We are fast approaching the socium, in full. But alas, that's what all this hoopla was always all about....

She's partially right about what she says: with culture, you get clashing; what she doesn't get is that culture doesn't just go away - and that by introducing more cultures into the nation she is thus creating all the things she ascribed to Carl's doing, q.e.d.

Boo-urns. Ever since I got 'warned' by Twitter, today, this shit has kept happening. I am making a note of it.

RIP: Morning Tarl videos.
Dominus Deus Sabaoth
Pleni sunt cæli et terra gloria tua-ahhhhh

Digital Archeology 2

Recorded a couple days ago- since N. Harris just posted oldschool documentaries I was thinking about on the very day (psychic! lol!), so this is kind of a response to that.

Ok, now this is just getting funny, and this speech-synthbot can read my shit. LOL

You can see the written version of this disquisition, here:

On a potato.

Experimental video-poetry.

Hopefully, this disquisition will be helpful to someone, regarding the multifarious techniques derived from meditation practices and other "magic" practices. PS: Gentle Giant - Free Hand ... Great song with this theme.

In formation of storms
Blood stained pearl of a garden pest

An interpretive ASMR sound poem.

Experiments in soundwaves. To be reclaimed for further use, later.

See: Sargon Of Akkad's "Elizabeth Warren is Not a Wamen of Colour"
For the full skinny on my retort -- I won't cop Sargon's video on an edit, but I will riff off his material. If this is a problem, please, let me know.



And I gave my heart to seek and to search out by wisdom concerning all things that are done...on earth.

Yes, I approve of this.

It isn't weird at all that any nation that isn't tied to the trinity of Roman "faith" (ie, namely the Hindoos, and the Buddhists -- Muslims might even be only defending themselves, despite their radically subversive tactics, they might have a perfect rationale- though this doesn't explain ties to the Freemasons, which destroys the predication of "spiritual jihad against the oppressor", and makes it NULL.)

Just some nice ambience for background noise. Will be used later in something else.


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