They try and try to distort the history.

Jews want to be the only Semites in the World.
They teach us to be the only Semites on Earth.
That is jewish Lie. Real Antisemites are those, who lead and participate in War on Terror.
Why do the Jews approve and support the genocide of other Semites in Syria Iraq Libya Pelestine.. ? The Jews even fight against BetaJews in Israel.

Education and real research is our strongest weapon against
bloody yahweh and his historical lies.

God that needs suffering people and blood.
Lord of the Underworld needs bloody soil.
War on Terror is bloody ritual for Yahweh.

Judaism loves conflicts and wars.
Boycott bloody religion. Support peaceful
believe in knowledge.
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Before Judaism we lived the peacful mode.
The troubles and hystery started with the arrival of archaic bloody War God Yahweh to Europe.
Yahweh is not the european issue. He belongs to warmongers and psychos. Break the

Story of Sinuhe from 1800 BCE was written in ancient Egypt. It was recycled
by hebrew bible, which was written much later than egyptian works. Jewish copyists and plagiarists stole this egyptian story.

Çatalhöyük is 9000 yrs old 100% non jewish settlement. They try to defame it, because it proves judaism is fraud.
Other part:

The indoeuropeans respect animals and humans. Yahweh loves blood and sick rituals.
We have nothing in commmon with hebrew
bible. They force us to admire them like Yahweh is forcing them to love him and his need to be fed with blood through conflicts and wars.
Indoeuropeans dont do this s**t.

Nomadic Swindlers exposed. Dead Sea Scrolls are partly faked. Furthermore written in Phoenician.

Judaism is Hoax invented after Jesus was killed by Evil Worshippers to steal the real Message of God for our Planet.

How the hebrew bible blocks our path to real human beeings.

It was allowed before Judaism to eat of the Tree of Knowledge. Yahweh forbids it.

Execution of Judas on Good Friday. Great Tradition.

Forget Yahweh. Real God doesn't love blood, ground, land, temple and all the material stuff.
Judaism is abusing our nations for wars and blood.....

Hebrew Bible is Hoax. The hebrew bible is not referring to this temple. Jewish lie exposed.
The hebrew fake history tries to steal this temple and proclaim it as jewish temple.

Judaism was invented by egyptian priests as tool for weakening the enemies through war and chaos eastwards from Egypt in the made up promissed land.

How to distort the real god? The real god taught us to know the good and evil. Jewish god forbids it.

How the jews steal history of JSRJR nomads.
Merenptah stele is not about Israel.

Instructions of Shuruppak 2600 BCE.
Real commandments before hebrew fake 10 commandments. Look at Instructions of Shuruppak. Hebrew bible is very foiled copy of ancient ideals and wisdom. Oversimplification of Mesopotamia and ancient Egypt. Thus its satanic work hiding the real god. Yahweh isnt the real one.

How to distort the truth.

Paleo Hebrew exposed.

Written in 3rd century BCE? Jewish Tradition is Hoax. Whenever they dont have real proof, the jewish tradition and jewish legends are the evidence. The history of Mankind is much older!
Wake up.

Ancient Egypt knew 10 commandments
at least 2000 years before jews.
42 laws, ideals of Maat. 2900 BCE.


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