The royalty free reference photo is at Unsplash. The photographer is Sunyu. If you want to try painting this at home, the link is https://unsplash.com/photos/RHoER-yNmn4

I call this painting, "One Simple Act of Kindness". This was the first cat I've ever painted. This was a fun way to practice and get more experience with watercolor. Now I'm not intimidated to paint more furry cats, well, not as much. (I'm still learning how to use watercolor).

For those who have trouble drawing or just want to get to the painting, you can transfer your image onto watercolor paper by printing out the image, taping it to a window and taping the watercolor paper over it, so the sun creates a natural lightbox. You can also use a lightbox, graphite paper, or in a dark room hold your paper over your tablet or computer monitor and trace the image.

I used 100% cotton paper, 140 lb cold press. I don't have a list of colors I use because when I paint a picture from a reference photo there is no information that tells me what colors to use. I pick a color or mix colors.

#watercolor #kitten #cat #love #hand #Turner_Watercolor_Artist_Paints #animals #tutorial #step_by_step #animals #baby_animals #kitty

A nice and easy practice project. Reference photo, for those wanting to paint at home, is at royalty free Unsplash. Photographer Wilfried Santer, link https://unsplash.com/photos/ntyvHRFuptw

I tend to paint a bit loose. I like to.

I think when people are self taught, they have tendencies to develop their own style faster, because nobody is teaching them another person's technique, to do things another way.

I used 100% cotton paper and Turner Artist Grade watercolor, which is extremely affordable, great quality, lightfast, and very pigmented. Jerry's Artarama sells it, dirt cheap. I get nothing for sharing that, other than maybe helping you find an extremely high quality watercolor tube paint at a very affordable price.

I only buy watercolor in tubes. I did when first starting because it's flexiable. You can paint straight from the tube or make your own custom palettes in any size. I like making my own palettes. I don't paint from the tube, but some do. If I'm going to pay for some decent watercolor paint, I want more options that come with it. I like making my own set ups.

#watercolor #glass #flowers #water #flora #jar #vase #still_life #leaves #watercolour #arches #lightfast

Reference pic for this is at royalty free Unsplash. Photographer is Neora Aylon, link is https://unsplash.com/photos/D1FnP7Ucudg

Don't let the detail scare you away from this one. It overwhelmed me but I loved the picture, so I had to go for it and not think myself out of doing this. If we think too much about it being more detailed than one palm tree, our brains will explode, so just think about the fun, the practice, and the more experience you will get in drawing this out or tracing it to get it on your paper.

If you'll notice, my dimensions are not perfect. My faces KIND OF resemble the ones in the photo, if you squint, lol.

We are brave watercolor warriors. We are not afraid of trying more detailed paintings and using that experience to get better at watercolor. Learn from errors and focus on things you did that you liked and got right. It's never a failed attempt. It's more experience and learning more from experience!

La imagen de referencia para esto está en Unsplash libre de regalías. El fotógrafo es Neora Aylon, el enlace es https://unsplash.com/photos/D1FnP7Ucudg

No dejes que el detalle te asuste lejos de este. Me abrumaba, pero me encantó la imagen, así que tuve que ir y no pensar en hacerlo. Si pensamos demasiado en que sea más detallado que una palmera, nuestros cerebros explotarán, así que solo piense en la diversión, la práctica y la mayor experiencia que obtendrá al dibujar esto o rastrearlo para ponerlo en su papel . Si te das cuenta, mis dimensiones no son perfectas. Mis caras TIPO DE se parecen a las de la foto, si entrecerras los ojos, jajaja. Somos valientes guerreros de la acuarela. No tenemos miedo de probar pinturas más detalladas y usar esa experiencia para mejorar en la acuarela. Aprende de los errores y concéntrate en las cosas que hiciste que te gustaron y acertaron.

Music provided by joshwoodward.com
and mixitkit.co,

#watercolor #tutorial #sky #people #clouds #airplane #skydiving #clouds #clothes #man #girl #parachute

Very first watercolor portrait attempt....I'm still learning watercolor. COME JOIN ME IN THE JOURNEY!!

I call this portrait, "Girl with No Pearl Earring". This was the first serious portrait I attempted, while still learning watercolor (or any form of art). I don't do practice runs for paintings I have done and loaded up. I'm learning as I go and sharing things I find helpful in case others learning watercolor find any of what I share useful.

My practice portrait did not turn out to look identical to the reference photo, but it was a very good first run, at least to me. It is a victory when we do not give up and trash the painting, but work past ugly stages, work past areas that make us feel as if we really suck and stink at watercolor, and just keep going until it starts looking right to us. Never give up, never give in.

Before I started my watercolor not that long ago, I never would have made half of the paintings I painted. Just simple things in my safe zone, taking weeks to complete. I want you to feel good about getting past your level of comfort and trying things you don't think you can do so that you can show yourself that you can do it or learn a lot from the process, making you more confident. I never know how I'm supposed to start any painting I do. I just take a deep breath, pick a spot and go for it.

#watercolor #portrait #girl #winsor newton #Turner_Artist_Paints #skin #person #face #hair #eyes #lips #face

The reference photo for this is at royalty free Unsplash, Photographer is Breanne Buchanoan https://unsplash.com/photos/Zv-q6C1Hjlk

I used 10" x 14" 100% cotton, cold press paper. I used some of my older Koi watercolor paint but any watercolor is perfectly fine. Painting makes me happy and I get ten thousand interruptions through out each painting I do, lol.

I call this painting, "Playing for Tips".

I have zero background, of any kind, in art. I've only recently began this journey. I do, however, have a genuine desire to learn how to watercolor paint. I'm still learning how to use watercolor paint. I'm discovering the best way to learn and get better is to just jump in and start painting. I stay away from super easy stuff because it's not challenging me. Who wants to always play in the kiddie pool? Not me. I want to learn.

Show yourself what you can do even if you don't think you can. I looked at this photo and said it was too hard for me. So, I knew I had to go for it and paint it, best as I could. I also liked the photo.

Gaining experience with a good reference photo has been very helpful to me. I have no guides to tell me what colors of paint to use so I mix my paint, experiment, and find out what works best for what I'm trying to paint.

We all have different paints, too, so it isn't that helpful to give colors from paint manufacturers not everyone has or can even afford. I will sometimes offer some colors I am using but it doesn't help those who don't have those brands or colors. I have also found out that mixing colors creates more colors. That's how I made my skin colors, using guess work the whole time.

Use scrap watercolor paper or the back of a painting to test a color on.

I use coupons and shop for sales when I buy my supplies. I have many times seen people make beautiful art with very inexpensive paint and inexpensive, cheaper brushes....paper, too.

I do suggest to paint with lightfast paint if you can afford it and want to try to sell your art. You need lightfast paint and acid free paper. Learning with items you hope to one day sell teaches you what you need to know about those products.

Here is a fun project for those still learning how to use watercolor. I call her "Ninja Woman - a tribute to the working woman".

You can pause the video at the beginning and trace over my image or scour the internet for a similar royalty free image. You can
also pause the video anytime you need to read the text on the video.

I used 100% cotton paper, cold press, 140 lbs.

I needed to do more practice with fabric folds. This helped me.

Royalty free background music https://mixkit.co/free-stock-music/

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Originally uploaded Dec 17, 2019

#watercolor #fashion #skin #human #figure #study #lingerie #form

Press pause on the video to read any content.

Go to Pexels or Unsplash website for royalty free images similar to this for you to draw or trace/transfer your image to your watercolor paper. ...... I used Canson XL, 140 lbs, cold press. (Blue pad cover on outside).

This is a great way to study and practice the human body art form, skin color mixing, making lace using watercolor, and fashion drawing in watercolor. This picture would make a nice card design for that special someone to give on a birthday, Valentine's Day, or for a romantic Christmas card. Maybe design your own lingerie. You can use your own color schemes for this project, too.

It's ok to use what you have. You don't have to have expensive paint and paper.

If you're not comfortable drawing and you just want to move into watercolor painting, one idea is for you to pause the video and trace over the image at the beginning of this video. I tried to make that beginning image slightly darker in case that helped. Turn off all of the lights to help see the image through the paper better. Once you have traced the image, if you need or want to, on thin printer paper or tracing paper, use carbon paper or scribble all over the back side of the paper so that pencil lead will behave like carbon. Place your drawing onto watercolor paper, tape it on. Redraw the image again. Maybe use a colored pencil to see where you haven't drawn. Carbon paper will transfer the image or those back side pencil scribbles to your watercolor paper. Do not press hard if you are tracing on a computer monitor. Do at your own risk. You don't want to damage your monitor.

There is nothing dirty or to be ashamed of with the human body clothed or fashion design. It's the same as if it was a bathing suit.

This video is an instructional video which falls under fair use pertaining to educational purposes

#watercolor #tutorial #easy #beginner #viper #snake #reptile

For the beginner who has trouble drawing I show an easy tracing method and a less boring way to explore different shades of green. This is not a lengthy detailed painting. It is a simple, quick method.
I used Arches Cold Press 140 lbs. It's often inexpensive at Jerry's Artarama website. I think the size of paper I used was 10 x 14 inches, something like that.

Here is the link to where the reference photo was found and the excellent photographer who took the photo, which was Diego Madrigal at Pexels website. https://www.pexels.com/photo/green-viper-2062314/
(If you don't see the snake image, just scroll down until you do.)

It's a great photo/image to practice watercolor. You'll discover different ways of painting it if you paint it more than once. Use different paper and paints and see the difference as you also better your skills through experience, trial, and error.

After you have painted this a couple of times on a small scale, exploring different ways to approach and complete this image, try doing it on a much larger scale. It's a good way to practice drawing with a less complicated image.

Fun fact: Take a cell phone photo of your painting as you paint it. View your painting on your phone. It often helps instantly see areas needing correction or attention to.

This video is an instructional video which falls under fair use pertaining to educational purposes.

Easy DIY custom watercolor journal craft and recycling. An easy and beautiful DIY way to not only make a custom watercolor journal but a great way to recycle. This gives very good protection to the paintings and paper inside of it. The pages are very easy to insert or remove. Once you do, just trim the edge with the holes in it and you can frame it, easily.

These homemade diy craft custom journals can easily fit in a backpack and travel well, but you can make them bigger. Depending on the outside paper or decor used for decorating the outside of it, a nice one can be made for a guy, too, or whatever design you want.

Print out some images from the internet if you want, Modge Podge them on.The watercolor paper easily removes from it or gets added to it. You can even use cool magazine pages or newspaper as an outside cover. Whatever you want. You can even photograph and use a printer to print out an image from a painting you made, or from several paintings you painted, scanned or photographed, then punched up in software and printed out the sizes you want them to be for decoration, Modge Podge over them. Make it as a gift for someone else or for yourself.

Fácil bricolaje personalizado diario de acuarela artesanía y reciclaje. Una manera fácil y hermosa de hacer bricolaje no solo para hacer un diario de acuarela personalizado, sino también para reciclar. Esto brinda una muy buena protección a las pinturas y al papel que contiene. Las páginas son muy fáciles de insertar o eliminar. Una vez que lo hagas, solo dispara el borde con los agujeros y puedes enmarcarlo fácilmente. Estos diarios personalizados hechos a mano pueden encajar fácilmente en una mochila y viajar bien, pero puedes hacerlos más grandes. Dependiendo del papel exterior o la decoración utilizada para decorar el exterior, también se puede hacer uno bonito para un chico o cualquier diseño que desee. Imprima algunas imágenes de Internet si lo desea. El papel se elimina fácilmente o se agrega. Esto toma poco tiempo para hacer. Incluso puede usar páginas geniales de revistas o periódicos como portada exterior. Lo que quieras. Incluso puede fotografiar y usar una impresora para imprimir una imagen de una pintura que hizo, o de varias pinturas, y Modge Podge también para la portada.

Background music bensound.com and mixitkit.co

Feb 14, 2020
I used 100% cotton paper and artist grade watercolor paint, because I got it on a super inexpensive opportunity.

I'm kind of a nerd who likes history, medieval stuff, and other things.

When I came across these Winged Hussar knights I thought they were really interesting. I hadn't known a lot about them or heard of them prior to that.

I feel comfortable now trying to paint things a bit more involved. I hope others still learning about watercolor step out of their comfort level and just go for it if they want to paint something they don't think they are good enough to paint.

While I know my Winged Hussar knight isn't as fancy as it could be, but for my skill level of somewhat new to watercolor and any form of art, this came out better than I thought it would Had I worried about if it would be perfect, I never would have tried to paint it.

I notice when I paint anything I really have my heart set on, it turns out better than I expected it to. For those of you still learning, just go for it and at least give it a try because even if it didn't go as planned, you can learn from your attempts, which make them valuable teaching tools and never failures.

There are several ways you can get your image onto your watercolor paper. One way is using a light box. Another is putting your watercolor paper over your tablet or computer monitor. Trace over the image. It's best when it's in a dark room.

Originally loaded on Youtube Nov 15, 2019

#watercolor #easel #DIY #tripod_trays

DIY super easy watercolor easel trays, used on camera tripods to easily make it a watercolor plein air easel....EASY and DIRT CHEAP! Using a camera tripod, which can be under $20, means the top area (where the camera normally would go) can pivot, swivel and move to tilt and angle your painting however you want, unless you paint on the tray tables. You can paint on the tray tables or the top backboard. You can lower the tripod so you can sit and paint, or raise the tripod to stand and paint. It's so lightweight you can easily move it inside, outside, different rooms, etc.

How I make inexpensive, dirt cheap watercolor easel tripod trays for watercolor painting, when using a watercolor easel made from a regular camera tripod. I show you how using wood, coroplast, (and durable cardboard). Coroplast is durable and light weight, as well as super inexpensive. Just a few dollars and no power tools needed to cut coroplast (and cardboard). Make your own. In part 2 video, making the top part mount is explained, the "drawing board" or "tilt board"...the place you put your paper and paint on, but you can do that on the tray, too. It all folds up compact and can fit in a small carry-on suitcase. Set that baby up in your hotel, vacation home, a corner at your relatives or friends if you visit them. Super easy. Here is how you make the top part

Here I show you how I made an additional add-on brush holder for the tripod table tray. This particular example is only with coroplast. Coroplast is strong enough, way more inexpensive, and easy to cut. No power tools needed.
Watercolor Tripod Easel Brush Holder Add-On

My Youtube channel, linked with Bitchute, also has my videos loaded up, but, Youtube has turned in to a hugely dishonest propaganda promoting tube...it's become a bizarre far left wing political tool. It also has a lot of negative secret practices. Youtube is dishonest with subscribers, views, ghosting people, burying videos, etc, So, I'm enjoying transitioning to BitChute.

napakadaling mga tray ng easel ng watercolor, ginamit sa mga tripod ng camera upang madaling gawin itong isang easyel ng watercolor ... maaari silang mag-pivot, swivel at ikiling ang anumang anggulo para sa iyong pagpipinta. Maaari kang magpinta sa mga talahanayan ng tray o sa tuktok na backboard. Maaari mong bawasan ang tripod upang maaari kang umupo at magpinta, o itaas ang tripod upang tumayo at magpinta. Magaan ang timbang mong madali kang lumipat sa loob, sa labas, iba't ibang mga silid, atbp.

bandejas de caballete de acuarela súper fáciles, utilizadas en trípodes de cámara para convertirlo fácilmente en un caballete de acuarela ... pueden girar, girar e inclinar cualquier ángulo para su pintura. Puede pintar en las mesas de la bandeja o en el tablero superior. Puede bajar el trípode para que pueda sentarse y pintar, o levantar el trípode para que se pare y pinte. Es liviano, puede moverse fácilmente dentro, fuera, diferentes habitaciones, etc.

This video is an instructional video which falls under fair use pertaining to educational purposes. Any of the watercolor paintings I have shown were for demonstration purposes pertaining to the content topic of this video and fall into fair use. Said shown watercolor paintings, all of which are still in incomplete stages, have been painted solely for personal and educational use

This is a royalty free image at the royalty free photos website at Unsplash. The photographer is Elizeu Dias.

The link to this inspirational reference photo, which I gave my own interpretation of and altered, is https://unsplash.com/photos/y9MsYXhWeDU

This is a fun and easy project to practice watercolor with. I start off using light layers and build up to the rich colors.

I like to paint a bit loose. I used 100% cotton paper, 10" x 14", cold press.

Some background music provided by bensound.com, I think. By the time this video loaded, after several attempts, it was all a blur.

#watercolor #skates #girl #skater_girl #rollerskating #California #summer #fun #pretty #skin #lake #ocean #beach #outdoors #roller_skates

Originally uploaded Feb 19, 2020

Watercolor demonstration tutorial for distant watercolor people and pigs in the Caribbean. For semi beginner. Not hard. This was my first time making distant watercolor people and for painting a pig. My battery died while I drew my second pig and I didn't notice. Sorry about that. Good EASY lesson for distant people. Exuma swimming pigs of the Bahamas.

دور آبی رنگت کے لوگوں کے ل Water ، اور کیریبین میں سواروں کے لئے واٹر کلر مظاہرے کا سبق۔ نیم ابتدائی کے لئے. مشکل نہیں یہ میرا پہلا موقع تھا جب دور دراز رنگین لوگوں کو بنایا گیا تھا اور سور کو رنگنے کے لئے تھا۔ میں نے اپنا دوسرا سور کھینچتے ہوئے میری بیٹری کی موت ہوگئی اور میں نے نوٹ نہیں کیا۔ اس کے لئے معذرت. دور دراز لوگوں کے لئے آسان آسان سبق۔

Samouczek demonstracji akwareli dla odległych akwareli i świń na Karaibach. Dla pół-początkujących. Nietrudny. To był mój pierwszy raz, gdy tworzyłem odległe akwarele i malowałem świnię. Moja bateria wyczerpała się, kiedy narysowałem moją drugą świnię i nie zauważyłem. Przepraszam za to. Dobra ŁATWA lekcja dla odległych ludzi.

Tutorial de demostración de acuarela para personas lejanas de acuarela y cerdos en el Caribe. Para semi principiantes. No dificil. Esta fue mi primera vez haciendo personas lejanas con acuarelas y pintando un cerdo. Se me agotó la batería mientras dibujaba mi segundo cerdo y no me di cuenta. Lo siento por eso. Buena lección fácil para personas distantes.

Εκπαιδευτικό πρόγραμμα επίδειξης ακουαρέλας για μακρινούς ανθρώπους ακουαρέλας και χοίρους στην Καραϊβική. Για ημιάρχης. Οχι δύσκολο. Αυτή ήταν η πρώτη μου φορά που έκανα μακρινούς ανθρώπους ακουαρέλας και ζωγράφιζα χοίρο. Η μπαταρία μου πέθανε ενώ έσυνα το δεύτερο μου χοίρο και δεν το προσέξω. Συγνώμη για αυτό. Καλό μάθημα EASY για μακρινά άτομα.

הדרכת הדגמת צבעי מים לאנשים בצבעי מים רחוקים, וחזירים בקריביים. למתחילים למחצה. לא קשה. זו הייתה הפעם הראשונה שלי שהכנתי אנשים בצבעי מים מרוחקים ולצביעת חזיר. הסוללה שלי נפטרה כשציירתי את החזיר השני שלי ולא שמתי לב. מצטער על זה. שיעור קל מאוד לאנשים רחוקים.

I think some music in this video is from bensound.com. Not sure. It's all a blur from trying to load this video several times.

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This is for people still learning watercolor. It is a really nice nature backpacking scene. I also love backpacking so this was fun for me, too. Below is the link to the same royalty free image I used as a reference photo. If you are not good at drawing and you just want to start painting, put your paper over your computer monitor and trace the image or trace some parts of it and use as guidelines. The website is "Unsplash", the photographer is S&B Vonlanthen, here's the link:


Since we all have different paint I just looked for the colors I had that best matched each object I painted. I mixed some colors, too.

I used Canson XL inexpensive watercolor paper because it has been sitting in my closet for about 8 months. Other people use it because it is inexpensive and many people don't want to invest a lot of money into watercolor supplies if they are still learning or because they are on a budget. Don't feel bad about the paper you have on hand if it's not expensive 100% cotton. If you decide you like watercolor painting I would save up for 100% cotton paper and look for it on sale or to buy with coupons.

Ito ay para sa mga taong natututo pa rin ng watercolor. Ito ay isang napakagandang likas na backpacking scene. Mahilig din ako sa backpacking kaya masaya din ito para sa akin. Nasa ibaba ang link sa parehong imaheng malayang royalty na ginamit ko bilang isang photo na sanggunian. Kung hindi ka mahusay sa pagguhit at gusto mo lamang simulan ang pagpipinta, ilagay ang iyong papel sa monitor ng iyong computer at bakas ang imahe o bakas ang ilang mga bahagi nito at gamitin bilang mga patnubay. Ang website ay "Unsplash", ang litratista ay S&B Vonlanthen, narito ang link:

Dahil lahat tayo ay may iba't ibang pintura ay hinanap ko lang ang mga kulay na mayroon ako na pinakamahusay na tumutugma sa bawat bagay na aking ipininta. Naghahalo rin ako ng ilang mga kulay.

Esto es para personas que todavía están aprendiendo acuarela. Es una escena muy agradable para mochileros en la naturaleza. También me encanta ir de mochilero, así que esto también fue divertido para mí. A continuación se muestra el enlace a la misma imagen libre de regalías que utilicé como foto de referencia. Si no eres bueno para dibujar y solo quieres comenzar a pintar, coloca el papel sobre el monitor de tu computadora y traza la imagen o traza algunas partes de ella y úsala como guía. El sitio web es "Unsplash", el fotógrafo es S&B Vonlanthen, aquí está el enlace:

Como todos tenemos pintura diferente, solo busqué los colores que mejor combinaban con cada objeto que pintaba. También mezclé algunos colores.

#watercolor #tutorial #Easy #nature #backpacking #CansonXL #acuarela
#Aquarell #acquerello #आबरंग #জল রং #akwarela

Jan 18, 2020

Get link with reference photo below! This is a very nice and EASY tutorial for those beginning with watercolor. I used Canson XL cold press 140 lb paper for this. I started off using Canson before moving over to Arches. Canson gets a bad wrap but it can still make some great paintings on it. I get nothing from Canson, or anyone else, for sharing that. Watercolor Surfer Girl Tutorial EASY Step by Step

Here is the royalty free photo I used as a reference photo from Unsplash website. The photographer is Filipp Nekhaev https://unsplash.com/photos/Ycnt8BKlMtY

A reference photo helps you paint so much better, giving you so much detail to add to your painting. Here you will practice more sky, sand, water, skin, shading, shadows, highlights, etc...this is an enjoyable way to practice with watercolor, with a purpose.

There are several ways you can transfer this onto your watercolor paper if drawing is challenging for you. One way is to print the image out the image, tape it to the window, tape your watercolor paper over that and trace it from the natural sunlight.

Another way is to either use an actual light box or make one putting a light or lamp under a glass coffee table if you have one, tracing over that.

One more way is to pull up the image on your computer screen or tablet, put your watercolor paper over that and trace is. If you tape your watercolor paper to your computer monitor, don't press hard that you'll puncture your screen.

#watercolor #tutorial #artsupplies #surfergirl #surfer #girl #beach #sky #acuarela #playa

Just pause the video if you need more time to read anything.

It was the first dog I painted but for some reason my brain was having so much trouble with one particular eye and part of the mouth on the same side. It just wasn't looking right to me no matter how much I kept making tiny adjustments.

The eye area was beginning to get ruined. So, I decided I'm not going to throw it away. I'm going to walk away. Several hours later I returned. My brain was fresh to observe once again. I also took a cell phone photo of the dog and immediately I could tell where the problems were from looking at the cell phone photo, but not so much with my naked eye.

I'm glad I didn't give up and throw it away because twice I almost cut this up to use the back for watercolor scrap paper. No matter how it turned out I decided to push through and complete it.

I ended up having to make the better eye a bit darker than intended to better match the funky eye that I eventually corrected. These are valuable art lessons we can really learn from. Finish your painting no matter how much you hate it and learn from that. Don't be so fast to quit. Be determined to identify a problem area. This dog was taken from a photo that one of our son's friend's sent me to paint. I figured if I can do this, I'll be ready to paint some of our family dogs.

Background music:
"The Mission" by Josh Woodward at
https://www.joshwoodward.com, free download
"Once Tomorrow" by Josh Woodward at
https://www.joshwoodward.com, free download

#watercolor #animalrescue #pitbull #dog #tutorial #artlesson #dontquit

Originally uploaded at Propaganda-Tube Feb 4, 2020

This is an easy project for beginners still finding their way around watercolor painting. You can get the royalty free reference photo at Unsplash. The photographer is Alexey Savchenko and the link is here:

Este es un proyecto fácil para principiantes que todavía encuentran su camino en la pintura de acuarela. Puede obtener la foto de referencia libre de regalías en Unsplash. El fotógrafo es Alexey Savchenko y el enlace está aquí:

Αυτό είναι ένα εύκολο έργο για αρχάριους που βρίσκουν ακόμα το δρόμο τους γύρω από την ζωγραφική με ακουαρέλες. Μπορείτε να πάρετε τη δωρεάν φωτογραφία αναφοράς στο Unsplash. Ο φωτογράφος είναι ο Alexey Savchenko και ο σύνδεσμος είναι εδώ:

यह शुरुआती लोगों के लिए एक आसान परियोजना है जो अभी भी वॉटरकलर पेंटिंग के आसपास अपना रास्ता तलाश रहे हैं। आप Unsplash में रॉयल्टी मुक्त संदर्भ फोटो प्राप्त कर सकते हैं। फोटोग्राफर एलेक्सी सैवचेंको और लिंक यहाँ है:

এটি এখনও জলরঙের চিত্রের চারপাশে তাদের পথ সন্ধানকারীদের জন্য সহজ প্রকল্প। আপনি আনস্প্ল্যাশে রয়্যালটি ফ্রি রেফারেন্স ফটো পেতে পারেন। ফটোগ্রাফার হলেন আলেক্সি সাভচেঙ্কো এবং লিঙ্কটি এখানে রয়েছে:

Đây là một dự án dễ dàng cho người mới bắt đầu vẫn tìm thấy xung quanh bức tranh màu nước. Bạn có thể có được hình ảnh tham khảo miễn phí tiền bản quyền tại Bapt. Nhiếp ảnh gia là Alexey Savchenko và liên kết ở đây:

Ito ay isang madaling proyekto para sa mga nagsisimula pa rin ang paghahanap ng kanilang paraan sa paligid ng pagpipinta ng watercolor. Maaari kang makakuha ng larawan ng royalty libreng sanggunian sa Unsplash. Ang litratista ay si Alexey Savchenko at ang link ay narito:

Both background tracks were:
Memorized No Vox by Josh Woodward. Free download: http://joshwoodward.com/
Learn To Fly by Josh Woodward, free download at https://www.joshwoodward.com/

#watercolor #motorcycle #beginner #tutorial #artsupplies #diy

This is a pretty easy watercolor tutorial of a love lock. It's perfect for Valentine's Day or any day. Here is a royalty free image I got my inspiration from that you can use for your inspiration. Pixalbay is a royalty free image site. https://pixabay.com/photos/heart-cast...
This image was uploaded by pixalcreatures .

Here is more information from Wikipedia about Love Locks for those not too familiar with them.


If you have trouble with drawing just trace it. You can put your watercolor paper up to the monitor in a dark room, do so at your own risk, maybe turn the image sideways in your computer photo viewer, or just try to draw it freehand to practice.

یہ ایک پیار لاک کا ایک خوبصورت آسان واٹر کلر سبق ہے۔ یہ ویلنٹائن ڈے یا کسی بھی دن کے لئے بہترین ہے۔ یہاں ایک رائلٹی فری امیج ہے جس سے مجھے اپنی الہام ہوا جس سے آپ اپنے پریرتا کے لئے استعمال کرسکتے ہیں۔ پکسال بے ایک رائلٹی فری امیج سائٹ ہے۔ https: //pixabay.com/photos/heart-cast ...
یہ تصویر pixalcreatures کے ذریعے اپ لوڈ کی گئی تھی۔

یہاں ویکیپیڈیا سے جن لوگوں سے زیادہ واقف نہیں ہیں ان کے لئے لاک لاکس کے بارے میں مزید معلومات دستیاب ہیں۔


اگر آپ کو ڈرائنگ کرنے میں پریشانی ہے تو صرف اس کا سراغ لگائیں۔ آپ اپنے پانی کے رنگ کے کاغذ کو اندھیرے والے کمرے میں مانیٹر تک رکھ سکتے ہیں ، اپنے ہی جوکھم پر ایسا کرسکتے ہیں ، ہوسکتا ہے کہ تصویر کو اپنے کمپیوٹر فوٹو ویوور میں سیدھے راستے سے موڑ دیں ، یا اسے مشق کرنے کے لئے آزادانہ طور پر کھینچنے کی کوشش کریں۔

זהו מדריך די צבעוני מים קל למדי למנעול אהבה. זה מושלם ליום האהבה או לכל יום. הנה תמונה ללא תמלוגים שקיבלתי מההשראה שלי שתוכל להשתמש בה לצורך ההשראה שלך. Pixalbay הוא אתר תמונות ללא תמלוגים. https: //pixabay.com/photos/heart-cast ...
תמונה זו הועלתה על ידי pixalcreatures.

להלן מידע נוסף מוויקיפדיה על מנעולי אהבה למי שלא מכיר אותם יותר מדי.


אם אתה מתקשה לשרטט פשוט עקוב אחר זה. אתה יכול להניח את נייר צבעי המים שלך לצג בחדר חשוך, לעשות זאת על אחריותך האישית, אולי להפוך את התמונה הצידה בצופה התמונות במחשב שלך, או פשוט לנסות לצייר אותה ביד חופשית לתרגול.

Este es un tutorial de acuarela bastante fácil de un candado de amor. Es perfecto para el día de San Valentín o cualquier día. Aquí hay una imagen libre de regalías de la que me inspiré y que puedes usar como inspiración. Pixalbay es un sitio de imágenes libres de derechos. https: //pixabay.com/photos/heart-cast ...
Esta imagen fue subida por pixalcreatures.

Aquí hay más información de Wikipedia sobre Love Locks para aquellos que no están familiarizados con ellos.


Si tiene problemas con el dibujo, simplemente rastrearlo. Puedes poner tu papel de acuarela en el monitor en una habitación oscura, hacerlo bajo tu propio riesgo, tal vez girar la imagen de lado en el visor de fotos de tu computadora, o simplemente tratar de dibujarlo a mano alzada para practicar.

#watercolor #watercolour #tutorial #lovelock #stepbystep

This is one way I've made a watercolor palette when I didn't have one on hand, my other 3 were already used and I didn't have any pans or half pans to spare. This worked out just fine for me. Maybe it will be helpful to others. Why do we always have to rush to buy or shop online if we need something? We can be creative, save some money, and try to make what we need with what we have on hand. Save some money and use it for more paint, more paper, or better brushes.

I purchased that shown Artist Quality Lightfast Winsor Newton watercolor tube paint directly from the factory in China, a year before the COVID tragedy. Since then, I'll be honest, at this time, I don't feel comfortable buying from China, using Ali Express. Others might and that's perfectly fine, but I don't really know the fullness of the what and why with this COVID situation. Most people don't either. It's all a shame because in the artist community, it had been a way to get massively inexpensive art supplies of supreme quality, the same kind sold in the USA for sometimes 5 times higher prices.

I know it says "Cotman" at the top of the color chart, but I wrote it and made the color chart before actually getting the paint and realizing it wasn't "Cotman". I've since painted over that word with white gouache....but it was for my use and I knew what it was and wasn't confused.

Sometimes we see cool containers, candy tins, a small metal tin, cigar box, etc., laying around, someone was going to throw it away, or at a thrift shop that would be a very cool paint container or paint palette, tiny, big, or much smaller. They do not always have the white surface to mix paint on. This will easily solve that problem and make it a white smooth mixing surface. If your surface is transparent, just spray the underside or slip a white piece of paper under it.

A veces vemos contenedores geniales, latas de dulces, una lata de metal pequeña, una caja de cigarros, etc., por ahí, alguien la tiraría a la basura, o en una tienda de segunda mano que sería un contenedor de pintura muy fresco o una paleta de pintura, pequeña, grande o más pequeño. No siempre tienen la superficie blanca para mezclar la pintura. Esto resolverá fácilmente ese problema y lo convertirá en una superficie de mezcla suave y blanca. Si su superficie es transparente, simplemente rocíe la parte inferior o deslice un trozo de papel blanco debajo de ella.

Иногда мы видим прохладные контейнеры, банки с конфетами, маленькую металлическую банку, сигарную коробку и т. Д., Лежащие вокруг, кто-то собирался выбросить их, или в комиссионном магазине, который был бы очень прохладным контейнером с краской или палитрой краски, крошечной, большой или меньше. Они не всегда имеют белую поверхность для смешивания краски. Это легко решит эту проблему и сделает поверхность гладкой белой. Если ваша поверхность прозрачная, просто распылите нижнюю сторону или суньте под нее белый лист бумаги.

Někdy vidíme chladné kontejnery, cukrovinky, malou kovovou plechovku, krabičku na cigarety atd., Jak se kolem sebe schovávají, někdo to hodí pryč, nebo v obchodě, který by byl velmi chladnou nádobou na barvy nebo paletou barev, maličký, velký nebo menší. Ne vždy mají bílý povrch, na kterém smíchají barvy. Tím se tento problém snadno vyřeší a vytvoří z něj bílý hladký míchací povrch. Pokud je váš povrch průhledný, stačí nasprejovat spodní stranu nebo na něj zasunout bílý kus papíru.

때때로 우리는 시원한 용기, 사탕 통, 작은 금속 주석, 시가 상자 등이 놓여 있거나 누군가가 그것을 버릴 예정이거나 아주 멋진 페인트 용기 또는 페인트 팔레트가 될만한 중고품 가게에서 크거나 작습니다. 페인트를 혼합하기 위해 항상 흰색 표면이있는 것은 아닙니다. 이렇게하면 문제를 쉽게 해결할 수 있고 흰색의 부드러운 혼합 표면이됩니다. 표면이 투명하면 밑면에 물을 뿌리거나 그 아래에 흰 종이 조각을 넣으십시오.

Czasami widzimy fajne pojemniki, puszki ze słodyczami, małą metalową puszkę, pudełko na cygaro itp., Leżące wokół, ktoś zamierzał je wyrzucić lub w sklepie z używkami, który byłby bardzo fajnym pojemnikiem na farbę lub paletą farb, malutkim, duży lub mniejszy. Nie zawsze mają białą powierzchnię do mieszania farby. To z łatwością rozwiąże ten problem i sprawi, że będzie to biała gładka powierzchnia mieszania. Jeśli twoja powierzchnia jest przezroczysta, po prostu spryskaj spód lub wsuń pod nią biały kawałek papieru.

In a prior video I uploaded, I show you how I make a very useful, lightweight watercolor easels out of a camera tripod, not needing power tools for one of my ways. Inexpensive and easy to makehttps://www.bitchute.com/video/Txb4XIVyk3j1/

and the top part:

In this video I show how I attached a brush holder, also made of coroplast and simply poking small or slightly larger holes in it, carefully with a pair of scissors on top of cardboard so you don't cut yourself, for various sizes of brushes. Once a hole is poked in the coroplast, I take brushes of various sizes to enlarge the holes with for some of them. In the front of it, I want small holes. I hope some of you find this useful.

En un video anterior que cargué, te muestro cómo hago un trípode de cámara muy útil y ligero con un trípode de acuarela, sin necesidad de herramientas eléctricas para una de mis formas. Barato y fácil de hacer. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ohkBy...

En este video muestro cómo adjunté un portaescobillas, también hecho de coroplasto y simplemente haciendo agujeros pequeños o ligeramente más grandes, cuidadosamente con un par de tijeras en la parte superior de cartón para que no te cortes, para varios tamaños de cepillos . Una vez que se hace un agujero en el coroplasto, tomo cepillos de varios tamaños para agrandar los agujeros con algunos de ellos. Delante, quiero pequeños agujeros. Espero que algunos de ustedes encuentren esto útil.

DIY watercolor easel tripod drawing board, backboard mount, easy. My other video shows how to easily make the watercolor easel trays, 3 ways. In this video I show you how to make the top part, the drawing board mount that you can also remove to use alone on a table or desk, tilting it easily when needed for water or paint flow, with or without the watercolor easel tripod.

Here is how I make my watercolor easel tripod table trays

and an ad on brush holder:

In my part 1 video, I show how to make the watercolor easel trays, tripod trays, two easy ways, I explain about buying a sheet of coroplast and how inexpensive it is. You just need scissors to cut coroplast, not a power tool but if you have a power tool, I show you how to make one out of wood.

#watercolor #tripod #easel #DIY

This video is an instructional video which falls under fair use pertaining to educational purposes. Any of the watercolor paintings I have shown were for demonstration purposes pertaining to the content topic of this video and fall into fair use. Said shown watercolor paintings, all of which are still in incomplete stages, have been painted solely for personal and educational use.


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Hello BitChuters!! Most ppl call me "Ella". I love art, creativity, and making things. Watercolor is my fave medium, somewhat new to it.

Art is healing and positive therapy for stress, PTSD, depression, injuries, or anxiety. Feel free to share links to my videos, but plz respect my content. My videos are copyright protected & fully owned by me. Please do not upload them elsewhere. Thank you for being respectful to my little videos I take the time to make and share in case it might be helpful.

I decided to migrate from Youtube due to out of control censorship, the targeting of YT accounts simply for having opposing political views, for *promoting* proven fake news & proven fake news about COVID-19, for being infested with numerous outed Epstein celebrity pedophiles, along with dishonesty with how Youtube is ran and criminal activity, specifically targeting the exploitation of little children, Youtube has taken part in and found legally guilty of. So, I'm ok with BitChute not censoring. I know Bitchute has some glitches as it grows, but it is interesting and more peaceful.

"Google (also owns Youtube) Controlling Your Mind": https://www.bitchute.com/video/6BvLCTaQRnUk/

With so many Youtube created (not naturally) "influcencers", its software & staff preventing many Youtuber's from growing, and those desperate to make a career income on Youtube while many no longer do, it's cultivating a questionable atmosphere: https://www.newstatesman.com/science-tech/internet/2016/08/why-youtubers-are-perfect-tools-propaganda and Youtube allowing fraud for Youtube https://nymag.com/intelligencer/2018/06/what-happened-at-tanacon.html

Sometimes I enjoy reading comments on political or current event videos. Forget about finding anything real on YT comments of those subjects. Plus, look how they make Youtubers fetch, like a dog, with Youtube's crazy requirement to upload videos frequently. It's degrading and a tool to keep a person unnecessarily glued to Youtube, often away from family & friend activities (to make/produce videos), and away from healthier activities unrelated to the internet.

At BitChute everyone has a voice. Youtube deletes comments often correcting dishonesty they promote. Youtube promotes/protects the Hollywood machine connected with pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. Recently proven by Fox News, Youtube & Facebook take orders from Democrat Adam Schiff. http://www.thenetspies.com/usnews/l-a-times-adam-schiffs-gay-lover-makes-claims-of-abuse/ and some of the company Adam Schiff keeps: http://stateofthenation2012.com/?p=132276 and https://www.latimes.com/california/story/2019-09-19/source-ed-buck-to-face-federal-drug-charges-after-deaths-of-men-at-his-west-hollywood-home Susan Wojicicki, CEO of YT, who takes orders from Adam Schiff, her sister, Anne, co-founded the DNA harvesting company 23andMe.

Even more terrifying, if true, Youtube (and FB) is dangerous, allowing what sounds like a dangerous Youtuber, his channel still on YT, bringing harm to a journalist and his family---near bottom of story. https://timothycharlesholmseth.com/obamagate-explodes-as-ukraine-baby-sales-are-confirmed-hillary-epstein-serial-killer/ No "violating terms of Service"? Isaac Kappy trusted this journalist: https://www.bitchute.com/video/o0T2fcxLZMQF/

Youtube has locked ppl out of their YT, gmail and Google pay, all at once, because everything is tied into one Google account. Some who have shown support for Pres Trump have been completely locked out of all of their accounts, parts of it, or had videos deleted, with YT giving no reason other than "violating terms of service".

Searching on BitChute is non-traditional but the person at BitChute channel "Project Life Command" took the time to make this helpful "Search Tips" video. https://www.bitchute.com/video/7ViNy9OPNUAa/

Places for free bg video music, to the best of my knowledge:

If I've used music from Youtube Audio Library, I've changed it to different royalty free music in videos I upload here. YT might claim copyright issues using their audio library, and some free music Youtubers offer on YT are only to be used on YT. To save possible headaches, no YT background music is used on videos I upload here.

Wish list for BitChute:
Allow personalizing a person's home page, at least with a banner
Allow 6 hashtags, not only 3 (for searches)
Get rid of or fix "Transfer your videos from Youtube that are already at Youtube" It doesn't work.
An official BitChute Channel easy to find for updates from BitChute CEO Ray Vahey, even if using Podcasts
Podcast interview Feb 2020 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vobuJKOt7iw about Youtubers leaving YT.
The color scheme is ugly. Too much gray!