Robbing the bank as properly as I can in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. I didn't end up getting 100% completion in the bank as there are things I was missing in there that I could've otherwise gotten.

DLive Channel:

I got asked by someone dating a deaf guy if all deaf people are super loud, this is my response to it.

Unboxing and testing the Fifine Tech USB Microphone from Amazon.

DLive Channel:

Amazon Link for the Mic: (It's not an affiliate link, chilld your britches.

Answering physics related questions from the CryptoDeaf discord server on channel #for-science and from the livestream's chat. Questions about quarks, quark stars, strange stars, strange matter and the Earth's stratosphere have already been posited and lined up to be answered.

This is a replacement for a busted hearing aid for my left ear by Britzgo, but since I already have ample experience using these listening devices, I'm unboxing the replacement so you guys will know what to expect with your package and what to expect with them. I'm doing the review because I'm on the extreme side of the hearing loss using these as hearing aids.

Product being reviewed:

Correction from the video, it wasn't CVS I bought it from it was Walgreens. And they do have the extra ear canal pads. The quality overall in the rest of the review is accurate. This is the MSA 30X hearing amplifier from WalGreens available also at CVS Pharmacy and Walmart.

It's cookie clicker, what else do you expect from it?

Clicker game like cookie clicker, but not cookie clicker.

In regards to health insurance providers, including medicare and medicaid, that refuse to cover the cost of hearing aids and/or cochlear implants in order to save money by incorrectly categorizing them as "Cosmetic Devices" and seem more than OK with treating the various health and mental health issues that arise from untreated hearing loss and deafness.

People involved heavily in deaf culture claim to be caring for both the deaf and hard of hearing, however the story of many hard of hearing folks trying to integrate into deaf culture are essentially the exact same kind of experience I've had trying to integrate into deaf culture. And the advocacy Deaf Culture deafs have for the hard of hearing actually don't help the hard of hearing like they want it to.

Sure they have the status of "Charity" legally, but practically are they really a charity when they're actively milking the people they claim to be in support of of money while giving their CEO's huge bank to boot? Your charities seem to be more out to hurt us than to help us.

It's a semi common question I get that if I know how to sign, why don't I sign and speak verbally with my voice at the same time. Well I answer that question and show as to why, also go into some of the signs between what my family called IS vs ASL, how they're different as well but yet still so similar.

I'm tired of other deaf people who were born deaf and entrenched in deaf culture from the onset insisting that deafness isn't a disability. It hurts mainstreamed deaf people greatly.

There are good and bad social justice warriors. Unfortunately the bad ones are the ones most common and do things for all the wrong reasons, provided they're not fucking things up doing such.

Describing what things sound like to me with my conduction headset, hearing aids and without my listening devices as for what I can and can't hear to give an idea to the hearing to clear up to myth that all deaf people hear absolutely nothing.

Two gay furries talk about misc crap, change vape coil, get drunk-ish on stream, satisfaction guarenteed or your virginity back. Apparently my roommate knows a hell of a lot about guns, firing guns, gun safety, overall firepower, etc. We also dive into our own troubled pasts involving being bullied in school, getting in trouble at school, why we got in trouble and what happened to us as a result of it.

Things for tourists visiting the United States of America for the first time need to keep in mind about our cultures and Americans in general.

Was asked on Tumblr about what I can and cannot hear with and without my listening devices. So here's my answer. And no my signs aren't ASL, I can't stand ASL.

My deafness wasn't profound enough to require cochlear implants, but rather hearing aids. I was able to hear but mostly low volume vowels from people's speech, couldn't hear my foot steps, doors, the door bell, running water, the sound of the fridge or various vents like bathroom vent, kitchen vent, etc. I went from not hearing all these various noises to finally being able to hear them and it blew my freaking mind. Sorry for the quiet speaking, I wasn't accustomed to hearing my own voice amplified so I didn't have any clue how loud or soft I was speaking.

The fact that I can hear these various sounds in my own environment live is astonishing and something that's definitely going to take time to get used to. I also learned I have to turn the hearing aids off when I enter a crowded area like McDonalds or Walmart because the wall of noise is atrocious. I prefer to be deaf in those environments.

Discussing (vocally) what it's like with the new bone conduction headphones and my experience with listening to people talk.

Got the new, higher quality bone conduction #headset in, made of titanium, these guys are amazing, higher quality sound too than the previous flimsy one that broke.

Going to admit, the first song I listened to with these things, I actually literally cried. I didn't think I would honestly. I'm suspecting when I have my listening devices finally in that I'll likely have an overwhelming emotional reaction to that too. I honestly figured I'd be the type to not break down like that, guess I was wrong.

I'm using signed exact English, I need to get used to talking, I can talk.

Talking about my displeasure in the plastic bone conduction headset breaking, snapping in half in the back easily due to it being cheap and flimsy plastic and having bought another set instead that's made of titanium and sent the plastic crap back for a refund. Also the hearing aids have been delayed but the manufacturer is sending a new pair out and refunded my shipping charges to me and they coincidentally want to see the livestream of me turning them on for the first time to see my reaction to how they work since I'm apparently the first deaf person that's bought their devices. According to an audiologist though, all I require are hearing aids so we'll see how things work when that happens.

Yeah, I can hear with them, and hear clearly. Won't work for every deaf person, but they apparently worked well enough for me and I was super happy to have them. Note the past tense. The fuckers broke. Getting a refund on Amazon.

I went on a brief escapade over to Steemit's platform and mingled about, was doing alright for a newbie on the platform in general, using, busy, dmania and the like, but I've soon found that Steemit itself is overrun with SJW's which in and of itself is bad news bears. So as a result of running into SJW's that decided the best thing in the universe would be to bully a gay deaf guy and harass him (me) for not following the feminist agenda, I'm sticking with platforms that already have a heavier conservative leaning where I've seemingly have always been welcomed. It's rather sad that the group that allegedly hates everything about me has actually been far more welcoming and inclusive than the so called "Tolerant and inclusive left".

I'm uploading and focusing a bit more on than YouTube. Note: I'm exceptionally crap at signing, if you'd like better and more accurate examples, please seek someone that knows how to sign better than I can. I've not signed in ages due to relying heavily on lip reading.

I've been asked what the difference is between ASL, PSE and SEE (American Sign Language, Pigeon Signed English and Signed Exact English respectively) and which one is correct. I personally prefer SEE myself, but since most of the signing community doesn't know the majority of the words involved in SEE due to words like "To be, are, and, can, have, have not, etc" existing in SEE but not in ASL and PSE. I personally prefer SEE since it's what I learned.

Don't hurt me, I'm very rusty with signing since I've relied heavily on lip reading for ages now. Why bother when nobody around me knows sign?

If you want better examples, be sure to look up other deaf creators that are more adept at using signing, I'm exceptionally poor at it.


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