The HEAT with Dan Adams


Nancy Pelosi Endorses “Collateral Damage” Against Americans Who Don’t Share Her Views

The HEAT with Dan Adams - 10/18/18
Not Watching A VIDEO Will Stop You From Graduating High School

Disaster for Elizabeth Warren as All Three Networks Mock Native American Claims

The HEAT with Dan Adams - 10/17/18
The Lame Stream Media's Contribution To Leftism

Class Act: Trevor Noah Compares Trump To Cancer

The HEAT with Dan Adams - 10/16/18
I Am OFFENDED By Affirmative Action

Distraught MSNBC Host Admits- ‘Kavanaugh Situation Has Hurt Democrats’

Stacey Abrams is counting on ILLEGAL Immigrants to vote her in as the next governor of Georgia. #ChildPlease

GOP Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel SLAMS Hillary Clinton

Eric Holder Tells Crowd To “Kick” Republicans, Prompting Crowd To Cheer & Chant “Fight”

The HEAT with Dan Adams - 10/10/18
Topic: What Brett Kavanaugh's Confirmation REALLY Means For The Left

Bill Maher To Bill Clinton Accusers in 1997- 'Take One For The Team'

Socialist Ocasio-Cortez Delivers 'Jumbled Word Salad' When Asked What She'll Do In Congress

The HEAT with Dan Adams - 10/9/18
Topic: The AFTERMATH of Brett Kavanaugh

Governor of Mississippi outraged over a high school band’s halftime show depicting cops at gunpoint."

FLASHBACK- Bill Clinton Groped Flight Attendant, ABC Shrugged It Off

The Avenatti Democrats are looking to justify destroying a man's character and reputation.

The HEAT with Dan Adams - 10/4/18
Avenatti Democrats! WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT???


BRETT KAVANAUGH CLASSMATE Leaves CNN's John Berman Speechless

The HEAT with Dan Adams - 9/28/18
Topic: September 27th 2018....

CNN's Don Lemon on Protesters Harassing Ted Cruz: ‘That’s What He Signed Up For’


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Surviving growing up in the streets of Syracuse, NY has allowed Dan Adams to land on his feet and hopefully blaze a trail for those to come. Born to a Baptist Minister Father and God Fearing Mother faith was the anchor and the glue that kept his family together. After meeting and then marrying his future wife while attending The Art Institute of Pittsburgh the experiences dealing with a wide range of people opened up his mind to what the world had to offer. And with that Dan’s musical aspirations began to form and eventually launched into an independent Hip-Hop music endeavor. Dan took on the stage name Melodiq. Melodiq has been bringing flavorful Hip-Hop since 1994. Fusing Hip-Hop, Soul and Jazz has been at the forefront of Melodiq’s music, with influences from A Tribe Called Quest and Gangstarr paving the way for Melodiq to bring his style to the Hip-Hop community. Melodiq’s work rate is outstanding and over the years has built up a solid, soulful and consistent repertoire of material collaborating with producers, musicians and emcees worldwide. As long as there is Hip-Hop, Soul and Jazz in existence there will be Melodiq standing firm. Not participating in the political arena for most of his life it took the birth of his son to realize what was important to him. Conservatism would be the ideology that frame who he would be as a man going forward. With so much uncertainty going on in the world today Dan has taken on the task to reach the masses via every medium at his disposal. He hopes to continue to shine the light on Conservatism hoping to bring those out of the darkness.