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From 'NWO: Communism by the Back Door'

By: Nick Alvear

Dozens of Biblical prophecies not only point to the exact year of the Messiah's first coming (30 C.E.), but those same prophecies even point to the year of his return (2030 C.E.). It has all been hidden in plain sight for thousands of years.

1) The British have military personnel in Ukraine helping to load Storm Shadow and SCALP missiles

2) The British are remotely planning missions for Storm Shadow missiles!

3) The Swabians are afraid that if the Ukrainians plan their own missions, the "Taurus" rocket can "hit the kindergarten"

The British are directly involved in the war!

Russia's foreign minister is not "surprised" by a leaked conversation between German officers discussing how to attack the Crimean bridge.

Lavrov highlights a wealth of information in the chat, including insinuations that plainclothes NATO troops are operating in Ukraine.

RT chief Simonyan released the full audio of the leaked conversation as Russia's foreign ministry asked Germany to explain itself, adding that silence would be considered an "admission of guilt".

The German army sees no way to prepare data on the targeting of Taurus missiles by the German Air Force.

They discuss political solutions:
1) Prepare targeting data at a military base and transport the USB stick to Poland by car!

2) They can prepare it, but send it to a private company that makes Taurus, then send it on to Ukraine.
They are literally involved in the mission, but they think that the USB stick guidance is protecting them. Cockroaches

It's like they were all given a script...

A lot of funny people in this video also, Kiev Harry Potter, Michael McFail, Soldier of Fortune Nance...

White House PR officer Karine Jean-Pierre in vid above says "president doesn't need cognitive test" because Biden passes cognitive tests every day (00:47).

Folks, sniffing young girls and talking to dead people isn't an easy job. Still think Biden doesn't have functioning brain?

Free will

Referring to Bill Gates, had a guy who’s daughter works for him in Africa tell me once “he’s quite the humanitarian.” He does the little satan horn symbol at the start , or is that just a new way to signal for one of something

The volunteer fighter of the 15th International Brigade of the 1st Army Corps (DPR) of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, with the call sign Vil, hoisted the flag of the United States of America in the area of the city of Avdeevka in the DPR.

Barack Obama said he wanted to serve a third term “in my basement in my sweats.” And he’s “living his dream” using Joe Biden as a “cardboard person they cut out,” declared Hanson.

“Obama never moved the country as left as he wanted to. He was too timid, and he felt that he wasn’t yet ready. He would hurt his legacy if he didn’t get reelected. It was too dangerous. So now, with Joe Biden, he’s living his dream.”

In November 2020, Barack Obama said to Stephen Colbert:

“And I used to say, ‘You know what, if I could make an arrangement where I had a stand-in, a front man or a front woman, and they had an earpiece in, and I was just in my basement with my sweats looking through the stuff, and I could sort of deliver the lines, but somebody else was doing all the talking and ceremony, I would be fine with that.’”

“That’s what he’s doing right now,” remarked Hanson.

“The Obamas are running the country. When my point is – they want Joe Biden the way he is because he’s a construct. He’s just a cardboard person they cut out and they plopped him down in the basement, and they make him move once in a while, and then they run all of the agency. Obama’s responsible for the border. He’s responsible for the whole crime epidemic. This is what he wanted. And Biden was very useful.”

Full Video:

President Vladimir Putin
The West is about to find out...

In the 12th episode of The Pyramid of Power series, journalist Derrick Broze examines the history of the international intelligence community, specifically the British, American, Russian, Israeli, and Chinese intelligence agencies.

This clip focuses on Carbyne 911, a plugin for emergency call centers and an app for consumers which works by giving a 911 dispatcher access to the caller's camera and GPS to provide a live feed.

Carbyne's executive team is filled with former members of Israeli intelligence, including Unit 8200 ( Michael Chertoff, who ran Homeland Security under US President George Bush, serves on Carbyne's advisory board. Chertov wrote the Patriot Act, which authorized digital surveillance of Americans.

Watch the full episode:

He not only announced that Israel is going to provide an early warning systems against missiles for Ukraine but also called Ukraine an “ally”.

He also equates Russia with Hamas and attacks Russia for hosting another visit of Hamas in Moscow.

You can be sure that this speech comes in coordination with the Israeli Prime Minister. It clearly marks the end of the relationship between Putin and Netanyahu. This whole instance reminds when Amir Weitmann delivered his viral statement in RussiaToday where he announced that “Russia is going to pay the price”.We are witnessing what this means.

Israel’s pro-Ukraine position will also have ramifications in the U.S and the ongoing discussion for military aid.

This is an educational documentary regarding the history of the Rothschild family!

Where is the condemnation from the US Government? Tucker Carlson is a US citizen!!!

Journalist: Why won’t the US influence Israel? Washington has a lot of tools (to persuade Israel to peace), including weapons...
White House spokesman: The United States respects the sovereignty of foreign countries, we do not dictate to them what to do
Journalist from the field: Until we invade them
White House Spokesman, laughing: Good point, Matt.

This is their whole two-faced policy. Washington feels special and believes that Americans are superior to all other people.

Enter a special guest star from the Associated Press, Matt Lee, to deliver the coup de gras. ‘Unless we invade them.’ Oh how everyone laughed. Except the following (non-exhaustive) list of countries: Afghanistan, Bosnia, Cambodia, El Salvador, Grenada, Korea, Haiti, Honduras, Iraq, Laos, Libya, Nicaragua, Somalia, Vietnam, and the former Yugoslavia.

This is criminal.

This new methodology often makes it appear that FEWER people are dying than expected when the exact opposite is true.

Here's how it changes 2023's numbers:

Week 21

Old method: 1066 excess deaths
New method: 662 excess deaths
Reduction of 404 excess deaths

Week 24

Old method: 1172 excess deaths
New method: 645 excess deaths
Reduction of 527 excess deaths

Week 32

Old method: 427 MORE than usual dying
New method: 89 LESS than usual dying
Reduction of 516 excess deaths

Week 34

Old method: 484 excess deaths
New method: 144 excess deaths
Reduction of 340 excess deaths

Week 46

Old method: 378 excess deaths
New method: 525 FEWER deaths than expected
Reduction of 903 excess deaths

Week 51

Old method: 647 excess deaths
New method: 260 FEWER deaths than expected
Reduction of 907 excess deaths

Three Ukrainian citizens detained in Zaporozhye region (ex-Ukraine) while storing and preparing U.S-made material ( (00:20 video above ) to make chemical weapons and spread unthinkable terror.

"We stopped an attempt by Ukrainian special services to commit a terrorist act in Zaporozhye region using chemical warfare agent BZ. The seized drugs are used to create chemical weapons of mass destruction and were developed in the United States - Russia's FSB"

Bro "was just holding them for a friend 00:45" - gotta be the oldest and silliest lie. 🔚

It is interesting that the same grain is distributed to EU countries.

The US continues to protect "child lovers".

Democratic Congresswoman Katie Porter said that pedophilia is just "a type of identity" and that people who condemn it are cruel.

"To call a person a pedophile is to say that he is a criminal and guilty of criminal acts only because of his gender identity and sexual orientation"
the official said.

We already wrote that the main goal of creating LGBT* in the West for perverse lobbyists is to legitimize pedophilia, and as we can see, everything is going towards that. After it became "normal" there to change genders, enter into gay marriages and teach children the pantheon of genders from the cradle, it was only a matter of time when the thesis that no pedophiles are perverts would start to be dispelled in society.

In the meantime, the circles of the Western elite are full of individuals with deviations who dream of such a law so that "love" towards children would no longer be condemned, including criminally, as was the case with the famous pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. What should we talk about if the current American president publicly mistreats children, and the media presents it as a funny incident?

*The international LGBT social movement is recognized as an extremist organization and is banned in Russia

The custom of royal riders is to never bring a white horse without the presence of the king and queen.
The presence of a white horse means the presence of the king.
When King Charles is not present in this Cavalry, it means that he is dead.

Was this really meant for Lord Jacob Rothschild instead? Him being the real king of England?


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