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Satan comes only to destroy and kill. Satan's minions are identified today's flying objects. Not even a ticket with Trump as President, and RFKjr as VP, can fix it. Total derision is both now and inevitable for the many. For rejecting the truth of the most high. You have killed your pardon by your own will. The whole world will marvel @ antichrist w/death and destruction.

You can't handle the truth? Don't wait. You have to be, "reborn," secure truth, you'll like it. No one will ever usurp your heavenly father. Never. Let the milk and honey flow. see nullify Congress

In private, in the open, or in secret. Why not? It's in the Bible prophecies. What does your, "Pledge," of Allegiance say?

No one knows the day or the hour. But the signs of times point to it.

Why do you think Xi sends thousands of Young students to elite American (Law Schools) Universities every year? They often infiltrate and preach Christianity on Sundays too. Been there, done that.

Bitchute commenters talk murder EVER DAY in the comment section, multiple times. Some really stupid punk DELETED EVERY THING he said, as you will see soon. I will open the comments some time in the near future at my leisure.. Maybe tomorrow. These are subjects of the inbred Royals of England. They all talk the same.

We're not here for the money, or the money changers, nor off topic scrum, only for the truth. MIC = Military Industrial Complex.

Getting in Trump's Cabinet Maybe. Put him in charge of taking down the religion of pedophilia. Being a Catholic is a huge problem. He hasn't exposed their pedophilia has he?. Why Not? DID YOU NOTICE THE J6 cop "READING," HIS TESTIMONY? lol THE WORST ACTING YOU'LL EVER SEE. ALSO NOTE HOW THEY DETACHED Audio COMMENT? LOL. They are deliberately mocking you.

(or) Americans Abandon Sense For A Slot on Bitchute

He's probably there to take votes away from Biden in 24. Obama is not black! He's a Middle Eastern Arab.

It's going to get much worse. Half the people will die over this. It's simply unavoidable. #TrustThePlan. How many years does it take to investigate Biden? Our system has deliberately failed, they have to try to secure themselves. They don't give a damn about you.


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Do you knowthat Bitchute needs to come clean? Who's running this crap anyway? The Jews?