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So my daughter asked for new legs for her desk, they had to be in the victotian era style with some sort of animal feet. This is how I made them.

Part 1

I never bothered about any hold down system for my work bench when I built it, time has come for some bench dogs.

I borrowed the design of these from Paul Sellers by the way.

I addition tto the bench dogs I made a couple of hold fast. Fashioned out of a couple of cheep clamps, some pipes and washes.

Good to have, somewhat clumsy but I am happy with them.

My daughter asked for new legs for her desk, but they had to be in the style of the Victorian era. Curved and with feet like a cat or similar. I have never done something like that before so I had to try it out.

The result of this test is a bit crude but she approved. When I make the real legs I'll make sure to have sharp tools to avoid fiber comoression best possible, working in soft wood it is easy to get issues with that.

This is actually the first clip I ever made (2017), the resolution is a bit low.

I have a thing for Spanish ham, the serrano type you know. I had the full ham laying around in the kitchen and it was a bit cumbersome to slice of pieces of it, so I made this thing to keep it upright and looking a bit nicer.

Sorry for the cheesy thumnail by the way, I had to invent something quickly.

I got hold of a Stanley No.55 plane a few years back. It was partially disassembeld, dirty and missing some screws and pins. Here you can see how I fixed that and try it out a little bit.

A few years back in time I built a work bench inspierd by Peter Sellers, in this clip I make a hold fast for it. Made from scrap wood, a few pieces of iron, an old screw jack and a cheep electric drill.

My wife asked for a rustic looking table, I made this one from a few pine slabs I had and a borken stone kitchen sink.


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A little bit of this and that from my garage. You might see me do wood working, clean up old tools or fix cars and tractors. Who knows, if I do something interesting I'll try to keep the old camera rolling.