1990: Ted Koppel ABC News interview with communist leader Nelson Mandela. Mandela says "We have many Jews in our struggle and they have occupied the very top positions." He says that precisely due to the strong Jewish presence in his organization, Muammar Gaddafi would not allow him to open offices in Libya. He confirms that Jews are his collaborators and that Jews are of vital importance to his plans for South Africa. Mandela was radicalized by Jewish communists in college, namely Joe Slovo and Ruth First. First's parents founded the Communist Party of South Africa. Slovo served as Mandela's legal advisor when Mandela was arrested for his efforts to violently overthrow the white South Africans. Mandela would later appoint Slovo as Minister for housing. A Jew named Arthur Goldreich led the terrorist armed wing of Mandela's organization. Goldreich and another Jew, Harold Wolpe, were arrested for conducting sabotage operations targeting white South African sites. Goldreich and Wolpe disguised themselves as Christians by dressing as priests. The goal of Mandela and his communist Jewish collaborators was to end apartheid (racial segregation of blacks and whites) in South Africa. Ending apartheid resulted in South Africa being reduced to a warzone, white genocide and white flight. Having destroyed South Africa, 50,0000 Jews have fled post-apartheid South Africa, many relocating to Israel while the remaining white South Africans are being raped, pillaged and butchered daily. Mandela was awarded the The Order of Lenin medal, the highest civilian decoration awarded by the Soviet Union. Lenin, the communist Russian leader, was Jewish.

January 21, 2020: On the Joe Rogan Experience show, Bari Weiss, a Jewish writer and New York Times editor, argues that race is just a construct. Contrary to this, she hypocritically announces how exceptionally proud her and her family are to be Jewish, besmirches white people as supremacists, bemoans Jews being the greatest victims of racism and draws the distinction that Jews are not white despite looking white. Her claim is contradicted by news reports this week that the Israeli High Court ruled against a petition to prohibit discriminatory DNA testing to prove that an individual is ethnically Jewish, meaning that according to Jewish law, ethnicity, specifically the Jewish ethnicity, is a real biological fact and not a mere construct.

January 27, 2020: Eva Schloss (Anne Frank's step-sister) appears on Good Morning Britain to discuss the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz. She admits the photos of the liberation of Auschwitz are fake. She explains that no photos were taken at Auschwitz because the soldiers of the Soviet Red Army did not have cameras. She claims photos are of other locations taken at a later time. She further claims that the lack of snow in the photos confirms the photos are fake.

January 25, 2020: SNL's (Saturday Night Live's) skit titled Weekend Update: Melissa Villaseñor on Oscar Snubs by comedian Melissa Villaseñor. She ridicules white people by claiming that the Joker film is a expression "white male rage", meaning white men who are demoralized by the racist and sexist persecution they're subjected to daily. Contrary to this, the film's director and producer, Todd Phillips, and the lead actor, Joaquin Phoenix, are Jewish. SNL is produced by Lorne Michaels who is Jewish, on NBC, a network owned by Brian L. Roberts who is also Jewish.

December 8, 2015: Song celebrating white genocide and the mass-murdering of white farmers by blacks by Daniel Friedman, editor of Citizen, a South African newspaper. Friedman regards the song comedy. Published by the MALcontent YouTube channel. "James de Rothschild" is credited as the director and producer of the music video.

The Jews of South Africa have been demonizing and subverting the Whites for the last 60 years or more, disguising their Bolshevik Revolution there as a philanthropic anti-apartheid “human rights” campaign. And now that the Jews are firmly ensconced in power, fellow Jews like Daniel Friedman are openly mocking the whites as they are slaughtered on a weekly basis. No doubt Friedman and his fellow travellers have reserved seats on flights to Tel Aviv just in case they need to get out of town in a hurry.

The media and government in South Africa are firmly controlled by the Jews at this point, which is why there is virtually no recognition of the plight of the White farmers. Sure, there are cursory stories about the murders, but they are often characterized as “robberies gone wrong” or “atypical” random acts of violence. In reality, the Blacks are the Jewish golem, a Frankenstein-like monster created to destroy the enemies of the Jews (South African whites), and like most golems the Blacks will eventually turn on their creators.

January 23, 2020: Trailer for upcoming Mr. Jones film about Welsh journalist Gareth Jones famous for flying across Germany with Hitler and revealing to the world for the first time the horrors of the Holodomor. The Holodomor was the genocide of 11 million white Christians in the Ukraine in 1932, several years before the Holocaust. In an attempt to steer the narrative of the Holodomor in an increasingly aware world, the film's Jewish director, Agnieszka Holland, will deflect from the Jewish ethnicity of the culprits of the Holodomor. Jones' family are enraged with the director's deliberate misrepresenting of the gentile hero as a cannibal, a hneedless historical fabrication. The Holodomor was perpetrated by the Jewish Bolshevik government that overthrew Russia's Christian monarch to create communist Russia. The Jews responsible for the genocide were Lazar Kaganovich and Genrikh Yagoda. Kaganovich, one of Stalin's main associates, implemented the "collectivization policy" that caused the famine. Yagoda, director of the NKVD, supervised the deportations, confiscations, mass arrests and executions that accompanied the forced collectivisation. They confiscated their food and means to produce food at gun point to starve them to death. Jones was shot to death in Manchukuo (China) by Soviet agents. It is contested that the NKVD assassinated him in revenge for exposing the communist genociders.

January 25, 2020: Following Goldman Sach's announcing they'll no longer do business (IPO underwriting) with all white, straight and male boards, Tucker Carlson calls out the hypocrisy of the two Jewish CEO's of Goldman Sachs, David Solomon and Lloyd Blankfein, saying "David Solomon looks very much like Lloyd Blankfein." Tucker is highlighting Goldman Sachs lack of ethnic diversity and the fact that company led by Jews is inciting racial hatred towards white people. Goldman Sachs new diversity policy will not apply to Asia. Tucker says it's ironic that Marcus Goldman, Goldman Sachs founder, was a Jew who fled from racial persecution and concludes "Diversity for thee, but not for me. That's the real motto of Goldman Sachs."

January 23, 2020: President Emmanuel Macron had a heated row with an Israeli guard blocking his entry to a medieval church owned by France in Jerusalem. The altercation took place at the entrance of the Church of St. Anne. It was gifted to the French in 1856 by Ottoman Sultan Abdülmecid I for its help in the Crimean war. While the grounds of the Catholic Church are still considered French territory, Israel’s exclusive claim to Jerusalem and Palestine as a whole, as the indigenous community have discovered at great cost, traduces any sense of international norm and justice. "Please respect the rules. They [have been in place] for centuries. They will not change with me," Macron snapped at the Israeli guard obstructing his entry to what is effectively France. Visibly angry, Macron directed his frustration at the Israeli guard saying: "I don’t like what you did in front of me.” He again insisted that norms be respected. “Go out. Outside!” ordered Macron “I’m sorry, but we know the rules. Nobody has to provoke! Nobody!"

July 31, 2019: Clip of a popular YouTuber's wife confirms that Chinese people perceive Jews as affluent, tribalistic and the masters of the American people and president. Moreover, she explains that the Chinese admire the Jews for this. The husband is visibly shocked by this perspective. Clip from China's Fascination with Jewish People Explained by laowhy86. C-Milk (Matthew) is an internet personality who documents his life in China on his YouTube channel, laowhy86. It would appear that everyone who lives outside of the American regime understands who runs America.

January 24, 2020: Tucker Carlson speaks with Republican Devin Nunes regarding Jewish impeachment witness Alexander Vindman still working at the White House. Carlson addresses Democrats accusing Republican members of Congress, Trump and himself of being Russian assets. Carlson says "The irony is this city is brimming with agents of foreign governments, and they're influencing policy. Just not Russia. It's unbelievable."

January 23, 2020: Vice President Mike Pence visited Jerusalem to mark the 75th anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz. Pence wore a kippah (yamulkie, skullcap etc.). He performed Jewish religious rituals such as praying at the Western Wall to what's referred to as The Shekhinah, some mystical presence said to inhabit the wall. This term Shekhinah does not occur in the Bible, and is from rabbinic literature. Pence was accompanied by the ambassador to Israel David M. Friedman and Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

2010 AIPAC Annual Policy Conference: Jewish senator Chuck Schumer says it's no coincidence his surname matches his religious ordainment as Shomer Yisrael (The Guardian of Israel). Schumer explains his surname comes from the Hebrew word shomer, meaning guardian or watchman. His ancestors were the guardians of wall of Chortkiv, a Jewish ghetto in Galicia, Ukraine. When they came to Ellis Island they said their name in Yiddish as Shoymer which was written down as Schumer. In Jewish religious law (halacha), a shomer/shomrim is a Jewish legal guardian entrusted with the custody and care of another's object. Schumer says his guardianship of Israel is his life's mission.

Date/location unconfirmed. Jewish senator Chuck Schumer says his most important duty is to serve and defend the interests of Israel, a clear admission that he regards the interests of America to be subordinate to that of Israel.

January 20, 2020: Pope Francis condemns a "barbaric resurgence" of antisemitism across the globe, linking it to the rise of populism. Populism is defined as a government that serves the interests of the ordinary people instead of the interests of the elite. Why are governments that serve their people's interests antisemitic? Why do Jews desire governments to work against their people's interests? Why are governments that have no masters other than their people antisemitic? Why do Jews desire governments that have masters other than their people? Populism, nationalism and anti-globalism are synonymous and deemed antisemitic because Jews are globalists.

December 29, 2019: Nine pieces of antisemitic graffiti were spotted across north London on , the penultimate day of Hannukah. Several Stars of David and the numbers '911' were found daubed across buildings in Hampstead and Belsize Park. The implication is that the Jews perpetrated the September 11 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon to coerce America into fighting Israel's wars. British Jews like David Baddiel were quick to liken the graffiti to Nazi Germany and Kristallnacht. Occurred the same day that of the stabbings at rabbis home in Monsey, New York.

October 25, 2019: Video by AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee) boasting that for the past sixty years, they control American policy by controlling all American politicians, whether Republican or Democrat. AIPAC is a lobbying group that advocates pro-Israel policies to the Congress and Executive Branch of the United States. It's the most powerful lobbying groups in the United States.

January 21, 2020: Bernie Sanders campaign video titled Reaching Out to the Jewish Community. Sanders states "I'm very proud to be Jewish and I look forward to becoming the first Jewish president in the history of this country." The video focuses on "white nationalists attacking our synagogues" and "Nazis in Charlottesville", Nazi Germany and the Holocaust.

Footage leaked by Project Veritas January 21st, 2020. Martin Weissgerber, a Bernie Sanders field organizer, is now the second staffer exposed plotting violent communist revolution to overthrow America. Weissgerber says he's ready to gun down political opponents, execute the wealthy by way of decapitation (guillotine) and intern Republicans to be "re-educated" and mass-murdered in Gulag labor death camps. Weissgerber credits his college's romanticizing of Soviet Russia for his radicalization as a communist.

The first communist Bernie Sanders staffer exposed was field organizer Kyle Jurek last week on January 15th.

Bernie Sanders is a Jew and a communist. He's publicly praised communist Russia and Cuba.

ABC News clip, 2009. Jewish man Herman Rosenblat received international fame, a book deal and a movie deal for his story as a Holocaust survivor. He claimed to be a starving boy in a Nazi concentration who was fed apples and bread by a girl on the other side of the fence. He furthermore claimed that he met the same girl years later in New York on a blind date and married her. Herman and his wife appeared on Oprah twice, Oprah describing their experience as the greatest love story ever told on her show.

Historians proved Herman's claims as false and ridiculous. E.g. Herman claimed he was scheduled to be gassed two hours before he was liberated despite the Theresienstadt concentration camp not having gas chambers. Herman's siblings and children were fully aware of the hoax.

Herman still maintains he didn't lie, reasoning "It was my imagination, and in my mind, I believed it. Even now, I believe it."

Sarah Silverman, in her Jesus Is Magic (2005) stand-up comedy film, makes light of the fact that Jews didn't want Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ film to be seen. She says "I don't care. Good. I hope the Jews did kill Christ. I'd do it again. I'd do it again in a second."

White House meeting with senators, February 2018. President Trump demands taking guns without due process, surprising Vice President Pence, NRA and Republicans. Jewish senator Dianne Feinstein (born Goldman), sitting to Trump's left, literally rubs her hands and cackles in delight.

Satirical clip poking fun at the ludicrousness of America's militaristic servitude to the Jews. Vaporwave aesthetic.

In a January 2020 interview, UFC president Dana White says he was supposed to be visiting Israel for ten days but hated it so much that he left after a day and went to Rome for eight days instead. The Jewish interviewer, Aaron Bronsteter, attempts to scold White querying "Why didn't you stay in Israel? Why didn't you like it? It's a nice place." White responds "Yeah, I wasn't a fan. I wasn't a fan." to which the interviewer concedes "Neither was my wife."

No doubt White experienced the notorious xenophobia and racism of the Israelis first-hand and no doubt White's choosing of Rome was triggering for the Jewish interviewer given how much the Jews loathe the Roman Empire for utterly annihilating them.

In a 2002 interview, former Israeli Minister of Education Shulamit Aloni says that accusations of antisemitism is 'a trick. We always use it.' to suppress criticism of Israel coming from within the United States, while for criticism coming from Europe 'we bring up the Holocaust.' Goodman is admitting that whites who dissent against Israel's policies are strategically defamed. She explains it's possible because Jews rightfully control America due to their financial and media power and do so without the slightest moral concern.

Aloni served as Israel's Minister of Education from 1992 to 1993. She was leader of the Meretz social-democratic (communist) political party in Israel. In 2000, she received the Israel Prize, for her lifetime achievements and special contribution to the State of Israel.

Interviewer is American journalist Amy Goodman.

New York City, January 2018, a Jewish audience member asks Jordan Peterson about the Holodomor (1930s mass-murder of 11 million Ukrainians by Jews) and Solzhenitsyn' 200 Years Together book (a comprehensive historical account of the Jewish role in communist Russia).

The questioner confirms that he's Jewish American. He states Solzhenitsyn documents the over-representation of Jews in the NKVD and Bolshevik (communist Russia's) leadership and that their ethnic hatred of whites resulted in the Holodomor, whereby Jews murdered 11 million white Christian Ukrainians in the space of a year as an act of revenge for whites rejecting Jewish subversion. The questioner asks that if Jews are over-represented in positions of power today then are they not just as likely to exact the same hatred and revenge on white nations again?

Peterson panics, freezes and shuts down on stage for a whole minute. He eventually responds "I can't do it." In the face of the Jewish matrix of power, Peterson glitches.


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