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More battles between the teachers and the aspiring heroes! Who will pass? Who will fail? We'll find out in this episode!

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Luna and Celestia take a sister vacation while Twilight and her friends struggle to cover the princesses' many royal duties.


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Today we learn Scootaloo is Bindi Irwin and there's also lesbian aunts. Warning: This discussion is all over the place.

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Today, Starlight learns an important lesson about presenteeism while Silver Stream learns an important lesson about TELLING SOMEONE BEFORE GOING OFF SOMEWHERE POTENTIALLY UNSAFE.


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Today we discuss the latest MLP episode, in which Apple Bloom forgoes work to track down a mystical forest spirit. Meanwhile, Applejack learns that having fun with family is important too.


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Apologies for the delay on this episode, we lost a lot of data due to a harddrive failure so needed to recover this data.


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"I am mad scientist! Is so cool! Sunnovabitch!"

I am Mad scientist! Is so cool!


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Okabe Rintaro begins the fruitless mission to try and save Mayuri from certain death. But it seems that no matter what level of divergence he is on, Mayuri is doomed.


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In which Quibble takes on the difficult role of a stepfather in the daughter of his marefriend's life despite having little in common. Will they find their common ground?



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Dark Matter Marshmallows is the channel for all your Nottinghamshire based Brony fun! This channel is mostly for Anime and MLP:FIM reactions and reviews.

Brendan Walker AKA Sky Bound
Matthew Bailey AKA Starlight Flux
Daniel Booth AKA Tip Top

The name of Dark Matter Marshmallows came from one of our crazy conversations we were having at around 2AM while watching My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic episodes on Television. It's based on the observation made by Science Brony in a widely popular video in which he points out the physical impossibility of various antics that appear in the show. One of his more well known lines being "It is my belief that Applejack is composed of dark matter.".