Damian K

Damian K

Damian K


A peek into my day as a yardman. The last few years, I'm noticing that I'm burning out. It was 95 degrees on this day. I was looking forward to finishing and going home to sleep after a rough week.

Lee disappeared, then reappeared way behind 3 deer.

the high strings wouldn't stay in tune, so I took them off. Original folk with four strings

picked up a red ear turtle crawling around in a parking lot, and took it to safety


Not sure why he likes to cover himself in stinky stuff

The raccoon isn't interested in the other parts. The brain is full of fat. This raccoon was used to me, because it would eat the sunflower seeds that were meant for the birds in my backyard.


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Nothing specific. I'm in Louisiana, making lopfi music is my passion and I enjoy the outdoors. I'll post videos of hiking, scenery, my original music, my neighborhood, and random stuff.