1991 PSA about the quality of our earth and what it means to us. From the desk of Damaged Dad before the Damaged Dad documentary series becomes a thing. This PSA and the other 2 (water / Air) are also clear indicators of just how great a childhood daughter Robyn had. See also the Robyn Rant on this channel. Thanks for watching. Please like, share, comment, and subscribe. We support home school.


1991 PSA about the quality of our air and what it means to us. From the desk of Damaged Dad before the Damaged Dad documentary series becomes a thing. This PSA and the other 2 (water / Earth) are also clear indicators of just how great a childhood daughter Robyn had. See also the Robyn Rant on this channel. Thanks for watching. Please like, share, comment, and subscribe. We support home school.

Here's a fun little "how to" video when a lot of time is spent asking for a second pair of hands to help move a big fridge from 1 house to another and no one wants to help. See how 1 person manages to move it with just a little bit of thought and planning. Most people don't plan to fail. Most people fail to plan. This is just a small example of what can be accomplished by those who are determined and persevere. As always, this is presented in comedic parody format so as to allow Fair Use Copyrights. Besides, jump cut edits suck. Thanks for watching. Please like, share, subscribe, and comment.

Clearwater, BC, Raft River Elementary School Christmas play 2014 featuring "Don Cherry" aka "Mini Grapes" finally published for all parents to enjoy again. The whole town came to see the production and "Mini Grapes" is no disappointment. We thank our very special friend Don Cherry for his unwavering support and encouragement. If you want to see the suit jacket being made, look for the family video:


Coming soon, "Mini Grapes" will present a documentary video on the Russian Women's Hockey Team training camp in Clearwater, BC from 2016. Yes, that video is STILL in editing.

Incidentally, "Mini Grapes" is now photo journalist for the local news paper.

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This has been posted here because it appears nowhere else and when you watch, you'll know why. This is Agenda 2030 from the 1950's. For people who know, this cartoon is scary stuff. Watch for educational purposes. Learn to be a critical thinker when watching tv or listening to radio. All credit for this cartoon, good or bad, goes to Looney Tunes and Termite Terrace.

"Ungrateful" would be the 1 word that best describes Robyn, the main character, in this video documentary. It is a true story spoofed with humour so as to access the Fair Use Copyright laws. We clearly demonstrate how Agenda 2030 and its minions are destroying "family" just as planned. This story will have you laughing, crying, and wondering WTF(?). Take a side trip on the Damaged Dad Route 66 journey and learn what it's like to be a single father in the 20/21st. Century. A special cameo appearance by noted Canadian news reporter/journalist Renu Bakshi and recorded at Robyn's favourite Park, Golden Ears, BC, is a telling moment of the documentary. There is also a cameo appearance by noted newspaper photo journalist and teen published author, Zephram Tino. A 40 minute fatherly rant that will leave even Rick Mercer's jaw dropping. It took us over a year to put this together, mostly because of technical road blocks. Robyn has just celebrated her 37th. birthday. We had hoped to premiere on her birthday. C'est la vie. Please share this video far and wide. Like, comment, and subscribe. Please also consider donating to our home school program and/or our legal defense fund. See also givesendgo, but we will post the links here. Apologies for the video quality in some segments. We worked from the only available sources and with limited production equipment. Thanks for your support.

#SiteC in Fort St. John BC. A 16 billion dollar debacle and genocidal maniac. Flooding all of the number 2 Agricultural Land Class 1 zone land in Canada. We're a total bunch of stupid idiots to keep allowing this BS in the name of progress and "green energy". Green, my ass! Gumby and Pokey give you the details along with featured guest, Benjamin Beaver. We appreciate your likes, comments, and subscriptions. Please share this far and wide. Thanks for watching.

Chef Droopy Drawers is at it again teaching you how to make a perfect bowl of popcorn every time. After trying Chef Droopy's popcorn cooking method, you will never touch micro-wave popcorn again. While the cooking method is serious, we have some fun spoofing tv cooking shows. Parody allows for Fair Use Copyrights. Please like, comment, share, and subscribe. Thanks for watching.

Damaged Dad's 38 yr. old daughter, Robyn, has been spouting off on Instagram that she had a bad childhood. Damaged Dad holds 18 years of photos and videos of his darling daughter growing up mostly in a single parent situation. In this "Robyn Rant" teaser, we see Robyn and her Dad, Damaged Dad, presenting the children's story time at the Sunday celebration of the Salvation Army Southmount, Vancouver church. Damaged Dad was also the Salvation Army Christmas Kettle Campaign Co-ordinator for Vancouver and broke fund raising records 3 years in a row. Coming soon, the full documentary, "Robyn Rant" where you can decide for yourself if Robyn really had a bad childhood. How do you think a parent feels when their 1st. born child is ungrateful? Yes! Damaged Dad is also an ordained Reverend. Thanks for watching. Please, like, share, comment, and subscribe.

So, Damaged Dad and DJ Boomer have presented some rather negative reviews of different products so far. See also Champion Generators (3 reviews). Ralph Nader is a hero. To be fair, we now present a video review of a business we highly recommend if you need any kind of equipment for home/landscape improvement. We've rented from Gopher 3x and each time has been a smooth and very productive and efficient process. We highly recommend Gopher rentals. Thanks for watching. Please like, share, comment, and subscribe.

It's gotta be bad if DJ Boomer has to pass opinion on his Champion generator 3 times and the gen. isn't even a year old. Welcome to Agenda 2030 and disposable society. This is the edited version of DJ Boomer's 3rd. opinion on Champion generators and it isn't pleasant. This is the PG13 version. An R rated version (a little longer - director's cut) is coming soon. I guess it really is time to reveal all the secrets of Nicola Tesla, Tartary, and the Mud Flood. Thanks for watching. Please share, like, comment, and subscribe.

DJ Boomer (Damaged Dad) is at it again. This time , in opposition to Agenda 2030 and the destruction of families, he posts his family video that he produced for his partner demonstrating the great life they had raising a young man who, to say the least, is a self published author at 16. This young man was home schooled since grade 4 and writing a book is just 1 of his many skills. He is now 18 and managing a restaurant. He has argued cases in BC Supreme Court, he speaks effectively about water stewardship in Canada, he is a solid volunteer in the community, and he plays the bagpipes. He has his own video channel on youtube - "Book End Kids Productions". This is the first time this very personal family video has ever been made public, but it is important for everyone to know in this demented age, that our traditional structure of family is under attack. This video tells the story of how a man and woman met, had a kid and bought him a ten acre wood, raising him outside of urban influence and commercial television (MSM). You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll be amazed. Thanks for watching. Please like, share, subscribe. We enjoy reading your comments.

D.J. Boomer goes under cover to bring you the truth about fast food. Almost all the information was found on the A & W Canada web site. Toxic additives and their harmful effects were researched on line to back up these statements. Stop eating fast food and being a source of profit to the "healthcare" industry. This is just the surface. Read all your grocery store ingredients - even the groceries you buy at the health food store. Thanks for watching. Please comment, like, subscribe and share. This is a comedy spoof documentary so Fair Use copyright laws apply.

Look at these trees grow. And yes, we're going to fix the fence. Just a reminder that everyone contributes in their own way and to the level of their abilities. Managing 10 acres of forest is a demanding lifestyle, but the rewards are well worth it. It's also worth reminding certain partners that everyone contributes in "family". As usual, we present in a humourous, parody format, where Fair use copyright applies. Thanks for watching, liking, sharing, and for your comments. Strength in family!

We all need a relaxing stress free break from the material world. Enjoy a little comedic paddle with DJ Boomer on Phinetta Lake in the Cariboo of central BC Canada. Just watch out for those battle ships. Please check out our other videos, comment, like, share, and subscribe. Also check out "Book End Kids" Productions on youtube.

A comical look at making home made seasoning salt by our resident idiot chef Droopy Drawers. He premiered showing us the value of cooking your own rib eye steak, and now you can season it too. It's a great parody (Fair Use) on cooking shows and comedies about cooking. Maybe you just need a 9 minute break from the cruel reality of our world. Maybe you want seasoning salt without MSG or maltodextrin, etc. Learn how here and enjoy a laugh.

Damaged Dad is a single parent twice in his lifetime. His first child, daughter Robyn, and his 4th. child, son Zephram. Hence, the "Book End Kids". How do you suppose he feels knowing his 37 year old daughter totally ignores him and is even willing to say things to Zephram that might destroy the bond between father and son? Why did Robyn erase the first 18 years of her life? Why does she not know from where her travel and camping bugs come? Why is it she feels she does not have connection to her Filipino culture? Why doses Robyn feel she had a "bad childhood"? All these questions answered and more in the upcoming documentary - "Robyn Rant". Watch this teaser and tell us if you would consider your childhood bad if 1 thing you did was meet Gordie Howe and it got on the 6pm sports news - including a personally autographed book from Gordie & Colleen? Please like, share, comment, and subscribe. Apologies for the video quality. This was re-mastered from the best original sources that could be obtained.

Who knew that Damaged Dad/DJ Boomer is also a Driving Instructor? Perfect Class 4 professional license with a Defensive Driving Certificate since 1981. Why not teach driving? Besides, the Boy can already fly planes. So, we decided to have a little fun with this video. Does he crash? More to come. Stay tuned, like, share, comment, and subscribe.

Damaged Dad presents perhaps the third episode of his production tenure on APG. The title theme is re-vamped thanks to kids at the play ground and we're moving away (slowly) from the "talking head". Remember, this was in 1995. Is 1085 Cafe still there? Right across the street from the bus depot. It's amazing what we find in the vault. Keep watching here. Like, share, comment, and subscribe, please. Thanks for watching.

Another opinion from our Boomer DJ and Damaged Dad. Like he tore into corporate for wasting paper, our rant specialist tears into the use of gift wrap for Christmas gifts. Ah, but it's Christmas (well, it was at time of recording this - our editor is behind because of . . . . . ) so things are all nice & sweet. Learn some things about the Christmas celebration in the family home of DJ Boomer/Damaged Dad. If you want to order a set of gift bags, please DM us on Twitter. Links in the video. We barter. Thanks for watching. Please like, share, comment, and subscribe.

Another early project of the 1990 - 1991 Columbia Video Academy class. Not only does alcohol kill, it is, in fact, the gateway drug. What was the first "drug" you took? Alcohol, caffeine? We're not here to debate the problems of alcohol. This is a show case of the work of a determined man whose passion is video and audio production. At this time, our Damaged Dad is making friends with tv personality Renu Bakshi (a great friend) and raising his daughter without a mother. Renu has extensively interviewed Damaged Dad about a number of things from career to raising a family. The full interview will air soon. Thanks for watching. Please like, share, comment, and subscribe. Have a look at Book End Kid Productions on youtube. Pretty amazing 17 year old!

This commercial has never been seen before on regular tv. It is the product of the 1990/1991 Columbia Video Academy class - one of their first productions. Watch to the end for a big surprise.

When things were really good for our Damaged Dad. Now if only lot of money could be made from the video production certificate. Certainly, the videos on this channel are indicative of quality.
A varied showcase.

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One of the first episodes Damaged Dad produced upon joining the APG production team. A cafe for musicians to perform and be seen. This was 1995, so is the cafe still around? Thanks for watching. Please like, share, and comment.

Are you fed up of #OldGrowth logging that is apparently destroying our environment? Perhaps a reason why we are still struggling with this crime is because corporate creates a crime at the consumer end of the business too. Of course, those crimes are all blamed on us and we pay taxes to subsidize the mono-culture forest industry. Wouldn't it be nice if all products were cheap and didn't need advertising to sell them? Thanks for watching. Please like, share, comment on, and subscribe to the channel.

From the Vault (Disney eat your heart out! Oh ya! You haven't got one) This episode and the Crafters' Corner episode are the best of the bunch of APG's from the Damaged Dad producer. Our Damaged Dad was also the producer and director for City Council meetings. It was a great time making the camera people laugh while counselors debated and voted on the city's issues. The Multiplex is Prince George's hockey Citadel and home of the Cougars. This episode takes you on a tour of the brand new arena (1996), so as a fan, you get to see parts of the building off limits during game time. You can head on over to KEV episode 2 for another look at the arena from a kid's perspective. Keep in mind that Damaged Dad was brought in as producer because it is very difficult to work with Shirley Byman as super a person as she is. No one wanted to work with her. This is all happening during the "Married With Children" (episode 4 Mail Order Bride documentary) when life was good for Damaged Dad. We left the Wendy's ad in the show as it was another feather in the cap of Damaged Dad. He worked for Wendy's too. Look closely at the staff photo. He arranged the whole deal between Wendy's and Shaw Cable volunteers and he produced the video ad. Several more APG episodes to upload yet. We produce a wide variety of content. What do you need? Thanks for watching. Please like, share, comment, and subscribe. #StandStrong #StayUnited.


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This channel begins by introducing its highly controversial documentary comedy spoof series on the divorce industry and in particular "Mail Order Brides". This is a true story from 1993 - 1998. The beginning, a reply to a pen pal ad over seas. The end, the biological father getting assaulted by the step dad because the biological father had a court ordered visitation with his son. We follow the dad's journey through hell and back and you will learn the horrific outcome.

This documentary series has been deleted from other sites because of its blunt honesty and the naming of shyster lawyers. Children's lives have been affected negatively because of the actions of a selfish woman, her boy friend and her lawyer. The father is a good, honest man with honest intentions and a big heart. He is more interested in his children than himself.

Because this is presented as a comedy spoof, Fair Use copyrights are in place. All material used here, while true and intent upon stating a truthful story, does so in a comedic manner. Otherwise, the trauma would be too much to manage.

Several more episodes are in the works so the whole story will be told. Oh, this happened in British Columbia, Canada.