TATP sensitivity test

TATP synthesis Detonation velocity (m/s) 5,300 Density(g/cm³) 1.18

HMTD sensitivity test

synthesis of HMTD part 2 Detonation velocity (m/s) 4,500 Density (g/cm³) 0.88 Don't let the numbers fool you its way better for blasting caps than TATP.

synthesis of HMTD part 1

Blasting cap from HMTD. One more old video.

Three rockets two go so far they can't be seen and the last one explodes about 100 FT off the ground.

Small test tetraamine copper 2 perchlorate mixed with hexamine If you would like to know its made you can ask the DR. this is his youtube channel i would leave a link to his video but looks like he deleted it. > https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCU5Pwrkfoj9UeO1IGXZUjgQ/videos?disable_polymer=1

Talking about my slide stock and how the GOV is trying to outlaw. Keep watching after I say ( thanks for watching) because I do a little more shooting.

Don't like this stuff at all and need to find a better preparation.

Preparation of lead azide using sodium azide and lead nitrate. I misspoke when talking about the poison gas its not nh3 I meant to say Hn3 and also use distilled water not purified :P Detonation of lead azide
velocity (m/s) 4,630 Density (g/cm³) 3.00

preparation of silver azide using sodium azide. Detonation velocity (m/s 4,000 Density (g/cm³) 4.00

8 1/2 grams of melt cast with 1/2 gram ETN as a booster and 02 HMTD blasting cap. Looks to me like some of the RDX may have been destroyed during the casting and thats why the PETN outperformed the RDX.

Melt cast RDX/ETN also PETN/ETN 3 1/2 parts ETN to 5 parts RDX and 3 1/2 parts ETN to 5 parts PETN. On the PETN mix i could have only 2 to 2 1/2 grams ETN but did the same amount for test purposes.

Synthesis of RDX with heat treatment to destroy unstable and undesirable linear nitramines so it will with stand long storage.

Synthesis of tetraamine copper 2 perchlorate made form copper wire ammonium perchlorate and ammonium hydroxide. . Detonation Velocity, around ~4300 m/s

Baby raccoon found in my front yard

99% + nitric acid. This acid can be used for making things like RDX and other picky synthesis that don't like water or other contaminants.

I built and painted this care well over 10 years ago. Very fast and fun. Looking to sell or trade for a 4x4 truck.

Synthesis of PETN (Pentaerythritol tetranitrate) from start to finish including recrystallization. Detonation velocity (m/s) 8,400 Density (g/cm³) 1.70

ETN mixed with nitrocellulose surrounded with perchlorate dark Al flash just for affect.

Sodium hypochlorite ( bleach) from table salt / sodium chloride then to sodium chlorate part 2

Sodium hypochlorite ( bleach) from table salt / sodium chloride then to sodium chlorate part 1

Potassium chlorate from potassium chloride / water softener salt.

Making potassium chlorate from water softener salt


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