No more mysteries is there? Yeah, yeah, I know, "nothing can stop what is coming."

This one has my microphone turned off. Michigan Judge who threw out Trump's lawsuit is caught releasing pedophiles from prison. See Gateway Pundit for details. "many are called, few are chosen."

Doesn't it seem like Biden gets the hardest questions? #BreakingNews Michigan Judge who tossed Trump's lawsuit, is caught unlawfully releasing pedophiles from prison! See Gateway Pundit.

Wouldn't that destroy the system? Rangers are ready.

#PresidenteNobody #GoBackToSchool #HangOn #ForeignOrDomestic
South and West will start. Then Chicago. If necessary. Finally? Necessary NYC

Go to the webpage original, you'll see. "Be sober and alert! Many are called, few are chosen. Drink of the Holy Spirit."

The FBI hired teenagers and authorized pot smoking on the job, (a demand & condition of employment), of 15/16 year olds who do their cracking and hacking in house for the FBI. "I will make mere children their leaders," Isaiah 3:4

Dominion had committed to it and did not show up. That baby step is over. Whew!

I have to submit a correction to the text at the end of the video. The source is not Phillipians as stated, it is, rather in "the letter of James," Chapter 1:5-8. I apologize for any confusion.


If they didn't capture the software code, the day/s of voting, they're screwed. Corp Gov media depends on you being an ignorant [not you Donny], mofo.

FBI arrests Ohio Officials for Taking Bribes from Biden. Many MORE ARRESTS COMING!

Just so you know what kind of people support him.

That's an election that needs to be settled mofo. Nation Wide. Keep your all seeing [eye] on California's and NY's Governors. Do you understand this? "I can tell you a lotta 'bout gaga." - DJT

Lock Down v Lock Down "And they said to the mountains and the rocks, '“Fall on us and hide us from the face of the One seated on the throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb. For the great day of Their wrath has come, and who is able to withstand it?”'… Revelation 6:16-17

They really help


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Do you knowthat Bitchute needs to come clean? Who's running this crap anyway? The Jews?