This is a music video to advertise the music from my album, "Tumult." The song is entitled, "In My Dreams." To listen and buy go to: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/vwitcher4

This is a music video with scenes from an old movie to advertise the music from my album, "Tumult," an easy listening- new age musical album. To listen and buy my music go to http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/vwitcher4

This is a music video with psychedelic patterns that I produced to use to advertise my album, "Colors," which is a techno experimental album. To listen and buy music go to: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/vwitcher5

This is a short horror animated clip that I produced with flash animation, Sound Forge and Adobe Premiere. Also Photoshop image

manipulation was used in this clip. Live video footage was also used in this clip. This song is on my cd, "Cascade of Emotions." You can also listen to this song and other songs on my website" https://vincent-witcher-productions.jimdosite.com/

I composed my own version of the classic gospel song, Amazing Grace, but this time I do a variation of the tune (my tune that is) and add the violin as the lead. Been wanting to post my song, "Amazing Grace" but i've had a cold for a while and my throat is too sore to sing. Maybe after Christmas I will be well enough to sing and then I'll post a video of me singing the song. Hope you like this instrumental version of the song. Thanks for watching!

Video Editing project I did for a client, josh Ball. Josh gave me the sound clip he wanted me to use to put together the visuals for the video. The idea/ script was emailed to me along with the mp3 sound file. I found photos that I thought matched the idea- "School Hacks" was the name Josh chose for the title of the video. I determined the transitions and any extra art that I thought would go along with the video. I used Photo shop to manipulate images. I used Corel Video Studio Pro software to finish the project.

This video has a short excerpt from my book, "Timmy Learns to make Friends." Story written, illustrated and narrated by Vincent Witcher. Synopsis of the story- The story is about a shy little boy who is having a hard time making friends. Timmy's teacher contacts his mom for a parent conference to discuss Timmy's
social developmental issues. Timmy's mom confronts him and with tears in his eyes Timmy explains his difficulties in making friends.

Timmy's mom prays and Timmy asks the Lord to send him friends. The next day is Saturday and while Timmy plays in the backyard two angelic beings in the form of birds fly down and talk to Timmy and teach him how to make friends. The book has a wonderful evangelistic theme and a question and answer section in the back of the book.

The book is on sale now at Amazon.com.

Link to Amazon:


Face book- https://www.facebook.com/writerVincen...

Twitter- https://twitter.com/VincentAWitcher

This video features my Classical pop song, "Is This Love." The song is a hauntingly lovely tune with sad lyrics about a failed romance. The video shows stirring and emotional scenes to match the emotional musical score and lyrics. Video was produced with Flash, Photo Shop and edited with Adobe Premiere. Andre of ADGmastering.com did a great job mastering my song. Thanks!

Here are the Lyrics:

Is This Love?
(copyright © 2011- Music and lyrics by: Vincent Witcher)

You Broke thought the walls,
I built them up so high;
to never feel again.
I blocked out all the pain.

Is this really Love?
I don't really, really know . . .
I've never felt this way before . . .
And wonder if I will again?

I opened up my heart- I let you in my life,
but I regret it now . . .
Because you broke my heart!
And now I feel the pain.
And now the floodgates of emotion they run so high
that I think I will explode!
Do you even care what you have done to me?
No! I don't think you really, really do!

Is this really Love?
I don't really, really know . . .
I've never felt this way before . . .
And wonder if I will again?

All because of you!
It's all because of you!
It's all because of you!

You can buy the single at CDBABY.COM- http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/vincent42

or on ITunes- https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/is-...

This is a short animated horror clip that I produced by hand drawn cells. I then voiced the characters, composed the music and

story and edited the film with Sound Forge and Adobe Premiere.

This song is on my album, "Cascade of Emotions."

This is a music video to advertise my album, "The Hills of Home." This video features my song, "War Drums." In this video I show

the plight of the native American and how they were mistreated by the US government. The music is an Instrumental and New Age type

of sound created on a Yamaha PSR 510 keyboard and Myriad sound software.

This is Chapter 2 of my sci-fi soap opera, "The Fall of Telgar." The movie was made with Maya and Anime Studio Pro 11. Parts of the movie were made in Maya and exported into Anime Studio Pro 11 to be edited. It is a combination of 3d and 2d art. I used Photoshop quite a bit as well. All characters are actual action figures that I photographed and edited in Photoshop and imported into Anime Studio Pro 11. The story is original written, animated and edited by Vincent Witcher. Video editing software used was Corel Video Studio Pro 7. Musical compositions by Vincent Witcher. All music composed with Yamaha PSR- 150, or Harmony Assistant (Myriad), and/or Garritan Software synthesizer software.

This is a music video to advertise my album, "The Hills of Home." This video features my song, "War Drums." In this video I show

the plight of the native American and how they were mistreated by the US government. The music is an Instrumental and New Age type

of sound created on a Yamaha PSR 510 keyboard and Myriad sound software.

This is a music video I put together to advertise my New Age, Easy Listening album, "Hills of Home." The video is from a old movie that is now in the public domain. The song is a lovely romantic instrumental from my album. To buy album please go to http://www.vincent-witcher-productions.jimdosite.com or to http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/vwitcher6

This video presents the message of the Wrath of God on Judgment day. I wrote a poem and composed the song with Harmony Assistant as a MIDI file and then imported into LMMS software. The song has a hard rock beat. Inspiration was Guiseppi Verdi's "Requiem." The song was entitled, "Dies Irae" which is Latin for Day of Wrath. I like many different music styles. The lyrics are below. The poem was longer- to make the song and lyrics fit better i reduced some of the words of the poem. Below is the song version.

The Day of Wrath: (Song)
(by Vincent Witcher ©2016)

“Day of Wrath”, Day of retribution
is now- Now . . . upon us.

Divine soul they do vexeth; because of sins’ corruption.
Vanity and pride hath excelleth; murder of innocence transgresseth.

Sacred deity and mortals pour fury upon sinners.
“Day of Wrath,” Day of Retribution cometh to cleanseth with fire and flood eraseth forever.

"Day of Wrath," Day of Retribution
is now- Now . . . upon us.
Doom! . . . Doom to sinners!


A time lapse video of a beautiful sunrise featuring my lovely soothing romantic instrumental song, "Day is Dawning" from my album, "Cascade of Emotions," an instrumental New Age album.

To buy the cd go to: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/vwitcher

This video showcases my song, "Under Night Skies." I composed this music with Harmony Assistant music notation software and Garritan Personal orchestra. I put the notes into Harmony Assistant using a virtual keyboard note by note then rendered the file as a midi to upload into Garritan. Garritan has incredible realistic sounding instrumental sounds. The musical theme is somewhat ominous and majestic at the same time.

This is a parody of Cher's song, "Turn Back Time." I like Parodies. I was listening to some old songs and this Cher song came up on you tube, "If I could turn back time." Cher is getting old and I was thinking this would be really funny if someone did a parody of Cher singing this song in the nursing home.
And if she sang this song in the nursing home that It would go something like this!
If I could turn back time!
If I could find a way
I'd make myself young again- umm- maybe like 40?
And I'd stay that way!
I don't know why I did the things I did
I don't know why I said the things I said-
maybe cause my producers told me too? he said
be edgy- act slutty you'll make more money honey!
Now I'm too old and ugly to be edgy and slutty
It takes me 2 days just to put on makeup! to cover in the cracks!
Oh- but baby!
If I could turn back time!
If I could find a way
I'd make myself young again- umm- maybe like 50?
And I'd stay that way!
If I could reach the stars? Hun- I'd be happy to make it to the bathroom in time!
Walking with this here dang walker! I got to hold on tight or i'll end up on the floor!
If I could turn back time!
Back to when I was young and hot! those were the days!
they aint coming back again- but I guess I can dream can't I?
Doc- told me not to pivot too much- that pin in my hip joint might come loose again!
If I could turn back time!

Second half of Chapter 2. Prime Minister Drago of the planet Telgar reneges on a deal he made with Emperor Titan of the planet Ammon. The deal included humanitarian aid to the people of Ammon; so Emperor Titan sends a fleet under the command of his brother, Lord Malak, to the planet DiAlagon; which is a protectorate world of Telgar. Lord Malak's mission is to try to coerce the Commander of the Fortress citadel to hand over food and other supplies that Titan requested. The Commander flatly refuses to surrender the food and supplies that Drago had promised earlier, but now has broken the deal he made with Titan; so the battle and siege of DiAlagon begins. Software used: Maya, Anime Studio Pro. Voices voiced by Vincent Witcher and augmented with Morph Vox Pro, Corel Video Studio Pro X7, Microsoft text to speech program. Music composed on a Yamaha PSR-510 keyboard.

This is a music video tribute to the Russian singer, Vitas. The song is "Skyfall" by Adelle that Vitas sings in English. His version is very unique and beautiful. My video is an animated music video that has a video game vibe to it. I'm using two computer software programs- Poser and Anime Studio Pro. Poser allows artists/animators to produce photo-realistic human looking characters. I love music videos that tell a story and this song, which of course was used in a James Bond movie- tells a story. I also really like James Bond movies as well; so this song was perfect to be used as an animated music video. I hope you enjoy the video has much as I enjoyed making it. This is my first video using Poser software. I will be posting more videos using Poser photo realistic human looking characters very soon! Thanks for watching!

This is the introduction to the Sacrifice and the Attack Scene. The video begins with a news broadcast with the local affiliate TNN reporter(Telagrain News Network), Oscar DeLaMar reporting. The news cast is broadcast all over the Telgarian Confederation of the worship/prayer and sacrifice of an infant to the evil god, Abaddon. The news signal is jammed by the huge cloaked Ammonite warship orbiting the planet Byblos. Emperor Titan has sent his best general, Admiral ElAnin, to test the capabilities of the immense new cloaked warship, free the slaves of Byblos- many of whom are children- and destroy the weapons manufacturing and testing going on in the city. Slavery is against inter-galactic law and weapons manufacturing/ testing and housing of such weapons within at least a 200 miles range from any inhabited region is against the law, but is being done secretively on Byblos in violation of the galactic law. Prime Minister Drago ultimately is responsible for the ensuing destruction since it is he who has sanctioned this violation to take place to begin with. The wise prophet and senator Daniel Enoch of Telgar warned that the God of heaven was going to judge the people for their sins and mistreatment of others- the slavery, the mass murder of children to the evil god, and sinful lifestyles of sexual debauchery of all kinds was foretold- people just scoffed until the attack began. (I will be working on the beginning scenes next. I had to do the attack scenes first because they will be used in a dream sequence at the beginning.)

This piece of music I composed on Harmony Assistant music notation software then I rendered as a midi and uploaded file into Garritan Personal Orchestra software and then edited the music in Acid Music 3.0. The instrument sounds in Garritan are phenomenal! They sound like the real thing! This song is a theme song that will be mood music in my animated movie, "The Fall of Telgar." There are beautiful photos of mountains, clouds, storms, skies, woodlands, etc to match the mood of the music. Enjoy!

This is my cover of, "Come Little Children," from the 1993 movie, "Hocus Pocus" I show a short clip from the movie and some dark gloomy photos that match the mood of the song. The music is a hard rock version of the song with electronic elements and sfx. I composed the song with various musical software that include the following: Harmony Assistant, LMMS, Garritan and Audacity. I hope you enjoy my version! Thank for watching!

The FAll of Telgar: Preparation for Invasion. This is a short scene that tells about the preparations of war and imminent attack on the planet Telgar in my animated sci-fi space saga.

The Telgarian Confederation lead by Prime minister Drago has conquered many worlds. In order for Titan and his people to remain free from the greedy clutches of the Telgarian Confederation Titan has built and amassed an immense space armada that is now preparing to attack Telgar in full force.

I used the following software in this production: Maya 3d, Poser (photo realistic human figure 3d software) Anime Studio Pro, Photoshop, and Corel Video Studio Pro X7 . Story by Vincent Witcher. Music composed by Vincent Witcher on a Yamah PSR-510 keyboard and edited with Sound Forge Acid Music Pro software.

All human voices voiced by Vincent Witcher and edited with Morph Vox Pro software. Robot voices created with Microsoft text to speech and edited with Corel Video Studio Pro X7 software.

This is a music video showcasing my skills with two pieces of software: Harmony Assistant notation software by Myriad and Garritan's Aria. I found a short video and some still photos that matched the mood of the song: which was kinda gloomy and melancholy. The scenery is lovely but kinda creepy with the fog. I really enjoy using the various music software that I own. I also use LMMS but since this is a classical style piece I didn't need to use LMMS. I hope you enjoy the music. I will post more soon! Take care! Have a wonderful day!


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