Instructions of Shuruppak 2600 BCE.
Real commandments before hebrew fake 10 commandments. Look at Instructions of Shuruppak. Hebrew bible is very foiled copy of ancient ideals and wisdom. Oversimplification of Mesopotamia and ancient Egypt. Thus its satanic work hiding the real god. Yahweh isnt the real one.

How to distort the truth.

Paleo Hebrew exposed.

Written in 3rd century BCE? Jewish Tradition is Hoax. Whenever they dont have real proof, the jewish tradition and jewish legends are the evidence. The history of Mankind is much older!
Wake up.

Ancient Egypt knew 10 commandments
at least 2000 years before jews.
42 laws, ideals of Maat. 2900 BCE.

Israel supports multiculturalism in Europe and USA while establishing apartheid at home.
Clear Anti Civilization Strategy.

38 Ex-Students Accuse Orthodox Rabbis Of Sexual Abuse At Yeshiva University High School In NY
Source: TIME

The Palestinian Prisoners Society says Israeli forces have detained more than 900 Palestinian children....

Salomon Tekah was killed by off duty police officer. Ethiopian Jews protest against this violation of democratic values.

How to recycle truth? How to scramble god's mission?

Why is Genesis fake? Copy of older mesopotamian culture?

Reckless teachings of two Rabbis at pre military school in Israel. Danger for western values.

Danger for human rights and western democracy.
Racism in Israel.

Is Abraham real?

Danger for Human Rights and Western Democracy.

Moses is Hoax. The real one is Sargon of Akkad.
The akkadian King was copied later as Moses - the fake hero- to Hebrew Bible. The excavations and texts prove it.

2019/4/11 An Israeli spacecraft crashed on the moon, bringing an end to the bid to make it the first private craft to do so.

Had it succeeded, the Beresheet lander would also have made Israel the member of space elite.

Why is Noah fake?

Saad Dawabsheh, 31, his wife Reham, 27, and their 18-month-old son Ali were killed in the attack when settlers set their home in the village of Duma on fire. Their older son, who was four-years-old at the time, was the sole survivor of the attack and sustained severe burns on over 60 percent of his body.

Source Haaretz:

Article about the tragedy:


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