Sven Longshanks looks at Joseph Atwill’s allegation that Jesus was a hoax, designed by the Romans to pacify the Jews.
In Caesar’s Messiah Joseph Atwill takes the Jews at their own word and starting from a faulty premise, predictably ends with a faulty conclusion.
The Romans were the main persecutors of the Christians, not their benefactors

2006 short film on the persecution of well known revisionists

Out of the Thousands of so called holocaust survivors Spielberg decided to pick the ones that were Hollywood actors. The ones he did not put in his movie talked about cantinas, movie theaters , Soccer teams, Libraries And other commodities available To them in the camps.

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Weekend Special jampacked with new YouTube video clips. In this special episode I address YouTube Interview between hip hop artists K Rino and Willie D , I expose early propaganda from the 1930s used against Germany Read from the actual sources, And I address the rising sentiment towards communism in punk rock music and its stagnant perpetuation of the nazi myth...

Positive short and sweet message

Published May 15th 2018 by radicalcapitalist dot org written by Ethan Chan. A very informative video that youtube removed and it is not well known . I encourage everyone to spread this message far and wide on here

US veteran Ken Okeefe telling the truth

Another great patriot who tried to warn us

Former Congressman Jim Trafficant, Hero and patriot who tried to warn us about our Zionist occupied government

I was extremely humbled and honored that Dr Jones himself put this on his channel where it received almost 7,000 views in one day on youtube before they removed it.

One of my tunes from my E.P. "songs the ADL love to hate" from me The Mad Dr S show

first episode of my new series which will destroy youtube Nazi myths 1 video at a time National Socialists were not racial supremacists

episode 2 Hitler was not a drug addict

I re edited and combined pt 1 & 2. ( Features Dr E Michael Jones, Dr Kevin McDonald, British activist Mark Collett , Sven Longshanks of radioaryan and more)This documentary reveals how massive immigration during the turn of the last century in the the US by Eastern European and Russian Jews has led to many of the problems we face in the US today . Jewish influence undoubtedly has transformed a once proud Christian nation into something almost unrecognizable in less than a hundred years. The acceptance of Usury was the beginning of our downfall.

an expose of life in Palestine before the Jewish occupation and Zionist state o

A fun video I made to start the weekend off with. Thank you to all my subscribers, Stiv Bators was a brilliant performer and lyricist. he was the singer for 1970's punk band the Dead Boys and this song he wrote in his second band Lords Of the New Church. I think these lyrics are prophetic in 2019.

Open Your Eyes
The Lords of the New Church
Video games train the kids for war
Army chic in high-fashion stores
Law and order's done their job
Prisons filled while the rich still rob
Assassination politics
Violence rules within' our nation's midst
Well ignorance is their power tool
You'll only know what they want you to know
The television cannot lie
Controlling media with smokescreen eyes
Nuclear politicians picture show
The acting's lousy but the blind don't know
Open your eyes
See the lies right in front of ya
Open your eyes
They scare us all with threats of war
So we forget just how bad things are
You taste the fear when you're all alone
They gonna git'cha when you're on your own
The silence of conspiracy
Slaughtered on the altar of apathy
You gotta wake up from your sleep
'Cause meek inherits earth six feet deep
Open your eyes see the lies right in front of ya
Open your eyes

Seek the Ubermensch within yourself and nature will follow (originally published on the Impartial Truth Channel ) another great channel scrubbed from youtube

Brother Nathaneal kicked off of youtube because he's a Jew who fights Jewish Supremacists and exposes the Zionist Occupied Government
Want to know who's full of shit? ANYONE who's still on youtube. liars,shills,Feds,Commies and anti whites.

Bernie Sanders is initiating the final phase instituted by Israel Cohen under the American Communist Party...BUT HE FAILS and is a very bad actor

Satanic Temple founders EXPOSED!
unknowingly,satanists are being used as puppets to do the bidding of Talmudic Jews and need to learn what temple founders are hiding.
one of the biggest frauds perpetrated against gullible Gentiles has been the so called "Church of Satan " and "Satanic Temple" who claim no belief in a physical devil or God
but still use all the language and words associated with the Christian Faith. It is simply a Jewish founded ,funded and controlled con job set up to boldly mock Christianity in it's face, further degenerate western society and push more white guilt onto white Christians that they hate so much

When we see these dirty tricks, we must expose them

This video appeared on the internet many years ago and has been banned on almost every platform its been on. Let s see what happens here on bitchute.
There is no doubt that some kind of ritual is being performed during this "goat story" at the very moment Bush "learns we were attacked". I do not know who the original content maker is but this is one that should never get lost in the public memory hole.

From the Deprogramming Broadcast Network ,a very revealing history of those whom call themselves "Jews".

From the French connection radio program originally uploaded on The Rape Of Justice Channel on youtube


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My primary youtube Channel was The Mad Dr S show. When I started that channel back in 2009, it was to promote my radio show on KAOS radio in Austin,Tx,I have since expanded into the subject of Historical revisionism and the importance of documenting history objectively . Those who control our perception of history control how we make history today. This is my back up channel featuring my 4th Generation Warfare documentary series on youtube since
the Mad Dr S show channel was deleted in the great purge.

How the Nazi myth is used to control narratives and weaponize language

The writer who created the Nazi Myth

Pointing out how much the Nazi myth is constantly used by everyone in everyday language.

Well documented statements from Hitler and top National Socialists that destroy all the lies and conspiracy theories about them being in cults,secret societies, Anti-Christian,Satanists and Freemasons.

Real ideaology vs fiction the made up Hollywood "Nazi "myth vs real National socialism
what the Nazi myth industry is