It isn't weird at all that any nation that isn't tied to the trinity of Roman "faith" (ie, namely the Hindoos, and the Buddhists -- Muslims might even be only defending themselves, despite their radically subversive tactics, they might have a perfect rationale- though this doesn't explain ties to the Freemasons, which destroys the predication of "spiritual jihad against the oppressor", and makes it NULL.)

Just some nice ambience for background noise. Will be used later in something else.


Hi, i'm real

Pieces will come together.

Some more free jazz ambience for now, as this comes together.

We are back on.

It's coming folks. It's been in the air for you feel it? Do you see it?

A final reposit.

Just one more "old track" that I "forgot".

Small demo.

Little old school track I need to put out there for sake of posterity. I'm a a completionist, and the sampler that had this track (along with Neti-Neti) was deleted, so, i'm re-upping this now, too.

The time has come, finally, for McBrain. And just in time, for the upcoming potential false flags in Syria (as Russian media has adverted). Whew, enough shit-piling on Trump for some steam, and then push -- and ain't it funny, it's just when he'd DECIDED he was done. Huh. Bye bye, McBrain. Soon, it's time?


Experimental Noise 1 (Dreams Into Bleak Futurity)
Experimental Noise 2 (Aetheric Vortex II: The Corrosive End)
Experimental Noise 3 (Disentangle Projective)
Experimental Noise 4 (Consciousness Dig-Site)
Experimental Noise 5 (Communique Failure)
Experimental Noise 6 (Shell Shock)
Experimental Noise 7 (Darkness)
Experimental Noise 8 (Scanning Sentinel)
Experimental Noise 9 (Dysfunction)
Experimental Noise -10- (Interlude 2)
Experimental Noise 11 (Lion's Roar)
Experimental Noise 12 (System Shut-Down)
Experimental Noise 13 (Frozen Signal)
Experimental Noise 14 (Frozen Signal II: Lou's Message)
Experimental Noise 15 (After The Lamassus' Call)
Experimental Noise 16 (N.O.O.S.E.)
Experimental Noise 17 (Babalon)
Experimental Noise 18 (3-7-9)
Experimental Noise 19 (Awaken)
Experimental Noise 20 (Pets Are Better Than Humans)
Experimental Noise 21 (Thoughtforms)
Experimental Noise 22 (Light Of Dark)
Experimental Noise 23 (Final Trumpet)

Just a bit of the avant-garde- part two to come.

Soon pieces will come together.

It was always so clear to me that I would be a snow Nigerian.

Another sign of things to come. Two projects now.

Another older track (by a year and a half) - made when this channel was smaller- I deleted the old video, and am re-upping it for consistencies sake. I would like to possibly use this in a future noise/experimental record.

Ye track of olde. Just wanted to share this, & make sure it's up on Youtube.

Older track I made circa 2011- thought I'd share it!

And older track I composed circa 2011-ish. Thought I might share it.


Working on something now that'll take some time. This track came out of an automated loop composition. I just like it.


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