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CBS’s Gayle King: Ilhan Omar and ‘The Squad’ 'Love This Country So Much’

Scarborough Suggests Trump Wants America to Be ‘Ethnically Cleansed’

Tucker Carlson reveals stunning new allegations on Rep. Ilhan Omar's 'bizarre' marital history

The HEAT with Dan Adams - 7/19/19

Rep. Al Green abruptly exits CNN interview after question about failed impeachment vote helping Trump

Warren Loses It After Defense Secretary Nominee Stands Up to Her

Forget Trump! Let's do what Obama said on IMMIGRATION!!!

The Left's Immigration HYPOCRISY

"Ocrazio Cortez refuses to condemn the Antifa attack on the Tacoma ICE center; refuses to say if her inflammatory comments about “concentration camps” radicalized the attacker."

"Will Ayanna Pressley condemn Antifa after their attempted attack on the Tacoma ICE detention center? Why are you scared to answer the question? Are they your voter base?"

Ocrazio, Ilhan and Talib held a HATE AMERICA IMPEACH TRUMP press conference. #BlahBlahBlah

Rep. Ilhan Omar Claims She Probably Loves America More Than Any Natural-Born Americans

If Sanctuary Cities Don't Want Them...

Decriminalizing ILLEGAL Border Crossings???

Tucker responds to ‘ungrateful’ Ilhan Omar’s demand for a boycott with a no-holds-barred throttling

Nancy Pelosi and Democrats Block Bill to Stop Infanticide For 69th Time, Refuse Care for Babies Born Alive

The Holocaust DIDN'T HAPPEN???
The HEAT with Dan Adams - 7/10/19

Joe Biden visiting a black church. Following the Democrat Handbook to the tee.

The Press LOVES Antifa...

The HEAT with Dan Adams - 7/9/19
The Census Question???

The HEAT with Dan Adams - 7/8/19
The Lesson of "FREE LUNCH"...

Hispanic Texans Shout Down Pro Migrant Democrats with Calls of "Liar" and "Traitor" During Presser

Trump jokingly warns Putin not to ‘meddle’ in 2020 election.
The Left is losing their damn minds!!! #ILoveIt

Raise Your Hand If You HATE America...
All 10 Democrat Candidates Support Giving Government Run Health Care To Illegal Immigrants

Jake Tapper asks Alexandria O'Casio Cortez if Obama's detention centers were concentration camps


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