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A Nationalist Dream of Tomorrow

It occurs to me that the West has been so striped of
industry that the normal rule about change in the
industrial sector having profound effects upon the
workers lives slash greater economy is no longer
true as there are a lot fewer industrial workers
these days inside the national borders. Fewer Jobs
means Less Chaos caused by clean breaks from the
This low wage labor on demand era is a terrible
bane to our people, as it keeps us bound to the
third world cheap labor,puts the sexes at war for
jobs, and divides the natural organic nation for the
sake of greed, as well as creating an gap between
our rich and poor who are seen are replaceable and
expendable. However, I am sure that it can also be
a powerful boon as it provides motivation to
rebuild a higher wage stable employment situation
like the '35-'70 time frame was for our fathers and
If the Right Leadership -- leadership that rejected
'free trade' and the 'world market' in favor of our
Nation; leadership that was free of 'public opinion';
leadership with a long term willful purpose -- was
to be in power, this status can be used to the good
if one realizes that with far less entrenched workers
lives and/or special interests to disrupt and with
such massive under tapped manpower potential
that there really is no wrong way to go. A blank
slate allows all things.
For the Record -- Robotics in the absence of a
guaranteed living wage is not acceptable ... NO
Death Cult at its pentacle. This means LIVING
JOBS for MEN so they can be bread winners. It
also means women in the home being a MOTHER
and home keeper for the families as nature
No Feminism/Sodomite nonsense about
'gender',equality, or choice will be acceptable -- we
Universal Marriage, an end to any legally allowed
Divorce and maximum live births per breeding pair
over time without any birth control being used to
SUBVERT nature's life affirming processes. This
means good wages, benefits and stability in the
home, as well as stable families that work and stay
together to ensure they have the means to care for
Ending the free birth control to White women,
while forbidding ALL divorce and encouraging as
clost as possible to universal marriage, would be
the #1 thing to ensure MORE WHITE BIRTHS per
capita if they are ONLY allowed WHITE MEN as
husbands. Marry them YOUNG keep the BIRTHS
COMING. FEMALES exist biologically to ensure
LIVING BIRTHS among our kind. That is their #1
job, highest and only functional purpose in nature.
Feminism's death cult mentality among modern
'free women' will be PUT DOWN. White Knights --
who are almost entirely SODOMITES trying to
enable feminism for their own ends -- will submit
to LIFE or be shipped to Far North for forced labor
... Neither Suffrage nor Sodomy shall endure into
Ethno State ...


Fooking the Irish. No let up. Ireland is a basically 85-75% White Nation (depends no the exact numbers we trust if any) a Nation that has a political class that are 100% Judas Sell Out Turn Coat Back Stabbing Carpetbagging Scallywag Low Life No Honor Out Right Traitors to that White Nation. The absurd situation is playing out in which a BOXER cares more about the Irish than any elected official! I mean: God Bless McGregor. Somebody had to say it out loud: They don't even belong in Ireland these invaders to be stabbing children and School marms. No.

It is crazy. But we are all Irish Now. All of our governments my White Fam hate us just as much as the Irish Gov hates the Irish. And just as openly!

God Bless the White Race! God Keep the Irish.

Let us get this right: White is a Big Branch Called a Race of 'humanity' and Irish a 'leaf' or node on that branch among many many others. Let us say it. Race is real. Race exists. Race matters. Race is the foundation of Ethnicity and is as real as YOUR FACE and your child's Face!

Never let anyone take your place! Keep your space! Save your Race!

Notice the rhythm … Part Bog Skipper What Can I do ….You hoo hoo. LOL!

Be Well Fam.
We are all White Slaves if we don't break free of this Anti White Hate Regime that hates our existence.

The Idea is that each county has a credit union, the counties make up the membership in a state bank and the State Banks and County Credit Unions make up the membership of a National Bank.

Thus we can finance ourselves. No 'Market' needed.

This will allow us to ensure a more PROSPEROUS Ethno-State.

Our Strength is OUR IDENTITY!
Diversity is our strength? How many times have we
all heard this line of nonsense? One time is too
many times!
Here is reality: Diversity is expensive, dangerous,
and brings Zero Advantage to the Historical First
World Nation of Peoples. It simply is a sink hole
that cost money hand over fist, shames us with bs
about guilt and at the same time is robbing our
history, and future as we give it control over our
It is shameful for this once Great People to cower
before names like 'racist' when race is really real,
and it really matters being all the difference
between Germany and Ghana. It is really that
'Racism' is pure COMMIE talk from the same
parasites and culture destroyers that cooked up
Tolerance, Diversity, and the insane concept of
Mass Immigration as the means of atoning for
White Guilt.
White Guilt and the fear of being called 'racist' and
other names by the media, academic and bobbled
headed legions of SJW are the engine that power
mass immigration, and allow 'diversity' to run riot
over our culture, people, history and material
interests in the now!
What strength is there in being a cowering
weakling that cucks to foreign hordes and allows
them to rape your lands, life, and your livelihoods?
What exact strength is this?
None. None, at all. That is the exact right, and
truthful answer. Diversity is Doom with an 'I'; We
are Doomed if we keep 'Diversity. Our Strength is
our OUR IDENTITY! That is our true Strength.
The Oligarchy
The Oligarchy brings in minority hordes and stirs
up the minorities that live in our lands, against us.
The same Oligarchy then militarizes the police
force, to use against the common lawful citizen,
when they react to the minority uprising.
This formula has been used by many tyrants in
many lands. The Oligarchy didn't originate it, it
found this on the shelf. The most simple
formulation is that one creates a threat, while at
the same time protecting against its damage. The
key is to keep one hand ignorant of the actions of
the other.
Given that this formula is being applied
systemically to the western world, it follows that to
support the militarized actions and paramilitary
behavior of the police is to support the power of
Oligarchy, to brutalize us with the minorities the
police ensure we have to tolerate. To support one
hand over the other hand is to still be beaten like a
field hand. We the free white people of the west
deserve better and should aspire to more.
The road which these aspirations will take us upon
will not be easy. It will involve struggle. It will
involve discipline. It will involve a vast willingness
to subordinate petty personal interests to a greater
common good. But this road is the way out of the
valley of tyranny, and is the only way out of liberal
modern society, which leads us back to a manly
virtuous society. A proper society based upon our
historical traditional cultural biological bonds,
ways and values.

The trick is to get them to ask: Who are these OLIGARCHS and ELITE?

Well glad you asked ....

It is the displacement by the invaders not their legality that matters.

Multiculture is a Death Cult!

White > Humanity!

Anything else is a lie.

These three words form the basis for Our Political Ideals.

Outside the Folk, outside the Nation ...NOTHING!

The Nation is the ALL IN ALL!

The Nation is its people!

A people are based off an IDEAL FIRST FAMILY OR FIRST FATHERS!

Nothing else is reality!

Just our mind. No real order but generally we take the Foundational LIES of the 'Free Market' 'Free Media' and 'Free Speech' which under-grid the modern world of Liberal Marxism generally to task.

Anti-White-Ism | Jewish Power | ZOG: Zionist Occupied Government is Real!

Hello Foks how y'all doing today? Not bad.

Blast from the Past:

Jewish Power: Inside the American Jewish Establishment
By J.J. Goldberg

Introduction: American Jews and Their Politics
History will record that as the twentieth century drew to
a close, American Jews were facing a political crisis
unprecedented in its scope and nature. For the first time
in their three and a half centuries as a community in
America--and perhaps for the first time since the dawn
of the Jewish Diaspora, two thousand years ago--the
Jews had no greater enemy than themselves.

Going-forward: Myth: Jews Have Too Much Power – cuz they really don't have ENOUGH Y'all! The word games get old I tell you.

WZO head to Jewish donors: 'Halt donations to
universities that promote hatred of Jews' They will hold back the NON-existent Jew GOLD IF you don't obey fam!

Here are the philanthropists with Jewish roots who
made Forbes’ “America’s Most Generous Givers” list:
1. George Soros: +$300 million in 2022
2. Michael Bloomberg: +$1.7 billion
3. Jim & Marilyn Simons: +$1.9 billion
4. Mark Zuckerberg & Priscilla Chan: +$900 million
5. Edythe Broad & family: +$340 million
6. Steve & Connie Ballmer: +$800 million
7. Sergey Brin: Newcomer to the list
8. Lynn & Stacy Schusterman: +$370 million
9. Michael & Susan Dell: +$177 million
10. Donald Bren: +$470 million
11. Dustin Moskovitz & Cari Tuna: +$670 million
12. George Kaiser: +$120 million

NSA Promotes Anti-White Racism Among Employees,
Leak Reveals -- Woke is the offical state 'faith' of the West!

A copy of the NSA’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
Glossary, published in May 2022, was recently obtained
by The Daily Wire. The glossary defines 327 "social
justice" terms and explicitly promotes Critical Race
Theory (CRT) and LGBT ideologies.
It defines “settler colonialism” as enforcing codes of
superiority such as “white supremacy.” Examples
include “white European occupations of land in what is
now the United States, Spain's settlements throughout
Latin America, and the Apartheid government
established by White Europeans in South Africa.”


Jewish Bulldyke teachers union boss now smearing critics as anti-Semitic ... Critics pretend she matters ....


Rabbis Warn That Elon Musk Is Spreading the Type of
Antisemitism "That Leads to Massacres”
Jewish leaders are reminding us that the "Great
Replacement" theory has a long and deadly history.

So it is 'truth' when they denounce you, but Hate if we denounce them ... NOPE.

Republicans launch treacherous ADL inspired attack on First Amendment – Well Golly the Donors are having at the base yet again fam!

GOP set to dog pile on: Conservatives are increasingly focused on silencing those who critique Israel and Jewish folks.

“Hate speech,” like it or not, falls under the protection of the First Amendment. ... if the cucked #GOP is championing censorship ( For Israel and Jews) it puts us on the same level as the Marxists on the left ( who are controlled by the same Marxist Jews).

With that fam stay above it God Bless.

The Only Hate is that Hate the Enemy feels for us DEFYING HIS POWER! They hate the idea that People can IGNORE THEM!

With that Be Well. Be Free. Stay Strong.

No Border -- No White Nation.
#Invasion #ColorBlindCucks #GOP #ZIONIST #NOWARFORISAEL #SCREWTHEJEWS #NoJewishWar #NoWarInGaza #DefendOurBorder
A #White #EthnoState was the design of #TheFounders of #TheUnitedStatesofAmerica. They fought a SUPER POWER in #GreatBritain to gain a homeland for Free WHITE & 21. That is a fact children.
#WhiteCulture #WhiteGenocide #Whites #WhiteMajority
#WhitePower #WhitePride #WhiteIdentity #WhiteSurvival
#WhiteHistory #DefendEurope #DefendEuropa #EthnoCommunity
#Nations #Folk #People #WesternMan #WesternPride #EuroAmericans #Home #Hearth #Heritage #Community #CommonGood #Family #fatherhood #motherhood #cleanstreets #goodjobs #properwages #replacementmigration
It amazes us that the White Race has fallen this far this fast. Mind boggling.
#Nationalists #Nations #Folk #People #WesternMan #WesternCulture #EuroAmericans #Europeans #Autarky #Freedom #respect #honor #dignity #loyalty #duty #right #frugality #dedication #courage

The days in the West are growing short, the Sun is going
down. The Days grow Dark. The Light is going out, the
dark is growing in power! Us loyal Sons of the West
must take note of the hour. The Burning, the Looting,
the Anti-White Race hate, all this is a sign of the late
Harken and Hear my Folk:
The Life Force of the Great Creative Race is nearly
spent. Our Enemies stand in the ruins of our once great
civilization insulting us to our face. We must stand for
all that remains, or nothing will remain at all to stand for
in any instance!
We must rally around the essential foundations of
Family, Nation, Race, and God, soon or all will be lost
to the Nothing that is the Politically Correct Modernity.
It was the Loss of these ideal concepts, when the West
went whoring after the Free Love, We are all Special
Lies of the Long Nosed Culture Destroyers!
Let us make no mistake: Given the time and ability,
these vile people and their weak allies will destroy
everything that came before them. Nothing of our past
will remain.
All the glory learning, art and Wisdom of our race will
be stamped out by these people. Because all of it is an
'offense' to the less life forms that can never hope to be
We have only two choices only two, to destroy them
utterly or to be destroyed by them. The Animal minded
logic of the enemy will not allow for bargains or deals
they know and acknowledge only power and
domination. You cannot bargain with a disease or make
a pact with an earthquake and so you can't reason with a
You can be the hand that whips or the back whipped –
These are the only options. That is the game as
presented to us My Lambs. You must have the strength
of will necessary to love all that make you who you are
in a manner that will defend all from the onslaught of
the Marxist Satanic Order.
Many of you say: We can't fight! I say the FIGHT IS
UPON YOU! Defend yourself at all times! But even yet
you say: you won't fight? That you are not a warrior but
only a mere merchant?

You have not the heart to dig in
and fight for all that you hold dear, love even?
Then you shall perish with your hands limp at your side
like a gimp. You shall be brutalized by your enemies
who shall stand in TRIUMPH over your corpse and
harm your women, children, culture and history. You
will not be allowed to meekly seek peace, you will fight
or you will perish as a slave.

Do you tire of the Lies and Failures of the GOP? Do you
hunger in your soul for more than mere tax cuts and
rhetoric about limited government and the
constitution? Do you want real changes that will help
YOU, personally you, get out of debt, have a job and
provide for your own and families future? Do you want
to end the waste of money both on idiotic social
programs and idiotic wars that gain us nothing but
debt? Does an Ethno State sound like something you
can abide?
Come to the Nationalism where we offer and demand
just a bit more than the tired old: tax cuts for those
privileged few that have never worked a day; unending
warfare that feeds the corporate troughs with the same
money the could have been your future;MLK adoration
coupled to AA and ADL imposed quotas; and last but
surely not least a steadily impoverishing globalism, of
the center left GOP. Plus War for Israel and a never
ending 'duty' to save the Jews.
The Nationalism rejects these less than values utterly.
The Nationalist's Ethnostate will have no part with
them except to USE their hierarchy and local
organizations to win politically, so we can have social
and economic power locally.
The GOP is Globalist, Usurious, and Rapacious. The
Nationalist vision for an Ethnostate is Nationalist,
Productive, and Honest. Nations are blood groups that
live upon a land with a particular way of life. The Real
Right teaches Nations are not clubs that one joins by
moving to magic dirt and becoming a tax payer as the
GOP contends. This distinction is critical.
The Nationalist's who promote Ethnostate are not the
corporate shill GOP whose job is to lose professionally,
to the Democrats who are the favorite of the same
money and business powers that rule this nation
behind the facade of ‘democracy’. The same money
powers that insist upon mass immigration, diversity,
white guilt and the other hundred evils the GOP
enables by its treason to the historical White Nation
called America. The GOP who exist, only to lose, to shill
for White Guilt from inside our gates; they are traitors
to, White America, while the Dems and Wall Street are
just enemies of the People proper. The GOP are a
center left party that accepts Every Single Tenet of the
radical left as regards diversity and tolerance. The GOP
are one half of the Death Cult that we on the
Nationalist's Ethnostate Team oppose with all our
The True New Right by contrast are here to WIN our
freedom from the PC regime, from tolerance, from
diversity, from WHITE GUILT and from any accusations
of racism, hate or privilege. The system is defunct and
the time to alter and abolish is upon us. The time to
choose: freedom from usury or slavery under its
economic and social whip? GOP are the party of Slavery
and Death.

We Nationalists do not have illusions about ‘going back’
as that is nostalgic nonsense. We Nationalists mean to
end this inane party system, and institute systems by
which the Will of the People can be done rather than
the will of the donors and usurers.
We Nationalists have a vision to be FREE of usury and
the corporate allies of the big money, as well as to
SMASH the greedy selfish nature of the liberal-PC
regime about us.

With that:
No Border -- No White Nation.
#Invasion #ColorBlindCucks #GOP #ZIONIST #NOWARFORISAEL #SCREWTHEJEWS #NoJewishWar #NoWarInGaza #DefendOurBorder
A #White #EthnoState was the design of #TheFounders of #TheUnitedStatesofAmerica. They fought a SUPER POWER in #GreatBritain to gain a homeland for Free WHITE & 21. That is a fact children.
#WhiteCulture #WhiteGenocide #Whites #WhiteMajority
#WhitePower #WhitePride #WhiteIdentity #WhiteSurvival
#WhiteHistory #DefendEurope #DefendEuropa #EthnoCommunity
#Nations #Folk #People #WesternMan #WesternPride #EuroAmericans #Home #Hearth #Heritage #Community #CommonGood #Family #fatherhood #motherhood #cleanstreets #goodjobs #properwages #replacementmigration

It amazes us that the White Race has fallen this far this fast. Mind boggling.
#Nationalists #Nations #Folk #People #WesternMan #WesternCulture #EuroAmericans #Europeans #Autarky #Freedom #respect #honor #dignity #loyalty #duty #right #frugality #dedication #courage

And yet again we are about to talk for hour, two, maybe
more just to hear our own voice because and solely
because it is our pleasure. Have to kill us to force us to

You see Lambs: Free Men freely say what is on their
mind. Period.

It is that easy.

So with that they want you weak, small and easily ruled
like a Serf. Do not be the serf they want; be the
MAN they fear. Be the "racist" "Nazis" they wet the bed
over at night. Be the Kurgan they can't rule.

Hitler? Yes, Be like Hitler and less like a cheap blown out, used up, $2 date being
pimped off on the corner of MLK and ADL!


With that fam: WAR, FAMINE, FINANCIAL COLLAPSE…COVER for a larger power grab -- And who is 'grabbing' power?

1.) Aliens
2.) Nazis
3.)The Jew using power right in front of your face?

Hint: “zero-tolerance policies” on #antisemitism

Big Answer.

The Globalist Vision: "15 Minute" Prison Cities And The
End Of Private Property ... !5 Minute City concept. From
the article:
“My biggest concern is all the people who do not live in
our city. Those we lost on the way. Those who decided
that it became too much, all this technology. Those
who felt obsolete and useless when robots and AI took
over big parts of our jobs. Those who got upset with
the political system and turned against it. They live
different kind of lives outside of the city. Some have
formed little self-supplying communities. Others just
stayed in the empty and abandoned houses in small
19th century villages.
Once in awhile I get annoyed about the fact that I have
no real privacy. Nowhere I can go and not be registered.
I know that, somewhere, everything I do, think and
dream of is recorded. I just hope that nobody will use it
against me” GULAG is another name.

This about sums it up:

You will soon be a PRISONER in your own car:
Mandatory vehicle “kill switch” will disable driving
based on bad performance

Israel to take over “security” in Gaza after
the Israel-Hamas war ... Israeli soldiers DESTROY Gaza’s olive harvest ... Any man with honor would hate these bastards.

But don't worry we are giving them MORE MONEY even though we are going broke at home. 35T in Debt and Climbing Fam!

With that:
No Border -- No White Nation.
#Invasion #ColorBlindCucks #GOP #ZIONIST #NOWARFORISAEL #SCREWTHEJEWS #NoJewishWar #NoWarInGaza #DefendOurBorder
A #White #EthnoState was the design of #TheFounders of #TheUnitedStatesofAmerica. They fought a SUPER POWER in #GreatBritain to gain a homeland for Free WHITE & 21. That is a fact children.
#WhiteCulture #WhiteGenocide #Whites #WhiteMajority
#WhitePower #WhitePride #WhiteIdentity #WhiteSurvival
#WhiteHistory #DefendEurope #DefendEuropa #EthnoCommunity
#Nations #Folk #People #WesternMan #WesternPride #EuroAmericans #Home #Hearth #Heritage #Community #CommonGood #Family #fatherhood #motherhood #cleanstreets #goodjobs #properwages #replacementmigration

It amazes us that the White Race has fallen this far this fast. Mind boggling.
#Nationalists #Nations #Folk #People #WesternMan #WesternCulture #EuroAmericans #Europeans #Autarky #Freedom #respect #honor #dignity #loyalty #duty #right #frugality #dedication #courage

How It started; How it is going; And How it is going to Go!

Well it started way back when the Usury tribe decided to try and punk my people using heresy usury and lies about prosperity to con the Western Christian world into selling their souls to mammon.

How is it going? Like White Genocide rolling on the Tribe of Judea's Penny – 30 silver Pennies to be precise.

How is it going to go?

Well if more folks don't find their balls and get a stiff upper lip we are gonna end up eventually like the Boers of South Africa – a hated race of outcasts that have no home and no real hope. I do not cotton to that idea; not at all. Not in any way. That ain't for me, so that leave, not becoming a hated minority in our own homelands.

For the record:

I,the Nazi, Racist, Bigot, Fly Over Person, do formal reject 99% of the Liberal Marxist Hoopla hopium that is the basis for the modern world; why would I just go along with this lie that I know to a fault is a lie? No f'ing way. It is a lie that must be spit out like a poison.

Like always we are just having our way. No script today of any kind … Just reeling off our mind in free form poetry. Wanna know a man? Force him to talk without a script. We value home hearth heritage and family. Community, Commonalty, Culture and Nation!

We won't bow down to any threats by GOP cucks or by Demon Servants of the Judeo-Horde. We can only DIE ONCE –then be with God – but we can be enslaved for our entire LIFE! We won't betray our-self by saying what we think are lies, not for anyone.

Honor is the thing a man keeps to himself – His self-respect.

Our basic problem in the West is that our people have forsaken the truth and whored after Judeo-Marxist Lies.

Come and hear us …

With that more to watch.

We shall be lords of this Earth FAM!
God Bless You all.
With that:
No Border -- No White Nation.
#Invasion #ColorBlindCucks #GOP #ZIONIST #NOWARFORISAEL #SCREWTHEJEWS #NoJewishWar #NoWarInGaza #DefendOurBorder
A #White #EthnoState was the design of #TheFounders of #TheUnitedStatesofAmerica. They fought a SUPER POWER in #GreatBritain to gain a homeland for Free WHITE & 21. That is a fact children.
#WhiteCulture #WhiteGenocide #Whites #WhiteMajority
#WhitePower #WhitePride #WhiteIdentity #WhiteSurvival
#WhiteHistory #DefendEurope #DefendEuropa #EthnoCommunity
#Nations #Folk #People #WesternMan #WesternPride #EuroAmericans #Home #Hearth #Heritage #Community #CommonGood #Family #fatherhood #motherhood #cleanstreets #goodjobs #properwages #replacementmigration

It amazes us that the White Race has fallen this far this fast. Mind boggling.
#Nationalists #Nations #Folk #People #WesternMan #WesternCulture #EuroAmericans #Europeans #Autarky #Freedom #respect #honor #dignity #loyalty #duty #right #frugality #dedication #courage

And since this is for #Israel and the #Jews you can't object!

Cuz if you object you are a #Nazi! BIGOT -- or so runs the bot farm narrative from Unit 8200 and their hasbara on Social Media and in the Captured Zionist Media.

Well ... I am a nazi folks! Yup and a Bigot and I just won't be told what is 'good' for me by a traitor Jezebel who is not even one of us ... Nimrata needs to be back on the Ganjas or in Judea with her Owners the jews.

Cuz ... No f'ing way!

Not even about to allow this crazy Witch to control my speech or thoughts ... No that will be a hard pass.

Oh yeah. This is great. Nothing wrong here folks.

What is being conserved?
True Conservatism is about ensuring OUR
People survive, to enjoy the use of Our own land,
under Our own laws, by the lights of Our own
The Captive Right of 'Conservatism Inc'(tm) are
liberal-PC-Cultural-Marxists whose job is to play
act like they stand for the Majority as they in fact
sell out the majority 'conservative' citizens to
the money bags that fund both the Captive Right
and the treason lobby Left.
Hear us our people, and weep for your nation as
it has been betrayed. We have been sold for 30
pennies by Judas to the money lenders.
These plutocrats and economic elites have spared
no expense to ensure that all 'allowed' or
'respectable' voices are bought by themselves.
(This is why Trump has them so worked up as he
is NOT bought by them and cannot be trusted to
keep their 'arrangements' in place. However back
to our narrative. )
The Historical Majority Rightful People of the
West are nearly a minority. The Christian values
of the west are almost cast down. The lands of the
Western Peoples are being invaded and
appropriated by foreign hordes of pillaging,
raping, culture destroyers.
All this while conservatism inc seems to fiddle
among the smoldering tire fires in the streets of
the cities which were once the Western lands, like
some sort of collective Nero.
Fires meant to burn out the foundations of the
West. Fires meant to force us by fear and
necessity to submit to PC multiculture and its
death cult beliefs derived from Marxism's
theories about 'universal humanity'.
Fires started by the direct action of the Left,
Captive 'Right' and Big Money that backs both of
the wings of the Two party façade called
'democracy' which a farce and a fraud – the
Demos – that is the majority historical people –
are silenced and keep out of 'archy' – that is
power by all means fair and foul.
Fires started by subversives given legal
protection by the Left and enabled by the
'conservative' leadership who have long since
sold out to the false idols of the Leftist Cult called
Multiculture Political Correctness – false leaders
who value mammon over main street; money
over mom and apple pie – false leaders who are
perfectly willing to fall on their face on command
from PC, Big Money and the Left's Diversity –
and tolerate it as well. Fires, looting, pillaging …
and the Captive Right nary utters a whimper and
that is because:
The left dictates the morality and the captive
'right' submits. (See: St. MLK)
This statement has been the complete and utter
truth since at least the Civil Rights Era – an
openly subversive overthrow of Majority society,
which put modern America on track for today’s
multicultural liberal death cult; an overthrow the
Captive Right supports, since as things stand they
are enthralled, nay captivated, even cuckolded, to
the leftist world view. Their thralldom and
treason come as a set.

Captive Right supports, since as things stand they
are enthralled, nay captivated, even cuckolded, to
the leftist world view. Their thralldom and
treason come as a set.

Captive Right get money and perks, as well as
being physically 'safe' for now from the PC
hordes, so thus is their treason explained.
However what is totally beyond us; What We
cannot figure out is:
WHAT is conservative about common middle
and working class majority citizens playing along
with this rigged game in which 'their own
side' sells them out to the PC Death Cult?
Frankly the answer about, 'Well it is better
then the left/liberals winning', – which we
have all heard for decades—is absurd as the
Leftist/Internationalist are winning in real time,
all day every day and have been winning in a big
way for some time now. (Hint: all the 'teams' in
play are internationalist teams, thus no matter
who wins internationalism wins by default. )
The money supports the Left so the captive right
allows the Left to have its way with their
'conservative' base. It is rather like a pimp giving
a girl out as a favor, actually.

This Freedom Day -- Ponder the Reality
of your 'Freedoms'
Prophetic Words, replace 'kings' with 'the elite',
'lords' with 'society' and we are just about here --
*The old wisdom that was borne out of the West
was forsaken. Kings made tombs more splendid
than the houses of the living and counted the
names of their descent dearer than the names of
their sons. Childless lords sat in aged halls
musing on heraldry or in high, cold towers asking
questions of the stars. And so the people of
Gondor fell into ruin. The line of Kings failed, the
White Tree withered, and the rule of Gondor was
given over to lesser men.*
And here we are in America once a great Western
Outpost of Civilization, Learning and Culture
more generally, now a decayed ruin full of orcs,
goblins, and other none Western Peoples who
pretend to be the builders of the ruin they
inhabit. The remnant of the Western Peoples will
mollify themselves by celebrating their 'freedom'
to be part of the general decay as we pile up the
pyre of the Western Peoples in the name of the
insane death cult called Political Correctness.
Cold Towers of Numbers provide the lie that
pushed the machine of Multiculture down our
throats day and night in all public spaces these
false idols of diversity, tolerance and equality
must be kowtowed to in every way possible even
though those things are literally cold tombs full
of rotten bones. Madness. And so the West
becomes Mordor, full of Orcs and Vile debased
imitations of our once great culture and society.
And we are supposed to applaud this as if it is
progress ... um NO everywhere the orcs gain in
numbers light learning and general order decay
and they are replaced with crime, squalor and
barbarism. This is systemic and it is NOT because
of any 'racism' or action by the Western People --
The Nature of the Orc is Dark, Deadly and Death
So we can either gaze at the stars and pretend to
be free, or we can work our way out from under
this PC insanity which is KILLING America the
Nation which was founded by Europeans and
replacing it with some circus show from the

The Eternally Empty Cup versus The Over
Flowing Chalice?
Which would you choose?
People emptily pursue, their isolated, and limited lives.
Atomized, demoralized, paralyzed. Worked too hard for
too little, and then spending what hard earned lucre they
have upon base, empty, and emptying, things which
simply do not satisfy, or fill the void.
The emptiness springs from the sensation that each has
been taught from birth, that they need material things,
and meaningless pleasures, which in fact bring them
only the desire, to have more. Thus the more they have,
the more they need, the more they want, in a never
ending cycle.
This need has been conditioned to such an extent that
people will trade, all the things worth having in the
present and future for needless junk-goods and fad buys
right now like dope fiends. They have been conditioned
since birth to mindlessly spend until it is blood and
tears, they are paying with, for their bobbles and
trinkets. Hollowing out the substance to have the
Thus slowly but surely most people, and this consumer
society as a whole, are being emptied of all things worth
possessing, in exchange for useless junk which will
never ever satisfy the people, at their most basic level.
This leads to further attempts to find happiness by ever
more absurd wastes of effort and time upon even more
outlandish fadish nonsense that does not leave one
feeling sated and full.
If we are to change this cycle of needful dependence
upon junk, we must break this never ending repetition,
by frankly telling them the hard truth about their plight,
and thus, triggering such an empathetic emotional
response that no amount of trinkets will paper over the
true needs of those whom we reach.
We must boldly confront people's false belief, in their
needless baseless needs which are purely mindless
wants, and break their dependency, upon the false
happiness, which the material trinkets bring if fleetingly
by exposing them to other options, other ways and
We must also provide ways to potential new sources of
happiness, well being, and contentment, which sources
of joy will be filling rather than emptying, which will
bring an expansion of the people's lives rather than a
contraction, which will fulfill people's lives and build
them up, rather than spoil and tear down lives.
We shall seek out and cultivate happiness inside the
man, rather than from without his person.
These new happinesses will be internal ideals not
external items, thus the people will be brought from
living in a spiritual vacuum to a fulfilled life in which
their internal status, will count higher with them, then
the material goods, which will be seen merely as means
to the ends of life. This is life affirming as opposed to
the death affirming nature of the empty nothing world
about us. This affirmation of life is possible if we those
who oppose the empty promises of the death cult, work
loyally towards control over the basic instruments of

The first center is in our own soul, then our homes,
then our communities.
The communities in our Nation have been reduced to
the level of flop-houses for the world, because our
leaders, local and national, are Judas goats who have no
loyalty to anything but the money which their hidden
masters provide.
The community is the family home on a large scale: The
home must be cleansed of these betrayers' stench. The
community must once, and yet again, be a place of Life
that promises something worth living for; it must again
become a united whole based the on common good over
selfish interests.
If this communal re-alignment of priorities toward life,
is to become possible persons loyal to the ideals of life,
must gain control over first and foremost the local
educational system, then local print and broadcast
media, and finally rise to hold economic, social and
political sway in the local community as authority
figures and leaders, both civic and economic, secular
and spiritual. The common persons in these
communities must be brought over by early
indoctrination of proper values, steady persuasion in the
justness of our cause, and the good positive examples of
the new leadership, which will all impact positively
upon their lives. Then the commons will after seeing the
benefits of the Organic Society, willingly abandoned the
false cult of materialism and with the fervor of new
converts embrace the idealistic values of these leaders.
It is absolutely necessary that people who are loyal to
the nation take local power in the community back, systemically, silently..
Then and only then will it be possible for the
local means of communication, administration, and
taxation to be available to those who are loyal to the
nation, and to use these to shape events, to the
advantage of our People first and foremost.

These local communities shall be the seed beds from
which the nationalist future shall grow.

Let us talk ...
Let Us talk about tending to the living.
Yes indeed let us talk.
Let's have a talk about other possibilities. Let's
have a talk about better things. Let us talk about
preservation, restoration and rebuilding.
Let us talk about chastity, virtue, glory and
renown, as high ideals; of Honesty, duty, loyalty
and courageous action willingly
undertook as the means to great ends. Let us talk
of common action to the common good as the best
of ends.
Let us talk about the clean, orderly future that
awaits us after all this vigorous action. The happy
and strong people of the world whom we should
wish to emulate, past, present and future.
Let us talk with pride of the beauty and light that
our culture has and shall again project onto this
dark world in our valiant effort to push
back the vile world of savagery.
Let us talk about tomorrow rather than yesterday
or even today, ever forward, ever onward towards
Let us look to the future that awaits us at the end of
a glorious period of struggle, contest and bitterly
resisted intrusion, upon our culture sphere and
living space by the dark hordes of the Earth.
Let us set aside thoughts of mass confrontation
and talk about more mundane daily routine things.
Let us talk about emulating the good in others and
negating the bad in ourselves thereby.
Let us talk about a certain, for now to be unnamed,
nation-state which is in the here and now based
upon safe families, securely in their homes, happy
around hearths, upholding their heritage in a tight
knit community of like families.
Life building upon life; let us walk among these
people mentally and talk about what we see.
The family is based upon a happy mother father
bonding pair, which seem to make the basis for the
well founded home and the tight knit community,
in which life grows.
The mother-father-child quantum is the well, from
which spring ,many similar persons into
interlocked families which being bound together by
blood and way of life grow, as if from a single
fertilized egg, naturally into a unified and united
This people we are discussing, have a living
community of activity in which there exists
spiritually and mentally a conscious commonality
of language, manners, and morality.
This people have a sense of a shared history going
back to the first family all the way back into the
mist of hoar haired time. An identity as old as the
oldest rocks but reborn in the face of every lawful
citizen's child who is raised into this sacred and
hallowed tradition.
This people have a common cultural core that
grows with them, and shapes while it is shaped by
the living people themselves. A vital culture that
exalts their values, mores and needs openly with
satisfaction in itself.
The morals of the families and the whole people
are based upon: honest dealing one to the other;
frugality in use of material needs; dedication to
ones family, kin, community and labors; and
mutual respect all to all, each that gives respect is
The culture of this people reflects and gives life to
these high ideals. Affirming boldly and loudly the
good and censoring the ill with no regard for moral
quibbles. Society is only a large well behaved
family writ large.
This people acting as an economic whole are the
vital living nation. The nation of its own will
protects the land of the whole, the livelihood of the
family, and the life of each loyal citizen who does
his duty to the nation. Each citizen as a sign of
loyalty serves in the capacity he is able first his own
family, then his local community and then the
whole polity, in that order.
The Nation is wise enough to see that the citizen
must have food, shelter and clothing for the family
to whom he belongs, and that order requires they
provide by their own labors.
Thus the nation ensures to each family as a unit
the means to have a livelihood, such that they may
labor to provide for the family home.
Since without this right no other right has any
meaning at all. Freedom starts with a family
home free from want and able to honorable
provide for themselves in this people's estimation.
The final end of the nation is to ensure the people
grow and produce enough material means to
survive, and are over all viral and strong.
The nation is simply the household economy that
keeps its own and cares for all its members writ
This people as a political whole are the state under
which they live. The state is bound to the law.
Seeks to keep order. And as far as humanly
possible seeks to ensure to each the justice
rightfully due to them.

The Modern world: Is based upon unsound
notions about family, persons, society, values,
notions which are untrue and destructive at the
same time.
The fact is that not one of the major tenets of
Liberalism or Political Correctness have any solid
foundation in the nature of things.
Equality is a patent lie. Diversity is not a strength
or blessing but a cancer and a curse. Tolerance is
not the virtue of the strong but of the pathetic and
Pluralism and individualism combined with
hedonistic consumerism amount to anarchy under
any other label.
And because the world view of the PC Liberals is
based upon unsound and untenable, notions the
result has been to turn the entirety of society into
an asylum ran by the inmates at large.
But the believers keep doubling down on their
'values' like junkies shooting smack. They will keep
importing and supporting barbarism, keep
demanding more 'tolerance', keep hammering
away at the foundation of the Western Culture to
the ruin of the West until the fires literally
consume their own person. They delight in their
own on coming doom as they doom the rest of us.
The secret is that the Liberal PC cult is a death cult
– affirming all things that lead to death as
'expressions' and rejecting all healthy, normal,
natural behaviors as 'oppressive'. It must logically
lead to death as it exalts death above life.
The modern world is a dead, dull world of
repeating sameness. There is no vitality. No
originality. All is repeats of repeats upon remolds
upon recasts. They have even polluted the theater
to the point that 'action movies' have no human
action in them at all – everything happening upon
a green screen. In learning, and print all is shaped
according to very PC specific codes. Every action is
policed for signs of unapproved isms, phobias, or
other deviations from the New Sodomite Normal.
The most dedicated shock troops of PC self police
through double think.
This auto-internal policing makes one stupid, vile,
weak and servile.
It makes one stupid because PC is immune to logic.
It makes one vile because it makes one arrogant.
It makes one weak because it makes one's thoughts
The Modern World has nothing to offer – nothing
of any lasting value.
The modern world is based upon individualism,
hedonism, and consumerism. It is literally the
antithesis of the values of the past which were
communal, ethical and productive. The individual
is the dissected and dead remains of the once living
Western community. Hedonism is the rubble of the
Church's ethics, and the ruin of our social trust
based on the former moral order. And
consumerism has reduced all things to were
commodities and has taken all the pride out of
producing products worthy of a man's name.
The Modern World has nothing to offer – nothing
of any lasting value.
What is the Modern world?
An empty imitation of a proper functioning society
and national polity.

It has replaced all the former truths of our people
with communist and consumerist inspired lies
which have been accepted as 'the new truth' …
there is NO such thing as new or old truths. Truth
is ETERNAL or it is not the truth but merely a
convince used as a means to an end. The Truth is
that if one lives a life in accord with the Nature of
Man in harmony with Creation, and the Creators
dictum, one will live a life worthy of living.

National Mindedness or Self Centeredness:
all the difference between a Nation and a Country
We in the West are being swamped by Third World
Mass Immigration of Barbarian Hordes. The Unique
character of our people is being mixed away in some
INSANE scheme to bring 'human equality' when in fact
NO such 'humanity' exists -- Humanity is the Third
World and PC folks gang raping the West to death in the
name of Tolerance, Equality and Diversity. 'Humanity'
as in ALL people everywhere being equally dear to
anyone is PURE Fantasy. It is a purposeful built lie that
supports other lies built to support the nonsense that is
modern 'scientific' egalitarianism IE the on going
Western Assisted Suicide Death Pact with the alien,
foreign,vile and dangerous Barbarians, we are told
'enrich' us.
This whole utterly senseless phenomena is driven by a
alliance of the Party Bigs on Both the Right and Left --
the Right gets cheap labor with which to run the
American Citizen down to third world status ideally and
the Left gets its vaunted 'diversity' with which to destroy
our Unique Identity and make us and the rest of the
world into equally dull lifeless PC-bots. One gets our
pennies and the other is taking our Past, Present and
That is the long and the short of it. Those opposed to
Mass Immigration, legal, illegal or otherwise -- since it
is being replaced like so many parts in a machine that
we object to not lawyers quibbles! -- must go beyond
the two false parties and their nonsense 'platforms'.
They must learn not to see it as 'left' and 'right', those
are just mind games the system plays to Divide
Imperium but, merely NATIONAL MINDED and SELF
CENTERED IE Loyal Folks and Treason Goats.
The Nationally Minded, must eventually network and
then combine efforts to form many decentralized and
obscure clubs, organizations, associations etc. of true
Majority Americans ONLY ( exclude people without
regard to lawyer games), who want to live with other
majority Americans, do business with them, keep their
majority over their nation, and concentrate numbers in
areas to maximize political control by those who live
this way of life -- if the PC lawyers sue ... Give them
ASH if they win your real property HIDE all that can be
hidden and turn over NOTHING willingly to them.
Basically you defy them. And force them to work
double extra hard for every single penny of blood
money. Make them strain hard for that Judas penny.

Since the Lawyer is STEALING from you using the
Color Of Law ... there is NO moral obligation to give
way to the pretensions of a thief. And since the 'law' is
controlled by folks that want to destroy our way of
life ... well you know.
This must be done upon the principle that it is better to
suffer now personally than to bring the entire group
sorrow later.
The Self Centered Oppose the PC regime only because
it does not put Judas pennies in their own personal

Contrasted to this are the Real American Citizens, us fly
over people, We are A Nation. Not a business, not a
place to be happy, not anything else. Our Land, our
Identity, our Lives are in a very real sense ONE. We are
not all identical but the sum of our persons makes the
patch quilt that is 'America' and sans us there is only the
land mass called North America because Our Nation
animated, created and sustained the Country called
America; we are its soul and without us the corpse must
die in short order.
We see ourselves as families, communities, circles of
friends and neighbors banding together to help and
provide for one another.
We are a People. Living and with a destiny and history,
and we do not assent to our Lands, Identity and Pride in
our achievements being taken from us by anyone what
so ever!
This land is OUR land, it is filled with OUR people. We
are NOT for sale. We are NOT a Club you join by
paying a fee in DC.
The National Minded folks are exactly squarely and
openly where I plant my flag and will make my stand.
The rest can go to the Devil their father, and be away
from me and mine. Since they are the only faction that
supports what I believe, it follows that they are the only
faction that I support in return.
National Mindedness is the way to Nationalism proper.

We have our say yet again, no scripts, just off our head thoughts. Random no real point, just to have our say and hopefully encourage others to speak up too.

With that:

No Border -- No White Nation.
#Invasion #ColorBlindCucks #GOP #ZIONIST #NOWARFORISAEL #SCREWTHEJEWS #NoJewishWar #NoWarInGaza #DefendOurBorder

A #White #EthnoState was the design of #TheFounders of #TheUnitedStatesofAmerica. They fought a SUPER POWER in #GreatBritain to gain a homeland for Free WHITE & 21. That is a fact children.

#WhiteCulture #WhiteGenocide #Whites #WhiteMajority
#WhitePower #WhitePride #WhiteIdentity #WhiteSurvival

#DefendEurope #DefendEuropa #EthnoCommunity

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The Problem with PC

Its theories are grand and its propositions
deep, but they lack just one thing to make
them complete --

The real issue with PC and its ally theories is that
they are predicated upon fantasy notions about
magical individuals who are completely 'equal' --
no such device exists.

The entire value system of the modernist collection
of allowed beliefs are premised upon an object that
simply does not exist-- the perfect individual with
NO ties to anyone else and NO duty to anyone but
himself, who is also perfectly equal to all other
individuals each and every one.

They require what is impossible and thus are NOT
logically possible and what is not possible is not
soundly used as a premise -- it must result in a
false result. The Failure is inherent in the unsound
premises. A theory must be possible to be sound.
The modernist individualist fantasy is not
possible because ALL people alive are the
result of TWO people mixing flesh and thus
ALL people require a group to exist -- no
perfect individual has ever existed or will
ever exist.

This is the first, only and best objection that ANY
Nationalist, traditionalist, or other anti-modernist
can make to all materialist, individualists,
hedonists, and/or modernist dogmas -- liberalism,
communism, feminism being just several among
the herd.

A consistent nationalism must have the central
belief that national groups are the vehicle of
history. It must firmly adhere to the ideal that
what is best for the Whole People is Best over All --
self interest must FIRMLY and openly be
denounced as greed and perversion of the better
instincts of the kind in open manly defiance of the
wrong minded materialist nonsense about

A solidly based Nationalism must reject the
communist and liberal explanations of both
nations and individuals as being inadequate and
untrue. In both Communism and Liberalism you
just sort of magically have individuals who have
'economic' purpose from nothing -- this is NOT
how it actually occurs in nature's realm.

In Natures Realm families -- Man and Women
bonding pairs headed by the man -- create
children and this natural order requires that the
Man is head and NO other. The man as head and
provider works to provide for the women and child.
The women stays with the child and home fire,
keeping the home and children in order when the
man is gone. The children are raised by mother
until they are a certain age then if they are male
they go with father. But when their are choices to
be made by and for the family FATHER makes
them as this is nature's proper order.

The family like the nation state has an economic
function in such as a proper economy is concerned
SOLELY with the feeding, clothing, and housing of
the kind to the end that more of the kind may be
produced and those already here can be strong and
well founded.

The First Family is the First Economic, Social,
Political Unit and serves as the measure of all the

With that:

No Border -- No White Nation.
#Invasion #ColorBlindCucks #GOP #ZIONIST #NOWARFORISAEL #SCREWTHEJEWS #NoJewishWar #NoWarInGaza #DefendOurBorder

A #White #EthnoState was the design of #TheFounders of #TheUnitedStatesofAmerica. They fought a SUPER POWER in #GreatBritain to gain a homeland for Free WHITE & 21. That is a fact children.

#WhiteCulture #WhiteGenocide #Whites #WhiteMajority
#WhitePower #WhitePride #WhiteIdentity #WhiteSurvival

#DefendEurope #DefendEuropa #EthnoCommunity

#Nations #Folk #People #WesternMan #WesternPride #EuroAmericans #Home #Hearth #Heritage #Community #CommonGood #Family #fatherhood #motherhood #cleanstreets #goodjobs #properwages

Here for those new to the party:

To recap my Basic Beliefs about Everything.
The basic fact of human societies, is that all human
beings are born into a group of a mother and a father.
These two persons had to mingle flesh, so that each and
every person on this planet could be produced. And this
holds true even if scientific so called artificial means are
used to facilitate the creation of life, because the sperm
or egg cannot be created artificially and thus a male and
a female are still necessary for the procreation of life.
This basic fact, of human existence means that all
radical individualism, is utterly false at a minimum and
at a maximum a destructive belief, which wastes saved
capital from the past, and ensures that there will be no
productive future. This being said, it is also untrue that
societies of humans, are hives of bees. We cannot
operate like insects do; this is not possible.
Therefore it follows, then a middle ground must be
found between these extremes, which allows for the
individual to exist and the group to not be negated and
which allows for the group to exist and for the
individual to not be negated. This may sound like some
sort of mystic dualism, but this is only true, if you
accept the idea that individuals and groups are
necessarily in conflict.
Once you accept the reality that they complement each
other, the apparent mysticism dissolves. A very solid
proof, for the necessity of groups, to the existence of the
individual, can be demonstrated from nature, in which
all humans live in tribes, villages or some other group of
at least an extended family. There is no man woman or
child home in the natural order of things, who exists
without a past, family and a society into which they
were born. Yet on the other hand there is no group that
is not comprised of individuals and again we see that
there is no conflict or contrary between the group and
individual -- they are complementary.
The most basic group is again the family group, then it
expands to the extended family, then to tribes, then to
nations. This is the natural organic progression. Families
are a proto-statelet and clans are states in all but name.
From this basic reality of human social organization, it
follows that all societies, must like all just families,
find/make/ensure – the semantics are not important –a
place for all their members. It simply true that everyone
in a society must have some use, purpose, or function in
the society or they shall become alienated, and not hope
for the best interests of the society at large. Everyone
must have a purpose, everyone must put in and
everyone must get their right and just due. It simply true that everyone
in a society must have some use, purpose, or function in
the society or they shall become alienated, and not hope
for the best interests of the society at large. This is the
basic moral doctrine of any correct
political/social/economic system, anything else is not
satisfactory and must be rejected.
In our modern terms, this means that each head of
household, must have a homestead, work that will
provide for the upkeep of said homestead, and that these
two bedrock conditions must be legally protected from
economic/legal forces, otherwise in time men with
money, will ensure that some citizens are pauperized
and cannot properly raise families to increase the citizen
body. Thus to make it more general it follows from the
above, that a just society restrains economics to the
needs and interests of the members of the society. And
that further, a just society views the components of
society all the way down to the tribes, families, and
particular people as members of a larger family or if you
will as parts of an organic whole all having needs, and
who all contribute to the common good. Yes it is true
that the above means in part that each and everyone
won't get to just do as they please, that is true. But
nothing in it should be implied to mean that anyone
would be stopped from earning an honest living. Honest
shall be defined to mean not legally but MORALLY


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The basic fact of human societies, is that all human beings are born into a group of a mother and a father. These two persons had to mingle flesh, so that each and every person on this planet could be produced. And this holds true even if scientific so called artificial means are used to facilitate the creation of life, because the sperm or egg cannot be created artificially and thus a male and a female are still necessary for the procreation of life.
This basic fact, of human existence means that all radical individualism, is utterly false at a minimum and at a maximum a destructive belief, which wastes saved capital from the past, and ensures that there will be no productive future. This being said, it is also untrue that societies of humans, are hives of bees. We cannot operate like insects do; this is not possible.
Therefore it follows, then a middle ground must be found between these extremes, which allows for the individual to exist and the group to not be negated and which allows for the group to exist and for the individual to not be negated. This may sound like some sort of mystic dualism, but this is only true, if you accept the idea that individuals and groups are necessarily in conflict.

With that:

Remember that all day every day equality is a lie. Our Nation first and only --- Since no border no real country or nation or identity -- false BS about humanity is a lie.

No Border -- No White America.

A #White #EthnoState was the design of #TheFounders of #TheUnitedStatesofAmerica. They fought a SUPER POWER in #GreatBritain to gain a homeland for Free WHITE and over 21 baby. That is a fact children. Thank God, Said John Jay, that we have ONE culture and language to bind us -- that they were 90% British Subjects surely helped.

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