20th Century HOAX

Nuclear Physicist explains Uranium and Nuclear Energy

June 2019...Simultaneous raw sewage disasters in communities of TX, MT, IA, MO, OK, AK, OH, NC, MA, FL, CA, NY

Centuries old "Caucasian Legends"
download @ http://www.gutenberg.org/ebooks/35577

White People are Proud-To-Be-WHITE without having to give an explanation.

1936 Olympian Jesse Owens snubbed by Franklin D. Roosevelt because he was Black


Narrated by descendants of Black & White Confederate Soldiers.

Black parody

2nd Temple: When the curtain was torn in-half in The Holy of Holies by GOD... judaism was annulled and Christianity was born.

WW2 German Army Soldiers: conglomerate of men of all races, ethnic groups and religions from 3 continents and dozens of countries enlisted.

U.S. Military Apache helicopter follows miles-long ISIS convoy. Not a shot fired.

Jewish Professor Jerry Muller of The Catholic University of America. History of the "downtrodden-salient" Jews.

Muhammad against interracial marriage. Muhammad Ali: "I want to keep my race Black and pure."

Jew revisionist debunks claim of Auschwitz death camps- אושוויץ

FREE Books and videos of Riveting Holocaust documentaries.

TRUMP meme

Insight into the hidden life of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.. Communist = Irreligionist

Short video to give an in-depth hidden truth of birth of and domination of slavery, trade and cruelty in the Americas.

Black Professor Tony Martin was surrounded at Wellesley College in his class and campus by Jewish organizations to suppress his teachings of the vast involvement of Jews involved in the Black Slave Trade.

Sharia- What would Muhammad Do...Inside look of Islam

Ernst Zundel interviews Jewish Professor of France.
Reveals lies of Holocaust.


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News clips, Video clips, audio clips from sources revealing The Biggest Hoax of The 20th Century.