20th Century HOAX

Jewish Professor Dommergue says Jewish Holocaust was invented by Jewish Mafia.

TEL AVIV ✡️ JEWS ✡️ call OBAMA a COOSHI [a NIGGER] and themselves RACISTS [a Gezan].

FBI Arrests 17 Jewish Rabbis among others for Corruption and Selling Body Parts

What a dumb*uck Ukrainian country. Any Ukrainian watching this...HANG YOUR HEAD IN SHAME and swing.

FBI Raids Synagogue Looking for Children's Body Parts

Goodbye Christendom. Hello Jungle culture.

Continuous harassment, provocation and boycotts from Jewish legal, academic and religious elites to hide Jewish dark history.

Ukraine President Zelensky, another drag queen JEW destroying western society.

Ukrainian reveals MSM is not telling or showing the actual truth of evil Pres. Zelensky [Jew].

World Leader Are All Submissive To Jews.

CRT and its Communist origin.

The main reason why there was segregation and should be re-instated in the U.S.A..

White Americans, get ready for more of your babies, children, daughters, wives, mothers to be raped, murdered, pulverized, molested, tortured, robbed.

"Eruv Wire"...Jews need this wire encircling your neighborhoods. TEAR IT DOWN

Raphael Warnock and MLK Jr..
Both were COMMUNIST preachers of the same
Atlanta's Ebenezer Baptist Church

Jewish Satanist: Anton LaVey (real name: very Jewish~~ Howard Stanton Levey).
Author of Satan's Bible, was clinging to his mattress in fear of death as he was waiting for his Christian friend to save his soul.

Director executed for this film about Freemasons.


Jewry covertly manipulates politics from within every naive, submissive weak government.

Corneliu Zelea Codreanu
For My Legionaries

Jews giving erroneous recountals of their horrid days in Germany during WW2. Lie for decades for free monthly checks.

Black people are awake being used as puppets.



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