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The music I believe is from a Cymatics video on YouTube of the solfige frequencies

I believe the liquid is blue Hawaiian punch. Sorry about the quality. This is from my Google photos account in backup saver quality from about 2 years ago.

I had to adjust the position of the bottles a couple of times as they stopped making the liquid filled spheres that float on top. By the way I drank one of the bottles that I did this to that I froze but I didn't get drunk like I did with the one I drank right after making a lot of the spheres in the bottle. If you want some advice on how to do this yourself read the descriptions for my other water Structuring videos and any comments that I have left.

Not sure when I did this. Probably a couple of years ago. I believe the liquid is water with a little bit of corn Starch with red food coloring.

Based on the view count it looks like I will have to do more videos of Structuring different kinds of beers. This time I am going to freeze them before I drink them to see if I still get drunk. I was totally not expecting to get drunk off of half a Heineken after doing this to it. Try it yourself and let me know if it gets you more drunk by doing this.

123.369 hertz on the left channel sine wave. I got buzzed from drinking just what's in the bottle

I don't recommend doing this in the sun.

Another video of creating ez coffee with a speaker.

No magic wands here. Frequency 115.31997 hertz sine wave left channel.

Towards the end I show the frequency I am using and the equipment. I am not in this world to make money. Unfortunately money is a necessity in this world that these bankers make out of thin air. I have been told that I should of patented this or try to profit off of it somehow. While I do have it setup to allow donations to my PayPal account it probably doesn't even function as it's a personal account and not a premium or business account. I can't say that I don't need money. I can only say that it is not what motivates me. Those of you with money and the time / knowledge to investigate this more please do so. I just ask that your thoughts and actions go through your heart before your brain. Guts may be required in between.

123.369 Hertz on the left channel. Nice colors. In the sun. 3 more videos uploading soon. The last one could be explosive.

I was hesitant to attempt this so if you don't see a lot of the spheres in this video I hope you understand why. I did it out of the sun and basically just wanted to see if I could do it so I didn't attempt to do it a lot. I feel like I can do better in future videos without as much concern about safety as I was this time. I will still be concerned about it and take precautions in the future. I don't know if there would be any benefits from doing this. If you are in doubt about what you see or what I say then do it yourself before you make any comments disputing it. I could always do videos showing me opening a sealed bottle of liquid and then pouring it into another bottle all in one shot but to be honest it's so easy for anyone to do themselves so I see no need to do that. I would be wasting time by going through different frequencies and amplitudes until I find one that works. I really am surprised that I can't find anyone else doing this or talking about it. I am sure that will change now and others will find it useful and others will try to profit off of it. Money corrupts everything and these bankers make money out of thin air and can never be paid back. Anyways, I wish we could get together without money motivating us to see what the positives and negatives of doing this are.

123.369 hertz

I show the latest equipment and frequencies I am using towards the end of the video. This weekend I am going to attempt to structure gasoline. If anyone has any suggestions on how I can go about testing the difference between regular gasoline and structured gasoline on a very small scale with household items please leave a comment. Spread the word please on this method please. I have uploaded other videos of Structuring distilled water, Liquid coconut oil, root beer, alcohol and other liquids. Do it yourself if you want. For tips on what to try with your setup please read the description of all of my water Structuring videos and any comments that I have left on them. I am still hesitating to say what I experienced from drinking the fluid after doing this process until I can replicate it again. To be honest it was very scary because it was unbelievable to me at the time. I have only told one person what happened and I am sure they will not tell others and probably didn't understand the implications of what I told them. Again, I discovered this on my own. If I never watched Dr. Gerald Pollacks Ted talks I am sure I would of investigated it on my own but because I did watch his talks and I instantly knew what aspects to look for like the weight change and viscosity.

My other speakers are going out so I pulled out my dusty car Amp and pc power supply (bought it already modified). I am using a jvc speaker that has the regular speaker and bass in the same cabinet. The bass side I don't have hooked up but it is what I used to structure wine in a glass wine bottle. This setup is a bit more portable and a lot more conventional lol. Hopefully I will make some more videos tomorrow outside in the sun with possibly some tips for doing this on your own. Like I said before I don't see anyone else doing it this way so please get the word out. As far as I can tell all other so called water Structuring devices are most likely scams. Be it light, Magnets, vortexes and even other sound based approaches. If it doesn't make these spheres like what Dr. Gerald Pollack shows with a dropper (one drop at a time) then I would really question if it is actually Structuring the water. Dr. Gerald Pollack was unaware of this method as I have communicated with him through email. This is probably the best method for now to actually study structured water as it makes a massive amount of the spheres. The liquid is thicker and weighs more after doing it a lot. Hopefully in future videos I will be able to generate a massive amount of these spheres all at once like I have many times in the past. Stay tuned and share this video. I only have about 86 views on my most watched water Structuring video after about a month. Pretty disappointing after looking at the view count of other videos on this topic.

Music is from this awesome Cymatics video.


Check out my other water Structuring videos for suggestions and frequencies to try.

My speaker is close to being impossible to level. Black goo = oil (control of the world not through money but through energy) Mark of the Beast = Possibly means freedom for us all. Who needs to use money when you have all the free energy you need. It just started ramping up more. Oh man, someone please please try this on your own. Increase the volume until the spikes come out and have no hiccups. Man, I am so excited right now you have no idea. I am not expecting it to do what I believe it will do on my current setup but I have been doing this awhile and I know that I am on to something. Update: Wouldn't you know as soon as I get ready to record a longer video of this my speakers messed up. I can only get them working at a much lower volume. I am hoping that it is because they over heated and when they cool down it will work fine again. The back of the center / volume control speaker was hot to the touch.

123.369 Hertz, left channel, triangle. A couple times I shake the bottle up by hand to show the difference between air bubbles and liquid filled bubbles. Unfortunately I couldn't remove all the glue that was left from the label on the bottle so it is probably hard to really see the difference. Oh, and for anyone saying that I am not Structuring water in my other videos maybe you should read the ingredients on a bottle of soda or practically any other drink humans consume. The vast vast majority of them will have water listed first. Again, I don't know the benefits of doing this. I am not selling anything or making any health claims. I am sure that these videos however will be upsetting those that are. Help get the word out about this method please so we can all learn from it.

I believe the frequencies I used are. 9.11, 6.66, 3.22 Hertz. Please don't get scared by the numbers used. To me maybe there is a reason why they want people to believe that they are evil so people don't look into them. The images produced to me look like a possible energy generator. I know that it is out of focused and I don't have the light in the right position at all times. The thumbnail doesn't do it justice. Imagine if children were introduced to Cymatics at a young age instead of power Rangers and Disney. How much of an impact would that make on the future of humanity?

I know not the best to mix together. 30 drops of dmso with sprite. Frequency 123.369 left channel. Software Darqarta for windows.

Same frequency as previous video. 123.369 Hertz. Kinda blurry. I will make a longer video during the day so I don't disturb my neighbors anymore. It's past 10 pm here. Told you that I can do it with oil as well. I was thinking earlier. What if I did it to gasoline? Could one get better mileage possibly? That could possibly be an explosive experiment.

In person this makes me immediately experience visual effects like swirling, expanding and other effects when looking slightly away much like the apps that you stare at the center of the screen for 30 seconds and then look away. I doubt it will do the same by watching this video.

I should of removed the label.


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