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🇺🇸 Pastor Steven Anderson DESTROYS faggot loving pastors

ℹ️ Arizona pastor Steven Anderson hates when weak preachers don't stand up for what the Bible preaches on faggotry, that they are to be sentenced to death.


Anons know the pit is loosed: 😈

imps from hades

Jake Shields - An IDF soldier talks about beheading Palestinian babies As they say every accusation is actually a confession



The media plastered a fake story that Hamas beheaded babies in its 7 October attack across the front pages. But now footage has circulated of actual beheaded Palestinian babies, the media is silent.

Israel designated a new safe zone in Rafah and then bombed it, killing at least 45 Palestinians who were mostly women and children. The bombardment caused a fire that swept through the camp of displaced people. The Palestine Red Crescent Society said many of those Israel killed were “burned alive” inside their tents.

Media double standards

Corporate media complicity in Israel’s genocidal assault became clearer as footage emerged of Palestinian babies beheaded in the bombardment.

The outrage is nowhere to be seen. But when the IDF planted a story that Hamas had beheaded babies in its 7 October attack, the coverage was rampant.

The Times ran the front page “Hamas cut the throats of babies”. The Daily Mail went with “This was a Holocaust plain and simple”. The Independent‘s front page stated “they decapitated women and children”. And the Daily Express’ read “Horror at pure evil beheading of babies”.

The wall-to-wall coverage was also discussed on UK broadcast media. And in the US, president Joe Biden kept repeating false claims that he’d seen photos:

I never really thought that I would see and have confirmed pictures of terrorists beheading children.

Outlets like CNN also repeated the IDF story.

But there is no evidence of the claim, as Israel admitted. Israeli reserve soldier David Ben Zion was a key source of the propaganda.

Ben Zion is a leader of the Shomron Regional Council of 35 illegal West Bank settlements. He called in February 2023 for the destruction of a Palestinian village:

The village of Huwara should be wiped out, this place is a nest of terror and the punishment should be for everyone

He also previously stated Palestinian people have “barbaric DNA”.

Genocidal statements, amplified by the media

This is the type of racist, dehumanising rhetoric fueling Israel’s genocide against the Palestinian people. And again media complicity has amplified such statements.

Multiple times on BBC Newsnight the presenter has allowed genocidal language to go unchallenged. Appearing on the show, Israeli politician Danny Danon referred to slaughtered Palestinians as “barbaric animals”.

Former Israeli ambassador Dan Gillerman also called Palestinians “human animals” on BBC Newsnight. Both times, the host did not challenge the claims.

Elsewhere, defence minister Yoav Gallant has said “We are fighting human animals and we are acting accordingly”. And Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said “This is a battle not only of Israel against these barbarians, it’s a battle of civilization against barbarism”.

International Criminal Court top prosecutor Karim Khan is seeking arrest warrants for Gallant and Netanyahu for leading the war crimes against Palestinian people, including intentionally starving them.

The looming arrest warrants cannot come soon enough. Israel has killed 36,615 Palestinian people including over 15,000 children since 7 October.

If the media didn’t treat Palestinian lives as less worthy than Israelis, we wouldn’t already be in this position.

Phil Taitt has details on a stabbing that left a 22-year-old woman dead in Midtown.

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A 22-year-old woman was fatally stabbed in Midtown Manhattan on Tuesday night, according to police and sources.

The NYPD said that the victim was stabbed in the chest at around 10:17 pm, close to the junction of West 40th Street and Eighth Avenue. After being taken to Bellevue Hospital, she was declared dead, according to police.

Authorities added that a suspect, identified as a female wearing blue jeans and a white top, was observed running away down Eighth Avenue from the scene. The inquiry is underway and no one has been taken into custody.

And in other news:

Eight days until it's officially 🌅 WHITE BOY SUMMER

Grabbed from the Revolution Radio chat


As with that other conspiracy mythos, Qanon, that has likely been encouraged every step of the way by Russian disinformation campaigns online, the Tartarian Empire hoax has grown to become a mega-theory as its proponents take a buffet-style approach, incorporating into the myth complex any pet theory or crazy notion they fancy. One can imagine that it’s especially hard to control a conspiracy narrative once it has been fed to the conspiracy nut community. Thus we see claims about the Illuminati come in to explain the worldwide cover-up, or of the Jewish World Conspiracy, which isn’t that surprising considering its connection to Russian claims of Aryan supremacy. To further explain why the existence of Tartaria had to be covered up, conspiracists have incorporated elements of the fantastical claims about Atlantis or hollow earth civilizations: namely that the Tartarians had advanced technology, free wireless energy technology to be more specific, and that the powers that be conspired to hide this from the energy dependent masses. And then, there is the doozy—that Tartaria was actually peopled by giants. Never mind that all the buildings they identify as Tartarian are made for regular size people. They found a few photos of grand, oversized doors, and of course they found statuary and paintings depicting, you guessed it, giants. They link the existence of giants in the lands of Tartary through the tales of Gog and Magog, which have historically been associated with Mongolians, as I discussed in my episode on Prester John. And from there, it just devolved into photoshopped hoaxes of gigantic bones. But the argument against the historical existence of giants deserves to have its own episode and would be too much of a digression here at the end of this one. To conclude, let’s just hope that the fringe nutcases who have taken up the Tartarian standard and run with it online continue to take the idea in such ridiculous and fantastical directions that it becomes ever more laughable, and thus, if we’re lucky, useless as Russian propaganda.

Further Reading

Dharma, Nagato. “Tartary / Tartaria — The Mystery of an Empire Lost in History.” History of Yesterday, 2 July 2020,

Elliott, Mark C. “The Limits of Tartary: Manchuria in Imperial and National Geographies.” The Journal of Asian Studies, vol. 59, no. 3, 2000, pp. 603–46,

Mortice, Zach. “Inside the ‘Tartarian Empire,’ the QAnon of Architecture.” Bloomberg, 27 April 2021,

“National Cultural Development Under Communism.” Freedom of Information Act Electronic Reading Room, 11 Nov. 2016,

Sheiko, Konstantin. “Lomonosov's bastards: Anatolii Fomenko, pseudo-history and Russia's search for a post-communist identity.” (PhD thesis) School of History and Politics, University of Wollongong, 2004.

“Tartaria: The Supposed Mega-Empire of Inner Eurasia.” Reddit, uploaded by u/EnclavedMicrostate,


"You are not a JEW"

The moment a Zionist realizes that Jews can be against the genocide in Gaza

Hey, Greta - keep yer milkers home; we got a new gurl! 🤣


When in search for a thumbnail, came across this: 🚨BREAKING: NEW HAMAS VIDEO EXPOSES WHAT ISRAEL DID.

“In exchange for them, your own army killed 3 of your own captives in the same attack; one of them holds a USA citizenship “

1d ago
How does this expose anything? It doesn’t prove anything? If we want to make an argument here let’s start providing hard evidence so we have a chance…

u/JeanHasAnxiety avatar
15h ago
This might expose some things for you if you want:

Anons smacking the boy crying wolf: 🐺

Food crisis coming.....

⮡ CourageCalypsoTrident
NO there is no food crisis coming ok nigger

you niggers keep saying theres a food crissis coming for the last 20 years please fuck off and die you doom and gloom niggers

the jew has destroyed all that is good or decent.

It has been less than a year since a frantic search was launched to find the the ill-fated Titan submersible, which it was later discovered imploded during its journey to the Titanic, killing all five of its passengers.

Now, the U.S. Coast Guard has determined a communication log between the vessel and its mothership was fake.

The widely-shared transcript suggested the submersible crew struggled to return to the surface.

Kyle Benning has more on this unexpected new finding as the investigation into the submersible continues, and the billionaire who is now planning his own journey to the Titanic.

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President Biden speaks after his son Hunter Biden's conviction on federal gun charges.
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Hunter Biden found guilty on all counts in gun case | REUTERS

12 member jury, first time for a sitting "President" / First Family

boxcar the max sentences and it's a cool 25 years in a fed pen for the Biden oligarchy family crime family p.o.s.

10 years / Count One : United States Code Title 18, Sect 922(a)(6) and 924(a)(2)
5 years / Count Two : U.S.C. Title 18, Sect 924 (a)(1)(A) [5 years]
10 years / Count Three : U.S.C. Title 18, Sect 922(g)(3) and 924(a)(2)(2018)

Anons piling on: 🫥

Know Jews,No Peace. No Jews, Know Peace! Anti semitism really means Anti terrorism & telling the TRUTH!

Until AIPAC registers as a foreign agent we will remain a puppet of Israel



Psychopathy is a personality construct that describes someone who lacks empathy and remorse, and may be manipulative, callous, and unemotional. People with psychopathy may also have an inflated sense of self-worth, and may feel justified in living by their own rules. They may also appear charming, but may disregard or violate the rights of others, and have difficulty distinguishing between right and wrong

👉 Money Tree Publishing for based literature & documentaries

Anons going full not-see: 🫡

Never forget the SIX MILLION Jews baked to death In Hamas Ovens On Oct 7TH 2023

"If the Israelis don't want to be charged with war crimes, maybe they shouldn't have done war crimes."

Watch this short new clip from my debate last night on CNN with a pro-Israel pundit, on the ICC Israel arrest warrant story.

And watch it till the end. The very end.


Couldn't pull off those linguistic gymnastics at the end there 🧠 possibly lactic acid builds up in the brain as well...?

That's a joke, BTW - but how does one understand the look on the propagandist's face otherwise 🤷

Couple of comments:

He couldn’t even complete that last sentence at the end because he couldn’t think of anything more than the usual Zionist propaganda buzzwords that everyone now knows is BS.

Medhi dropped the gloves since leaving MSNBC, and I love that for him, and for us.

ol so hard to make a compelling argument when all you have is lies. He got toasted by Mehndi.

Them: It's not up to you to decide who's a war criminal
Also them: International Criminal Court has no jurisdiction to label Netanyahu a war criminal
Or, as Matthew Miller said: Only Israel and the US have jurisdiction in Israel.
The US and Israel believe they're above the law. They make the rules for everyone else to follow, but that doesn't mean they apply to them.

That guy's counter-point was : 'Who are you to say a child getting a cranial gunshot wound is considered a war crime? Are you a lawyer?

I don’t see what is so hard to understand about this. It isn’t hard to understand. I’m tired of hearing Israel protesting it. Just get in the handcuffs. And deliver the aid to Gaza

You know for a fact that thousands of children under the age of 10 have been killed. How do you justify killing thousands of kids under the age of 10. What could they have possibly done to you to deserve that fate?

Israelis have no excuse for blocking aid to Palestine because Hamas has not been a relevant threat to them for months. The IDF is more then capable of protecting and distributing aid they just choose not to.

Sounded like Jonathan was about to use a slur at the end there.

The clown that go on television and defend Israel’s crimes against humanity are just so disgusting.
How the fuck do you want to debate if shooting children in the head and cutting off everything vital to sustaining life is a war crime or not???
In what world is it okay to snipe babies???

If they didn't charge Hamas, they would have said it was a double standard. They did charge them, now they're saying it's an inappropriate equivalence. I guess the prosecutor should have charged Hamas first, then waited the correct number of seconds or days or weeks to then charge the Israeli Prime Minister? Maybe he should have charged Netanyahu standing on one leg while balancing a chair on his head?

The Israeli courts themselves have convicted the current Minister of Defense with terrorism. But that doesn't matter either. Ben-Gvir is responsible for the police that should be facilitating the entry of aid, rather than assisting in blocking it.

No court, no humanitarian organization, no international diplomatic body, no country, nothing will ever be accepted. They are absolute in their power and superiority, why doesn't the rest of the world seem to get it?

One big problem that needs to be addressed is that arguing with these genocidal lunatics GIVES THEM CREDIBILITY. As though this issue is subjective and there are two sides with legitimate but opposing views. "You know, there was a point when I may have engaged with you in a good faith debate in this issue, but at this point, given everything that has happened, given the number of children killed and wounded, all I have to say to you is, you are &$cking genocide supporting lunatic cult member and I don't want to have anything to with you."

That last line...."this man is seriously...." Shakes head and angrily pushes lips closed
That was 🤌🤌🤌🤌🤌

🚨BREAKING: Self-assembling Hydrogel Nanotechnology found in PEPSI.

Confirming VfB's 'ship-in-a-bottle' theory ✅


They are FINALLY ADMITTING that the covid 19 jab iskilling people.

This 79 page report from the NIH is explosive.

Is this enough COVIDIOCRACY for you? 🤡🌎

JeanaV posted:

Lookup Operation Nano Domestic Quell. It's an older document where they were talking about how municipalities, Coke/Pepsi products and others needed to increase Nano by a certain percentage....Early 2000's

CHARLOTTE COUNTY, Fla. (WPEC) — A man who was facing 83 charges on child molestation was found dead in his jail cell Monday morning.

The Charlotte County Sheriff's Office said 48-year-old James Palmucci was found by jail staff with fabric around his neck.

RELATED: School district employee arrested for having sex with minor, sexual assault

The Sheriff's Office said Palmucci's victims were young teenage girls who he connected with over Snapchat.

Authorities said they found videos on his phone of him with the victims.

Palmucci was due to appear in court Monday morning.

Detectives are currently investigating.


Anons calling out the hunting parties: 🫣

it will take a real long time before the european royals are jailed for child killing at hunting parties and pedovore cannibal crimes
stanley kubrick didnt just die because he made some movies about really powerful elites eating babies at dark gatherings parties... its the royals

doing it too

An outraged parent interrupts a LGBTQ+ "Drag Show for kids."



Just to wet yer beak:

Drag Queen Story Hour—in which performers in drag read books to kids in libraries, schools, and bookstores—has become a cultural flashpoint. The political Right has denounced these performances as sexual transgressions against children, while the political Left has defended them as an expression of LGBTQ pride. The intellectual debate has even spilled into real-world conflict: right-wing militants affiliated with the Proud Boys and the Three Percenters have staged protests against drag events for children, while their counterparts in the left-wing Antifa movement have responded with offers to serve as a protection force for the drag queens.

Families with children find themselves caught in the middle. Drag Queen Story Hour pitches itself as a family-friendly event to promote reading, tolerance, and inclusion. “In spaces like this,” the organization’s website reads, “kids are able to see people who defy rigid gender restrictions and imagine a world where everyone can be their authentic selves.” But many parents, even if reluctant to say it publicly, have an instinctual distrust of adult men in women’s clothing dancing and exploring sexual themes with their children.

These concerns are justified. But to mount an effective opposition, one must first understand the sexual politics behind the glitter, sequins, and heels. This requires a working knowledge of an extensive history, from the origin of the first “queen of drag” in the late nineteenth century to the development of academic queer theory, which provides the intellectual foundation for the modern drag-for-kids movement.

The drag queen might appear as a comic figure, but he carries an utterly serious message: the deconstruction of sex, the reconstruction of child sexuality, and the subversion of middle-class family life. The ideology that drives this movement was born in the sex dungeons of San Francisco and incubated in the academy. It is now being transmitted, with official state support, in a number of public libraries and schools across the United States. By excavating the foundations of this ideology and sifting through the literature of its activists, parents and citizens can finally understand the new sexual politics and formulate a strategy for resisting it.

Read more at the thumbnail URL

@CANST @ColchesterCollection Family jewed for opposing Child Rape

"🙏 #help us! Please 🙏 We are being destroyed by the Police-district of South-East in Norway due to whistleblowing (2016) about child trafficking.
If you could take the time to send the link below to the Ministry of Justice and Public Security as an email to: [email protected] , you would help us a lot. Thank you very much.

( see album : The People that destroyed my family ) Link:
My wife and I: Eva Bowen and Dennis Bowen
[Homepage Ministry of Justice and Public Security : ]

@AnonymousFred514 @ExposeTheNose @hamburgertoday @JohnYoungE @DemsFearTruth

Magus Incognito posted:

Just saw a video where a parent validated- in the lab -that ATRAZINE is being put into school lunches!!!
Note: this is a gender-bender drug. So, get those class-action suits going, now!!!

Anons not very fond of kid touchers: 🤬

Jewhis Pigs

daystar dot com/give
give give give


Pass The Salt Ministries with Coach Dave Daubenmire from the corn fields of Ohio!

One comment from @janefitzgerald250
9 years ago
You go, Coach Dave. The first event you organized in Indiana, a rousing success. Can you just imagine what we are going to accomplish.

How brave you are! Thank you to all of us who have to sit by and watch this country slip further and further into filth with a 3% of the population mafia put into action as soon as our phoney Muslim president took over. Thank God, we only have a little time left with this despot! I hope other politicians are looking at Indiana, and especially those legislators in Indiana, who now realize what a mistake they made.

Thank you again!


This is from 15 years ago!

Catch his show from this morning 😇🏈🧂 CONGRESS SHALL MAKE NO LAW | 6-10-2024

THE ANNUAL NATIONAL HUDDLE 😇🏈🧂 June 21 @ 4:00 pm 📆 June 23 @ 1:00 pm

Show #2170 Show Notes:

Gender Ideology video:

The Curious Case of Our Consenting Clergy:

First Amendment:

Psalm 2:

Obese beauty pageant winner:

Tranny beauty pageant winner:\

Dave Daubenmire, a veteran 35 year high school football coach, was spurred to action when attacked and eventually sued by the ACLU in the late 1990’s for mixing prayer with his coaching. As a result of the experience, Coach heard the call to move out of coaching a high school team, to the job of coaching God’s team. PASS THE SALT was formed to encourage the Body of Christ to step into the cultural war. “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood…” PASS THE SALT is convinced that God has given the Body a window of opportunity to take our culture back.

Video Membership Site - https://CoachDaveLIVE.TV

Register for Events -

From Angela: We do not file court cases because we are ignorant of the law.
We cannot even grapple with what a "NATURAL BORN CITIZEN IS"
Original intent of the law based on English/Roman Common
Get a giod Black's Law Dictionary and study
Jus sole
Jus sanguine.

These make many many political candidates UNQUALIFIED to be president.

News is reporting 38 CANDIDATES ASSASSINATED in Mexico’s presidential election???

And they elected their first ever Jewish woman???

Welll… not exactly. I did the full dig, and this one’s interesting and complicated.



Germany: Ursula Haverbeck (95) appeared in court in a wheelchair as she was sentenced to further 16-months in prison.

Ursula was asked to repent for claiming the holocaust is "the biggest and most persistent lie in history".

The Jewish people have always had a peculiar relationship with money.

The Torah recounts tales of men accumulating riches of biblical proportions.

Over the ages, the world could not help but admire the Jewish people for their business prowess.

Unfortunately in some generations, the Jew’s financial success was an excuse for other nations to commit unspeakable atrocities against them.

There is no denying that this ancient people possess a secret to the accumulation of riches.

What is their great secret?

Research and content of the Lubavitcher Rebbe courtesy of Jewish Educational Media www.JEM.TV
For a short film on The Power of Charity Click Here

To see more videos on this topic Click Here
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#jewishvideo #jew #jewishpeople #money #wealth #secret


BREAKING: The Daily Wire is offering fired employees $3,000 to sign gag orders so they won’t expose DW’s lies about @RealCandaceO

But anonymous sources told me they’ve lost at least 25 people lately who are going to places like @TuckerCarlson , @PBDsPodcast , and @DaveRamsey

All this while last night at Turning Point- Candace exposed how DW sent an intern to pose as a student to try to get compromising material about her.

Honestly… is anyone else starting to wonder if Ben Shapiro is connected to Mossad? These are the tactics of intelligence agencies, not news agencies. And the agenda is clear.

Israel first. Christianity be damned. America be damned.

What do you think?



Ummmmmm..... first P-diddy, and now Hunter Biden... except that it wasn't; reverse psyop ran ✅ (updated @ 9:18 AM EST - wil paranormal did the same earlier)

Thanks must go to OMGITSFLOOD for this - he's running a rare Sunday shoah before the National Top 40, which begins at 11:00 AM! - now playing!

VfB used a different source, as it has a Community Note attached!

Clearly that is not Hunter Biden. Pause the video right as he pulls her back into the room and look at his tattoos. Now do a simple Google search for Hunter Biden's back tattoos. They are not the same.

Oy to da vey! Things are getting spicy, indeed


Thumbnail: [replaced the thumb with a clip from the video, as per thereBtheotherwon2wherethat1is's comments - didn't notice Vincent James at first; don't want him thinking I'm just ripping off thumbs - VJ knows what's up]

"'s not....there is a rectangular filter between his shoulders at 00:57 in an attempt to indicate Hunter's Finger Lakes tattoo...."

"..I did a screen shot at 00:57 and enlarged the image...there was a distinct overlay on the upper back in an attempt to make it look like his tattoo of the Finger Lakes....damn, I can't stand liars...."

There is some attempt to obfuscate the tattoos somewhat...but who is the girl, then...🔞

Just posted to GAB:

Did Michael Cohen make these payments, as with Stormy Daniels...? 🕍

Anons calling for the 3rd temple and 2,800 goyim slaves: ☭

Those allowed to live will come crawling begging at our feet. To worship and serve the Supreme Chosen people for all eternity

nah - it'z gunna be anuddah shoah, yids

A synogogue of satan pedophile controller of the BLACKMAILED pedophile dual citizens of the American pay to play & rape government


*** D-DAY, June 6, (1944) 2024
80th Anniversary of D-Day 6-6-6 We can honor the few remaining old men who stormed the beaches at Normandy in 1944 by telling them the TRUTH about who sent them into that hellfire and why. 80th Anniversary of D-Day 6-6-6 (
*** USS Liberty Massacre, June 8, (1967) 2024
******Today in History: Israel Murders 34 US Sailors. There is no doubt about it. Israel's attack on the USS Liberty was deliberate, as was the US media blackout!
Jim and (Late Joe Rizoli), Diane King (Dianna Ploss), uncle🕋murry, Henry Hershovitz, Dave Gahary, Reese, Kilkenny & Rick

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Holocaust Facts:
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Rosie begins by kvetching about Dave's calling out of the jews on SNL; the problem is...IT ISN'T OUR PROBLEM ✅

Honestly, the good jew/bad jew debate isn't the world's problem, but somehow keeps devolving to this very thing; my question is: why protect the impostors?

VfB knows that the 2.4% is a red herring; this doesn't seem to account for all of the mixed jews in Hollywood, does it...? 🤔

Jim then relays the story of the (((visitation))), which seems to be the precipitating event that drove Dave to leave the United States for some time

Clip from The Roseanne Barr Podcast #43 Jim Breuer!!!!!
Full Episode:
All things Roseanne:

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Anons don't get visits: 🫥

who visited Dave? POPE? MIB?

the black pope?

jews fuckwit

How do you NOT know it's the Jews by now?

Summary of your existence...🤢

This is a bit of a personal one - VfB was quite disappointed by Alan Moore when he discovered that he LIED about the true identity of Jack the Ripper in his graphic novel FROM HELL [drawn by Eddie Campbell] - it turns out that Aaron Kosminsky was the true culprit, but Alan goes through fantastic linguistic gymnastics to misdirect you

Considering that doing so serves no true well-meaning purpose, it seems to me that the arch magician signed up to be a prison guard [Agent Smith] in this MATRIX - but RED PILLS don't expire, lad

The title came from Rorschach's announcement to the other prisoners after a failed assault on his person, from WATCHMEN



Hiker posted:

"The illusion of freedom will continue for as long as it's profitable to continue the illusion. At the point where the illusion becomes too expensive to maintain, they will take down the scenery, move the tables and chairs out of the way, then they will pull back the curtains and you will see the brick wall at the back of the theater."

- Frank Zappa 1977

One of the best memes ever 🤣


Anons manning the restrooms, Friend-O: 😁

The women in this dying country must be so proud of themselves.
Keep supporting your destroyers, stupid broads.

It's all so UGLY, and in too many ways to count

stop tolerating this trans insanity, theres only men and women
and traditional values dictate that women should honor their men and stay in the kitchen, raise the children and let men do the politics and thinking
and if men should choose to live as woman, they squander their male privileges and have to follow instructions from men and do as they are told

dont think we are all stupid, we see what youre doing

Every member of Congress has an Israeli agent they have to meet with

It['s] pure insanity that we allow this



If you liked the second half of my conversation with @TuckerCarlson, you might enjoy this short movie about my farm and house. It’s “Off the Grid with Thomas Massie” produced by @freethepeople

Anons not digging the fifth column: 🏛

and each one should be arrested this very hour

Just exactly how much evidence do you idiots need in order to STOP SUPPORTING ANY GOVERNMENT IN ANY WAY, SHAPE, OR FORM?

Every stupid, degenerate, corrupt and criminal thing in this entire world needs stupid masses of people to support it in order for it to exist
YOU are THEIR lawful prey
Is Tucker Carlson an idiot or a liar? Does it matter?

Why do you care what any of these scumbags think or say?

Those allowed to live will come crawling begging at our feet. To worship and serve the Supreme Chosen people for all eternity.

The goyim debt slaves will subsist upon our excrement.


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Formerly a writer for Room Eight, now exiled. This, however, allowed me to clear my head and I've now found my true calling - spearheading the eradication of FrankenFoods from our food supply. It is irresponsible and foolhardy to allow our food supply to be suborned by the likes of Bayer/Monsanto, Sygenta, BASF and all other companies involved in the creation and promotion of genetically modified organisms. I hope to convince you to join me.

I am also beginning an effort to DRAIN THE SWAMP. I would appreciate your assistance, in any way that matters. My initiative is titled #CANST.

CANST stands for Children Are Not Sex Toys 🎎

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All clips are for fair use commentary, criticism, and educational purposes. See Hosseinzadeh v. Klein, 276 F.Supp.3d 34 (S.D.N.Y. 2017); Equals Three, LLC v. Jukin Media, Inc., 139 F. Supp. 3d 1094 (C.D. Cal. 2015)

[Quick word from VfB - if you've, for whatever reason, (((muted))) me, and then you come to post will be tolerated...until you are NOT]