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This will include Native / Indigenous Cultural, Ancestral, Spiritual & Cosmic, Star Nation Elders, Chiefs, Medicine Men & Women, Creational Speakers/Presenters and Story Tellers. Especially this year, featuring: Fine Artists (Painters, Gourd makers, Beadwork & Dress makers, Silversmiths, Carvers/Doll/Katchina makers), Singers, Flutists, Dancers [Apache Nation, Ga'an, Mountain Spirit “Crown Dancers” -AND- Middle Verde, Yavapai-Apache “Bird Singers & Dancers”] and Drummers. Please join us for this Sacred Native Gathering... Cultural & Spiritual Knowledge, Wisdom, Insight and Guidance. Ancestral, Cultural & Cosmic Star Nation Stories, Songs, Dance, Drumming, Artwork. Life.

Alien false flag attack coming [from outer space]. It's a lie. They, Reptilians, have been here on Earth, for many, many years. The created dramatic attack, and/or coming multiple attacks, will be the last play of the "DEEP STATE", aka "The Powers that Shouldn't Be", those entities who have controlled the global populace of this planet Earth for years... from the dark shadows, from the literal underground and undersea depths, and bases, on this planet. Their reign is about to end, but not before they attempt, or create a fiction, of an outer space invasion. It is the last card of the powers that shouldn't be. These near future actions will be the beginning of their end. -l- Thank you. ~ Tolec


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