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Once again, the Literature Club find themselves in a situation where no one from the outside is watching. What other kinds of trouble can the Dokis get themselves into?


SaltyHalcy as Monika

HomicidalTeddyBear as Natsuki

ShyRenn VA as Sayori and Yuri

Cyanide FS (Me) as MC and Myself

I do NOT own Doki Doki Literature Club. The rights belong to Team Salvato.
I also do NOT own Hatkid Racing. That belongs to Sayman, and you can see it here!:

There's a lot of things going on in YouTube this day and age. As much as I have plans to make the review series, a fictional wrestling show, and continue making Reddit videos, it seems the new YouTube Terms of Service and COPPA say otherwise. In this video, I talk about my plans and potential back up plans in case YouTube goes under. I did not go this far to get terminated or fined by the FTC.

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Ever wanted to lose your faith in humanity? I don't know why you would, but you could! Reddit's very own face palm subreddit is just for you!

Lose hope:

Super Smash Bros Ultimate's online content is some quality dank memes. You could find anything, like Shaggy, Diary of a Wimpy Kid maps and characters (thanks r/lodeddiper), DDLC, and more!

Ever heard about Diary of a Wimpy Kid Fanfiction? I sure haven't, until I saw Saltydkdan's video about it. So I figured I'd read you some of the stories myself! Enjoy!

Check it out for yourselves!

Now if you excuse me, I need to get myself tested for syphilis.

I'm terrible at tutorials lol.

For the game files and mods:
Ren'Py Extractor Tutorial:
DDLCMods subreddit:

Programs Used:
Davinci Resolve (Free or $300 USD Studio version):
Affinity Photo ($50 USD):

Ever wondered what goes on at the Literature Club when no one else is watching? What shenanigans will the Doki's find themselves into?


SaltyHalcy as Monika

House Plant as Natsuki

ShyRenn VA as Sayori and Yuri

Cyanide FS (Me) as MC

I do NOT own Doki Doki Literature Club. The rights belong to Team Salvato.

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(((((((((original))))))) content from me coming soon. This was just trying to spread the word of the unfair targeting of Mumkey Jones by YouTube.

A pretty good Smash Bros clone but with a smaller roster.

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After being discovered by the military, Eren attends his court martial... But the officer seems to be under the influence...

VA's YouTube:
Siah462 (Armin):

Allen The Ultimate Gamer (Eren):

Mr. L (Woermann):

Someone has come to the CCG headquarters in search for an interview. Shinohara and Juuzou answer the call.

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LittleMissNerdi (Juuzou):

Midoriya, Asui, and Mineta are trapped on a boat surrounded by villains, and they need a plan!

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xXSilver146Xx (Tsuyu Asui):

After the easy and successful exorcism, Mob expects to be paid handsomely. Will he get what he wants?

Normally, Light uses the Death Note to kill criminals... But what's he doing with it now?

VA’s YouTube:
Godknight007 (Light):

After a large, yet anti-climactic fight, the trio rests easy... Until an argument arises.

Trying to get his brother's attention, Kyle decides it's time to do what he thought he'd never do... Make a YouTube channel!

Kenny tries his luck with the meme "Netflix and Chill". Will he get laid?

America holds a meeting with his allies discussing a new tactic of code names.

I do NOT own Hetalia, it is owned by Studio Deen and Funimation. Please support the official release.

Eren and Mikasa run into yet another argument. When will they get along?

I do NOT own Attack on Titan, it is owned by Wit Studio, Production I.G, and Funimation. Please support the official release.

Soul and Maka go witch hunting during a certain season of the year.

I do NOT own Soul Eater. It belongs to TV Tokyo, Bones, and Funimation. Please support the official release.

The gang finally leave the cave! But what happens next will shock them.

Kamina reminds Simon about an important memo given to him.

I do NOT own Gurren Lagann, it is owned by Gainax and Aniplex of America. Please support the official release.


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