The Asswatcher Shoves His Head Up His Ass

He has no claws. No spikes. No arms. No redeeming qualities. All he has is one leg, an ass, and a head. That's all he can ever do in life: look at his own ass. His one true purpose.

I have designed the ultimate warrior

Hey you, do you like the music from Sonic the Hedgehog 2? Of course you do, unless you're a stupid shitbag with no taste in which case fuck off and die you stupid cunt, but as I was saying I'm sure you love the soundtrack from Sonic 2. I'm sure you enjoy listening to such classics as Chemical Plant Zone, Casino Night Zone, and Mystic Cave Zone. But have you ever listened to them all AT ONCE?



So I decided to play Sonic, Sonic 2, and Sonic 3 & Knuckles all in one sitting, and what could better than to record it all for no reason!

5.44GB of raw footage, more editing than I'd like to remember, and clips big enough to make windows movie maker crash repeatedly, I'm left with this.

WATCH in awe as I somehow manage to die not once, but twice to the boss of Chemical Plant Zone!

LAUGH at my misfortune as I manage to get a Time Over one hit away from beating the boss of Carnival Night Zone!

BE UNIMPRESSED as I beat the final boss of Sonic 1 with the controller behind my head!

All this and more in the video you're either watching right now, about to watch, or have just watched! Or you aren't going to watch it at all, in which case I'll see you in hell.

By the way I admit doing some video editing, but it was only to get rid of dinner/bathroom breaks and because no one wants to see my fail like 50 times on the final boss, alright? also the hat was itchy.

And yes, I will be the first to say it: I suck at Sonic. Now you don't have to.

fan amv i made for my own half life 2 LP, read it here:


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I reupload Cybershell videos so if his videos were to ever be removed, people can view them here.