"IT’S NOT HER BEAUTY; IT’S HER BOOTY"-to the detriment of brothers everywhere and abroad.

...so uhm, Megan Thee Stallion, got shot in the foot.

Keywontrezes-Humphries Prompted Me To Release This "UNSEEN" Episode Of The BRUH SHOW (Hey Fellas, "DON’T BE DOOPID"-REAL TALK!!)

Notes: This was originally going to be another episode of "KEEPING IT 100!!; but the behavior of Jada Pinkett-"Smith" was so egregious, I just made it, it’s own thing altogether. All I can really say is: SYSBM (SAVE YOURSELF BLACK MEN!)

...addressing the toxic misandry in the black community; some advice to young brothers out there in the struggle.


...addressing misandrist hypocrisy.

...red pill social commentary.

...he's giving relationship advice to black men with a finger wrapped in a wet food stamp.

...some frank discussion with no filter out of respect for what this country is supposed to stand for in theory.

Thoughts on BLM and the morbid post death currency of Black Men in America.

...so the Democratic Party has decided to "Take a Knee" instead of getting any "REAL WORK" done on the behalf of their constituents.

"Surviving Ayesha Curry"

....A Retort On Some People Out Of Pocket In The Community.

...Answering A Few Trolls And Responding To A Misguided Attempt At Rationalizing A Man’s Murder. If You Have The Stones, Go Ahead And Watch.

...oh, you were finished; well allow me to retort.

Episode 4: The D*ck Police Strike Back!!

"Waiting 2 Exhale?!!"

"The D*ck Police"

...oh, you were finished; allow me to retort.

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Ep. 1: The "Fairer" Sex
Synopsis-90's Era tale of a guy out of his league, and better off for it.

...social commentary.

...self explanatory, proceed with caution.

Thoughts and comments on toxic social commentary.

Commentary on the current election cycle...


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