Jimmy you are a millionaire like Maher. You have the same privilege as he does. White boy. You want people to attack him, and hope they forget about you. You are a snake, same as him, preaching to white liberals, just like Malcolm X taught us. The game of the white liberal is divide and conquer, with phantoms of virtue as your excuse. Shame on you, herding the disenfrachised back onto the plantation. Did you eject Tulsi that quick... COLD BLOODED! See like Bernie, you do it, too...

I see the same with Jimmy Dore.

Malcom X on Jimmy Dore...

Judas Goat
A Judas goat is a trained goat used at a slaughterhouse and in general animal herding. The Judas goat is trained to associate with sheep or cattle, leading them to a specific destination. In stockyards, a Judas goat will lead sheep to slaughter, while its own life is spared. Judas goats are also used to lead other animals to specific pens and on to trucks.
"Yes follow the judas goat to your death's fools!HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! "

Zombie company making shit nobody wants. If you were already taxed to bailout the union, why do you have to pay a 2nd time, for a product YOU DON'T WANT!!! Make those workers get jobs where they have to work to get paid, instead of paid to not work as well as a robot.... FUCK YOU JIMMY WHORE!

The "Asian" Tim Pool calls out the "Black" Shaun King & all the Whasains "raughed & raughed..."
Tim criticizes Shaun King, while following Shaun King's playbook 2 a T. Tim doesn't want u 2 notice.

Seriously, have you ever seen Tim & Boston Pantyfa guy ever in the same place?

Ever wonder why???

I wanna see the DNA test results.

Is this why he tries to look like Shaun King?

Just asking... Just asking...

Race is a social construct...

It also is an excuse to rob, strip and beat you... to the point your face is reconstructed...

Who knew...

Ask Tim Pool, he'll tell ya!

It's ON, people...

Shit is underway...

We are living to witness our own destruction.

This literally happened the next day...

Being spied on, didn't save that white guy in Omar's district.

If you keep looking the other way, you won't see the train, until you are being ground alive... underneath it.

This was how planes who deviated from their flight plan, were intercepted before 911.

No plane on 911 was intercepted.

There is your REAL NO PLANES THEORY!!!

Everyone in command during 911...

Was promoted... After... 911...

Yet this standard textbook procedure was not followed on 911.

Remember to forget this to honor the memory of the already forgotten...

On behalf of an ungrateful nation.

Nothing will be handed to you.

You give somebody a blank check, they get to write in the amount YOU WILL HAVE TO PAY!

Tulsi is running for Trump's 2nd term.

Wether he wins or not... Same difference.

She is furniture...

Tulsi chose this party, after Bernie got Berned. Tulsi knew this would happen. She planned on it. Therefore this campaign is nothing but a con on the gullible. Same as Ron Paul.

She sounds like Trump, expect the same result. She is a CFR shill.

Illegal gang members get amnesty, but you can't have a gun, so you call the cops, where they fear for their life and 50/50 shoot you, or your dog. Trump hasn't been a politician as long as Tulsi. He's still learning on the job, how to be a dictator. Tulsi already has the take non criminals gun part down, where you either face criminals, disarmed, or face cops, dead.

Courtesy Savage Reality BitChute




When the government prepares the minority to take from the majority... And let's them stay armed while the majority is disarmed.... The only possible certainty... Is Massacre & Genocide... Are you paying attention. It's too late when armed people are at your... Now their... DOOR!


Why is Trump following Hillary's plan to punish his supporters and kill the 1st, 2nd & 4th amendments...

Trump now has CIA agents in the media, debating the principle of leaking the identity of CIA agents... to make Trump look bad...

That's right, in the CIA you can get your coworker killed, because he she or it isn't Anti Trump enough for you...


Already the right is gaslighting.. to ignore your concerns. This is bad advice. This is arrogance. This is what gets you blindsided when you lose to people who even act like they listen to people's concerns, while you refuse to acknowledge their concerns at all. I hope Trump is smarter than his advisers. Because if he isn't, we are done for. (Yeah W. was 2000-2008, no caffeine, my apologies...)

There is no conspiracy against Tulsi Gabbard. She isn't a factor. And is being treated as such. Give it a rest. Okay.
Tulsi's policies have killed Seattle, San Francisco. NO THANKS!

Jimmy calls out Bernie for compromise and peddling conspiracy theories. That is Jimmy's turf, and he intends to keep it, Bernie. Like you, he can't afford to work for a living to maintain his lifestyle... to live better than your supporters, SAME AS YOU!

Trump just made you, me... Congratulations, you have no rights. If you support him at all, you are now subject to being surveiled legally by Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, Google, and if you are not PC, or you even repeat what Trump himself has said, YOU GET TO BE PUT INTO A MENTAL INSTITUTION FOR INVOLUNTARY MANDATORY PSYCHIATRIC TREATMENT! Exactly what Hillary said she was gonna do... I wonder why he waited this long.... If you vote for this man, kill yourself. Before he has the chance to do it to you.

I'm tired of these acts... from Jagoffs, telling you to be mad at everyone, except people who make decisions to fuck you over, because the people who fuck you over, are their friends. And even their friends won't stand up for them... and it's supposed to be MY fault!

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. This is another reelection for Trump. Because the Demonrats are doing the same shit that elected him the 1st time. Thank God Jimmy is still a demonrat! LOL! He is too insane to be in any other party. Did you really think this wouldn't happen again... Insane.


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