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In 2008 I found myself living a life I did not want. I kept suppressing my own heart’s desires until a violent motorcycle crash forced me to let go of the things that did not fill me with joy. An amazing ‘spiritual connection’ happened after that day and everything in my life changed rapidly. My small dream of sharing spirituality, love and authenticity with just a few people exploded to reach over 2,000,000+ people all over the word and growing!

Through You Wealth Revolution daily live shows (Monday – Thursday) tens of thousands of people are led back to the ‘true knowing’ of their own hearts. People from all over the world are led to fully experience their own love, light and gifts through our FREE Intention Circle and interviews. From this place, new energies, ideas and perspectives shift a once ‘fixed’ 3D perspective into an open and personalized 5-dimensional, ‘heart-based’ reality.