listen very carefully

If you have been affected by sissy hypnosis, speak up. Nobody wants people thinking bad of them but here I am telling you that I used to hump a pillow. Speak up and don't give a fuck what people think about ya

Once you have been addicted to sissy porn and feminized yourself you will then be abducted and pimped out like the girl in the Taken movie. Once the spirit has been banged out of you completely and you are nothing but a piece of meat you will be chopped up and sold as a burger in Mcdonalds. https://youtu.be/TPrcZnw77KM
Sissy hypno, sissy porn, bbc porn, all hypnosis porn is designed to program you with the worst type of suggestions imaginable which will then create your reality, but the reality you will create will be your own personal hell. Once you have been feminized and fucked by thousands of men your body will be got rid of in fast food restaurants. This has been reported on mainstream media SEVERAL times in the past few years that people are being sold as meat, so question! Where are they getting the bodies from?

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Is this or is not a case for anti-Semitism. There are LOTS of YouTube videos of mainstream news outlets like MSNBC FOX etc. that are reporting human meat being sold in fast food restaurants like Mcdonalds.

Solfeggio Frequencies will clean the mind, repair DNA and heal ailments. I'm not going to say they are a cure for cancer but you get the point. They are known as the tones of creations. Listen to as much of 432hz music as humanly possible and before you know it you feel better and everything in love begins to magically improve. Quit porn completely. You are responsible for your own programming.
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Heaven on Earth Catwalk is a clear depiction of sex slavery placed right in your face. Every "woman" on that catwalk is a man and in my opinion is an MK Ultra programmed sissy porn victim. My guess is they have been feminized through the porn, then traumatized and properly programmed through the trauma based mind control program, turned into mindless robotic sex slaves and are being sold on the catwalk to the highest bidders to be pimped out. Unless sissy porn watchers start speaking up about the porn, actually placing them selves online and telling the world what is going on then they are going to end up on the catwalk without a cock. If you are watching that porn it's time to use your bollocks and speak up or else you're gonna lose your balls and your voice.

Whist singing to 'How deep is your love' you are asking to be turned into a woman. To understand the lyrics "open up my eyes show me who I am let me in on all your secrets" you can watch part 2 of The Black Veil series called Bimbo's Initiation and then watch part 10 called 'One eye covered meaning.' At the beginning of this calvin harris song she wakes up on the operating table as a woman. The music is programming you with femininity, it's planting the seed of a captivating idea and the sissy porn, hypnosis porn, bbc porn, bbc hypno etc. is mk ultra for the public to REALLY program their selves and want to be a woman. Once you have been programmed enough you will be off for a trip to the sissy farm where you will turned into a sex slave and sold to perverts to sexually abuse and pimp you out. Then you will be killed and sold in fast food restaurants as a kebab. You are becoming a victim of human trafficking and sold in to sex slavery.

This song is a conversation between his masculine and feminine side, It's another programming tool that has lead you to hypno porn, feminization, bimbo programming etc. This is another example of neuro linguistic programming being used on the masses to install ideas of transgenderism and plant the seed. Wake up quickly! I love you

Undrworld - Born Slippy is yet more programming to install ideas of transgenderism. Using neuro linguistic techniques such as bypassing the critical factor with specific language patterns you have been given the idea of being a lipstick wearing boy. This subconscious programming has been used to lead unsuspecting men to sissy porn, forced feminization, BBC hypno etc.

This problem is because of the reptilians. If you are not yet aware of the reptilians that THINK they are controlling earth, go do some research on them. This is not the end of the Black Veil series.
Seen as I couldn't upload the original version of this episode with movie and music clips due to copyright claims, I have re-recorded it with less information, but when I have better internet I will be uploading the better version on DTUBE, which is a decentralized YouTube, meaning they cannot block me for copyright claims.

I just died in your arms tonight by Cuttin Crew use to say "Rock, I just died in your arms" and now it doesn't say rock. Jay z did a cover of the song because his record label is rockafella, even that version has now changed from "rock I just died in your arms tonight" to "Oh, I, just died in your arms."

This shows you how a copyright claim is being made on my video for using 2 minutes of the movie revolver and I'm being blocked in 242 countries, but other people upload the exact same clip, more of it, and do NOT follow fair use policy, but are allowed to broadcast worldwide. Don't you think I have a legal case here?

Part of my Black Veil series involving clips from Revolver has been blocked in 242 countries. This is it remade and better explained. Thanks for subscribing & liking

The sad thing is that invasions of privacy, polygamy, cuckoldry, group sex, three way sex etc. has become so common, even if only in our minds, that we are so accepting of this that we don't even notice all the sexual concepts being used to sell us a pack of fucking chocolates.

This video looks at Paparazzi and Telephone ft. Beyoncé. Look how many times dead people are shown to you in Lady Gaga Music videos. I also show you an internet personality called ThatPoppy, who is an actual real life android. The Gaga video's, and also that poppy are suicide programming. They are installing ideas into the minds of you and your children that you should kill yourself. This is another example of NLP being used to destroy society.

All we have heard for quite some time in the UK is 'Brexit.' When people were asked to vote for whether we should remain in the EU or not, people voted to leave. The government didn't like that answer so said, "vote again!" Everybody voted to leave again. Now, had they called it 'Britain Stay In The EU' and abbreviated it to 'Bray,' the outcome may have been different, but 50 times daily in the newspaper and on the news in the UK, every time Brexit was mentioned, the message that people received was 'Exit.' *Brexit Brexit Brexit, Exit Exit Exit!*

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Taking the red pill is taking the left-hand path, plain and simple. Believe it or not the actual pill scene is also installing ideas of transgenderism, it is also a form of transgender programming. The same type of programming can be seen in the movie Inception, where Tom Hardy plays a female role while in a dream.

This an example of NLP in the movies. They are making you think that the pill to choose is the red pill when in fact the right choice is the blue pill. If you want to be technical, don't take any pills from strangers, even if Katy Perry is singing "I know you ain't afraid to pop pills," goading you into it.
In the scene just as Morpheus and Neo meet, Morpheus says "I imagine you're feeling a bit like Alice, tumbling down the rabbit hole" Neo replies, "You could say that." That has now placed him in the mind set of being a female. When Morpheus then says "you take the red pill, you stay in wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes," Neo now affirms to the universe that he is Alice and that he is going to stay in wonderland.

I meant talk about the earth being flat but ended up by going off on a rant about everything but, Passio, Icke, Bonacci, the Southern/Rose debate, how Dtube has been long in the pipeline to get everybody on cryptocurrency, Artificial intelligence will control the blockchain, and Alex Jones being deplatformed was part of the plan.

Cryptocurrency is not decentralized, it will controlled by artificial intelligence that will be powered by quantum super computers, Dwave etc. AI is already on the scene. Alex Jones being deplatformed was part of the plan all along, they want everybody off of YouTube and using Dtube where you can earn crypto currency for uploading videos, once you are invested in the platform you won't want to lose your bitcoin so you will be a slave to the system and they will microchip you, it's that fucking simple. By the way, the universe is holographic and the earth is not a spinning ball. P.S Fuck the government

Royalty free instrumental with hook, Garage style rap beat for you to use. HAPPY UPBEAT.
YouTube is filled with searches for ‘Instrumental with hook’ or beat with hook, rap beat, instrumental music, Hip hop, with tags like sad, love, trap, rap, emotional freestyle beat etc. Never do I see the word happy or joyful so here is an instrumental beat with a hook that’s royalty free.

Most beats in the style of Eminem, Drake, Lil Wayne, Busta Rhymes, 50 cent, Snoop Dogg, Tupac, Biggie, Ice cube, Dr. Dre, Kendrick Lamar, The Game, Lupe Fiasco, Nicki Minaj, Method man, Nas, Ice t, Young Jeezy, Big Pun, Talib Kweli, Slim Shady, Asap Rocky, Jay z, are all designed to have a ‘gangster’ feel. This one is a happy beat and it’s free.

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To be honest with ya.. Clue's in the title mate, does exactly what it says on the tin

This is just a thought I had about the Mandela Effect after experiencing a few of my own,. this video is around a year old and has been shadow banned on YouTube. Hope you're all doing well :)

Build your sexual energy for spiritual power. Sexual energy is the what makes us energetically attractive, celibacy will increase your brain power, your presence here in the moment, your electrical and magnetic power, everything. There is so much to say about Nofap, NoPMO etc. But this is my first video on the subject so I'll more later on. Leave ya knob alone :)


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