We made the first part of this anthology for our Birthday which is the 29th of June by the way and never put it back up after YouTube nuked our works. The rest is just our ideas on a lot of things. Let it happen, come over to us.

Cover is Gaius Germanicus Ceasar IE Caligula he went to war with the Sea. I stand in awe == We are not worthy. He was also THIRD AUGUSTI IE IMPERATOR and PERPETUAL TRIBUNE OF THE PEOPLE AUGUST! Yeah I know a bit.
MAGA #AmericaFirst #BuildTheWall #DeportThemAll #StopTheCaravan #Invasion #BrokenArrow #Nationalists #WhiteIdentity #Whites #WhiteMajority #Nations #Folk #People #WesternMan #WesternCulture #WesternPride #EuroAmericans #Europeans #Home #Hearth #Heritage #Community #CommonGood #WhiteRights #WhiteSurvival #EthnoState #Family #fatherhood #motherhood #cleanstreets #goodjobs #properwages #honestpayhonestwork #MenNotBoys #MothersNotMilfs #ChildrenNotPets #LifeNotDeath #LiberalismIsDead #Autarky #Freedom #respect #honor #dignity #loyalty #duty #right #frugality #dedication #courage
#nation #national #nationalism #nationalist #nationalists #nationstate #nationalismislove #nationalismislife #nation4life #nationsarepeoples #peoplesarenations #family4nation
#justprice #justdue #justplace #familyoffamilies #honestwork #honestpay #honestgovernment #honestelections #goodwagesforthecommongood #commongoodoverselfishinterests #commongood #breakthebondsofusury #publicbank #publiccredit #jobsforcitizensonly #onepeopleinoneland #onelawonewayoflife #truefreedom #realliberty Nationalism, Nation-State, National Self Determination, Freedom, democracy, oligarchy, elite, 1%, bankers bailout, usury, interest free currency, the fed, abolish the fed, jobs, economics, society, politics, totalitarianism, liberalism, reaction, reactionary, enlightenment, republic, loyalty, duty, honor, courage, goodness, aristocracy, meritocracy, plutocracy, plutocrats, plutocratic oligarchy, right, wrong, free, slave, usurious, money lender, mortgage, stock market crash, bribery, theft, statesmen, leader, ruler, autarky

#Nationalists #WhiteIdentity #Whites #WhiteMajority #Nations #Folk #People #WesternMan #WesternCulture #WesternPride #EuroAmericans #Europeans #Home #Hearth #Heritage #Community #CommonGood #WhiteRights #WhiteSurvival #EthnoState #Family #fatherhood #motherhood #cleanstreets #goodjobs #properwages #honestpayhonestwork #MenNotBoys #MothersNotMilfs #ChildrenNotPets #LifeNotDeath #LiberalismIsDead #Autarky #Freedom #respect #honor #dignity #loyalty #duty #right #frugality #dedication #courage
#nation #national #nationalism #nationalist #nationalists #nationstate #nationalismislove #nationalismislife #nation4life #nationsarepeoples #peoplesarenations #family4nation
#justprice #justdue #justplace #familyoffamilies #honestwork #honestpay #honestgovernment #honestelections #goodwagesforthecommongood #commongoodoverselfishinterests #commongood #breakthebondsofusury #publicbank #publiccredit #jobsforcitizensonly #onepeopleinoneland #onelawonewayoflife #truefreedom #realliberty

Give us 10 minutes and we will show you the way out of the Liberal/Marxist Cave ... Work Will Set You Free -- Nothing else will do but to WORK building Stength upon strength and life upon life, using Our Western Identity as the bedrock upon which we build. Nothing, but organizing and working lay ahead. Not glamor but lots of grueling labor. 
These are the things that make our gears turn. We wish to see our Kind as families, communities as a Nation made WHOLE again and the liberal marxist decay CUT and Burnt out of our Body for the Common Good and to end the rule of selfish interests based on Feelz! Give us a few minutes

Democrats Urgently Want control of Senate Trial | Rhino Mich the Turtle Buckles | Coup Continues

This is a rolling standing coup -- Cover is Jackson and Jefferson -- #ItsOkayToBeWhite Oppose these #tyrants lies and slanders. The System Hates the WHITE MAN. #WesternMan needs to defy the #PC #GodWillsIt #DeusVult

**After Pressure, #McConnell Makes Last-Minute Changes To #Impeachment #Trial Procedure**

#Senate #MajorityLeaderMitchMcConnell, R-Ky., has released a plan setting up a swift impeachment trial for President Trump. #Democrats objected to some key elements.

A spokesperson for #Republican Sen. Susan Collins said she and others had "raised concerns about the 24 hours of opening statements in two days and the admission of the House transcript in the record. Her position has been that the trial should follow the Clinton model as much as possible. She thinks these changes are a significant improvement."

Source: READ: Impeachment Trial Rules Proposed By McConnell : NPR
Address :

We read and mock a piece from NPR that tries to make Jews and their suffering the moral center of our collective universe -- Rejected. No I won't. Fiddle harder. We just won't pretend that Divesity Murrica is the real Amreica -- America is white European Christian; and nothing else.

Seems Hitler returned again ... Boo Hoo. Self Deport. Cover is Judas.

The coup is at the Senate Trial stage. And in the Third World this would be a COUP attempt not a constitutional exercise of power. Pelosi, Schumer, and the Deep State are tyrants. They mean to set aside the presidential election vote and to stymie #Trump in 2020. Bald Faced Power Play.

The Idea here is that the Media Deepstate and Dems want to negate the Vote in '16 because they don't approve of MAGA or America First.

#WesternMan #WesternCulture #WesternPride #EuroAmericans #Europeans #Home #Hearth #Heritage #Community #CommonGood #WhiteRights #WhiteSurvival #EthnoState #Family #MAGA #AmericaFirst #DeportThemAll #IllegalAliens #AltRight
#NoWarInSyria #NoWarsForIsrael #Border #BorderSecurity #BorderWall #DeportIllegals #MakeAmericaSafeAgain #StopTheInvasion #StopTheCaravan #stopthecaravan #LockHerUp

Lord Knows it be racism and deems ebil police!

Our thoughts on Swine Stein and the Hollyweird Hoes that go for his row.

#MAGA #AmericaFirst #DeportThemAll #IllegalAliens #AltRight
#NoWarInSyria #NoWarsForIsrael #Border #BorderSecurity #BorderWall #DeportIllegals #MakeAmericaSafeAgain #StopTheInvasion #StopTheCaravan #stopthecaravan #LockHerUp

Virginia braces for Hill Billies coming out the Hills opposed to Tyranny | Never Disarm

Our thoughts on #NeverDisarm #Freedom and #WhiteRights ... #2ndAmendment #SecondAmendment #Tyranny #NeverDisarm #FreeMen are Armed Men! Sic Semper Tyrannis! #Tyrants need you disarmed so they can harm you, your children and/or take your things. A armed man cannot be FORCED to comply!
Virginia braces for unprecedented show of force by gun-rights activists
By Alan Suderman and Denise Lavoie - Associated Press
Sunday, January 19, 2020
RICHMOND, Va. — Police are scouring the internet for clues about plans for mayhem, workers are putting up chain link holding pens around Virginia’s picturesque Capitol Square, and one lawmaker even plans to hide in a safe house in advance of what’s expected to be an unprecedented show of force by gun-rights activists.
What is provoking their anger in this once reliably conservative state is the new Democratic majority leadership and its plans to enact a slew of gun restrictions. This clash of old and new has made Virginia - determined to prevent a replay of the Charlottesville violence in 2017 - ground zero in the nation’s raging debate over gun control.
The Virginia Citizens Defense League’s yearly rally at the Capitol typically draws just a few hundred gun enthusiasts. This year, however, thousands of gun activists are expected to turn out. Second Amendment groups have identified the state as a rallying point for the fight against what they see as a national erosion of gun rights.
“We’re not going to be quiet anymore. We’re going to fight them in the courts and on the ground. The illegal laws they’re proposing are just straight up unconstitutional,” said Timothy Forster, of Chesterfield, Virginia, an NRA member who had one handgun strapped to his shoulder and another tucked into his waistband as he stood outside a legislative office building earlier this week.
VCDL president Philip Van Cleave said he’s heard from groups around the country that plan to send members to Virginia, including the Nevada-based, far-right Oath Keepers, which has promised to organize and train armed posses and militia.
Extremist groups have blanketed social media and online forums with ominous messages and hinted at potential violence. The FBI said it arrested three men linked to a violent white supremacist group Thursday who were planning to attend the rally in Richmond, according to a law enforcement official who spoke to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity to discuss an active investigation.
Democrats have permanently banned guns inside the Capitol, and Gov. Ralph Northam declared a temporary state of emergency Wednesday that bans all weapons, including guns, from Capitol Square, during the rally to prevent “armed militia groups storming our Capitol.” Gun-rights groups asked the Virginia Supreme Court to rule Northam’s declaration unconstitutional, but the court on Friday upheld the ban.


We read a npr article about the US Attorney attempting to get Epstein's victims compensation.

And they should be repaid for the #evil done to them! However HE should have SUFFERED MORE -- more #sadness, more #sorrow, more #pain! #KillEmAll #NoMercy #NoQuarter

***U.S. Virgin Islands Officials: Epstein Trafficked Girls On Private Island Until 2018

A view of Jeffrey Epstein's stone mansion on Little St. James Island. Prosecutors in the Virgin Islands on Tuesday filed a civil lawsuit that accuses Epstein of human trafficking that victimized young women and children as young as 11 years old. Some of the alleged activity happened as recent as 2018.
Gabriel Lopez Albarran/AP

Prosecutors in the U.S. Virgin Islands have unveiled a new lawsuit against the estate of Jeffrey Epstein alleging that over two decades he ran a conspiracy in which he transported young women and girls to his private Caribbean islands by helicopter and boat and then subjected them to sexual abuse.

Authorities claim Epstein's sexual predation on the hideaway islands occurred as recently as 2018 and involved children as young as 11 years old. The suit alleges the activity was covered up by Epstein's associates through a complex web of corporations.

In one instance, investigators say a 15 year old who was forced into sexual acts with Epstein attempted to escape by swimming off one of Epstein's private islands, Little St. James. Eventually, Epstein's crew found her after assembling a search team and took her passport, prosecutors say.

Along with Epstein's other privately owned island, Great St. James, authorities estimate that the islands are worth $86 million, just a slice of Epstein's total assets, valued by the U.S. Virgin Islands government to be more than $577 million.

The lawsuit filed by Attorney General Denise George seeks to confiscate all property used in the alleged criminal conspiracy, including his two private islands, and is asking for the recovery of millions of dollars from the Epstein estate. Epstein's victims would be the beneficiaries of what authorities are hoping to seize, George said.

Addressing reporters on Wednesday, George said the civil suit detailed an "expansive scheme" that shows a "pattern and practice of human trafficking, sexual abuse and forced labor of young women."

Epstein, who authorities say died by suicide in jail last year while awaiting trial on federal sex-trafficking charges, faced accusations of sexually abusing young women and children in New York and Florida, but those allegations were dated no later than 2005.

The lawsuit filed this week by U.S. Virgin Island prosecutors significantly widens the scope of his alleged sexual abuse to include conduct in 2018, the same year public scrutiny began to mount on the wealthy money manager in the wake of a Miami Herald investigation into his long history of alleged sexual abuse.

The lawsuit filed on Tuesday lays out how Epstein allegedly enticed and entrapped dozens of victims.

As the prosecutors tell it, his associates would locate young women and lure them with the promise of advancing a modeling career, pursuing educational opportunities or landing other work. Epstein would then arrange for the victims to visit his islands, flying them by helicopter or plane, or transporting them by boat.

"As recent as 2018, air traffic controllers and other airport personnel reported seeing #Epstein leave his plane with young girls some of whom appeared to be between the age of 11 and 18 years old," the complaint alleges.

Epstein, prosecutors say, paid for women to show up to his estates on the islands, often providing extra money if the #victims brought along additional young women and girls.

He required three meetings a day, authorities say.

"The Epstein Enterprise used the term 'work' as a code for sexual abuse," the complaint says.

Investigators said Epstein kept computer records to monitor all contact he had with the victims.

"Once the girls and women were recruited, participants in the Epstein Enterprise enforced their #sexualservitude of victims by coercion, including but not limited to, confiscating passports, controlling and extinguishing external communications, and threatening violence. They also made fraudulent statements to family members of victims, claiming victims were being well cared for and supported financially in college and other educational opportunities," prosecutors allege.

An executor of the Epstein's estate, Darren Indyke, did not respond to a request for comment on the new lawsuit. Source: Epstein Abused Girls In U.S. Virgin Islands Until 2018, Prosecutors Say : NPR
Address : <>

Our thoughts on the current situtition over all about Trump, #LockHerUp #BuildTheWall #SealTheBorder #DrainTheSwamp and A LOT MORE -- the #TrumpTrain aint the center of my reality -- #WhiteAmerica is. He means well but he is not pulling the weight -- but to be Fair the WHOLE media and political class are against the man. They are all #antiwhite #antiwestern #antiman and #antichrist

Cover is the swamp coming in for the kill. Man your stations.

Our thoughts on Virginia | Sic Semper Tyrannus | Never Disarm for a tyrant!

We dont hold back -- Full Capt Crazy Hour -- #NeverDisarm. History and Hysterics -- We use all methods. Never Disarm! Don't be sheep! Never give #communist power by disarming! It is the CONCEPT of a RIGHT to DEFEND YOUR PERSON EFFECTS AND VALUES that matter not the material item itself!

I want you all armed. If I was God King you would be armed! K?

Cover is Tarquin having at Lucretia -- Never except insult outrage or imposition! Just can't have it and remain people of dignity!
Better to die than live a SLAVE! Be like the Cimbri -- Dead but Free -- they all went down!
#guns, #gungrab, #secondamendment #tyrants #tyranny #gungrab #communism #marxism #rights #WhiteRights
#Motherhood #Fatherhood #Childhood #Family #Community #Liberalism #CulturalMarxism #DeathCult

With Abortion Restrictions On The Rise, Some Women Induce Their Own
Sarah McCammon
Enlarge this image
A network of reproductive rights advocates is working to share information about
self-induced abortion, both in person and over the Internet. Karina Perez for NPR
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Karina Perez for NPR
A network of reproductive rights advocates is working to share information about
self-induced abortion, both in person and over the Internet.
Karina Perez for NPR When Arlen found out she was pregnant this year, she was
still finishing college and knew she didn't want a child.
There's a clinic near her home, but Arlen faced other obstacles to getting an
European Doctor Who Prescribes Abortion Pills To U.S. Women Online Sues FDA
European Doctor Who Prescribes Abortion Pills To U.S. Women Online Sues FDA
"I started researching about prices, and I was like, 'Well, I don't have $500,' " said
Arlen, who is in her 20s and lives in El Paso, Texas. We're not using her full name
to protect her privacy.
"So I was like, 'OK, there's gotta be other ways.' "
Her research led her to information about self-induced abortion using pills.
"For me it was ... like taking my power back. Like, 'I'm going to do this, some way
or another,' " Arlen said. "I don't want silly people and the government making
silly laws." -- CUE VIOLINS! Get tissue since reality is incoming Sluts. No Mercy for your #FirstWorldProblems.

#DeathCult needs Punted!

Cover -- The Exact sluts that need daddies hands across their face -- Forward and Back now! It is all in the wrist!

Washington Legislator Matt Shea Accused Of 'Domestic Terrorism,' Report Finds
December 20, 20195:09 PM ET
Vanessa Romo
Vanessa Romo
Republican state Rep. Matt Shea, pictured at at a gun-rights rally in January, has been suspended from
the House Republican Caucus. He was also removed from several committees.
Ted S. Warren/AP
Six-term Washington state Rep. Matt Shea is accused of participating "in an act of domestic terrorism
against the United States," according to a report released Thursday.
Independent investigators commissioned by the Washington State House Representatives found that
Shea, as a leader of the Patriot Movement, "planned, engaged in, and promoted a total of three armed
conflicts of political violence against the United States government" between 2014 and 2016.
The report also concluded, Shea was involved in training young people to fight a "holy war." He
created a pamphlet called Biblical Basis for War and advocated replacing the government with a
theocracy and "the killing of all males who do not agree."
Chat messages showed Shea, a lawyer who was first elected in 2008, condoned intimidation of
opponents, political activists, government officials and Muslims. He also offered to conduct
background checks on political opponents.
Following the release of the report, Shea was suspended from the House Republican Caucus — a
serious form of discipline.
He was also stripped of his position as the ranking member of the House Environment and Energy
Committee and will be removed from two others.
"He should resign," Washington State House Minority Leader, Rep. J.T. Wilcox tweeted.
"He cannot use House Republican staff, he cannot meet with the caucus, his office will be moved,"
Wilcox added.
But late Thursday, Shea said he will not resign.
"Like we are seeing with our President this is a sham investigation meant to silence those of us who
stand up against attempts to disarm and destroy our great country," Shea said in a Facebook post. "I
will not back down, I will not give in, I will not resign."
Shea maintains he was not given an opportunity to review or respond to the report.
The report states he declined to be interviewed as part of the four-month investigation.
Three armed conflicts
The Army veteran was a public supporter of Cliven Bundy, a Nevada rancher who in 2014 led a
standoff with FBI agents in a dispute over grazing rights.
According to investigators, Shea visited the Bundy Ranch in Bunkerville for a couple of days. While
there he "developed a strategy for leadership over future Patriot Movement armed resistance against the
federal government by creating" a coalition of western state leaders from Idaho, Washington, Arizona
and Nevada.
The Patriot Movement is a far-right, anti-government extremist group, according to the Southern
Poverty Law Center. A core tenet is that the government should not own public lands.
About two months after the Bundy Ranch standoff, the report notes a meeting between Shea and
leaders of the Oath Keepers Militia at a restaurant in Spokane. There he was overheard discussing
"militias, weapons, stockpiling ammunition, the Bundy Ranch, Special Forces and snipers."
Politics Shape The Debate Over What To Call Far-Right Extremism
National Security
Politics Shape The Debate Over What To Call Far-Right Extremism
Previously unknown is Shea's involvement in the 2015 armed conflict with the U.S. Veteran's
Administration in Priest River, Idaho.
When VA officials planned to remove weapons from the home of a veteran who was flagged by health
care officials, Shea issued a call to action for Patriot Movement members. In a Facebook post, he urged
them to arm themselves and drive to Priest River.
"That resulted in the use of armed militia members who blocked access to the veteran's home and
prevented the lawful retrieval of the guns by the Veterans Administration," the report said.
Near the end of 2015 and beginning of 2016, Shea again teamed up with the Bundy family in an armed
takeover of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Oregon.
The 41-day standoff between armed militia men and government officials resulted "in devastating
financial, physical and emotional harm to a community and its residents; and the loss of one life."
While Shea had told authorities he'd met with the Bundys in Nevada and Oregon, at the time he said
he'd gone on a "fact finding mission."
Next steps
"I am unaware of House members ever having received such a comprehensive and disturbing
investigatory report about another member," said State Rep. Laurie Jinkins.
Jinkins, a Democrat, said the House needed time to review and digest the full report prior to taking
further action.
She added: "In its 130-year history, I am unaware of House members ever having received such a
comprehensive and disturbing investigatory report about another member."
The gravity of the findings prompted the Chief Clerk's Office to forward the report to the U. S

Pederasts. We are allies with pederast. In leauge with hell. We have no end in sight for this half assed bs in Af/Pak, Iraq or Syria. Hey lets tie on Iran and have a go at our Shia 'allies' in Iraq. No. Lets bag this. This is a loser. You damn zionist and war pigs go get the gibs for your self. No more White Blood for the Zionist LIES. This Iran bs will prove to be based bullshit like every 'police action' since Vietnam. Pull the plug. Seriously the US is bleeding out -- WHY not seal our own border? (Remember the recording is old but still mostly applies. I mean we supporting BOY RAPING Mountain bandits. A new low. Sad.)

Remember to the JEW -- Sunni and Shia are the same; they after all are ALL against Greater Isreal. To me only dominace over the rate of oil extraction matters -- Who is not matter of our concern. Simple logic. There is NO love about -- Pure advantage. Love and hate baby talk and besides, folks with rapist allies are in a place lecture 'moral goodness'. Rather take diction from a croc.

Yes sure sure Me Too and technically this #MeToo After Birth Abomination is a media self goal -- From the Corrupt Cometh Forth Corruption. BUT it is a first strike against ALL men. It is more of that general 'Be done with men' -- make you crawl -- Nope. But I can't.

We don't hold back #Feminism is cult. The #Democrats are capative to it, and the #GOP are enablers -- put #liberal and #conservative in your country. If #ItsOkayToBeWhite would make the 'right' crawl -- you live with it too! Welcome aboard the SS Insanity.

Cover is HAMLETS Witches.

We talk about the differenece between a Nation and country club. One you Just are part of, the other you JOIN by a choice. Nations are real fact of nature -- clubs are conventions of law.

The know how is the difference. White Man Magic! #Science #Art #Technique #Trades #Electricity

Cover is a diagram for a DC power supply.

Their Neglect becomes our strength. We go to the Rural environs. We think there is our chance.

Cover is our thoughts on what is important -- FUEL, COMMUNICATIONS and Doctrine. Oh well. ALL my ideas are 100% legal under American and general ANGLO even Western European Law. Yup.

Our Nation first and only --- Since no border no real country or nation or identity -- false BS about humanity is a lie. No Border -- No White America.

A #White #EthnoState was the design of #TheFounders of #TheUnitedStatesofAmerica. They fought a SUPER POWER in #GreatBritain to gain a homeland for Free WHITE and over 21 baby. That is a fact children.

Thank God, Said John Jay, that we have ONE culture and language to bind us -- that they were 90% British Subjects surely helped.

#BorderSecurity #BorderWall #DeportThemAll #DeportIllegals #MakeAmericaSafeAgain #StopTheInvasion #MAGA #AmericaFirst #StopTheCaravan #stopthecaravan #WhiteRights #WhiteCulture #WhiteHistory #DefendEurope #DefendEuropa #EthnoCommunity #EthnoState #MAGA #AmericaFirst #AltRight #LockHerUp

Read it and weep. We Dissent. We won't comply. We will not have this PC melting pot soup -- No thanks. Hate. Love. Who cares. We shall have #Victory. We simply can't believe who much this VERY old -- 3 years -- recording still is to the current year. Wow Huh? Well Enjoy. #MerryChristmas late to my peeps. Oh for the truth of the thing -- the #GOP are the party of #DeathCult. This is uniform in most Anglo Countries.

Cover is our thoughts on the Current Situation. Gotta get a tolerance to that diversity since too pure it rapes robs and murders you. Damn. Well no more diversity for this nation,eh? #DeportThemAll

Our Nation first and only --- Since no border no real country or nation or identity -- false BS about humanity is a lie. No Border -- No White America.

A #White #EthnoState was the design of #TheFounders of #TheUnitedStatesofAmerica. They fought a SUPER POWER in #GreatBritain to gain a homeland for Free WHITE and over 21 baby. That is a fact children.

Thank God, Said John Jay, that we have ONE culture and language to bind us -- that they were 90% British Subjects surely helped.

#BorderSecurity #BorderWall #DeportThemAll #DeportIllegals #MakeAmericaSafeAgain #StopTheInvasion #MAGA #AmericaFirst #StopTheCaravan #stopthecaravan #WhiteRights #WhiteCulture #WhiteHistory #DefendEurope #DefendEuropa #EthnoCommunity #EthnoState #MAGA #AmericaFirst #AltRight #LockHerUp

Fact. Rule of Law is RULE OF THE LAWYER that write intpreate and apply the law. Read it and weep.

Cover is The Law being used to toss Peasants off their land. ENCLOSURE is when a GREEDY BASTARD LAWYER STEALS YOUR LAND!

With that:

Remember that all day every day equality is a lie. Our Nation first and only --- Since no border no real country or nation or identity -- false BS about humanity is a lie.

No Border -- No White America.

A #White #EthnoState was the design of #TheFounders of #TheUnitedStatesofAmerica. They fought a SUPER POWER in #GreatBritain to gain a homeland for Free WHITE and over 21 baby. That is a fact children. Thank God, Said John Jay, that we have ONE culture and language to bind us -- that they were 90% British Subjects surely helped.

#BorderSecurity #BorderWall #DeportThemAll #DeportIllegals #MakeAmericaSafeAgain #StopTheInvasion #MAGA #AmericaFirst #StopTheCaravan #stopthecaravan #WhiteRights #WhiteCulture #WhiteHistory #DefendEurope #DefendEuropa #EthnoCommunity #EthnoState #MAGA #AmericaFirst #AltRight #LockHerUp

Enjoy my little minions. You can learn to play with AC power and generators.

It is as it says -- Sir Mosley being interviewed. Lot of good stuff. For the record -- Sir Oswald Ernald Mosley, 6th Baronet (16 November 1896 – 3 December 1980) was a British politician who rose to fame in the 1920s as a Member of Parliament and later in the 1930s became leader of the British Union of Fascists (BUF).Mosley inherited the title 'Sir' by virtue of his baronetcy; he was the sixth baronet of a title that had been in his family for centuries.

Cover is the man himself -- all spiffed up and ready to go.

It is as it says. The Man the Speech Rivers of Blood.

Cover is the man himself. Give it a listen.

Like it says -- Merry Christmas Baby Cakes! Have a good one! Try to go blind about 27th to come back into tune about the 2nd. Good Cheer. Daddy gonna have a more happy year this year than most. It is all about managing the stress. Less is best, less is best. But some things like Mass Immigration Replacement or Feminazism require our time -- hence the video.

Stay Good.

Cover is the Christ born -- Mormonism is a great example of Protestantism gone totally wrong -- but their ALL White Aryan Heaven Video from like 77 -- Yeah before they were scream race mixers they were NAZIS!!!! -- Aryan Jesus -- Sign me up!

Yeah our ex come back after 23 years -- Oh God -- So yeah that's why we have been so tight wired lately. We read and MOCK a letter she put in our mailbox - NO MAN would be allowed to act like that towards a women he had dated before -- If I came back out of nowhere I would be in Jail. She is a HERO For 'confronting' the oppressor. She thought calling me an oppressor while she claimed victimhood would work -- Um she turns poles and take shots to the eye for money DUDES! Biker Tramp -- No Morale High Ground! LOL LOL LOL LOL Seriously -- She looks so ANGELIC -- if you mean an Angel of Hell.

Dragon FIRE -- Engaged. Keep it hot till they go to ground!

Shield of Marxism; Sword of Feminism! Denied. She thought she was gonna get LOVER LEVEL INPUTS on CHUMP LEVEL reward status ... Honestly I have NO reason to care what any FRIEND wants! Ho games denied! Gonna need to have the hose stroked since FRIEND means 'Chump with blue balls'. Who willingly will go for that? Wife level inputs on BITCH LEVEL OUTPUTS! HELL NO! I feel better already!

Cover is the crazy witch herself -- she looks good; but inside it is all ROTTEN -- Salt gonna need some salt with this -- First Lesson -- No PUSSY : No Feelings! Want input from me? Bob for apples. Simple as that.

Simple as that -- No great nation allows usurers to issue its credit. Never do that. This is madness.

Cover it Jesus Christ driving out the Temple Merchants -- Even Baby Jesus hates the Usurer Parasites! Beat 'em with the Cords. No mercy. No quarter. No surrender. No half measures.

With that: Remember that all day every day equality is a lie. Our Nation first and only --- Since no border no real country or nation or identity -- false BS about humanity is a lie.

No Border -- No White America.

A #White #EthnoState was the design of #TheFounders of #TheUnitedStatesofAmerica. They fought a SUPER POWER in #GreatBritain to gain a homeland for Free WHITE and over 21 baby. That is a fact children. Thank God, Said John Jay, that we have ONE culture and language to bind us -- that they were 90% British Subjects surely helped.

#BorderSecurity #BorderWall #DeportThemAll #DeportIllegals #MakeAmericaSafeAgain #StopTheInvasion #MAGA #AmericaFirst #StopTheCaravan #stopthecaravan #WhiteRights #WhiteCulture #WhiteHistory #DefendEurope #DefendEuropa #EthnoCommunity #EthnoState #MAGA #AmericaFirst #AltRight #LockHerUp


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The basic fact of human societies, is that all human beings are born into a group of a mother and a father. These two persons had to mingle flesh, so that each and every person on this planet could be produced. And this holds true even if scientific so called artificial means are used to facilitate the creation of life, because the sperm or egg cannot be created artificially and thus a male and a female are still necessary for the procreation of life.
This basic fact, of human existence means that all radical individualism, is utterly false at a minimum and at a maximum a destructive belief, which wastes saved capital from the past, and ensures that there will be no productive future. This being said, it is also untrue that societies of humans, are hives of bees. We cannot operate like insects do; this is not possible.
Therefore it follows, then a middle ground must be found between these extremes, which allows for the individual to exist and the group to not be negated and which allows for the group to exist and for the individual to not be negated. This may sound like some sort of mystic dualism, but this is only true, if you accept the idea that individuals and groups are necessarily in conflict.