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He was the son of Rudolf Hess. He was also an outspoken critic of the investigation into his father's death, which he believed was a cover-up. He maintained that the British Secret Intelligence Service (SIS) had murdered his father in order to prevent his parole—which he believed to be imminent—because the British government were afraid that his father, if allowed to speak freely, would reveal embarrassing information about British actions during World War II. In 2007, however, documents demonstrating British support for Hess' release on humanitarian grounds and their campaign against steadfast Soviet opposition to his release were published Less

James Bacque was a journalist, book editor and publisher He has written novels, essays, short stories, a biography, a play and books on the history of postwar Germany. His best sellers Other Losses and Crimes and Mercies have revealed atrocities committed by the allies against German POWs and civilians after World War Two

A clip from German television 60 years after World War 2.

(A Re Upload) when I originally made this he was almost forgotten and unknown but now I see His name popping up in a lot of places from our opposition. I even heard that disgusting pig Rachel Maddow mentioned him and wrote a book Mentioning a lot of the great patriots I cover from that time era. Of course, I don't have to read it to know. she's lying about them. The opposition works hard to suppress the truth and lie about Wonderful patriots like this man.

His publication Social Justice was barred from the mails by US postmaster in 1942. During this period Father Coughlin was threaten by the Attorney General to cease his political activities or face the charge of sedition. Coughlin was not a defendant in the Great Sedition Trial of 1944.

Coughlin's support for Roosevelt and his New Deal faded later in 1934, when he founded the National Union for Social Justice (NUSJ), a nationalist worker's rights organization which grew impatient with what it viewed as the President's unconstitutional and pseudo-capitalistic monetary policies. His radio programs preached more and more about the negative influence of "money changers" and "permitting a group of private citizens to create money" on the general welfare of the public

Mildred Gillars was an American who worked for Radio Berlin during World War II. She hosted a show called "Home Sweet Home."
On "Germany Calling" Radio known as Axis Sally , She was one of many who broadcasted the TRUTH to Americans, After the war, she was imprisoned for treason and Eventually Pardoned by President John F. Kennedy.

A prolific German researcher, writer and publisher of numerous books and a series of popular booklets called "Historische Tatsachen" -- ("Historical Truths") including the German version of "Did Six Million Really Die?" and the German language version of the Leuchter Report #1 -- Walendy was dragged before the courts numerous times. His home and offices were frequently raided by the police. Business files, books, printing plates and computers were confiscated. Zündel advisor and witness in the 1985 and 1988 Great Holocaust Trials.Towards the end of the war Walendy was drafted first into the Reichsarbeitsdienst (auxiliary force), then the Luftwaffenhelfer (child soldier in the air force) and finally into the regular Wehrmacht

Michael Collins Piper (born Michael Bernard Piper; 16 July 1960 – May 2015) was an American political writer, writing on topics such as Jewish influence, the Anti-Defamation League, James Traficant, the John F. Kennedy assassination, the Oklahoma City bombing, and 9/11.

Not much is known about revisionist Dean Irebodd as he prefers to remain anonymous. He is known for his entertaining documentaries. Nazi Shrunken Heads
A 24-minute free video about lies which justify war

A CyberGnostic Re Upload
I originally did this in 2019.
I did the editing spicing and added the audio

Discussed on the show:
“ADL defines genocide and civil disobedience within the FBI”
The Anti-Defamation League: Israel’s Attack Dog in the US”

Feb. 2024: Annual commemoration march in Dresden | In memory of the innocent German families and people (Feb. 1945)
Thank you Dresden, and thanks to all the many people who participated this year, to all honorable Germans and also the other good Europeans from Spain, Norway, etc... who came as well. A big thanks to all German supporters around the World too, who gave their support.
Dresden wasn't the only Allied War Crime committed by the Allies against the Germans, but one of many crimes that was part of the Allied campaign, their unjust War of annihilation against Germany.
Benton L. Bradberry served as an officer and aviator in the U.S. Navy from 1955 to 1977, from near the beginning of the Cold War to near its end
The Author
Benton L. Bradberry served as an officer and aviator in the U.S. Navy from 1955 to 1977, from near the beginning of the Cold War to near its end.
His generation was inundated with anti-German propaganda and “Holocaust” lore. Then, in his role as a naval officer and pilot, he was immersed in anti-Communist propaganda and the war psychosis of the Cold War era. He has had a life-long fascination with the history of this period and has read deeply into all aspects of it. He also saw much of Europe during his Navy years and has travelled widely in Europe since.
A natural skeptic, he long ago began to doubt that the “propaganda” told the whole story. He has spent years researching “the other side of the story” and has now written a book about it.

Because people keep asking me heres a
RE UpLoad of my 2017 video which examines the legal persecution of so called " Holocaust deniers"

David John Cawdell Irving (born 24 March 1938) is a British historian specializing in the military and political history of World War II, biographies of WWII military commanders and top leaders. He is the author of many bestselling books on these topics. He was often praised for his extensive research and new findings using only primary sources. In 1977 the British historian Professor Hugh Trevor-Roper wrote "no praise can be too high for his [Irving's] indefatigable, scholarly industry

Originally titled, "tell me lies" This is the very first controversial video I ever made when I was still on YouTube back in 2017

MacDonald provides a theoretical analysis and review of data on the widespread tendency among Jewish-dominated intellectual movements to develop radical critiques of gentile culture. These movements are viewed as the outcome of the fact that Jews and gentiles have different interests in the construction of culture and in various public policy issues (e.g. immigration policy, Israel). Several of these Jewish movements attempt to combat anti-Semitism by advocating social categorization processes in which the Jew/gentile distinction is minimized in importance.

Jewish policy was aimed at developing an America charcaterized by cultural pluralism and populated by groups of people from all parts of the world rather than by a homogeneous White Christian culture populated largely by people of European descent.

Jeffrey Epstein's Gates-funded MIT lab and connections to Human Genome Editing & Gene Drives!$/embed/@Liberals_Get_the_Bullet_Too:2/Epstein's-Eugenics:d

An excerpt from my Nuremberg trials documentary which explains historically why Nationalism is our only defense against globalism

Great channel I found of another guy promoting honest history
A Different Version of History
I made the picture for the video

A Re upload ,I originally made this and posted on YouTube in 2018

The ADL agent provocateur operation goes back decades .The Anti Defamation League not only CREATED Neo Nazi groups but Frank Cohen the leader of this group,turned out to be Jewish and was arrested for child molestation. LINKS BELOW

PDF Zionists Tied to 'Nazi' Organizing - LaRouche

Next time an SJW says you're literally Hitler,educate them with this video!
British imperialism VS German national socialism.
National Socialist racialism was not against other races, it was for its own race. It aimed at defending and improving its own race, and wished that all other races would do the same for themselves.”– Léon Degrelle


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