This is what's known as Biden's "Built Back Better Program," though the phrase doesn't conform to the rules of the English language!

Something is about to pop. They don't want you see this, https://jfkfacts . org/why-ben-bradlee-didnt-investigate-jfks-assassination/ you can proceed.

Too much vitamin D on the other hand can be bad for you.

Opens with the suicide of Nero's chief advisor. How do we, exactly, get these kind of people selected, er, elected to highest of offices? Is that all there is? Quo Vadis 1951 American greatness will go down in history as a myth.

Isn't there news that Biden has had two, not just one, but two open air brain surgeries? I read the brain is not supposed be subjected to the air.

Strange thing is, it should have been there because it's out of sequence! They had originally cut it! Youtube ABC is still showing the 3 Part Version. There's also a new purported 55 min. full version that ABC has not produced on YouTube!

Prophecy says this will be repeated just once more, some say before '24

Epstein visited Clinton WhiteHouse 18 times?


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Do you knowthat Bitchute needs to come clean? Who's running this crap anyway? The Jews?