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Damascus in Syria has always been a city since the time of Abraham, maybe earlier than him. There has never been a time in history when Damascus never was....but that's coming.

King David's history leading up to Bathsheba is important as it sets his character and behavior leading up to the adultery and then the murder of Uriah.

Atheist Richard Dawkins accuses GOD of unfairly saving Issac while allowing Jepthah's daughter to be burned as a sacrifice. Atheists hate the idea of personal responsibility and accountability for actions.

Answering the atheist and leftist argument that God unjustly kills children. This series focuses on Richard Dawkins who is the leader of the world wide atheist movement and his two chief arguments of attack, Jepthah of Judges Chapter 11 and King David and his first born child conceived in the sins of conspiracy and murder.

Atheists love pointing out King David's "innocent" dead baby to prove that God kills "innocent" Children....are they right? This series is in progress.

The last part of the Mamre series. Do you trust the WORD of GOD in a country of growing dillusion.

America is not a Christian nation and Christians have no where else to go. Christians don't need to change, America must change or die.

If there is no change in the heart, in the center, in the spirit of a man...there is no salvation.

Just who were the two men who came to Lot and his family and got them out of Sodom. Were they angels or were they part of the Trinity of God?

GOD in his three persons (The GODhead, Christ, Holy Spirit) did visit Abraham in Genesis 18, the scriptures can only come to that conclusion.

Many fallen and false "demon-nations (denominations) in America support Antifa and BLM against the WORD of GOD. And you wonder why America is being judged?!

Mark Dice hits it right on the head, Hollywood is the enemy of Christ (John 15) The enemy of Christianity and it needs to die. Christians need to separate from this wicked industry and the satanic American media complex.

The start of the in depth study of Genesis 18 to prove that the men Abram met on the Plains of Mamre were the Trinity of God.

Two days ago....my father's whore wife....the slut my father cheated on my mother with 36 years ago called me a White Supremacist....most of my family is with her and her oldest daughter marches with Antifa and Black Lives Matter. I have given my God hating, sodomite loving family over to GOD's wrath. All Christians must chose who they will side with.

To understand why America is rapidly speeding towards a second bloody civil war, you need to understand the past. The first Civil War wasn't about slavery as much about culture and religion. It was in a sense a revolution on par with the bloody French Revolt of 1789 which was an anti-Christian movement of the Age of Reason. The wiccan, anti-Christ whore whom my father cheated on my mother with and married called me a white supremacist yesterday and some of my family joined her....Christians, you better be ready for the time is coming when this filthy American nation will reap the wrath of God's judgment in spilled blood.

I felt it important to review Abram’s history prior to his meeting with GOD in Genesis 18 and 19 because it shows you that Abram early on is strong in belief yet a little weak in his faith but you can not deny he has a strong sense of respect and obedience for and to the LORD. Yet he faltered and harkened to the voice of his wife.

I want to begin this series by talking about the basics of inspection, investigation, logic and reason when it comes to the WORD of GOD and why is it that so many Christians and secular people are such mental defficients when it comes to being able to understand the 1611 King James Bible. As I’ve said before when it comes to some “churches” in America....there is too much “sermonizing” and not enough “teaching”

This is the premier of a series that studies the interaction between Abraham and GOD in Genesis 18 and 19. Who exactly were the three men who visited Abraham and the two men who went into Sodom to pull out Lot and his family? It all comes down to...."Do YOU......TRUST......the WORD of GOD?"

Derik Kilmer (D) of Washington State's 6th district supports the sodomites, Antifa and Black Lives Matter and endorses the criminalism of George Floyd and Jacob Blake. Kilmer supports a woman abuser and criminal who tried to steal a car with children inside. Kilmer supports the pedophile shot by Kyle Rittenhouse in Kenosha, Wis. Democrats and liberals are enemies of GOD.

There can be no salvation without repentance, a turning from your course of wickedness to walk in the newness of life in Christ but so many Americans are being duped by the "Once saved, always saved" lie of American evangelical, ecumenical "Cookie Cutter Kabuki Theater" salvation without requirements being preached by such Catholic inspired devils as Billy and Frankie Gram.


Louis Ibaraki and the 26 men who died on Nishizaka Hill in Nagasaki on February 5th 1597 still teach important lessons today, especially to Christians in American who MUST GO FORTH and put their FLESH on the line for the people of a wicked, lost and dying nation! This is the final part of this series.

Pray for President Trump? NO! Pray for America and Trump to repent of their sodomite hugging wickedness! America is a Sodom, a filthy wicked nation who's prayers and oblations are stink to God! God is judging this nation! Christians get out on the streets and on the airwaves and call America to repent or die!

Louis Ibaraki and the 26 prisoners are put to death on February 5th 1597 for preaching Christianity (The Catholic system). They met death with absolute faith, keeping their principles to the last breath.

Why do so many American Christians stay hooked on a vermin rodent preaching pedophilia, sodomy and homosexuality? Burn Disney! A sermon from Baptist Pastor Jason Cooley of Old Paths Baptist Church in Northfield Minn.

The Walt Disney corperation is the world's biggest data mining organization, bigger than the CIA, the FBI and the NSA all for the purpose of marketing sex, perversion and deviancy to your children to "hook them" as life long consumers of Disney's satanic brand. Christians should burn Disney. This sermon is from Pastor Jason Cooley of Old Path's Baptist Church in Northfield Minn.


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A Christian dedicated to the only writ of GOD WORD who is Jesus Christ (as John Chapter 1 states) When Christ speaks, God speaks and when God speaks, there is Christ. I stand against the cults of "Americanized Christianity" which are taking millions to hell following after lies, false prophets and the abominational thinking that America is "God's Country" or that America is a "Christian nation" when American society is as wicked as Sodom. America is not "God's Country" it is "Satan's Country" this is "his" world and all of it will serve and is serving Satan.

We who are true adherents to the 1611 King James Bible, the one and only writ of GOD's WORD given to man for his admonition and education, are God's Combat, Search and Rescue teams dropped behind enemy lines to pull the lost out of this world of wickedness before God slams the door of salvation shut upon it and brings down his mighty wrath as he will. If you are truly Christian then you know what's coming and no man, no creation of man or work of man or speech of man can save America.

It isn't more simple to understand.....repent and live or live for America and rot in hell.