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The influence on the population that GOOGLE has.

The possibility of GOOGLE and FACEBOOK stealing the 2020 election.

New "offensive speech" rules on college campuses.

Transgender delusion

Accept the LGBT lifestyle or else!

California Government attacks Christian school

What is the agenda, to drag queen story time our children into confusion, to abort our children after birth?

Is this the collapse of society?

Will America fall do to its sinful nature

The Daily signal on the truths behinds the transgender agenda

A young female girls sport is taken over by Transgender athletes

Real life encounters with shapeshifters.

Project Veritas exposing CNN.

Double feature Dogman encounter/ story, plus an encounter with a shapeshifter

Another encounter with the Harlequin entity, just like the Dan Mitchell encounter.
If you are up to something scary , lets explore.

Quauntum erasure, changes being made in real time that back tracks to the origin,
Sort of like reverse time travel.
The D Wave computers use multi dimensional chips. That can borrow from other dimensions and make changes and like wise be effected in the same manner.

A look at the Mandela effect, sharing other Mandela effect stories.
Talking about Crrow777's new discovery

This is a new series that I am covering on the Mandela effect.

An insider from FACEBOOK exposes the censorship of alt right views.

An alleged encounter between a family and a Dogman in Kansas city Kansas.

An alleged encounter of a young man with a Dogman while walking his friends dog.

A University student destroys a radical professor while he is teaching radical and racial stereotypes.

The actor Robert John Navi on the Democratic party and what's happening in NY.


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