There were several changes made. The biggest one being the addition of new animation between episodes 1 and 2 (Sepia in the tank). In addition, the prologue of episode 3 is now set before episode 1, a few cuts have been redrawn, and some of the audio is different, ex: the line at the end where the little girl says she wants a dog is only in this version.

ACT III: Concluding Volume (1987)

ACT II: Iczer Sigma's Challenge (1986)

ACT I (1985)







At the End of Eternity... (1989)

Please!! Time Enough for Love! (1989)

Launch!! The Incomplete Ultimate Weapon! (1989)

First Love☆First Sortie (1989)

Daring! The Girl Genius Challenger!! (1988)

Shock! Big Sister and I are Going to be Pilots Together?! (1988)

just for fun

Nihon Animator Mihonichi: Cassette Girl (2015)

"Twilight" by Jeff Lynne (1981)

The opening animation to the 1983 Daicon sci-fi/anime convention. Created by a small team of 12 who would later found Gainax. Featuring an updated version of the Daicon III opening followed by a new adventure in which Daicon Girl returns to save the world once more, but not before handing out a beat down to some of pop cultures most familiar, and in some cases forgotten, faces. A rather historic work, It was sold on tapes to con-goers to recoup some of the production costs, making it the first OVA. it's also believed to be one of the first AMVs, and contains the very first Gainax bounce! A titty jiggle that changed the face of the medium forever. (1983)

Remastered audio & video

The opening animation to the 1981 DAICON sci-fi/anime convention, DAICON III tells the simple story of a little girl's quest to water a radish. Along the way, however, she is assailed and chased by popular pop culture icons, forcing her to utilize her full power to reach her goal. (1981)

Remastered audio & video


Metal Skin Panic MADOX-01 isn't officially part of the Mega-Tokyo continuity but a portion of the fanbase considers it a spiritual prequel to the entire franchise i.e takes place before AD Police Files. This OVA was worked on by Masami Oobari who happened to be the same Mecha Suit designer for the Bubblegum Crisis series. As such fans speculate that the Madox suits in this OVA are early prototypes to that of the Knight Sabre Suits seen in Bubblegum Crisis.

The Man Who Bites His Tongue (1990)

The Ripper (1990)

The Phantom Woman (1990)

Ten Little Gall Force (1988) / Scramble Wars: Tsuppashire! Genom Trophy Rally (1992)


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