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"Ohhhh. That's a tough one. As you said, she is pretty prim and proper in public. I would say one of the most interesting was the time I talked her into giving me a blowjob while we went through an automated carwash."

"Reaaallllyy? That sounds pretty kinky. So dish on the details. I may have to try that with Bill," Candy said with her eyes lighting up and a slight slur starting.

"It was late at night," I started. "We were coming back from a Christmas party last year and both of us were pretty smashed. I really shouldn't have been driving but it was starting to look like the party was going to turn into an orgy and Cindy just really didn't want to stay. Five guys had hit on her and one had run his hand up between her thighs while asking if she liked giving head."

"Ooohhh!" Candy said interrupting me. "How were you doing on lining the ladies up?"

"I got cornered by two ladies as I came out of the bathroom. The first one pulled the top of her dress down and shoved her tits in my face. The second one went low and pulled my cock out and started blowing me."

"Does Cindy know about this?" asked Candy interrupting again.

"Oh god no! She would freak out. I managed to pull the second woman off my cock and backed away from the first one and that was when I agreed with Cindy that it was time to go. So we grabbed our coats and bailed out. That's why I was driving when I shouldn't have. The road we went down was unpaved for a mile or so before we hit paved roads. I was getting low on gas, so we stopped at a gas station and I saw my car was a mess. It turned out there was an automated car wash, so I bought a deluxe wash and the gas. I was still really turned on and drunk and Cindy was in the same shape so when the car wash started, it did a rinse and suddenly we were cut off from the world. Cindy had worn one of her little black sequined dresses and it was the one that she doesn't like the bra lines so she was braless. I leaned over and pulled one of her tits out and stared to roll the nipple and she didn't slap my hand she just moaned so I unzipped myself and pulled my cock out and started stroking myself. She looked over and licked her lips then slid over and wrapped her lips around my cock. It was probably a good thing it was a little dark because just as she was slipping me into her mouth I saw lipstick on the dipstick."

"Lipstick on the dipstick?" Candy started laughing, "Oh from the bathroom blowjob. That is a good phrase. I think I'm going to steal that one." She took another swig of wine and let her top slide down exposing her beautiful breasts to full view of the camera.

"Yeah, it could have been embarrassing. When we got home and I got undressed, she looked at my dick and apologized for getting lipstick on it. She was really drunk and tried to wash it off. I told her to leave it, and then said I read somewhere that pussy juices would take it off. So she pulled that dress off and lay down on the bed and told me to fuck that lipstick off."