5G technology is warfare against the people.

The truth is now allowed in the Mainstream Narrative Control Network.

Media narrative control and slander run rampant on Mainstream Media, what will they lie about next? Whose life will they destroy while concealing and protecting pedophiles?

Communists never changed the way they act, for it has been highly effective throughout the decades.

More peaceful behavior coming from the tolerant left.

The real fascists who call themselves "anti-fascists" attack again.

One day this speech will be illegal if things keep going the way they are.

The Islamic takeover of Europe is not an accident, but a design.

I suspect this video will be taken down from Youtube, so I'm posting it here.

Google's Youtube keeps removing this video, so here it is.

Youtube's purge might delete this in the future.

A short excerpt of a film documenting the participation of Jews in the crimes committed by the Soviet Union, this was removed from Youtube, so here it is.


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