20th Century HOAX

ANTIFA, College Students and Minorities...the bondservants of communist Jews

Christians tear down Menorah and replace with Christian Cross

True Christians.

Truth of hate speech and brainwashing.

U.S. STATE DEPARTMENT works and deals with, George Soros, in Ukraine and other countries for the NWO.

1809 Newspaper Article: Cherokee Tribe awaited Government permission to voluntarily cross the Mississippi River with property and their Black Slaves.

Blacks are easily outnumbered...This is here now. This will happen to you, all your children, your family. You let happen it is you that is at fault.

Today's Government Is Not of Our Founding Fathers. To Save Ourselves We Need: "No Words Only Deeds".

You won't see this on national news. Just this week, two White men were set on fire by the BLACK people they work with while on their way home from a job site in BALTIMORE, MARYLAND USA. The first WHITE man is engulfed in flames. The second apparently escaped from his flaming clothing and is seen in his underwear, moaning in pain on the ground. All the nearby BLACK people wanted to do was laugh and take pictures.

The love and trust of Black people. What do you think they do to children.

CIA Admits "News" Manipulation - 1975, Operation Mockingbird

Anton Lavey on his deathbed begs GOD Almighty for mercy.

Turkey spills the Blood of Kurdish SALADIN.

Marxist 'Frankfurt School' [Source of The 5th Column] is the ROOT PROBLEM for every Western Democratic Government. Politically, Socially, Racism, Family, Education K-12 and Universities, Sexual Perversion, Hollywood, Pedophilia, forced racial integration...

Never ride or walk alone.

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Marxism-Communists-Antifa are eliminating rights of Free Thinking of all Races, Genders and Sovereign Nations.

See the White mother or babysitter in the background. As this is happening the White female ignores the ordeal because she knows she will get her ass whipped by all the other Black female babysitters in the room. KEEP YOUR CHILDREN AWAY FROM BLACK CHILDREN!

In all conscience, this matter needs to be fervently brought to attention at every social round table. It's beyond debate.

1952...Major Jordan's Diaries: U.S.A. secretly supplies Jewish-Bolshevik Red Army with Billions of dollars of Military [Land,Sea & Air], Technology and Agricultural supplies
The Greatest Generation's Giveaway at Americans Cost.

Depiction of reality for all of us.

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News clips, Video clips, audio clips from sources revealing The Biggest Hoax of The 20th Century.