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The Pennsylvania legislature went on vacation, claiming they don't have time to handle the election fraud issue so NOTHING WILL BE DONE. A HUGE back stab!

WE HAVE IT ALL. Make the deal mother F***ER, OR YOU ARE GOING TO DIE.

This is by far the the most important video ever done. Spend an hour and watch it.

In the video: General Flynn and General Mcinerney are interviewed. Flynn confirms quite a bit, but Mcinerney blows it all open. And The Kraken is the 305th Military Intelligence division. Confirmed by Mcinerney: China, Russia, and Iran were involved in the steal. The CIA is operating as an enemy and was running a server farm in Frankfurt which did get raided by special forces. The CIA killed five special forces. The election was rigged wholesale. This is a coup. And they are doing everything they can to stop this by the 14th of December, because if they do not, it is "going to get very dirty".

If you are bandwidth limited you can drop it down to 180P and basically just use the bandwidth of the audio. THIS IS A MUST LISTEN.

VERY IMPORTANT: Generals do not blow B.S. - this is as legit as it gets, and they have identified the MSM and big tech as enemies of the United States. They are doing everything they can to stop the steal "before it has to get ugly".

45 AGAIN🧂🇺🇸!




Hey - why don't we set up a MASK BOYCOTT!


Now...when that happens, the remaining businesses will be targeted

We have to protect them

So - MULTI-PRONGED OFFENSE - Boycott slave mask enforcers, and watch them starve; enrich patriots; get each others' SIX

So...that comment I've been seeding - please feel free to repost


To the NOSY NANCIES amongst us - when I screamed, "G_DDAMNED", it's a reference to einsof, their stupid serpent diety

President Trump said Thursday that he would leave office if the Electoral College votes for "President-elect Joe Biden", but also alleged massive fraud in the vote count and promised to keep up with his legal fight.

[I changed the location of the quotation marks - they are surrounding the actual alleged item, not the substantive FACT]

From JSF:

RUMOR: This sounds silly, but . . .it now appears the "water main break" in Georgia was in fact an overflowing toilet that got plugged by flushing ballots. At least that's the rumor, and quite frankly, I believe it.

I kid you not. And IF it all comes clean, I'll bet that is what really happened. Do not go reporting this as fact until it is actually proven, but for now that's what the rumor is. We now know there was no water main break and it was in fact a flooded toilet. Having it get plugged by ballots really does make sense.

It looks like those stupid "environmentally friendly" 1.6 gallon flush toilets BACKFIRED on the left.

"Shut everything down, and don't call a plumber for god's sake, NO ONE from the outside can know what plugged that toilet," And therefore there's no record of any repair being called out. It really does make sense.

It seems to me that Trump has finally taken action he should have taken day 1 in office

It took him 4 years to learn Kushner was a traitor.

It took him 4 years to learn all the advisers were traitors.

It took him 4 years to learn the DOJ, FBI, CIA, DHS, and the NSA were all traitors, (and he at least partially fixed the NSA)

It took him 4 years to learn ALL the judges were crooked, except for a few lifers on the Supreme Court.

It did not take him 4 years to realize staff he could not remove was treasonous, but that staff still stayed in place all 4 years.

It took him 4 years to realize even FOX was rigged, and that even Rasmussen was bunk.

So what can Trump do in two months fully awake, with the swamp still completely alive? We are going to find out.

OP: (*I changed the title)

The Williams "sisters" are victims to a greater satanic agenda to invert the sexes, all the while programming us to idolize or lust after the biology of the same sex. This video is not intended to degrade Serena Williams in any way; Serena is merely a puppet, pawn, and victim of satan. To state these truths boldly is a huge burden within this fallen state of humanity who do not have the eyes to see what is being played out in front of them. We should pray for those in the system and those deceived by the system.

Stay safe, God bless.


Disclaimer: This content is not in any way promoting hatred, hate speech, violence, abuse, or discrimination directed towards any individual or group based on sexuality, gender, sex, or any other orientation derived from such. The content within this video is to be used for entertainment purposes only.

Wake Up Before Christ Comes:

I hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving weekend...everyone but the scumbags.


The suspect seen in the horrible video of a man pushing a 92 year old woman to the ground has been named, and his name is "Rashid Brimmage" of the Bronx. He was charged with assault shortly after he was taken into custody Tuesday by the Police who believe he is the person seen on disturbing video shoving the 92-year-old woman to the ground on Third Avenue between 15th and 16th streets on Friday afternoon.

Public Streaming Network [RADIO & TV]:

I remember seeing nothing but RED after the first bit of this was released - here is my comment at the OP: "@Public Streaming Network [RADIO & TV] with over ONE HUNDRED BLOODY ARRESTS to his name...why is he walking these streets without a warning perimeter delineated by a drone, shouting, "DANGER! DANGER! UNREPENTANT CRIMINAL RELEASED AMONG YOU ONCE AGAIN!""

I'll leave the typo there...much more important stuff deserves our attention


This is not a normal Paypal "bitch", it is a full on forensically conducted BUST of them stealing from patriots.



Test condition: Brand new e-mail account that was set up on a very new private server and accessed on a guaranteed not bugged computer running a live operating system (so they can't use a virus as an excuse) accessing the very first e-mail ever sent to that account (to prove no virus took it), with a brand new modem and ISP. with a straight click into Paypal from that e-mail to claim it, ON VIDEO: Paypal required a double log in and tons of captchas to stall us while they figured out what to do to steal it and once in, VOILA!! Nothing was there. BUSTED.


Here you go! Watch Paypal steal a $200 donation.

The only thing wrong with THIS video is I did not clean my desk off. It has also been compressed enough to hide people's identity. And the beginning has the screen shifted upwards to hide the name of the donor who's donation got stolen right on camera (this is why it suddenly blinks down). The video can prove it was a live OS (no virus possible) and a totally clean e-mail account. WE BUSTED THEM COLD.

I intentionally set out to bust them. For this bust we used:

1. A brand new ISP.

2. A brand new modem.

3. A brand new e-mail account set up on a brand new server that I OWN.

4. A de-commissioned laptop (because we lost the power supply) that was resurrected for this explicit purpose, with a BRAND NEW LIVE OPERATING SYSTEM that could not even get a virus. The server, EVERYTHING was secured with this system, the accounts were set up with this system, we are guaranteed everything was clean without hacks or viruses. This was to prove Paypal, and ONLY PAYPAL, is responsible for the theft.

5. Good communication with the sender.

These steps ensured:

1. no virus could cause false results

2. No e-mail password theft was possible to enable someone to steal this.

3. No connection theft was possible, or modem hack was possible, to enable anyone but Paypal to steal this.

4. We got FULL CONFIRMATION Paypal stole this, because the sender received a message it was pending while after five hours NO NOTICE of "pending" showed up in our Paypal account.

5. We captured all of this in progress ON VIDEO. This was a PERFECT bust. I knew they were going to do it because I had too much statisical math proving it would happen to ignore, and sure enough when we set up the sting, they fell right into it.


This was FUN. We did this on time for it to not be a problem, and everything went absolutely perfect, exactly as I expected. They really do play dirty games against patriots. I should point out something again: In the U.S. and European countries, they just kill Paypal accounts that belong to patriots. But in Mexico it is illegal for them to do that, so they have to resort to other methods of screwing with people. That is what we documented.

It's great when you wake up on Monday morning with a PLAN.

I don't think out of the box; I REFOLD IT.


That's my Alexander the Great allusion...of course, when one discovers that AtG is apollyon the destroyer, kinda takes the starch out of it.

At any rate...I was chomping at the bit to get this I waited for the perfect moment in which to interject...and here we are.

President Donald John Trump has been watching the voting process since at least 2012, by my researches.

I've advised him myself in regards to #VOTESCAM

Coach, as always, picked up on that play and BROUGHT ME HOME!

Check out the show - guest starring Scott Lively:

HUGE: DOMINION VOTING SYSTEM PATENTS GIVEN TO CHINA BANK (HSBC) AS COLLATERAL IN 2019. HSBC received ownership of patents to intellectual property of elections, ballots, systems, cyber & internet capacities. Patent Agreement: Down pointing backhand index

@SidneyPowell1 - November 22, 2020

Assignment details for assignee “HSBC BANK CANADA, AS COLLATERAL AGENT”

RUMOR: CEO hired team of hackers to verify vote fraud
This is probably true. It is hard to call it rumor, but until it is completely confirmed I have to. Here's the story:
The management at knew the election was going to be stolen. So they hired professional hackers and computer people (my guess is it was simply their regular employees) to catch the vote fraud in real time, and they did. Videos about this got posted when they went public with this, only to be slapped into the censor bin.

This was not them simply watching the MSM and notice the numbers going totally wrong on MSM broadcasts, no, they actually hacked their way into the data stream and captured the whole damn thing. Their comment was that the system was designed to hide fraud in a way that will bury it well enough to survive forensic scrutiny, but that it did not matter because they got the raw data that showed how the systems did it.

I would say this story is probably true. We all know this election was stolen. However, getting something done about it when the system is so damn corrupt is the real issue, many many people on many many topics have shouted the corruption, the frazzle drips, the rituals and everything else from the rooftops, WITH ACCURACY, and nothing got done. So what now? Will anything that gets presented matter at all? Don't bet on it.

Seriously...are you even contemplating that WE'RE GONNA LOSE? Dispel such thoughts, and STRAP IN, BOYS!

ft. "I'm terrified" (I honestly dont know what name to give this meme)

Remix by Andre Antunes:

Buy me a coffee:

Great comment from JOWNZ88:
16 hours ago [some editing from VfB]:

This poor lady, just wants to do the right thing and now she is afraid for her life and the lives of her family members. Who could certify results where there are hundreds of thousands of votes from areas with ZERO REGISTERED VOTERS!

Some people value the quality of their work. That reporter must work for the people who hire hitmen.

"Will you step down?!?"

"Sir she recinded her vote and wont step down!"

"We are all going down if they audit our systems..."

I would like to the names of those reporters. Help me out, Hendry!


It is once again time to remind people exactly who stole the election. Who rigged it, who infiltrated on all levels, who paid the poll workers, who kicked the poll watchers out -

As it turns out, Bill Gates was at least partially involved in paying the poll workers who rigged the election and it has now been revealed that the actual election stealing software Dominion ran was produced by Microsoft.. What religion is Bill Gates? As it turns out, Zukerberg did all he could to censor and assist in the stealing of the election also. What religion is he?

What religion owns CNN?

What religion owns the rest of the media, including even Newsmax?

What religion runs Hollywood?

What religion is George Soros?

Answer these questions, and you'll know who stole this election. If that specific group did NOT steal this election, they'd use their media outlets to shout the theft from their rooftops. Instead - Crickets. Back stabs. Extra work done to seal the steal. Regardless of whether or not Venezuela was involved, it was ONE group of people who stole this election, and they continue to do so, outing themselves EVERY DAY with what they spew through their media outlets. IF THEY DID NOT STEAL THE ELECTION, WHY WOULD THEY CENSOR ALL WORD OF WHO WAS INVOLVED IN DOING IT?

Never forget WHO is actually behind this steal, people can finger China all they want but the MSM which is trying to enforce the steal is owned by ONE GROUP, a group that believes it is above "humankind" to such an extent they can destroy civilizations with all the wanton abandon of an alien race, hell bent on destroying the world for whatever reason - and I know the reason after being in their community and seeing it from the inside - the reason is simply to prove they are superior and there's nothing more to it - They will CRUSH US with total carelessness and arrogance, believing they served their God by doing so. Or should I say their G-d, they skip the vowel when they write for whatever reason, (that is something I never figured out).

This "Alien race" as some confused and befuddled people claim must be behind this because "no psychopath wants all of mankind wiped out so they have to be alien" lives among us, in their own private enclaves, and will cry straight faced to you about the destruction of society while they stab you in the back. They are THAT EVIL, and their "great reset" will be what delivers them their ultimate superiority over mankind. If you are wondering why their "great reset" will be realized when no one outside their group owns any property it ties into their prophecy of each of them having "1,000 goy slaves" and SLAVES DO NOT OWN PROPERTY. GOT IT?

There. I said it. At 2:30 AM because I could not sleep, tossing, turning, flipping over what the F***ING bastards are doing, trying to trigger a genocide, just look at what they have written lately about "The enablers of Trump must be dealt with" and "white privilege", going into a "great reset" - do you think that will end well? Do you think they are bluffing?

IF they manage to backstab Trump out of office - IF they steal this, don't shoot up a sonic burger, for GODS SAKE do NOTHING AT ALL other than take your greivances to where they will actually have an impact when expressed. Failure to address the enemy where it sleeps and quickly will definitely result in genocide.

As was the case in China, the genocide will be buried in the COVID stats. The "dark winter" will be very dark indeed.

In this video you will see data from the NYT feed from PA on November fourth.

In this data, particular vote ratios are transferred between random sets of seized precincts throughout the day (see image link below):

A total of nine exhibits are presented in this video, but there are in fact several hundred of these precincts seizures and ratio transfers on the day of November 4th alone, and the same ratios continue to be transferred for several more days within the overall dataset spanning an entire week.

Original data sets:

Update 3 (Sunday, Nov 22) I mapped all of the ratio transfers that occur within ONE TIMESTAMP of each other, no less than 115,343 votes were flipped to 89% Biden. Most of these ratios are chained for the entire week, transferring to a new set of precincts within a single timestamp (within one global update).

Took me all day to figure out how setup a logic board to only identify the most suspicious transfers. When the "timestamp difference" parameter is increased, the amount of cases go up linearly.

For this experiment I kept the timestamp difference at 1, so no false positive would emerge.

All documents included in the go.file link. You can match the "Mother Number" entries from the condensed googlesheet version to the "Mother Sheet" file.

Edward Solomon:

Viewer discretion is advised. May contain profanity and adult situations.

Disclaimer: -All footage taken falls under ''fair use'' of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (1998). Therefore, no breach of privacy or copyright has been committed. -FAIR USE STATEMENT This video may contain copyrighted material the use of which has not been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. This material is being made available within this trans-formative or derivative work for the purpose of education, commentary and criticism, is being distributed without profit, and is believed to be "fair use" in accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107 Under the Copyright Act , the fair use of copyrighted material without permission is allowed when used for the following purposes: Criticism; Comment; News Reporting; Teaching (includes making copies for use in the classroom); Scholarship and research; Parody

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Re-posting a comment regarding the efficacy of masks:

VfB • 3 months ago
I always give credit whenever possible:

Willie Stark • 2 hours ago
By wearing a mask, the exhaled viruses will not be able to escape and will concentrate in the nasal passages, enter the olfactory nerves and travel into the brain. Damage sense of smell. The olfactory nerve is the first cranial nerve and conveys special sensory information related to smell. It is the shortest of the cranial nerves and passes from its receptors in the nasal mucosa to the forebrain. It enters the skull through the cribriform plate of the ethmoid bone. Prolonged use of N-95 masks in patients with preexisting lung disease could cause some build-up of carbon dioxide levels in the body. People with preexisting lung problems should discuss mask wearing concerns with their health care providers. So is it possible that wearing a face mask as part of social distancing can cause someone to build up so much carbon dioxide and get so little oxygen that they pass out, or worse? Carbon dioxide is a natural by-product of the body’s respiration process, something we all breathe in and out every day. How harmful can it be? In rare cases, it can actually be pretty dangerous, according to the National Institutes of Health (NIH). They say that inhaling high levels of carbon dioxide (CO2) may be life-threatening. Hypercapnia (carbon dioxide toxicity) can also cause headache, vertigo, double vision, inability to concentrate, tinnitus (hearing a noise, like a ringing or buzzing, that’s not caused by an outside source), seizures, or suffocation due to displacement of air.

CHATTANOOGA, June 2020 Tenn (WDEF) – People across the United States are wearing cloth face masks in an effort to curb transmission of the coronavirus. But experts say that wearing a fabric mask for long periods of time- or for several days at a time- can allow bacteria to build up and actually make you sick. Dr. Carlos Baleeiro, a Pulmonologist at CHI Memorial, says it’s important to wash those cloth masks every few days.

Why not mandatory masks Worldwide with these outbreaks ??

Worldwide Influenza Pandemics

Pandemic Influenza Outbreak-Finish Time Death toll
Spanish Flu 1918–1920 50 million
Asian Flu 1957–1958 1.5 to 2 million
Hong Kong Flu 1968–1969 1 million

From JSF:


Today I spent the better part of an hour trying to get photos of the Million Maga March. And what happened? Bing had 2 images, both of them hoaxes. They censored it to zero. Google and Duck Duck merely repeated images of the event from before it even started. Then I hit and at least real images were there, but when attempting to get anything for re-posts, the computer would continuously lock up, even if it was only a screen capture. After a few re-boots it became obvious there is a devastating attack on the truth, where the left does not want it spread NO MATTER WHAT.

If you go to Infowars, you can at least see two different images, one of the main rally, and one of a side street, both packed. But what "they" don't want you to know is that the attendance was so huge that MANY side streets were completely packed with people to such an extent the roads looked like a sea of people. Many many different roads were also packed. It was not just the central plaza.


But they want you to feel like you are. They want you isolated, contained, "a zealot", believing in hoax rallies where "only a few thousand attended" but you're delusional if you say it was over a million, because there's no proof of that because they buried it, just like there's no evidence an election was stolen. And if somehow you find a way to break their seal on the truth, - if somehow you find a way to real info, fat chanch you'll spread it because they will lock up your computer and do every last thing possible to prevent you from spreading the truth. They want you to be alone, feel alone, ISOLATED, and as a bonus, shuttered away in a "covid lockdown" where you can review your pathetic life alone in a deep soul search of just how pathetic and delusional you are. Million MAGA march? F*** you, you're dreaming.

To the left, the FILTHY SCAMMING LEFT, burying a truth equals YOU ARE A NUTCASE if you believe it ever happened. Is this the future we are heading into? No, it is not.

Because it is NOT the future, it is NOW.

Andy Ngo - Graphic: A close-up angle of BLM rioters knocking a man unconscious who was leaving the #MillionMAGAMarch in DC earlier today.

They also steal his phone when he's on the ground.

Video by @FromKalen:

Pretty much it

I do believe an accurate map (as the vote stealing system saw it) has surfaced.

Trump actually won more than this, but the vote stealing system can't detect poll workers handing out sharpies, or falsified ballots, or ballots tossed in the trash, or dead voters.

SCYTL raid:

Let's all hope it was for real. I am permanently skeptical, but supposedly this believable map was drawn up based on the pre-steal server results. This may have also been yanked from Maryland, or may be drawn up from what Trump witnessed in the SCIF on election night. But this is the real map, as I figured it would be based on my own polling. And if this is indeed coming from a verified source, heads are going to roll.

I called B.S. on the Frankfurt raid before anyone else knew about it or posted about it or Gohmert tweeted about it and did not post about it (other than for anyone to believe it they'd have to huff unicorn farts) but I figured people would consider it not credible and I figured it would not grow so I did not save any of the original tweets. Well, HERE THEY ARE.

There was no credibility to back up the tweets. That, in conjunction with the fact that the U.S. army cannot conduct raids in foreign countries (like Germany, where they can't be pounded into oblivion like Syria) , and that Merkel would certainly not allow her army to conduct such a raid when she hates Trump, and well, unicorn farts. Manure spreader. BULLSHIT.

If by some off fraction of a single percent chance I am wrong about this, it won't matter anyway. But I consider this story dangerous because it will serve to placate the American gun owner into believing that somehow even the unicorns are on their side, so they can just crack a beer and relax. FAR FROM IT.

U.S. Army conducting raids in Germany? Even the German army conducting raids in Germany?

I DO believe a server got seized, but not in Germany. The Germany story would be a diversion. And if it was, it is too late for team Biden to do anything about it now, the real election map, as the computer saw it, is now out of the bottle.

Here is the story in a form I'd believe:

German police detectives, working on data provided by the NSA, located the servers that were used to rig the U.S. election (no they are not in Maryland as it turns out) but they are, But I'll humor this -
Working on a tip from the NSA, a police unit in Germany that happened to be pro-trump raided the facility that housed SCYTL's servers and confiscated them. American troops were present to take posession.

Under the radar they were smuggled out of the country . . . . . THAT I'd believe, but sorry, the Army story is BUNK. If I am wrong, I'll laugh with glee until I pass out. I'd gladly eat so many crows the Atkins diet would be the only way to accomplish it.


Fat chance the MSM will say it.

Here is where we sit as of Saturday morning

Whatever happens from this point will be determined entirely by whether or not there is enough of America's original fabric left to initiate a response that will spare the contry from the communists. That is basically it. It appears also that the CIA was directly involved in rigging the vote.

"Parler, Gab are becoming platforms for zealots that "threaten democracy"." Actually, the platforms threaten those who are destroying democracy by rigging an election, and enforcing the steal. But don't expect the truth from them any time soon.

They are calling us "zealots". That's displacement. REALITY: Zealots will censor opposing views, as THEY have. Conservatives have censored NOTHING. Zealots spend 40 years subverting every form of media and communications to totally shut the majority out and that is precisely what those who are screaming "zealot" at the majority did. Trump supporters are by no means zealots, those who burned the cities, did the riots, enforced the scam of "white privilege" and call a burning car a "peaceful protest" are the zealots and we all know who they are. They cannot find a single honest pinpoint in their souls, if they could and they cared, Trump would be called president in three seconds flat.

Once again - Sydney Powell DID say the Kraken will now be released. Let's all hope there are LOTS of them.

Her and The Rude get to the bottom of SMARTMATIC

Backup on Brighteon:
💪🏻( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)⊃ ☆゚. * ・ ㄒ尺ㄩ爪卩

The precursor to the Richard Hopkins FBI sting, thanks to James O'Keefe and Project: Veritas:

Of course, you don't have to do anything about this...of course, when this is YOU, don't expect assistance:

Watch as Sergeant Hank Hernandez of the LAPD "interviews" Sandy Serrano, witness to the assassination of Robert Francis Kennedy at the Ambassador Hotel.

Read A Lie Too Big To Fail: The Real History of the Assassination of Robert F. Kennedy for the following quote. James Douglass, author of JFK and the Unspeakable, called it "the magnum opus of RFK assassination research".

"During the.. investigation, Sergeant Hernandez, the man who polygraphed all witnesses to any aspect of conspiracy (and told them all they were lying) was promoted to Lieutenant. In 1973, Hernandez left the LAPD and formed Inter-Con, an international security firm, with a contract obtained from NASA. Contrary to propaganda that assured the world NASA was not a spy or warfare agency, NASA has worked closely with both the CIA and the Department of Defense on numerous projects. Inter-Con continues to be "an important security provider" to "Department of State, Homeland Security, Justice and Defense."

Taken from these clips:

Description for these clips:

"These are video excerpts that I've edited together from "Evidence of Revision", a 6-DVD, 10 hour long documentary series that presents suppressed historical audio, video, and film recordings largely unseen by the public concerning the assassination of the Kennedy brothers, the war in Vietnam, CIA "mind control" programs and their involvement in the RFK assassination and the Jonestown massacre. The excerpt I've uploaded focuses on Robert Kennedy's run for President of the United States. The complete series "Evidence of Revision" can be viewed for free on Google Video, or can be purchased online (Google it)."

Robert A. Bonavito, CPA
Forensic Accountant Robert A. Bonavito discusses Benford’s Law which is a technique to detect fraud especially when analyzing tax returns, general ledgers and other items that contain a large amount of numerical data

Topic Overview:
✔️ What is Benford’s Law?
✔️ Expected Data When Applying Benford's Law
✔️ Example of Benford's Law by Analyzing COVID Data

Website Mentioned:

👉 For more information contact me below or visit our website:

Robert A. Bonavito, CPA
1812 Front St.
Scotch Plains, NJ 07076

From JSF:


UPDATE: I reject the tweet this guy tweeted explaining that it was a "loss of feed", no, at about this time, when this was fresh, Pompeo really did say there will be a smooth transition to another Trump administration. This IDIOT, who did not keep composure on national television, saw that and knew it was GAME OVER.

Remember Jane Standley on September 11th, standing in front of the Saloman Brothers building...?

Join the boys BJ and Mr. Anderson as they converse with Gene Ho

2019 and 2020 Speaking and Personal Appearances

Larry gets in on the action:

Of course, don't forget

Want some laughs?
Robust safeguards help ensure the integrity of elections and results. Learn more:

Below: The Associated Press fact-check team looked into the president's claims and evidence for them.

President Donald Trump used a White House setting symbolizing the power of his office to assail an election he portrayed as rife with fraud and corruption. Here's a review of Trump's remarks, coming as Democrat Joe Biden made progress toward the electoral votes needed to claim the presidency.

So much proof:

TRUMP: "We're hearing stories that are horror stories. ... We think there is going to be a lot of litigation because we have so much evidence and so much proof."

(((THE FACTS: Trump has produced no evidence of systemic problems in voting or counting. In fact, the ballot-counting process across the country has been running smoothly for the most part, even with the U.S. in the throes of the coronavirus pandemic.

One of his main complaints, that counting spilled over past Election Day, is meritless. No presidential election has had all the votes counted the same day, and there is no law or even expectation that that should be the case. The surge in mailed ballots and the high turnout have made the process slower than usual in some, but not all, cases.)))

What's going on in Pennsylvania:

TRUMP: "In Pennsylvania partisan Democrats have allowed ballots in the state to be received three days after the election and we think much more than that and they are counting those without any postmarks or any identification whatsoever."

(((THE FACTS: "Partisan Democrats" didn't ordain this. It was the state Supreme Court that ruled ballots mailed before the end of Election Day could be received up to three days later and still be counted. The U.S. Supreme Court examined the case and did not stand in the way of the three-day timeframe. It may review the matter again later.

A number of other states have also made accommodations for the crush of mailed ballots.)))


TRUMP: "Pennsylvania Democrats have gone to the state Supreme Court to try and ban our election observers. ... They don't want anybody in there. They don't want anybody watching them while they are counting the ballots."

(((THE FACTS: That's false. He is wholly misrepresenting a court case in the state. No one tried to ban poll watchers representing each side in the election. Democrats did not try to stop Republican representatives from being able to observe the process.

The main issue in the case was how close observers representing the parties could get to election workers who are processing mail-in ballots in Philadelphia. The Trump campaign sued to allow the observers to get closer than the guidelines had allowed. A court ruled in favor of that request.)))

What's going on in Michigan:

TRUMP: "Our campaign has been denied access to observe any counting in Detroit."

(((THE FACTS: That's false.

Absentee ballots were counted at a downtown convention center, where some 134 counting boards were set up. Each party was allowed one poll watcher per board, said City Clerk Janice Winfrey.

She said she was not aware of any Republican poll watchers being removed but noted some had been "very aggressive, trying to intimidate the poll workers and processors."

Mark Brewer, former chairman of the Michigan Democratic Party, said he was inside the convention center and access was cut off to some people from both sides at one point because of capacity restrictions related to the pandemic.)))

What's going on in Georgia:

TRUMP: "The election apparatus in Georgia is run by Democrats."

(((THE FACTS: No, the state's elections are overseen by a Republican, Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger.)))


TRUMP: "The 11th Circuit ruled that in Georgia the votes have to be in by Election Day, that they should be in by Election Day. And they weren't. Votes are coming in after Election Day."

(((THE FACTS: That's not an accurate description of the ruling in question or what happened in the election in Georgia.

Although the court ruled that votes must be in by 7 p.m. Election Day for them to count, an exception was made for ballots from the members of U.S. Military serving overseas. Those can be received until 5 p.m. Friday and still count. Election officials in Georgia are still counting votes, but they are votes that have been lawfully received.)))

'Illegal votes':

TRUMP: "If you count the legal votes, I easily win. if you count the illegal votes, they can try to steal the election from us."

(((THE FACTS: This is baseless.

Neither Trump's campaign aides nor election officials have identified substantial numbers of "illegal" votes, much less the mammoth numbers it would take to ruin an easy win by Trump. He frequently speaks as if mail-in voting itself is illegitimate.)))

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Performance artist Marina Abramović was hit over the head with her own work this weekend, and not in the figurative sense.

Abramović, who is known for provocative use of the human body, including her own, was attacked in Florence, Italy on Sunday, German media Deutsche Welle reports. She was holding a signing for her book, Marina Abramovic Interviews 1976-2018, as part of a retrospective when the assailant approached.

“In a split second I saw his facial expression change and he became violent, coming toward me very quickly and with force. These dangers arrive quickly, just like death,” Abramović told Italian media, according to Deutsche Welle.

Abramović was then struck over the head with a wood-framed painting of herself.

The suspected attacker, a Czech national, was arrested. He was later identified by Italian media and the gallery as Vaclav Pisvejc, an aspiring performance artist who has previously staged disruptive incidents including public nudity and vandalism, the New York Times reports.

The attack on Sunday may have been part of such an act. In a statement following the incident, Abramović said that when she demanded an explanation from the assailant, he replied, “I had to do it for my art,” according to the Times

Arturo Galansino, the Palazzo Strozzi’s director, expressed “deep regret” about the incident but said in an Instagram post that Abramobić was “well and has not suffered any physical harm.”

The Serbian-born Abramović is known for controversial and even confrontational performance art that often incorporates viewers or inflicts physical pain on the performer. In her 2010 retrospective “The Artist is Present“, Abramobić sat in a chair at the Museum of Modern Art in New York and stared at strangers who sat opposite her for 736 hours and 30 minutes.

But in a statement, Abramović took umbrage at her attacker’s motives. “You don’t make art through violence against others,” she said. “I was also a young, not famous artist, but I never hurt anyone.”


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