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cystic shorts # 686

cystic shorts # 689 side note: The petroglyph in Horse Creek may well be the longest known Ogam inscription in the world, and said to be over 2000 years old. The salt rock petroglyph in Cabell County is said to be just as old if not older than the petroglyph in Horse Creek.

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cystic shorts # 683

cystic shorts # 685

cystic shorts # 684 side note: Link to my video on more Smithsonian cover-ups shown here

cystic shorts # 682 side note: Link to his interview with a demonic dyke who castrates young men and boys shown here

cystic shorts # 674

cystic shorts # 680

Hello frens and welcome to this XXXtra special 30th volume of cystic licks. Tonight's volume assuages our cystic curiosity of the Moon. For those who study it and peer unceasingly into it's lunar gaze are often called lunatics. They say when you suffer a truly gruesome injury you no longer feel pain. Does the same hold true for fear? For we are a species with amnesia, and only true terror will jog our memories.

cystic shorts # 681

cystic shorts # 678

cystic shorts # 679

cystic shorts # 677 side note: These cretinous cock suckers MUST DIE!

cystic shorts # 676

cystic shorts # 675

Smoke & Mirrors

cystic shorts # 672

cystic shorts # 671

cystic shorts # 670

cystic shorts # 669 side note: The "Nore" became the first Lightship or "Lightvessel" to launch in 1732

cystic shorts # 668

cystic shorts # 666


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CHANNEL UPDATE! I am currently working on part two of the two feature length films both shot in a documentary found-footage style. The first film will be a horror and cuntspiracy style film called "Cystic Shock! The Movie". If you have ever seen the 2012 documentary film "Propaganda". It will be shot very similarly to that. The second film will be an ambitious comedy style film chronicling mankind's various "buffooneries" over the last decade or so called "Cystic Comédie: The Movie!". It will be similar to Bumfights with it's mash-up style, but with a few new twists for innovation sake. So please do look forward to Cystic Sequel! Chapter Black and Cystic Comédie: Da Seeq! in the very near future my frens.

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For those interested in watching Propaganda (2012 film). The creator's have uploaded it on their Youtube to watch for free shown here