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disagree in a respectful manner, do not be an asshole. behave in a way that would not bring shame to your ancestors or dishonor to yourself. thank you.
If you think I am wrong to delete comments and should leave them all up anyway let me know.

strange how you get called a jew for believing in an anti-semitic theory huh?

probably lose some subscriber because of this one but it is important, have an open mind.

Banned from youtube

Monarchies job is to protect the inheritance of their family as the head of the family and state. They have a Duty to their Ancestors to ensure a future for their descendants. Any monarchy that fails in this has betrayed that Duty.



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I am anglo/Irish red pilled conspiracy theorist.
I am NOT christian although I speak a lot about christianity in my search for truth.

This is my second channel that I use mainly to clown on mudflooders