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Documentary: Transhumanism

We are now finding out that mask have been causing speech development delays in huge percentages of toddlers because they lip read to help develop their speech.

The question is being asked why covid is higher in vaccinated countries.

This physician and others clearly State without any confusion that the vaccines cause myocarditis.

The data is in and it clearly states that there will be a thousand percent rise in neurological disorders in the next 5 years at 300% increase in cancer cases.

Truckers in Canada making a strong statement with their convoy to fight against covid tyranny.

Video of a teacher harassing a student about his mask and hitting the phone while they're walking trying to take his phone away because the student is recording for his own safety.

The United States has been taken over by fascist

Canadian trucker speaks to Trudeau about the realities of the future of not having supplies that the people need and then they will be forced to listen.

The wealth gap between the rich and poor through the pandemic

Canadian truckers show up in force as they are cheered on by the crowd protesting against covid tyranny.

CEO GETTR on free speech

War with Ukraine over Biden's crimes?

Tucker Carlson on capital police spying on Congress and staff

Bill Maher speaks out against covid lunacy only to have the view come out against him.

RFK Jr speaking at the DC rally and telling protesters what makes America great, the Constitution and what we have to do to protect it.

It's one thing to be aware and to know propaganda when you see it but are we at times being useful idiots for the Deep state?

Government joint cooperation with big Pharma and the mainstream media.

An interesting opinion piece on the Reconstruction of the White House.

Dr Robert Malone speaking at the rally in Washington DC about the vaccine mandates.

An NBC Executive who helped organize the march in DC against Covid mandates is fed up because he has to get vaccinated just to attend his daughter's graduation. Sick..

Senator Rick Scott and Enes Kanter stand against Turkey and China in their violation against human rights.

There is very little real journalism anymore, everything else is just public relations and propaganda..

They want war with Russia.. stupid.

Mom's speak out against using their kids as guinea pigs.


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