This is music from 2 entirely different bands, Solipsist and Tyr. I used parformer images and album covers so you'd know the two apart from one another.

This is the song Move the Chains from the album Ashes of Ares by Ashes of Ares. When I turned 18 years old I had just entered 11th grade in High School back in 1982, I learned important lessons about the police of America. We are born into a nation having a group of armed men who are considered so much better than everybody else they get guns and have the "authority" to point their guns at people and tell any lie they want. What they say goes into records as the truth even though it may be something the cop dreamed up while sitting on the toilet that morning. We citizens are expected to get on our knees for this group of people and do anything they say.The police and the Courts they work with do not care that you did not do a crime but they do want convictions and, prisoners. It is from having prisoners that much of the money is earned by our Government. There are various departments of law profiting hundreds of billions of dollars each year from having prisoners and for the last 50 years Jury's have been allowed to return Verdicts of Guilt without proof of guilt. Their opinion is allowed to put people into prison. This forces millions of Americans to sign Plea Bargain Sentences for lesser sentences because a Trial that doesn't have to prove guilt will give a maximum sentence length. There can be no one more criminal in the land than the police. The police serve the Federal Reserve Bank, i.e. the Rothschild Banks. As you are being robbed of the years of your life living in a cage like an animal many other people are putting a lot of money into their pockets. I dedicate this song to the prisoners of America.

Rush- All The Worlds A Stage was my first favorite rock band as a kid. I would give my right arm to be allowed to go to that concert. Rush is an all Jewish band but then again Jews make some of the best music in the world. Rush had the best drummer in the world too and this is shown in the album All The Worlds A Stage. My family is very Christian and we pray daily and go to Church twice a week; no one drinks alcohol or uses drugs in my family; such that the only songs I knew were Jesus Loves Me and the songs I sung in the choir across the United States to Old Folks Homes and such places spreading the Word and "Witnessing". I knew two other songs: Rockin' Robin and Tie A Yellow Ribbon Round The Old Oak Tree (for some reason). The moment I heard Rush I loved the sound of the singers voice and learned the lyrics to all their songs. From that time in my life I learned to play the Saxophone and Trumpet and did performances in my hometown's annual "Strawberry Festival". I have been a purchaser of songs from around the world all my life. Music is not defined by race or religion but is universal. Sometime maybe I will learn why some videos upload fast on this website and others have sat in my Channel since I created account and still haven"t "processed". I use handbrake and 2 code passes with 320 bit stereo encoding and enhanced for the Web so even though many are reduced to the small size Bitchute wants they sit there and never process. I have much to learn about PC's still. I hope there are still some hardcore rockers out there can appreciate this music.

I put this video together to feature the music of Achillea from the albums The Nine Worlds, Mystic Celtic, and Buddha Lounge with video content referencing the faith of the White race from before the creation of Christianity. Many people have studied and written books about the Viking Age and I did my own. I followed in the teachings of The Norroena Society and books by Mark Puryear and then began my own Kindred family group called Odin Circle Kindred and from my own family crest called Dragon Shield. It is my belief that my ancestors followed in the beliefs of gods and goddesses for thousands of years before Christianity began. I have seen the books and videos of others beginning the timeline from just 2000 years ago based upon a family who named themselves after the gods but I do not believe. The Asatru faith and Odinist kindreds today that you will find each have their own beliefs and as there is no hierarchy of leadership no one can assert authority of another about it. I have had thoughts and memories of that time come to me in dreams which, to me, are revelations. Everything I discuss in my videos are drawn from my own conclusions and cannot be said to be anyone's truth but my own. Though most of my videos reference Jewish people as evil and describe them as Jotun, the Clan of evil beings talked about in Odinist lore, it is simply my own beliefs. I have never known anyone as Jewish and have no hatreds of any individual but do relate History when speaking about them. Jews have been killing people of my race for 2000 years and in large numbers and have never been punished for their crimes. Today everyone should know the reasons our courts and laws protect them is because of the Rothschild system of currency and it is this Currency Law which has allowed their banks to kill 200 million people of my race since the signing of the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 and, is the reason why America continues to declare Wars against other countries. Adolf Hitler ended their controls of Germany by ending the currency from their banks. Everyone on this earth may live together and be happy together if we can end the currency we get from the banks. Hitler issued his own currency which he proved to the world by doing this will restore the economy of nations and the freedom of citizens equally.

This is a favorite song of mine by Johnny Cash. Walking the Line is something our American leaders should be made to do and if they do not know how then they could take a good look at Adolf Hitler. Our leaders and politicians and Presidents could look at Hitler and know what it is to love the citizens of nations instead of imprisoning them as our authorities do to us. With our authorities is an allowance for crime for themselves and the ability to manufacture many that never happened. Adolf Hitler said that people should never lie, never cheat. Hitler showed the way to Walk The Line.

In this video are identified the good people who stood against tyranny. You can look at your nation today with all the hatreds and crime, the corruption within the legal departments and know they fought for the side of evil. Germany represented the best of us and the freedom you could have had.

This is one of the many good songs by Cybotron from a 2009 album titled by the same name, Colossus. I added a 2nd song here by Cybotron called Clear.and it is from a 2006 remastered album called Clear. I was in many ways influenced towards a liking for this type of music from the schools I went to from my West Tennessee home. I am using as my thumbnail the album cover for the 2nd song.

This is a good song which reminds me of the good people of Germany, the misery they endured beneath the controls of the Federal Reserve and Rothschild Banks, and the way they came into prosperity once Adolf Hitler ended their currency. A good example of reference to Germany is the nation of Iraq. Did you know they once had cities comparable to American cities? I have talked with two U.S. Soldiers at different times who did not know one another who fought The Iraq War. I asked questions and received the same answers. Our soldiers were killing people coming out of Church! A little girl riding her bicycle along the street or women coming out of the many department and grocery stores and shopping malls, shot and having AK47 rifles laid beside their bodies for cameras to photograph. These were good people husbands and wives, fathers and daughters, sons and brothers, sisters, and family and they were killed wrongfully! Their beautiful cities and places of religious worship blown up with bombs. Theirs used to be a culture similar to what Americans have but no more (!) and those left alive are angry and want some justice. What justice could repay a nation of people who were attacked and slaughtered like this? And this is the same thing the nation of America has done to countless other nations of the Middle East. Was it all done simply so that a Rothschild Bank could be established in their nations controlling the currency and enslaving the citizens? Before too many people of other countries begin wanting revenge that kills all of us in retaliation everyone should think of a solution that will end the power of these banks to destroy more lives. To that I think of the song by Esthero, The World I know.

This video opens up in slow motion upon a scene of Adolf Hitler with his top Generals. Jews declared War against Germany in March 1933 because Hitler had ended the power of the Rothschild Bank to control the nation, however the Jews already controlled America because of the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 such that America then had to declare War too. Americans would never have fought against Germany, especially because this bank had brought about The Great Depression and people were suffering miserably so they invented the lie to tell the American public to get them to want to fight. Rothschild merely wanted his bank reestablished in Germany.

This is my favorite song by Ensiferum from the album Ensiferum (US Edition) called Abandoned.

In this video you see the Mass Murderers President Franklin Roosevelt, England Prime Minister Winston Churchill and the Jew Josef Stalin together making their plans to violate the International Rules of Warfare Act which they and Germany had signed together. The violation would allow the Allies to establish Death Camps along the Rhine Meadows in Germany to torture and murder millions of Germans after their surrender. The Germans were still millions strong after Adolf Hitler died with weapons and could have continued fighting but believed in the law, that they would be well treated and allowed to return to their homes. None of them knew that the American leaders had told their citizens the lie of a Jewish Holocaust as a way to get citizens into the War. Ilya Ehrenberg was another Jewish traitor with the Soviet Army in Russia. The Jews were able to establish Jewish Regimes both in America and Russia first by getting President Woodrow Wilson to sign the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 and secondly by sending $1 Billion Dollars to Jews in Russia to murder the Czar. Germany represented the freedom of all of Europe in World War Two because they were fighting to free themselves of Rothschild Banks. Many Americans today look at Jews and think them White because of their skin color being like ours but this is because Jewish History is not taught in America. All Jews have Arabic progenitors and come in various skin colors and hair textures. The majority of Jews live in other countries and have brown and black skin colors. You are being led to believe they are descended of the Kings of the Arabic Empire and this is also not true. The word Jew is no more than 500 years old but when this group began they were called Jotun with a Y sound and they were the children born of the slaves of the Arabic Empire. Arabic Kings depended upon both piracy and slaves for their economy such that Jews and Muslims were merely servants to their Kings. In the year 193 the Jews were expelled from these countries because they had begun murdering many Kings. Muslims had animosities with the Jews because they were killing their children in blood ritual sacrifices; the God of the Jews is Molloch whom others call Satan. This dark God requires pain and suffering before bestowing gifts from across the veil of life. Many today of our citizens have lost their spirituality such that they cannot believe that Jews feed off the life forces within each human being they kill, but Jews do believe in it. The people of the White race began getting attacked and forced to convert to Christianity first in Greece with the Spartans and next it was the Visigoths in Spain who were murdered and the Vikings of Northern Europe experienced 700 years of warfare with Jewish and Arabic forces who beheaded anyone who would not renounce their faith and convert. Jews have been enslaving and killing us for a long time.

In this video you will see what Adolf Hitler was able to make of Germany after kicking the Rothschild family out of the nation. By ending the banking controls he ended upper and poor class distinctions which allowed for an equality of freedom to everyone. Next he utilized the natural resources Germany already had so that citizens could make their own clothing, grow their own crops and build anything from what they had. The banking controls had stripped Germany of their entire Treasury of 200 Billion Dollars in Gold with the Treaty of Versailles in 1919 and gave their most Industrial and Mineral Rich lands to Jews in Poland. This land contained a 97% population of German citizens and the Jews there began murdering the Germans in Death Camps. Hitler could only appeal to the Allies to stop the murders because the Treaty of Versailles prevented him from rescuing them. During the time that Hitler was in Office he restored the economy of the nation from poverty to prosperity. The Germans had known much misery and suffering when Jews were in power through the Rothschild Banks and hundreds of thousands of children had died of starvation. Beneath Adolf Hitler children began to be born and to multiply because of incentives he offered to couples. It was a time of freedom and happiness for the citizens of Germany, to grow and rebuild. Each week saw the citizens in parades and festivals, celebrations for this new freedom everyone had beneath Adolf Hitler.

Music by Esthero is perhaps the best life changing atmosphere you will find if seeking for a life long partner in life. I have made a few videos of her music in past and this has only images of her. I cannot know the life of that world the music brings me to feel except in thought but to the young it is probably great. I had went to prison at age 18 from 11th grade in High School wrongfully sentenced for crimes of nonviolent burglary but was 33 years old when I got out. I figured that because the police were so corrupt I should stay at home for 5 years before attempting the get a Drivers License which I did and then purchased 5 trucks. So I was about 37 or 38 before I ventured to walk into a nightclub for the first and only year of my life. The crowd inside seemed to be the 25 year old range and the year was 2002 with music by Mary J. Blige, Juvenile and Eminem being the main and the dances the young folk were doing is something I would never have attempted. Still, I had some of the best moments of my life in that short time before a cop emptied his handgun into my truck one day because he said I was driving with Improper Display of my License Plate. I had to forget the Club life completely to survive the next 15 years of Federal Prison, convicted of simply having a gun. My best video of Esthero is the song The World I know which simply used the video Nightwolf by Bohren & Der Club of Gore which you may have seen on YouTube having a car driving at night in the countryside. I think I will add this video as an overlay at one corner of it when I next upload a video I did of music by her.

This is music by Amon Amarth from their album The Crusher with their song Bastards Of A Lying Breed. People today might wonder about the religious belief of the White race from thousands of years before the first Jewish mongrel Arab-descended Jotun was born and what happened to change our worship from gods and goddesses to a man called Jesus Christ who never existed anywhere except in the fantasy of an Arab mind. We were being murdered. The White race was under attack in various countries around the world and it was Jews and their brothers-in-blood, the Arab's, who were doing it. The attacks against the Spartans of Greece to the genocide of the Visigoths in Spain our ancestors were being forced to renounce their gods and goddesses and to accept Christianity or be beheaded. We knew as a race that future generations would need to know this of their past because History was being rewritten so it was designed to couch what was known into myths that would carry them. Jotun is the term we give to this one group of people who were killing us and Hitler named them when they began murdering Germans. You know this year as 2020 but that is merely a Christian Era date. We know the year as 6331 and this is the year our race first began to record time. The age of humanity upon this earth cannot correctly begin as the date when people were forced to renounce belief in their gods and goddesses and accept Christianity.

This is the band Devil Sold His Soul and the song A Foreboding Sky made with images of the performers.

This band produced a different sound than others back in the day when it came out and that is when I purchased it. I want to try to upload a lot of my regular music videos instead of just one thing all the time. Life is a road with many side trails, each and all to be explored, lived to the fullest and moved on from. In the end we all ascend and only a few fall short of glory.

This has got to be the strangest music I ever found if you leave off the one band called Fart Sounds. I purchased about 6 of them, all having different sounds people make when farting. This is unique too.

This is The Talking Heads from their album Remain In Light. All through the 70's and early 1980's I was purchasing record albums. I do not know when they stopped selling albums and began making everything digital but I have about $5000.00 worth of digital songs now too for my many SanDisk Mp3 Players. I buy them because I know they are good and every time I experiment with the purchase of any other kind of mp3 player I get something that doesn't last a month. But back to The Talking Heads, this was their best album. Before this it was an album called Fear of Music which is nowhere near as good. Others never seemed to have heard their music until they came out with Burning Down The House which I thought sucked bad. This at least is intellectual music.

This is yet another video of music by Mind Flux, and this song has a sound like a barking dog I like.

This is Mind Flux, a band I listen to every other week with my headphones on when mowing the lawn. The band I alternate with when mowing is Atomic Pulse.

I really do buy music from all around the world and in different languages. I have never been able to understand what people say in most English songs even but will just listen to the sound or the way words are said in music many times to get the enjoyment I seek. Music has always been a close friend to me and this music is something else but is not their weirdest.

This is Shock of Pleasure with their song Spacetime which is the song which prompted me to get the rest of their songs.

This is Jimi Hendrix from his album Rainbow Bridge. The album itself I heard was recorded in Egypt at the pyramids. I do not know if that is true. I have forgotten much of what I used to know but in my youth my favorite music was those bands that played at Woodstock. I have the original 3-album set of records of that album set as well as everything Jimi Hendrix ever did. He could play notes on the guitar which people never could learn to play and he could play the Star-Spangled Banner with his teeth. The music of Hendrix is very important because it represents for freedom. Jimi Hendrix always wore bandanas and he made the statement once that the bandana was the symbol of freedom to him. The flower-children of his Age will tell you that he would line his bandana with blotter LSD so that while he performed concerts it would absorb through the skin and aid him in his musical genius. Genius he was. I believe my favorite of his albums was If 6 was 9. In that album I still remember the words to a song where he said "White-collared conservative flashing down the street, pointing their plastic finger at me, hoping one day soon my kind will drop and die, but I'm gonna wave my freak flag high". He had a way with words like that. I did this video a few years ago for a YouTube Channel I had and they didn't like it because of all the pictures showing Jimi having a hit of LSD in his mouth.

I have purchased several albums by these performers, the band called Celldweller because it has good haunting music I like so I just gathered what images I could find on a Search for this video and some are not too good but the music is great. I made 2 videos of this song and couldn't tell which is better.

This is some trippy music by Liquid People and the song is called Bionic.


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My name is Darryl and I was born in Nashville Tennessee in 1963. I make these videos because in 1982 I was sent to prison and spent most of my adult life there in all the worst places. It was wrong. I saw the police and District Attorneys committing crimes to purposely imprison me wrongfully and I have been betrayed by this nation I was born into. I see a lot of wrongs going on and I think that Adolf Hitler had the answer of separating his nation from the controls of the Rothschild Banks. I can see all wrongs going to our Currency Laws.