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This is the song-piece called "Alter Ego" performed by Axiom & Optiv from the 2010 album "Unforeseen". I put it to video showing those people the forefathers of the United States warned about, the police. They seemed to believe that the police were the most criminal group of organized crime in this country and said that people had to have firearms to make certain the police didn't try to overpower the rights of the people.

I made this video to have one with the words of the song on it.

Those that have the right to have firearms should know that you have this right to protect yourself from those who want to take away your freedom. Congress stipulated the Police Departments work always against the freedoms of the people because they seek more power for themselves and the forefathers of the United States Constitution named the police as enemies of the people when giving Americans their rights to have guns. The fathers of the United States gave warning to the people that they would always have to stand ready to police the police. The last 50 years we see a selectivity of the police of those they will allow to commit any crime while they may pay off someone with a sentence reduction to lie against others to make a prosecution look legal. When they hold you prisoner there are various legal departments that profit hundreds of billions of dollars a year, each of them, while they hold people prisoner. This is slavery and escape your only option for being free.

The thing people should know about the police is that they can lock you up in jail without a reason and simply manufacture the reasons as each day goes forward with your prosecution. No matter what evidence you have that clears you of the crime, the court does not have to allow it. The laws changed during the early 1980s which removed the need of the police to have tangible evidence and to allow your authorities to give a sentence reduction or Crime Stopper Reward Money to anyone that will say they heard you say you did the crime. Trial Courts allow the Jury to return Guilty Verdicts based upon their Opinion. Without proof of guilt the authorities will create a record to say you are guilty.

I made this video to show people organized crime and treason straight from the banks which goes to reveal how you can be imprisoned wrongfully simply because the police manufactured a crime from thin air. It is slavery and dictatorship that depends upon their abilty to hire gunmen to work in their employ.

Talking about front porch sittin' I can sit on my front porch to watch the Lincoln County Fair.

The day begins by getting myself dragged to the Fayetteville Animal Clinic where Cujo likes to do his business and then we head over to the Elk River to watch the ripples on the water and the cars on the bridge.

Places evoke music to my mind. This is music from the album by Michael Hoenig "Departure From The Northern Wasteland".

This is music by Mind Flux which I think is excellent to listen to when out hiking. Many Historical places are here such as the elementary school for blacks that came about back in the days when Jewish people wanted them to always be slaves.

This is the last song, number 8, on the album Ambient 4-On Land by Brian Eno over photos and video I made.

Usually I will simply add music I like to video I record of the creeks I visit but I recognize also that these places need to be heard as well. This is the Cane Creek that I visited for this adventure. I like to set goals each day to visit the water places around me. The town is Petersburg Tennessee from which much of my family have lived for a couple hundred years. The money just ran out decades ago such that the stores and other businesses had to close but the people who remain still have hayrides at Halloween and Trick-or-Treating and the family spirit can be felt throughout. One cemetary is so old that no one remembers who is buried there. During the Civil War the Yanks burned down many places but those that remained are still standing. Buzzards thrive here and live atop the homes of many families. I like to walk the creeks and to see all the beauty of nature there.

The title references the album by Michael Franti & Spearhead for which I added my favorite song to this video called "Light Up Ya Lighter". It says a lot for the things I have experienced in my life. I will probably not leave this video up for long but each video I make is a kind of documentary. I explain some about my feelings today and question what the future holds.

This is a song by Nights Amore I put together with video I recorded yesterday. I began the day by watching the birds beneath the bridge but walked to the trees nearby and thought them equally as interesting to look at.

Each year when the leaves begin falling I am tempted to leave them on the ground because they are so beautiful to look at. My friend Cujo, an 8 year old Chow, keeps me company.

This is the first cut for the song by Pink Floyd called Money and when we look into our wallets at our money we know that a Jew created it on his own printing press at no cost to himself but which he can use to take anything we have. Thanks to the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 and the fact that the old man Rothschild over in Germany had 4 sons in each of the countries of the United States, England, France and Italy they all get to issue our currency.

I like this video because it shows how the Rothschild family was able to seize control of 5 countries at the same time with the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 and it shows that as a group they operate by infiltration. Have you looked into your District Attorneys Offices to see who is a Jew and into all the other offices of authority? It is a complete dictatorship and much the same as what they did in Russia when mass murdering those people immediately upon the signing of the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. Will they seek to kill all of us the same way, using the police to do their dirty work? Or will they simply keep sending us to prison wrongfully? With the ability to manufacture the money everyone uses they can also create the job positions people have.

The making of this video was fun. Some may view it as hateful to point out the fact that Jews were allowed to manufacture their own creation for money with the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 but you might be filled with hate too if the police put you into prison for a crime they didn't have to prove simply because you did not have enough money. But that is what the police do is to let the rich go free when they commit crime and then make lots of money when they are lying to everyone about you. We can always thank the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 for our world being as corrupt as it is.

This is a song from the album "Bohren for Beginners". I have lots of opportunity for simply watching life as it is with Cujo, an 8-9 year old Chow. The music is a great expression for the way I see things around me.

History is always important towards understanding who is in control of our world today

This is the song I was thinking of because I felt like I was in heaven at the river today.

I like to talk sometimes about the good times and this felt like such a time today. You have to excuse my shaking hand. I was born with a defective heart and had my chest cut open to the sternum in 1969 at a hospital in Memphis where they performed open-heart surgery. I have cardiovascular heart disease and have taken the blood pill, Warfarin, and now take a better medicine for my heart. But I think I am strong and can still appreciate a lot more of everyday life yet.

This is a song by Type O Negative from their album The Complete Roadrunner Collection called World Coming Down. I used images from their website and added features from the Viking belief of the End Times called Ragnarok.

This is some very good music and just needed some very good moments of time added to make it a great video.

I make original videos mostly which feature songs by performers I like. As a child I played both the trumpet and saxophone and developed a real taste for the brass sounds. I had come across Stanley Clark because of an album by Chick Corea which Stanley Clarke was a part of. So here is a way to enjoy good music- simply go to the places you love the most.

As the months flowed I wondered what would become of my banana plant. Life has been kind to me since I was released from prison about 6 years ago and though I sport all the worst tattoos on my body I was fortunate to meet a black family a couple houses up from me. They gifted me with 3 tiny plants and told me the secret of making them grow large. We laughed to think they might make our community look like Africa by giving several of us these large leafed trees. This year I have 9 of them and they seem to multiply on their own all the time.


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I am 58 years old and I make video of what I see day to day, simply appreciating the land, its History and its people. Most often I will mute the sound and add my favorite songs to them for greater video entertainment. I can be very political in my discussion videos but hope one day to see the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 overturned as a crime of treason and the punishment of people who live without punishment for their crimes while it exists. Nations will have to issue their own currencies after overturning this one in order for the people to have freedom and only then will be able to punish the guilty for their treasonous crimes. Countries can be made prosperous and free only by issuing their own "money" which controls the job positions everyone has.