A Bus on the Longest Route

An Al DACMan Barry Fable. A girl forsaken by her own people comes to America only to find that it is no longer the dream she had in mind. Will this stop her and demoralize her from helping people? WIll Olivia let the political uncertainty and violence crush her spirit?

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This may be the end of this journey. NY State DMV will NOT register Olivia, despite it being the only DAC 112UDM, despite its historic meaning to Romania as well as the US (an episode I never had the time to produce).

Historic buses have little standing and value it seems, and as such I cannot register the vehicle as historic. So this is insult to inury, as the channel has been censored on YT (Ep 3 in particular), throttled, had viewcounts manipulated, AND viewers that simply gave up and stopped watching.

That, I cannot be upset about. It is what it is, and competition is harsh.

Also I want to give my condolences to those that have lost loved ones in yesterday’s crash of Nine-0-nine, a WWII B-17 bomber, restored and giving rides, while telling its story and not letting people forget our history. Fly high forever Nine-0-nine.


Continuarea episodului de saptamana trecuta, in care Olivia se duce la Pearl River Car Show, prima oara cand un autobuz DAC romanesc apare la un asemenea eveniment!
Olivia isi alege masina ei favorita, dar avem si o discutie mai serioasa legata de Piatra Neamt si troleibuze.

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Episodul 21 Partea intai o puteti vedea aici:

Tricourile DAC Dynasty, hanorace si multe altele le puteti cumpara aici:
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For the English version click here (varianta in engleza):
Part 1:
Part 2:

Keywords: DAC 112 UDM Romania Pearl River Car Show Diesel Adventure Olivia New York Ford Chevy Dodge Mopar Corvette Camaro Hot Rod Awards, Trophies, Best in Show, Hudson Hornet, Packard Eight, Willys, Jeep, Military.


We continue where last week’s episode left off, where Olivia goes to the Pearl River Car Show 2019, the first time a Romanian built DAC 112UDM bus attends a car show!

Olivia picked her favorite car (post your pick in the comments!) but we also have a more serious talk on Piatra Neamt and their cancelling of their eco friendly trolleybuses, despite being the current year!

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If you missed it, here’s episode 21 Part 1:

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Pentru varianta romaneasca (for the Romanian version) o gasiti aici:
Partea 1:
Partea a 2-a:

Keywords: DAC 112 UDM Romania Pearl River Car Show Diesel Adventure Olivia New York Ford Chevy Dodge Mopar Corvette Camaro Hot Rod Awards, Trophies, Best in Show, Hudson Hornet, Packard Eight, Willys, Jeep, Military.


Pe asta il asteptam toti! Episodul in care Olivia primeste traseu si merge la un eveniment foarte special. Vizionati sa vedeti unde s-a dus!

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Echipamente DAC Dynasty au sosit in autogara! Tricouri, hanorace cu gluga si carcase de protectie pentru telefon cu autobuzul vostru favorit, Olivia!
IMPORTANT!!! Marimile sunt cam micute, asa ca alegeti cu o marime mai mare.

Partea a doua e aici:

For the English version click here:

Cuvinte cheie: DAC 112 UDM Romania Pearl River Car Show Diesel Aventura Olivia New York Ford Chevy Dodge Mopar Corvette Alfa Romeo Camaro ZL1 Porsche 944 Rolls Royce Mercedes Buick Roadster Hot Rod


This is the one we all were waiting for. Olivia gets a route number and goes on a very special route! Find out where she went

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Part 2 is now uploaded!

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Keywords: DAC 112 UDM Romania Pearl River Car Show Diesel Adventure Olivia New York Ford Chevy Dodge Mopar Corvette Alfa Romeo Camaro ZL1 Porsche 944 Rolls Royce Mercedes Buick Roadster Hot Rod

Doing some work on the DAC bus while discussing how complaint and censorship mentality spreads from online to the real world over the most idiotic things.
This could bring the end to Olivia if I have nowhere to keep her. The law is on my side but the law is often irrelevant in the US without a high price lawyer that I cannot afford.

(As I write this I had another complaint come in, most likely for the same thing. I dont know yet, so I will find out after I post this.)

Its time for Olivia to go to her new permanent home! We start of with fueling up in the new tank, and take the not so short drive home. And she fits in the driveway too! Another chance to see a DAC 112 UDM bus driving through NY

Interview cu un oaspete special!

Spre sfarsit discutam despre ultimul Rocar fabricat, si cum a fost casat mai pe nimic. De asemenea vorbim despre un TV-2 care se afla aproape de final. De ce nu am putut sa le salvez? Vizionati si aflati!

Sunt multe animatii in acest episod, asa ca commentati opiniile! Din acest motiv a durat mai mult productia si postarea episodului. Urmatorul insa este iarasi un episod foarte special!.

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English only version: https://www.bitchute.com/video/DrhJ5nMLJ1s4/

Q and A session with a special guest!

Towards the end I go into the very last Rocar built, and how it was scraped for next to nothing, as well as a TV-2 that is nearing the end as well. Why couldnt I buy them to save them? Find out.

Also, there is a lot of animation in this one, so let me know what you think! Its why this video took longer to make and get to upload. Next video is also a very special one!

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Romanian Subtitles Version: https://www.bitchute.com/video/KcsSe2LeYcwD/

A discussion on a very polarized and politicized hobby, buses. Be it taking photos of buses, riding them, drawing them, driving them or owning them, they stir heated debates. This is the intro to a new format, that will go into deeper and more relevant talks on current times.

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PS. Dont stop the fight Hong Kong.

I had to reupload this video, because I dont have enough problems wasting my time.

In this video I am talking about the stupidity and corruption of the lending industry, how it favors open ended credit, unsecured by anything of value (cars, phones, credit card purchases), and limits real estate purchase, that do have a real value.

This is a very serious problem that is severely limiting upward mobility and keeping people in generational poverty.

Other than that, all is great.

Happy New Year (except to google with their horrible instructions that DO NOT WORK!)

The big reveal for Romania's centennial. La Multi Ani Romania, hope you get as excited as I am about the big news.

Happy Birthday Romania

(DAC Rocar bus museum is revealed)

A more in depth looks at "Olivia", the DAC 112UDM from Fetesti. I try to start her, but while initially I thought the batteries were the culprit (although still weak), it may be that she is simply out of diesel!

Engine talk, tire talk, and a antifreeze

Remember, winter is here (for those of us in the northern hemisphere), so make sure you got the right concentration of antifreeze!

Special thanks to Mixaj COM SRL from Slobozia, Ialomita county, Romania, for finding that brand new Danubiana tire, that will be for display at shows, like many classic cars often have!

Stay tuned.

The first video of many about the DAC 112UDM from Fetesti on the final leg of the journey, driving under her own power from the port to her new home.

This video was done with a shoe string budget, piecing together what we had, much like with the bus itself. The music tracks are rather old recordings, and lets face it, are horrible. But the bus is the star here! Welcome to the US IL01BRA!

Special thanks to:
Alex Vasile,
Dl Ing Valentin-Victor Stanescu (Transbus)
Paul from shipoverseas.com

Political censorship run amok. This may be about Olivia, but we cant be silent about things that concern us all.

Say honk your horns and rev your engines! This was the episode that made me back everything up on Bitchute!

Olivia starts up with her temporary tank setup, and we do some funky maneuvers without any power steering, weak air pressure, and just overall a hard short ride.

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Top 10 of the weirdest features of DAC 112UDM buses. Some of these are really strange features to find on a bus, or any vehicle built after 1945!

Enjoy and have a great ride!

We're back and better than ever!

News about Olivia, new material, and a new skit/series at the end that should be fun. Hope you all enjoy, and please do comment with what you'd like to see this season!

All materials is copyright protected and either my own or used with authorization and permission from the owners.

keywords: DAC 112 UDM, politics, Russia, collusion, humor.

After we hook up the batteries from last week, we attempt a start, because we need DIESEL. Buses need it to survive and Olivia needs her feeding!

Watch for the short, but entertaining adventure to get gas!

Bucharest's transit (STB formerly RATB ) agency just sold for scrap some of their oldest and most iconic buses. The last Roman 112UD and Ikarus IK4 in the world, and a first generation DAC 117UD.

Bucharest and STB will be the laughing stock of the transit/bus world.

Special thanks to Mihai Radulescu for the photos and videos.

IMPORTANT NOTE!!!! After making this video, I have found out that the buses were sold for scrap. We are trying to save at least some parts and ID plates. Im not holding my breath though. It turns out these might be the last videos of these buses.

Update 2019-06-14 Nothing was saved of these buses, and their history. Much like with main stream media, anything about the past, is erased, so a new world order can come in with no frame of reference. Extreme corruption

Season 2 isnt here yet, but I wanted to post something while Im still in the moving process, and doing the mandatory fixes to the house (I do need electrical outlets!!!).

The good news is on the house and being fortunate enough that it all worked out. I will make a dedicated video to how close things came to NOT working out.

The BAD news is about Olivia. Right now she is dead. And worse off, the roadside mechanic did even more electrical damage and may have burned out the starter too. But before any of that, I have to solve the fuel tank issue and I imagine fuel tanks and straps are no longer made so it has to be custom and somehow found a way to install it.

Im a bit demoralized to be honest, because the rust is starting to show worse that I thought. Every body panel can be pulled off by hand-thats how bad the rust is.

And I still didnt get a title, because I need a weight slip, which means driving there or being towed, which means fixing either the tank (to be towed from an axle) or getting the bus to start, to be towed on a flatbed. Either way its going to be a lot of money and time.

Its a shame that there are no service shops that are willing or able to help out with repairs. Too many are incompetent and do more damage.

So wish me luck, so I can finish up the house things so I can get back to dealing with Olivia.

I go to the title agency (a third party company that does the leg work) and while I didnt get the process started, I did find out that I need a few more things done. Not impossible, but not that easy either. So the bus will wait a month or so...


Libertatea article written by Razvan Mihalascu

Finally back to the bus!

And we're getting ready for a drive. So we need to charge the batteries. But first, we have to remove them, which is not as simple as in a car...

Rocar Works Pins! and...Happy Valentine's Day.

Brace yourselves for a VERY strange episode where I talk about Andrei Dobre's videos of the pin. The boxes, the day...so things just came out.

So just watch it!

Special thanks to Andrei Dobre for the Rocar Anniversary pins.

(This has a heavy MGTOW feel to it lol---and the call for actresses and camera guys no longer applies. Not worth the hassle!)

A short read of the scifi novel Starboard Maiden by Mik Alexandru


I know I am short of a bus video this week, but I lost the edited file, so I have to start again, but seeing as Im still fighting to get a new place, it will have to wait.

I appreciate you guys being so patient. The wait will be worth it!

Also, this should have been Next Stop 4...I not being a good bus driver skipping stops!


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