Daniel Malice

Daniel Malice

One of the most difficult video games of all time.

Funny as hell. He puts on quite the show. He screams OW multiples then has a fake seizure. Then he complains he can't breath and his heart hurts.

His shirt says "I'm not Gay" so it must be true.

On July 6th, Jimenez was released posting his $5000 bond. He has since been fired from his part time job, banned from the Green Party, doxed, and ostracized.

Detectives are only charging him with felony theft. Strangely he's not being charged with assault on a minor. His address and phone number have been exposed online as well.

Bullying isn't acceptable on either side. Right or left, we need to respect everyones political stances. Every action has consequences. Let this be a lesson to the far left.

Constant rejection and low masculinity are leading to the creation of virgin killers that have never gotten laid from the opposite sex.

All the more reason to cancel. Is there a cultural revolution taking place right before our very eyes?
Is there an agenda to normalize pedophilia? You be the judge.

If you want to view the "Big Mouth" trailer from Netflix, click on the link below.

I called to get his side of the story. He denied it and claimed he was hacked.

[John Melendez] initially called the White House switchboard on 6/27/2018 while recording his podcast Wednesday and identified himself, but was unable to get through.

Melendez said he subsequently called the switchboard back, affecting an accent and claiming to be [Sen. Robert Menendez’s] assistant. The operator believed him and transferred him to a subordinate who told him that the president was unavailable because he was giving a speech at the time.

Melendez said he gave him his cell phone number, which had a Southern California prefix. When a White House operator noted how the information he provided did not match up with the information the White House had for the senator, Melendez explained it by saying that he was on vacation.

Somehow he got patched through to Jared Kushner on Air Force One, who arranged for Trump to call the number Melendez had provided. POTUS spent four minutes talking to who he thought was the Democratic senator from New Jersey. According to Axios, “White House staff members are freaking out today trying figure out how the podcast host was so easily transferred from the White House switchboard to Air Force One.”

No one cared for the children then, but they do now don't they?

The feud started with Jimmy mocking Cruz by calling him a blobfish. Cruz responded by challenging him to a game of basketball for charity and Jimmy accepted.

The Nemesis will always be remembered as one of the most recognizable and iconic villains in Biohazard/Resident Evil history.

Name of the song is called "Humans are such easy Prey by Perturbator"

Voice at the beginning of the video is from the movie, The Terminator (1984)

Third entry to the series using a character mod replacing Jill & Carlos with Tofu from Resident Evil 2 using a gameshark code. If you wish to try out the codes yourself, view below.

Enable Code (Must Be On-Version 1)
D018418C 023A
8018418E 1000

If version 1 of (M) code doesn't work the following codes below, try version 2.

Enable Code (Must Be On-Version 2)
D0184104 000A
80184106 1000

Infinite Health 800CCC90 00C8

Condition Fine 300CCC97 0004

Secret Mode 800D1F32 FFE0 (This code give you access to all the best weapons in the game with infinite ammo when you get to a chest)

Play as Tofu 800D1F86 000F

A historic first meeting. All things went very well. Ass clown Jim Acosta from CNN tried to sabotage the meeting by asking if they talked about Otto Warmbier while they were signing a deal.

All videos were compiled with the best quality footage. Unlike American networks that talk over each other, Asian networks stay quiet so that makes this video stand out as the best.

In my opinion, the best Zelda game of all time. The only Zelda game to date with a T for teen rating.

The View has the Donald by the balls now! And porn is free too!

The sixth entry to the series with everyones favorite monster, Pyramid Head.

The left has no consequences but the right will be severely punished when it comes to tv/social media.

A stealthy, creepy, yet interesting game.

With hormones raging and music blaring, these horny teens will have their party cut short...

While the teen patients spend a quiet night at the Pinehurst Clinic, Deborah rushes to save them from a gruesome fate.

The night has brought nothing but trouble at the Jarvis Residence. Kenny and Jenny will team up to go check and see just why the vacation house is DEAD quiet.

Cards have been drawn, clothes are coming off, and Chad is with another girl!

The smell of death is in the air tonight.

The car is dead and the power is out, something has to be wrong! Also, Chad once again forgot to fill the generator with gas, so Savini Jason must punish them all.

Strange things are happening at the Higgins Haven lodge. Screams, Power shutting down, and a mysterious smell of something burning....


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