Theres a lot to read so please take your time reading these. It ALL bears relevance! I'd like to thank the two people especially who i had lunch with yesterday as they have given me a whole wealth of information to educate myself on!

Milo's report/expose: https://forum.encyclopediadramatica.rs/threads/milo-yiannopoulos-massive-throbbing-expose-of-caolan-robertson-and-lauren-southern.32389/

Earthling Carls Debunking of the left behind: https://youtu.be/NPc9oBsFfHk

Panodrama expose (first 10 mins for hate crime figure inflation): https://youtu.be/85_dMeYr8rk

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I have no plans on it yet, besides tommy robinson IS STILL ALIVE!


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I have decided to come give entertainment on bitchute now. Risking almost certain humiliation for your viewing pleasure 😁! Im also here because i want to be prepared for when youtube decides to eventually take me down, Just it did tommy robinson, avi yemeni and other such truth tellers!