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Driving to and from work today.

Much more snow is in the forecast.

HD 2k will be available in a little while.

#snow #knoxville #driving

Corey Hart special appearance for Stranger Things as streamed online.

He performs: Sunglasses at Night and Never Surrender.

#coreyhart #strangerthings #special

"Here We Go Again" West Des Moines Dixieland Band 1978.

1. Old Green River 0:00
2. St. Louis Blues 02:23
3. New Orleans 08:14
4. Walking with the King 11:42
5. Yellow Dog Blues 14:01
6. Peoria 17:43
7. Struttin' with some Barbeque 19:37
8. Do You Know what it Means to Miss New Orleans 23:51
9. Tin Roof Blues 26:50
10. Ole Miss 30:49

Nick Maughan, Francis "Cigar" Bates, Bob Wright, Jim Bowermaster, Joe Saliger, Wally Olsan, Keith Guthrie.

My grandfather played trombone in this band.

Sharing for family and for others that enjoy their talents.

Recorded from original vinyl album.

Their first album: https://youtu.be/mT4bFT1Qe3k

#dixieland #desmoines #1978

Mumsy is a bit upset about shabby vertical videos, for numerous, grand reasons.

If not obvious, video clips are from a movie about an upset mum.

Thanks to Bixi and Lav for the ending bit.

Only a bit of fun. But seriously, vertical video is absolutely horrid.

7 Days to Die unique wall defense testing and stuff.

Ah, toasters, grills, stalagmites, barrels, fire hydrants, shopping carts and more meet their match with the angry undead. Kinda.

Sit back or something as the horde storms the palatial compound and tackles unique wall defenses.

Grab a beverage or maybe a muffin and behold some rather goofy gameplay.

Now includes an engaging thumbnail!

All still pics are included with my editing software, by golly.

#7daystodie #horde #gameplay

Foresty asked for some Michael Bay treatment on a segment ending.

Myke Puddle, a close relative to Michael Bay (so he says), steps in to accommodate.

The snow is treacherous around those parts it appears.

Want to see some beautiful scenery, a fun doggo named Rocko and more? Be sure to visit Foresty Forest's channel: https://www.youtube.com/@UCofJu853kJKpkg4y5a-9YXg

Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zabNBCi9-GM

Editing: Myke Puddle

Music, sound, graphics: Included with editing software.


We're back with new improv skits!

If one is easily offended by satire and parody, well, uh, enjoy!


00:17 Bench or?
00:45 Boys Night Out
02:26 Who pooting?
04:43 Stranger things
05:18 Sneezing issues
08:00 Amber's salty surprise
09:16 Ashy knees news
10:42 Wingman

Like, you know, the word like is quite interesting. Like, really interesting.

So there ya go!

Just having fun and nothing spiteful intended. Like, so there.

Richie performs his original song for us.

Project for Richie to use elsewhere but have permission to share it here.

This is the two camera version.

Music and lyrics: Richie Boggs

Um, yeah.

Goofing off with stuff about stuff.

Recycling bin, sex addict confession, friendly handshake goes too far, Tammy needs hand reduction surgery, helping with stairs and Fart Wars!

Starring in some unknown order: Courteney Kee (Queen), Caleb Kee, Cade Bradford and the only one without a first name beginning with the letter "C", Daniel Starks. He's such a bummer. Obviously not a team player.

One skit introduces Tammy and her daddy for the upcoming Immature: The Movie that is in the works. Or doesn't works. We're not sure.

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Patreon or such: Will be creating one soon. Maybe. Likely.

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Immature Season 2, Episode 1

Our completely improvised sketch comedy show is back!

Kicking off season two with an episode all about bald heads, diabeetus, detergent and more!

No set schedule for this season as we are currently working on two film projects, one of which being “Immature: The Movie”!

Stay tuned for more updates and future projects!

Like, comment, share and subscribe as it helps us out!

Daniel Starks
Cade Bradford
Caleb Kee
Courteney Kee

Still photos of planes landing at the Minneapolis–Saint Paul International Airport (MSP) lined up for runway 12L.

All photos taken by me. You have my permission to use these for uploading to plane spotting websites or for your own use.

I did not alter the photos other than some cropping. If needed, use color correction, etc.

Ambient aircraft sounds recorded by me. Feel free to use it as well.

If so inclined, you may credit this (my) YouTube channel or myself by name: Daniel Starks

I used tail number/registrations to verify the a/c type. One I was unsure of as I did not capture the ID well enough. Please offer any corrections or additional information in the comments.

Thank you and enjoy!

Aircraft shown:

Airbus A320-211
Bombardier CRJ-900LR
Boeing 737-823
Airbus A321-211
Embraer ERJ-190AR
Boeing 737-990ER
Boeing 757-232
Bombardier CRJ-200LR
Embraer ERJ-175LR
Airbus A319-112
Dornier Do-328-300
Lockheed C-130 Hercules

Camera: Nikon D5500
Photos taken early October 2021

Our lone hero removes obstacles to ensure smooth delivery of cargo and decorates his single-wide dwelling.

Bliss ensues!


Beach Walk by Unicorn Heads - YouTube music library

Viewer discretion advised for language and for those uneasy with the horror/thriller genre. No blood.

When Reggie (Cade Bradford) visits a stranger for a quick drug deal, things go bad and he finds himself running for his life.

Starring:Caleb Kee, Sarah Price, Cade Bradford

Written and directed by: Caleb Kee

Produced by: Courteney Kee

Co produced by: Cade Bradford

Videographer: Daniel A. Starks

Sequel is currently being written.

Relax and enjoy drone footage from the towns Marion, Stone City and Palisades-Kepler State Park located in Mount Vernon, Iowa.

Mavic Air 2 and Nikon D5500 utilized.

Filmed late September 2021.

#drone #mavicair2 #iowa


Take Off and Shoot a Zero by Chris Zabriskie is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license.


Source: http://chriszabriskie.com/stuntisland/

Artist: http://chriszabriskie.com/

Relax with some scenes at a lake in East Tennessee.

Water levels are lowered in late Fall/early Winter in order to generate more hydro power and other considerations.

Some clips are from an upcoming short film friends have been working on.


YouTube library - Images of Tomorrow - Unicorn Heads

Isolated by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license. https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/

Source: http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/index.html?isrc=USUAN1100792

Artist: http://incompetech.com/

Working with some friends on a short film.
This is the trailer I put together.

It's a mild (no blood) horror film that should be ready soon.

The Santa unloads some stuff in the designated magic box!

Will I get automatic doors? What will I get?

Maybe some will understand my odd sense of humor, uh, ho ho!

Merry Christmas and happy holidays!

Or something like that anyway.

In September 2021 I traveled to visit my mom on her birthday, to visit other family and to catch up with some friends.

This is part 1 in a series.

Part 2 will take some time to finish.

More information on Fort Dickerson: https://youtu.be/CHih-lrQeRM

More information on Capt. Jonathan Calvin Dickerson: https://youtu.be/EnXTruecmVs

Cade, Caleb, Danny and Courteney, rock a boat, enjoy a tiny blue chair, dare to jump in, helmet-wearing flying disc and tough guy, joke time with Cade, Twilight and a family sized lube bucket debate awaits!

Created by Caleb Kee, Cade Bradford, Daniel Starks

Pepper spray incidents baffle him. His friend has the possible answer!

Stranger needs to talk.

Melissa fills his every waking moment. Melissa walked out months before due to hoarding of porcelain figurines. Odd.

Can't find a bathroom, help! Repeating and talking louder must help?

A mask donned for an unknown reason.

Corey Hart's song Komrade Kiev with translations. All material used is under the Fair Use Act, as this is meant as educational.

Read the screens in English, understand a bit more about the song. Much information many likely missed. Much left out as well.

Presented strictly as a fan to inform others, nothing more.

All rights remain with respective owners.

I tried to find the folks that took the video. No offense meant. I will gladly give credit where due. Simply contact me.

Editing: Daniel Starks

A group of fans submitted clips, pictures, ideas, etc. and I edited it together.

Granted, this was over seven (7) years ago and I have learned much since then about editing and such.

Anyway, our friend, Greg, who is prominently featured in this video, passed away several years ago.

Suffice this to be a digital memorial for GG.

The thumbnail sucks, I realize. Get over it.


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Trying this out as a possible way to get away from YouTube.

This will likely be a variety spot as I have way too many interests to focus on one genre.