Media Created the Trump Monster”

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Sports announcers Lou Boudreau and Jack Quinlan were broadcasting Chicago Cubs baseball from Wrigley Field on WGN radio. Local department store chain Wieboldt's decided to sponsor the broadcasts and have the boys read on-air advertisements for women's hosiery. The guys fell apart. From 1962.

Dave Allen calling it 40 years ago.


Adapted from the story by Robert E. Howard.

Street Life in East Harlem in 1948, by Helen Levitt

Pete Drake & his talking steel guitar

Per-Olov Kindgrenng performing.

The last Sears store in Chicago closed down in 2018. I'd been going here for about 50 years.


"I am a Jedi."
"I know you are (mechanical breath) but what am I?"

Go away. And take a bath.

Cuz it's like everywhere.

The Doors perform on Canadian TV, 1967.

The truth. At last. BTW this video was banned by YouTube.


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