Just a bit of the avant-garde- part two to come.

Soon pieces will come together.

It was always so clear to me that I would be a snow Nigerian.

Another sign of things to come. Two projects now.

Another older track (by a year and a half) - made when this channel was smaller- I deleted the old video, and am re-upping it for consistencies sake. I would like to possibly use this in a future noise/experimental record.

Ye track of olde. Just wanted to share this, & make sure it's up on Youtube.

Older track I made circa 2011- thought I'd share it!

And older track I composed circa 2011-ish. Thought I might share it.


Working on something now that'll take some time. This track came out of an automated loop composition. I just like it.

Speech as music.


Field recording (prepped for experimental purposes) -- Sound poetry/art

1: Gland
2: Strand
3: Enamel

ASMR (hopefully) Soundscape

Yeah, I said article 15, but that was a mistake see the title, it's 13, not bad- I am not sourcing the news, ehhhh, I am just talkin' here!

Our poor disenfranchised need YOUTUBE NOW AT 11.99 A MONTH, BUY NOW! =D

A small bump in the road.

A brief reminder of a cool series that is on Youtube- it's an anime, but it's got communist hunting psychics in it. So....

My desktop is on the blink, might have to switch things up a bit.

Don't drown- the end gets dicey. Free to use as FX if anyone wants to, the sound is fullest at the end, as indicated.

Quack quack! Look at me, i'm a duck!


This is an album composed of new material and old- a blend of electronic and bricolage-acoustic instruments; some improvised, others created in a DAW. This album signifies the oscillation between new and old, within postmodernism, and metamodernism.



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