How could Jewish owned slave ships full of negroes suddenly become Hebrew a few hundred years later? Because they learned the English language and the white man's religion?

I grew up in the south in the 1970s and 80s
I remember a lot of men like him. Its refreshing to see this guy in soy boy gay hipster clown world

So even if your grandparents or great-grandparents lived in a ghetto in Germany you can receive Holocaust reparations

A re upload of my 2018 video removed from Commie Jewtube

Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson looks at the untold story of Hitler’s excursion into Russia.

June 22 was the 80th anniversary of the German invasion of the USSR. Like all else in history, the narrative of this invasion is almost entirely invented. No established historian will even approach the most basic data about it.

In 2008, Viktor Suvorov wrote ‘The Chief Culprit: Stalin’s Grand Design to Start World War II’ which adds more information to Icebreaker.

The truth is that Hitler had a substandard military force for an attack on the USSR. His fuel supplies were almost exhausted and his financial reserves were even more so by the conclusion of the Polish war, let alone the Soviet.

Hitler was aware of the futility of such an invasion, but he sacrificed his nation for the sake of protecting Europe from Stalin.

The Anti-Defamation League and the Israeli government ADMIT to censoring the internet
Source of video from the website
Information clearing house

Words and content by
CyberGnostic Productions

words and music by
CyberGnostic Productions

I see the wore out grooves of a fading melody
on a broken record that sings the death of Germany
Insurgent's tears fill my broken eyes
like a childhood monsters lonely helpless cries

It's like drowning in a junkie's rinse
another little girl lost her innocence
beaten, gang raped by immigrants
the same people they call refugees

yet you still call me neo nazi 88
but hearts not full of hate
so dont attempt to throw me
in your oven of lies
I wont deny what I see
in front of my eyes

Its time we finally admit
every people has the right to exist
every color and heritage
so Borders Protect our true diversity

Now tell me is there anyone who truly believes
that a Shiite from a muslim country
can co exist in a gay community?

Pick up a rainbow flag and start dancing
in the fucking street?

Its time we use a little common sense
Come together and recognize
if we do nothing Mother Europe dies

Its time for Whitey to stop the self hate

Its time for Whitey to step up to the plate

Its time for Whitey to storm the floodgates

If we do nothing then Mother Europe Dies
I dont wanna see Whitey go Bye Bye

Words and Music by CyberGnostic

This is the end of everything
no one can deny
progress is a stupid word
to validate your lies
Your pronouns make you feel so good
but I'd rather see you die
Fuck your CRT
not ashamed of being white
hypocrisy is rainbow pride
for filthy sodomites
but Im gonna raise my rebel flag
and fly it really high
cause I'm straight
Im white
Im male
and I pray to Jesus Christ

I reject LBGT
I reject your sodomy
I reject your race theory
Fuck your Marxist fantasy

Something to make you think

An excellent discussion from a podcast presented by William Fink and Sword Breathren that I added video and faint background music too .
the Mein Kampf project at Christogenea

An excellent discussion from a podcast presented by William Fink and Sword Breathren that I added video and faint background music too .
the Mein Kampf project at Christogenea

I didn't catch all of it but I was shocked to hear this finally being discussed on normie radio

A very rare vinyl record containing speeches from Adolf Hitler and marching songs of the German military

Unbelievable! Look what I just found in Walmart

Warning! This video could induce nausea

Dr. Matthew Raphael Johnson looks in detail at the complexities of the Russian civil war in the early part of the last century.

The “White Armies” resist all characterization because they never formed a unified movement and unlike the reds, they had no functional ideology or unified command.

The Allies, seeing this, backed the reds fairly early on, especially the anti-German line of Trotsky.

While this lecture series has dealt with the Whites before, this talk gets deeper into the confusing patchwork of ideologies and personalities that were behind both the explosion of nationalist political thinking in the era, as well as the reason for its failure.

Keller and Dietrichs were strong royalists, while Denikin's support for the Allies rendered him as much a liability as an asset.

Rejected by all forces in elite political life at the time, the Whites were doomed to fail, despite the incredible heroism of their leaders.

Presented by Matt Johnson


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