Dominik Marcel Kirtaime. Fantasy/Sci-Fi Author

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Dominik Marcel Kirtaime. Fantasy/Sci-Fi Author

Dominik Marcel Kirtaime. Fantasy/Sci-Fi Author


UFOs over Dortmund, Germany

After the human race was split, Leo, Thorn and their sister True are fully integrated in the World Administration system, each following a different trade. When a virus wrecks the dome network they discover an evil conspiracy, where an apocalypse is being orchestrated by agenda. Earth is dying, a galactic contract is violated and the only way of survival is migration to another planet - but with no technology mankind cannot do this alone.


Created 3 years, 10 months ago.

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Kirtaime grew up in the country outskirts of Bristol. After his military career he settled with his family in Germany. Wanting to write fantasy-fiction books was a childhood dream which he only decided to make come true in 2013 with his first book, the award winning 'The Perennial Migration' - A mixture of adventure, conspiracy, legend, space travel all in one pot being stirred by hungry reptilians and cooled by heroes.