I had to reupload this video, because I dont have enough problems wasting my time.

In this video I am talking about the stupidity and corruption of the lending industry, how it favors open ended credit, unsecured by anything of value (cars, phones, credit card purchases), and limits real estate purchase, that do have a real value.

This is a very serious problem that is severely limiting upward mobility and keeping people in generational poverty.

Other than that, all is great.

Happy New Year (except to google with their horrible instructions that DO NOT WORK!)

The big reveal for Romania's centennial. La Multi Ani Romania, hope you get as excited as I am about the big news.

Happy Birthday Romania

(DAC Rocar bus museum is revealed)

A more in depth looks at "Olivia", the DAC 112UDM from Fetesti. I try to start her, but while initially I thought the batteries were the culprit (although still weak), it may be that she is simply out of diesel!

Engine talk, tire talk, and a antifreeze

Remember, winter is here (for those of us in the northern hemisphere), so make sure you got the right concentration of antifreeze!

Special thanks to Mixaj COM SRL from Slobozia, Ialomita county, Romania, for finding that brand new Danubiana tire, that will be for display at shows, like many classic cars often have!

Stay tuned.

The first video of many about the DAC 112UDM from Fetesti on the final leg of the journey, driving under her own power from the port to her new home.

This video was done with a shoe string budget, piecing together what we had, much like with the bus itself. The music tracks are rather old recordings, and lets face it, are horrible. But the bus is the star here! Welcome to the US IL01BRA!

Special thanks to:
Alex Vasile,
Dl Ing Valentin-Victor Stanescu (Transbus)
Paul from shipoverseas.com

Political censorship run amok. This may be about Olivia, but we cant be silent about things that concern us all.

Say honk your horns and rev your engines! This was the episode that made me back everything up on Bitchute!

Olivia starts up with her temporary tank setup, and we do some funky maneuvers without any power steering, weak air pressure, and just overall a hard short ride.

For donations to help with Olivia's restoration, as well as the other buses in the fleet, consider following me at:


Top 10 of the weirdest features of DAC 112UDM buses. Some of these are really strange features to find on a bus, or any vehicle built after 1945!

Enjoy and have a great ride!

We're back and better than ever!

News about Olivia, new material, and a new skit/series at the end that should be fun. Hope you all enjoy, and please do comment with what you'd like to see this season!

All materials is copyright protected and either my own or used with authorization and permission from the owners.

keywords: DAC 112 UDM, politics, Russia, collusion, humor.

After we hook up the batteries from last week, we attempt a start, because we need DIESEL. Buses need it to survive and Olivia needs her feeding!

Watch for the short, but entertaining adventure to get gas!

Bucharest's transit (STB formerly RATB ) agency just sold for scrap some of their oldest and most iconic buses. The last Roman 112UD and Ikarus IK4 in the world, and a first generation DAC 117UD.

Bucharest and STB will be the laughing stock of the transit/bus world.

Special thanks to Mihai Radulescu for the photos and videos.

IMPORTANT NOTE!!!! After making this video, I have found out that the buses were sold for scrap. We are trying to save at least some parts and ID plates. Im not holding my breath though. It turns out these might be the last videos of these buses.

Update 2019-06-14 Nothing was saved of these buses, and their history. Much like with main stream media, anything about the past, is erased, so a new world order can come in with no frame of reference. Extreme corruption

Season 2 isnt here yet, but I wanted to post something while Im still in the moving process, and doing the mandatory fixes to the house (I do need electrical outlets!!!).

The good news is on the house and being fortunate enough that it all worked out. I will make a dedicated video to how close things came to NOT working out.

The BAD news is about Olivia. Right now she is dead. And worse off, the roadside mechanic did even more electrical damage and may have burned out the starter too. But before any of that, I have to solve the fuel tank issue and I imagine fuel tanks and straps are no longer made so it has to be custom and somehow found a way to install it.

Im a bit demoralized to be honest, because the rust is starting to show worse that I thought. Every body panel can be pulled off by hand-thats how bad the rust is.

And I still didnt get a title, because I need a weight slip, which means driving there or being towed, which means fixing either the tank (to be towed from an axle) or getting the bus to start, to be towed on a flatbed. Either way its going to be a lot of money and time.

Its a shame that there are no service shops that are willing or able to help out with repairs. Too many are incompetent and do more damage.

So wish me luck, so I can finish up the house things so I can get back to dealing with Olivia.

I go to the title agency (a third party company that does the leg work) and while I didnt get the process started, I did find out that I need a few more things done. Not impossible, but not that easy either. So the bus will wait a month or so...


Libertatea article written by Razvan Mihalascu

Finally back to the bus!

And we're getting ready for a drive. So we need to charge the batteries. But first, we have to remove them, which is not as simple as in a car...

Rocar Works Pins! and...Happy Valentine's Day.

Brace yourselves for a VERY strange episode where I talk about Andrei Dobre's videos of the pin. The boxes, the day...so things just came out.

So just watch it!

Special thanks to Andrei Dobre for the Rocar Anniversary pins.

(This has a heavy MGTOW feel to it lol---and the call for actresses and camera guys no longer applies. Not worth the hassle!)

A short read of the scifi novel Starboard Maiden by Mik Alexandru


I know I am short of a bus video this week, but I lost the edited file, so I have to start again, but seeing as Im still fighting to get a new place, it will have to wait.

I appreciate you guys being so patient. The wait will be worth it!

Also, this should have been Next Stop 4...I not being a good bus driver skipping stops!

Videos from 2004 in Bucharest, with some DACs (of course..ok just one), a Hispano Carrocera, Castrosuas, V3As, a V3A and Rocar De Simon buses.

The DACMan is still house hunting, and doing it with messed up wisdom teeth...hence the no talky bits.

More to come...stay tuned!

Note: Please use caution when crossing streets, especially those with trams on them. Don't keep earbuds in, and don't end up another statistic! Be aware of your surroundings!

A brief overview with why AutoCAD is losing ground...and some drawings of DAC buses. I only show a DAC 117UD-X (US Market) and a designed of my own, a B317E

I've been working on AutoCAD since R12 up to 2002 (on which the complete buses were done!). Only recenly I moved to 2015 and now 2017. The goal is to have every single part in CAD, so if I ever need replacement parts, I can have them made easily!

AutoCAD, AutoDesk are discussed under Fair Use doctrine of copyright. Any other incidental music is not crucial to this video and falls under the same clauses and copyright law.

DISCLAIMER: The driving was done on a private and closed lot. So drive accordingly, especially now with all the snow and nice. Keep a medkit, blanket and other things to keep you safe and alive. And dont forget your yellow vest as well!

Copyright Al DACMan Barry

A short video on Romanian license plates, UPS damaging a model bus (beware of UPS), and best holiday wishes.

A major setback, but something I will have to fight through. Everything is at stake. The cars, buses, the museum, my LIFE! Wish me luck

The DACMan is not just about buses. CARS are the main focus of RAW CAR.

Today's episode is limited by Al DACMan Barry's househunt, as well as the bad weather! Too much salt to take the cars out. But...

It's Lorelei's birthday today! Happy Birthday, Lorelei. This episode is about you, with photos, and a few videos.

For more Lincoln info, from how to's all the way to history, check out --- TheLincolnForum.net --- I have been a member there since I've had Lorelei, and it has made me become the expert in these cars that I am now (early 70s Continentals)

All photos, videos, music by Al DACMan Barry and copyrighted


Do not drive like maniacs on public roads. Find a closed circuit or track. If you get hurt it is your responsibility. If you get pulled over and arrested, it is your fault. If you hurt anyone else, you deserve what you get in prison!

A discussion about the recent press attention to the story of DAC 112UDM "Olivia" and other DAC related events.



In the video, you will see never before published photos and videos of mine, from the 90s and early 2000s. Enjoy,

Al DACMan Barry

Please bear with me as I find the right format. Clearly the black screen is not the best with interspersed pictures and videos. Next videos will get better! I do appreciate constructive criticism! Thanks!

A short addon. Keys and an announcement...

Keys for a DAC in the US should have been impossible to find, but, my local locksmith had some old keys he had in the "random" bin. There lie two keys, an Alfa and a Renault key!

The second thing, is related to the centennial of Romania.

The background videos are never before seen videos of RATB trolleybuses in summer 2004.


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