the stupid inverted doctored video uninverted and slowed down showing its obviously fake and all you fucking retards fell for it?


in case anyone wasnt aware yet... bitchute has outlaws naughty words including "retard" "arse" "shit" "fuck" kike" "nigger" and probably others i have forgotten, this is why i really no longer use this site and have moved over to world truth which is truly uncensored https://worldtruthvideos.org/@DanTheOracle. i do have one video that isnt up on world truth that is up on my lbry here https://lbry.tv/$/invite/@DanTheOracle:d but for the most part there will always be exclusives on world truth

even better footage of the evidence there was NO explosives in wtc2 when it began collapsing
here you can clearly see the walls move inwards as the floors connected to them began to give way because of the heat generated by the fires on the day.

Note the WTC 2 collapse from close up shows no signs of ejection (Squibs) of debris at the moment the building begins to collapse. This puts to rest the suggestion by the so called "911 scholars" that explosive charges were set off at the impact levels to collapse the building.

It is also evidence that the columns were pulled into the building as the NIST said. This view clearly shows the columns of the top section falling inside the bottom section and directly on the floors. Ironically, this clip is from a conspiracy theorist video.

For more visit http://www.debunking911.com

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