In this cringy Technocrat video the ultimate plan for world domination by the Talmudists Jews is revealed...The goal is 2045, exactly 100 years after WW2

The enemy of Churchill was greatly admired by Lennon
Interesting that someone considered by many to be a founding father of cultural Marxism would secret admire the one man who fought against communism.

The leftist/globalist/ Communist fairy tale can be traced in many of
lennon's lyrics like "imagine".. I suspect he had to keep his secret in the closet considering his life literally depended on the Jewish Record companies who owned him.

But in the end it would appear that the Englishman who was inspired by Buddy Holly kept his fashy thoughts in the closet while leading his 'British Invasion" on rock n roll..

at mourning the ancient dot com there is n excellent story about Lennon's fascination with Hitler , through a British art collector and lennons former wife. they discuss lennons sketch book and his private collection of national socialist memorabilia...

go to Adolph Hitler and the army of mankind under mourning the ancient to read the story yourself, its quite eye opening to say the least.

From the History Debunked Channel on youtube

I don t know who the content maker is but this is powerful information

Sven Longshanks looks at calls for Ofcom to regulate video sharing platforms and the balance between freedom of speech and incitement to hate/violence.

Recently there have been calls to regulate Bitchute like a television provider, but with TV and radio you can only watch what they provide, with the internet your choice is limitless.

People make videos to express their views and opinions and regulating that would lead to severe infringements on the free flow of ideas and criticism of policies.

The Public Order Act in the UK was intended to prevent riots and mob violence, but it has morphed today into an excuse to silence alternative suggestions of ways to prevent riots and mob violence.

Sven Longshanks and Dennis Wise explain how pornography and abortion came to be legalised and accepted in America and what the connection to Freemasonry is.

The Supreme Court was stacked with Masons who re-interpreted the first amendment to the constitution to mean the opposite of what was actually said.

They then allowed pornography to be published so long as it included some non-pornographic content with it.

Once the unintended pregnancies started to happen, they reframed the murder of babies in the womb as a ‘woman’s right to choose’.

There is little difference between this and the child-sacrificing cults of old, they too killed their children in the hope that it would bring them prosperity in life and business.

Sven Longshanks and Dennis Wise summarize how Christianity was consumed by Masonic ideals in America.

The book ‘Scarlet and the Beast’ details the war between English and French Freemasonry and includes a section on how the culture of America was secularised with the help of Masons on the Supreme Court.

With the aid of the media this court separated church from state, removed Christianity from school, legalized pornography, instituted the replacement of Biblical morality with Masonic morality and finally legalized abortion, the modern day equivalent of child sacrifice.
Go here to read the full article and you may see Rockwell differently

Most of the major American newspapers Were pressured by Jews to not print Articles about Hitler's economic reform however many... Individuals published their own bulletins and the word still got out... The American bulletin was one of hundreds of independent nationalist anti Communist newsletters circulated in the United States in the 1930s.

Most of the clowns on youtube that promote the Holocaust narrative or" the Hitler was an evil racist" lie simply repeat a script from some other fool's video and the cycle of stupidity continues.. Its always good to have a good old fashioned library of books on hand

Jesus Christ was a blonde hair blue eyed Caucasian NOT a black African or a jew
From TruthVids channel on youtube

an SJW confronts H.K. Edgerton and gets schooled about slavery, the Confederacy and the Rebel Flag

H.K. Edgerton an NAACP President and Historian Speaks truth on Southern Heritage and blacks in the Confederacy

Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson exposes Peter the great's reign of satanic terror
from The Orthodox Nationalist radio show on

Haven't made content in a while just wanted you guys to know I'm doing well and I hope you guys are to

This will snap them out of their trance and MSM mind control PLEASE download and re up load if you have a youtube it needs to go there ASAP. it needs to go viral
hashtag Humanity won love wins nofear coronahoax america changed or any other one you can think of. We must attempt to fight with what we can I HOPE THIS SNAPS THE NORMIES OUT OF THIER TRANCE

This will snap them out of their trance and MSM mind control PLEASE download and re up load if you have a youtube it needs to go there ASAP. it needs to go viral
hashtag Humanity won love wins nofear coronahoax america changed or any other one you can think of. We must attempt to fight with what we can

Spread the word!! This is our time read this and share it with all our people everywhere
download link here:

Technically, this is part 2 of my Chief Red Cloud video which is here on my channel

An important message to my people world wide right now!
Corona virus, evil cabal, traitorous governments, earthquakes, asteroids or alien invasions..we can conquer ANYTHING as a people.... with God's protection HAIL VICTORY!!

Was surprised to find this on youtube and had to share it here

PAY ATTENTION TO THIS MESSAGE He is revealing some SERIOUS knowledge.


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How the Nazi myth is used to control narratives and weaponize language

The writer who created the Nazi Myth

Pointing out how much the Nazi myth is constantly used by everyone in everyday language.

Well documented statements from Hitler and top National Socialists that destroy all the lies and conspiracy theories about them being in cults,secret societies, Anti-Christian,Satanists and Freemasons.

Real ideaology vs fiction the made up Hollywood "Nazi "myth vs real National socialism
what the Nazi myth industry is

Who or what is a "Jew"
Jewish Ritual Murder
Jews behind Church of Satan & Satanic Temple
Jews behind Communism
Jews behind north Atlantic slave trade
There are many great websites out there devoted to the truth of World War II (and I), here are just a few: