Kris Millegan Interviewed, by "Mason" Vera Paine for WGNradio, on Shadow Governments, Deep States & Secret Societies 05/21/2018 Excerpt.
"You hear the term: Shadow Government & Deep State a lot, but what are they? Author and Investigative Reporter: Kris Millegan explains what Shadow Governments & Deep States are and the roles they have government. Kris also breaks down secret societies and the various things they have done to influence society."

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Keywords: CIA, Shadow Government, Deep State, Secret Societies, Mining Companies, Metal, Money, Drugs, Guns, Gold, Oil, Military, Contractors, Defense Industry, Media, Movies, Music, Magic, Mind Control, Psychological Operations, Skull and Bones, Yale, JFK, Bush, Kerry, Corporations, China, Psychological Warfare, Intelligence Agencies, FBI, DHS, Numerology, 11, 22, Master Numbers, 9, 11, Ritual Killing, Trauma, Masons

Loren Kay TalkShoe Podcast Interview with Crystal Starheart about Crimes in Targeting Activists and Activism in Washington State -- 02/10/2018 :

Tags: activism, targeted individuals, surveillance, crimes, gangstalking, gaslighting, burglaries, pet torture, electronic, warfare, amnesia, memory loss, poisoning, drugging, trafficking, assassinations, bombings, Christopher Monfort, Judi Bari, John Mark Dougan, police, law enforcement, 9/11, secret societies, masons, skull and bones

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Former Police Officer : John Mark Dougan became a Targeted Individual by the FBI and fled to Russia.

September 27, 2017 Interview-- in a series of interviews with Michael Fitzhugh Bell, a Targeted Individual & Mind Control Human Experimentation Victim on Coast to Coast AM
Michael is a Mind Control victim --
RE: "Soft Target" Vs. "Hard Target" (I was told that people were targeted because the individuals are "Soft" targets ("easy" victims/targets, like single, elderly, handicapped, isolated, etc. )
Other Interviews:
UFOs Declassified/ Saga of a Targeted Individual
Wednesday September 27, 2017
"Nick Pope discussed the latest UFO stories in the news. Followed by Michael Fitzhugh Bell on being the victim of stalking and mind control."
Host: George Noory
World Affairs/ Organized Stalking
Thursday December 29, 2016
"Joel Skousen spoke about the rise of fake intelligence and the Globalists. Followed by Michael Fitzhugh Bell on targeted electronic attacks."
Host: George Noory
Covert Harassment
Thursday February 14, 2013
"Private investigator specializing in electronic counter-measures Roger Tolces was joined by Michael F. Bell to discuss the unbelievable story of how Bell was tracked and tortured by a covert organization via implants and microwave harassment.
First hour guest,..."
Host: George Noory

Michael F Bells' Website:

Tags: wordprocessing, hacking, technological sabotage, mind control, targeted individuals, blackops, psyops, weaponized psychiatry, false diagnosis, unacknowledged special access projects, surveillance, stalking, gangstalking, electronic weapons, biological weapons, electronic harassment, sleep deprivation, mobbing, drugs, rape, costumes, Satanists, Psychopaths, Spiritual Warfare, Implants

Bob Fletcher with George Noory September 20, 2017
Coast to Coast AM:
Bob Fletchers' Website:
Tags: Nibiru, Wormwood, Planet X, Weather Control, CIA, Covert Operations, Weapons, Drugs, Trafficking, Front Companies, Front Businesses, Congressional Investigation, Underground Installations, Underground Installations, Underground Bases, Weather Control, Incoming

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"Real Talk Episode 1 - Midge Mathis and Karen Stewart" --
"Covering the financial underpinnings and corruption behind the targeting of individuals for surveillance, weapons-testing, and non-consensual neuro-tech experimentation, USA and worldwide. Featuring research and discovery by realtor and real estate investor Midge Mathis. Also covering disclosure on 9/11 and NSA involvement in radiation surveillance from NSA whistleblower Karen Stewart."
Midge Mathis, Karen Stewart, Ramola D, & Ahmed : TI & Whistleblower Surveillance Crime Blacklist/Watchlist - Part 1
targeted individuals, real estate, defense contractors, gangstalking, implants, covert, crime, mind control, hacking, EMF, Brotherhood, Masons, Masonic, satanism, satanic rituals, cell phone towers, satellites, radiation, surveillance, terrorist, watchlist, national security, FBI NSA, DOD, military, blacklists, trust accounts, whistleblowers, activists, directed energy weapons, universities, government, contractors, alliances, pedophilia, drones, stalking, brainwaves, research, Global Signal Acquisitions, Crown Castle


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