Find out how to unlock your DAPS wallet and how to send coins and do transactions.

Download your DAPS wallet here: https://officialdapscoin.com/daps-mainnet-downloads/

Be careful of scams and fake links or sites.

Watch this tutorial on how to get started with DAPS masternodes. If you have questions you can find tech support on -

Telegram: https://t.me/DAPSTechSupport
Discord: https://discord.gg/CwWU5H8
Forum: https://forum.officialdapscoin.com

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Our 3rd party masternode services are:

Snode - https://dashboard.snode.co/account/signup?ref=7c3z22
Trittium - https://node.trittium.cc/

Join Andrew and Adel in this YouTube live session with your questions about the audit and share your excitement with us about mainnet countdown.

Go on a magical journey with this amazing dancer - Privacy is a right, not a privilege. Join us to keep your financial journey private. No bank or government should control our money with the click of a button. We deserve freedom!

Audit, mainnet and progress chat with Andrew and Adel from DAPS Coin team.

DAPS CTO Andrew Huntley delivered a pitch in NYC selected as one of ten projects to pitch the media and industry professionals.

Adel de Meyer from DAPS Coin talks about blockchain technology with Nzinga Blake in LA at a private Akoin event hosted at the end of 2018.

This is a raw uncut version.

At DAPS we believe that privacy is a right and not a privilege. With this in mind, we built a privacy coin that can ensure financial privacy for everyone.

This video contains footage from the DAPS team at Consensus 2019 held in NYC.

Music produced by: Ryan Hammer - Title: Privacy

VIdeo produced by: Mike Pletman - DAPS team member

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DAPS Coin GDC walk-through.

20+ minutes of walking crammed into just under 2 minutes!

Press play and see what you can find celebrating the lead up to DAPS Coin testnet 2019.

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DAPS is a planned fully private blockchain network that will include a unique work algo, staking, and masternodes. DAPS is more than a coin, but a culture.