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In Ezekiel chapter 31 of the Bible, it clearly tells us that Lucifer was the tree in the garden of Eden.
Is Robert Mueller team Q?

A story based on an alleged encounter with 2 Dogman.
The Bible actually tells us that there were cities on the earth before Adam and Eve, audio encluded by Betrand Comparet,
from Markus Ross.

An alleged true encounter about a man being chased by three Dogman.
Revelations about female Demons.

On this episode of Dark Coast Radio I talk about the effect of Crowley upon the world to this day..

Is the Christian AntiChrist and the Muslim AntiChrist, the Dajjal the same person?

Talking about the AntiChrist spirit making changes to our world.

A good look at a couple of cases that have a connection between them, one an abduction and the other an attempted abduction by something other worldly.

An alleged true encounter with a Dogman on a golf course and talking about the bigfoot rescue.

Allegedly a true encounter of a Dogman in Hull UK in an area with a connection of high strangeness

If you like true scary encounters you have come to the right place.

This is allegedly a true story sent to us originally over 2 years ago from a man claiming to have had an encounter with multiple Dogman.

Allegedly a true story about a police officer who responds to a call and encounters a Dogman.

An alleged true story about a man named Dan Mitchell that had a life long encounter with an entity that he described as a Harlequin that called itself the tooth fairy.

An allegedly true story of a young woman terrorized by a flying man.

This is an alleged true story about a father who looses his son from the attack of a Dogman.

Ancient Chinese wrote about Jesus and his crucifixion in real time, how is this possible?

This video gives you the name of the God of this World.


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