My husband during the hopefully getting close to not being a pipeline welder anymore after 30+ years in the industry of natural gas. Due to Gov Jared Schutz/Polis of CO trying to destroy organic energy here, I do hope not too many suffer when relying on solar and wind to give them life.

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Hard life, rewarding until the body starts breaking down if you're a welder worth your name. My husband is. 30 plus years of welding has given him a good name in Colorado. He earns every dime and I let him spend it however he wants. Lol.

Dirty planes and drones.

Just what I do, film the sky and weather that seems odd.

Wicked weather this summer, might as well move to windy WY! Except I really don't want to. So I stay in the madness of CO for now.


I can now seem to upload. Maybe now I can leave YouTube forever!

2008 tornado

A day in Colorado. Sprayed us pretty stinkin' good, almost like mosquitoes! I'd say that's all we are to them yet mosquitoes don't pay tax and vote do they? Wait, maybe they do now.

Some of my memes, going to try and upload on here from now on and delete my YouTube channel soon. Makes me feel like I need a shower after being there. Lol.

Colorado last week, we are having a snowstorm today! On 3/2/19 we are seeing the first 'real' snow with low temps than all year. The first round of snow was wet and heavy, slowed down, got colder and the second round is dry and now sticking while the wet underneath turns to ice and people will be crashing. Because that's what people do! Colorado had more people killed on our roads last year than days. Maybe illegal driver licenses being issued? Who pays the insurance for 'illegal alien travelers' as traveling doesn't require insurance and yet we have to pay it and for uninsured? Because they know about the traveling law and we don't? We best learn a few things. I'm trying.

Just more memes to upload, bring a smile in between all the insanity.

I didn't see this when filming, another user enhanced it yet she deleted her channel. You have to slow it down to see it. Just a tad too bit of something shot out the ass of a plane. In my humble opinion.

Trying to get here from YouTube.

A spray day from March 2018. Trying to migrate here from YouTube. So many sites have so many rules on the wild wicked web it's not as fun for me as it once was.
Sad they shut down Gab, that was stupid. One man and words of hate, love and more there. It was for everyone, even mean rotten liberals lol. Guess they couldn't handle it at other places that were kicking people off. Again, stupid.
After 20 years plus on here, I am ready to finish life in the real world except I doubt I'll ever stop filming the sky of what they do to it.

Not sure of the date on this, doesn't matter, same ol' song and dance no matter who begs to be President. Vote and tax theft day, that's all they want us for.


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