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I want something to carry around stuff with, ro be able to shovel dirt an gravel around with using the tractor. In this clip I convert an old bucket to fit the 3 point lift on the tractor.

When I got this tractor some 30 years ago I poured some fuel in it, which immediately ran out. Watch how I fix that in this episode.

I also swap the seat out, the original had rusted and had sharp edges stickning out in the "senisitive" area.

The carb leaked a lot, fuel just poured through and would not stop flowing, in this clip I fix that, mount a muffler, clean the air filter and pull a car half a meter.

In this clip I continue fixing the issues this old tractor had, the radiator at some point took a hit and was fixed. This old fix eventually broke so I am touching up on the soldering. I also mount new belts for the water pump and hydraulic pump

In this clip I swap a couple of parts between the spare tractor to the working one. It had a stress crack in a fender and I once tried to use a lift arm as a tow point so it broke.

I don't want to spend the money on new tires on the tractor until I know it is a solid machine, but I still want to use it. So in this clip I make a red neck fix inspired by a guy from India/Pakistan I saw who fixed his tire the wrong way.

I never tried to start this tractor because I had small children and did not want to accidentally hurt them. Now they are grown ups and the time for the tractor has come. So in this clip I get it started and move it around a bit to a better spot for fixing a few issues it has.

It is a Volvo T31 of unknown vintage, these tractors were made between 1949 and 1957 I think. Volvo made about 6500 of these, it was considered a medium sized tractor at that time. The engine has 34 Hp and should burn Kerosene.

I did rebuild the magneto on it this winter.

I have got my hand on a couple of antique router planes, one of them has a pretty useless iron on it. It get dull at once and will not keep an edge. In this clip I make a new cutter for it using a random square bar of mild steel.

The cutter is also case hardened, that is shown in a separate clip so please check that out too.

I don’t have any dicent mortise chisels, and the nicer one you can buy are pretty pricy, so I decided to make one of my own. This chisel is made out of some mystery metal, a scrap flatbar I found in my stash, I have no idea which grade it is. What you will see me do is to forge it, shape with files and angle-grinder and make a wooden handle.

There is a second part of this build where I do a case hardening on it, so please check that out as well.

I saw a clip from Click Spring where Chris made a set of files from some kind of low grade steel a few years back. I have had this nagging in the back of my mind since then, so I decided to try it out. It is an old school process where one heat mild steel or iron in a closed environment in the presens of char coal.

In this clip I make a batch of char coal and use it to case harden a chisel and a wooden plane iron.

The wife asked me to make a inner wall in the house using rustic wood, those are hard to get hold of so we settled for that fake barn wood instead. In this clip I get to try out making that type of wood and make a crate out of it (crates are popular now I guess).

Basically this clip is only about trying out making fake barn wood and staining it.

Yea, so I have had this impac drive for 25 years. It gave up on me a couple of months ago, let's tear it down and find out what makes it tick.

Maybe I can fix it too.

Eventually I decided to give this old plane a new go, this is how it went.

In this clip I make use of the cabriole legs or as I call them the Victorian style legs. I attach them to a table top I glued up for my daughter to use as a study desk.


So I got fed up holding my phone or having it laying on some surface when watching video. I made this holder, chair, stand or what it now May be called out of a thin piece of pine.


In this part of the series i make the feet and sand the legs round and Nice.

Continuation of part 1, refining the shape of the legs, cutting to length and start with the feet.

So my daughter asked for new legs for her desk, they had to be in the victotian era style with some sort of animal feet. This is how I made them.

Part 1

I never bothered about any hold down system for my work bench when I built it, time has come for some bench dogs.

I borrowed the design of these from Paul Sellers by the way.

I addition tto the bench dogs I made a couple of hold fast. Fashioned out of a couple of cheep clamps, some pipes and washes.

Good to have, somewhat clumsy but I am happy with them.

My daughter asked for new legs for her desk, but they had to be in the style of the Victorian era. Curved and with feet like a cat or similar. I have never done something like that before so I had to try it out.

The result of this test is a bit crude but she approved. When I make the real legs I'll make sure to have sharp tools to avoid fiber comoression best possible, working in soft wood it is easy to get issues with that.

This is actually the first clip I ever made (2017), the resolution is a bit low.

I have a thing for Spanish ham, the serrano type you know. I had the full ham laying around in the kitchen and it was a bit cumbersome to slice of pieces of it, so I made this thing to keep it upright and looking a bit nicer.

Sorry for the cheesy thumnail by the way, I had to invent something quickly.

I got hold of a Stanley No.55 plane a few years back. It was partially disassembeld, dirty and missing some screws and pins. Here you can see how I fixed that and try it out a little bit.

A few years back in time I built a work bench inspierd by Peter Sellers, in this clip I make a hold fast for it. Made from scrap wood, a few pieces of iron, an old screw jack and a cheep electric drill.

My wife asked for a rustic looking table, I made this one from a few pine slabs I had and a broken stone kitchen sink.


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A little bit of this and that from my garage. You might see me do wood working, clean up old tools or fix cars and tractors. Who knows, if I do something interesting I'll try to keep the old camera rolling.