Music By Jorge Fuentes
Just a video Project that i'm planning to show off for the upcoming halloween.

SMALL WARNING:The video contains strong language. This video is also going to have text commentary by me as well, along some added funny sound effects. Also for some reason bitchute gave me a hard time trying to upload this video, and sometimes it kept signing me off, i don't know what's up with that but i hope i didn't do something wrong.

An attempted playthrought that ended up in a bug that was caused because i accidentally pressed the pause button.

I found it just as fun as the other DS Castlevania games.Though, i didnt like a couple of things.I thought they were going to use a completely different type of instruments, and thats sorta there but the instruments are pretty much the same as the ones in the previous 2 DS games, the music itself is rather nice though.I also kinda dont like how the Glyphs this game's version of the soul system works cause the glyphs can dissapear if you don't get them in time.

I went to the left at the very beginning of this first level and i tried to find a secret path on the walls or something when i suddenly fell through the floor.I thought i was going to lose a life but instead i ended up in the hidden area that you can see in this video.

I figured why not show this up since this game turns 30 this year and also because i had this lying around for a couple of years.

I remember enjoying this game despite sucking at it.I love the remixed music from many different NES games, and the gimmicks of each mode are allright.

Music By:Jorge Fuentes
Alucard Theme By:Devil Belmont
Started 11/03/2019 Latest Record 24/03/2019

This is another one of my videos where i add arranged music that i like while also being fitting. in this case, i think they fit with every character.

I would like to point out that you can't use cheats when you apply this hack to the rom of the game, which is unfortunate cause you'll be forced to play the entire game as Johnathan and Charlote, just to get Richter unlocked. Also, It took me half an hour to beat Richter when i fought him while recording that fight.

Fun little fact:This was actually my first time tackling Loop 3.I managed to get farther than what i thought so yay.

Also, one of the reasons i made this video was to show that in the original X68000 release, you can take far more hits from the enemies in the default difficulty, even in the 3rd Loop, unlike the PS1 version.And even then, if you know the locations where you can find turkey, you're probably not gonna die anytime soon unless you're dealing with bottomless pits or if you play very slopy.

Time stamps for each game:
Pitfall 3: 11:31
Farmer Jack: 17:18
Super Mario Bros. ZX Spectrum Homebrew Demo: 23:48
Mario Islands: 30:12
Megaball(Break Out/Arkanoid Styled Game) 45:12
Mortal Kombat Demo: 01:00:09
Cosmic Battle 2: 01:07:05
Castlevania Spectral Interlude: 01:09:35

All content used in this video is property of their respective owners, no harm was intended.

Here's a video i forgot to upload before the new year's eve back in 2018 about beating the bosses of the game Knuckles Chaotix without getting hit while featuring this Sonic hack made for the game.

I found this fan game a few weeks ago and it looks promising.It has it's own arranged music and original tracks, and i like most of it.

I also like how the game is made from the ground up instead of relying on the Open Beats of Rage engine like most of these kinds of fan games do.sure, that may be the result of plenty of bugs but at least by making a dedicated engine for the game it's possible to do far more than what you can do with Open BOR.

I do have a minor complain though.i would like the game to be displayed on widescreen, i get it's using the aspect ratio of the original arcade game, but to me there's no real need for that.I think the retro yet new made sprites along with the custom animations that the game is going to have is enough to bring a retro vibe.

So i gave this game a go pretty recently.Overall, i think it's a colourful fun game with amazing music. and no, the fact that it's a"Mario Rip-off"doesn't make it a game that is not worth trying out.Besides, this series started as a Mario inspired game since the 80's on the Commodore 64.Speaking of which, i noticed that they used instruments from the C64 soundchip for the music, which i thought it was a nice touch.

This is an unfinished video project that i was working on since february i belive.But now that Twitch is made the video upload feature available for an affiliate or Twitch members only, i lost the will to finish it so sorry to say but i'm gonna move away from this video project.

Also, the reason i wanted to re-add sound effects is because the emulator i used to run the game at 60Hertz had bad emulation when it comes to the sound effects themselves.

Another thing i wanna mention is that apparently there's a a couple of prototypes of this game that were made to work on an american and japanese Super Nintendo, but really it's still just like the retail release since when you boot those prototypes on an emulator they automatically run at PAL 50Hz just like the released version would run at NTSC 60Hz if you boot it on a japanese or american SNES since it has no region lock.The only difference aside from codes of the japanese release being enabled from the get go is that the prototype crashes at the 2nd form of the final boss.

Due to technical difficulties and because i was busy making the halloween videos i couldn't finish this project. i would love to have a Fangame that had the levels of the MSX version of Contra while having the colourful graphics of the Amstrad CPC version.

Uploaded on Twitch and BitChute only due to copyright issues that were blocking the video on Youtube.I love the Home alone movies, especially the second one, and this game based on it is not so bad in all honesty. however Macaluay Culkin,the actor who played the roll of the main character and The Angry Nintendo Nerd(AVGN)dissagrees, and i actually made a small commentary on it at the near end. sorry if i made some typos by the way. have a nice christmas.

Hi.This time i'm showing how many glitches i found playing different games during this year. It was certainly a lot of work to do this, especially since i had to do some proofreading more than twice.

When i heard about this extra content i was pleasantly surprised.Mario 3 is already a nice fun game with a notorious possitive reputation, and the GBA version is also nice enough.but being able to play more levels that even contain items and enemies from other Mario games? that's just so friggin cool. also happy 30th anniversary to this game since it was released in japan in 1988.

I just aquired another PC. i tested if it could record stuff at least somewhat decent and i'm pretty satisfied with the results.I also decided to experiment a bit by focusing the view on my character and leave one screen visible whenever nothing is really going on in one of the screens.And if you want to,let me know what you think about it down in the comments. Also, i could've uploaded this way earlier but as i mentioned in the last video, unfortunately i can't do video editing on the computer i'm using now so i had to borrow another one to do the editing stuff.

The music on the stages was added in the editing process by the way.I wanted to make a video on this game way back in october but i couldn't.anyway, putting the seizure inducing menu aside, i did enjoy this crazy game.

I might do a part 2, assuming someone would care about watching it, just saying. I'm Not that big of a fan of Metal Gear but i found this fan game hilarious enough to play it myself.

I was looking for some homebrew NES games and i found this game. at first i thought i that i had no chance of playing this game because it uses the microphone of the Famicom's second controller since it's a karaoke game but thankfully you can still play it just by pressing the B button. it's undeniable that i enjoyed the soundtrack, even if the game itself is pretty short, so i added a purposely failed attempt to show off my favourite song, and also to show the Game Over screen. it came with a digital manual as well so i added that into the video just for fun.

This is one of those homebrew games for the NES. i had fun with this demo so i might consider playing the full version of the game.


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