When I was in prison I could profit a hundred dollars a day in most every job position I worked and I did it lokey and uninvolved with what everyone else was doing. The old-convict code is Do Your Own Time and this says it all about how prisoners are to treat with one another and in how we view the people who put us into prison. We know that they serve from the position of treason, our authorities do, from the issuance of this currency of The Federal Reserve which gives them an employer status over all job positions. It is legalized slavery going on, unlawful prosecutions, convictions without proof of guilt, an unlawful authority carrying out a campaign of slavery. A Prisoners Right and Duty is to escape and this is the first rule of the old convict code. A prison today is much corrupted from the days when prisoners followed the old codes with too much going on to cause infighting and distrust and therefore you got to fit in the best you can. I saw prisoners take down other prisoners every day in 5 on 1 takedowns and the thought in my mind was: imagine if the prisoners were to take down our captors in the same way.

This is Cujo doing what he loves best, peeing on the bushes at the Animal Clinic and pooping there about 3 times usually. I guess so many sick dogs pee all over the place there that this dog feels like he has to get acquainted with all of them in that special way. But I end up at the river.

I have made several videos using this song. Enya has better songs but this is the only one I have.

I had titled this video River Dreams but upon upload just changed it, I do not know why.

When I came to live where I do it had not been my intended designation. My family had me come live down here. The more I get to know everyone around me the more family values I see. The medias show us a lot of harm going on in the world but none of it seems to touch our world here. I am glad I came here.

Something I like to do is to explore all the wooded places and I especially like places having bodies of water. This is an exploration of Cane Creek. I lived here for awhile until the owner said he wanted me out so he could do something else with the place I had. Whenever I am able I like to get back to this location so that I can go into the woods and appreciate the land. Along this river I was afforded the chance of seeing bright purple butterflies and deer trails. One snake slipped past me before I could get the camera on it. The stones of the river shows that the age of these waterways are ancient. Whenever man builds roads into nature he adds bridges and it is beneath the bridges I like exploring most.

I play two songs by The Grateful Dead in this video, "Ripple" and "Box of Rain" to show my dog. My niece gave him to me and told me his name is Jacks but that doesn't seem a good name to me so I often call him Jack Sprat or Red or just plain Dog and occasionally will call him Jack and Jacks too. He is a real delight to have around.

A currency creator controls all job positions as employer. A country cannot write their own laws unless they are issuing a currency they create.

Edits from funny moments

On this day the black folks that live in the house behind me had been walking their Bully Pit Bulls around the neighborhood and I spoke with them and they offered to give me some drinks. I told them I was fine and then walked Cujo to the river. When I got home I found several cases of cold drinks on my doorstep. That was so nice of them.

A Christian people have to have a President issuing his own creation of money as the currency in order for the President to then serve in the needs of his people. As currency creator he would control all job positions as employer while the people are employees; this is the only way that laws can be written is from the currency creator. Each of our Presidents were murdered after the Revolutionary War, a war against the slave owners that had brought us to America in the first place. Though we won the war we could not write our own laws so the United States Constitution was written for us slaves and former slaves to remind you to be alert to the slavers here in America with us- the police. The Police Departments had been created by the slave owners and as such still tried to keep our people in captivity even though we had won the Revolutionary War. The signing of the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 allowed Satan to be born into life, a life that thrives upon its continued issuance.

I do what I can each day to find appreciation and can get it in summer definitely. These are songs by Arcanoid.

I needed to get out of the house and found several things to talk about while walking.

This is the best I could do to enhance the performer image.

This location on the river is the one Cujo and I sat at most often.

I had sold an Amazon Fire TV to Cujo's owner and set it up by linking my TV at home to it. I told her that she needed to purchase her own Amazon Prime subscription because I would not be able to leave my TV linked to hers, as everything I do on my PC would show up on her TV. The woman never planned on purchasing an Amazon subscription and time was passing so I unlinked my TV from hers. To spite me she took Cujo and the Doberman out of my life. I haven't seen the dogs since this last day here.

Mama is the name given to my neighbor's Doberman Pinscher. I had been going to my neighbors house every day for years to feed and water and give love to this dog. The dogs owner was given a 13 month sentence in the local jail so I tend to his dog but I had been caring for his dog during the years before he went to jail too.
The 13th is the day the boy's mother took both the Doberman and Cujo out of my care.

This day is just 2 days before Cujo was taken out of my life. I have been suffering weakness from poor breathing but wanting to get fresh water buckets delivered to the Doberman a couple houses up from me. The owner had already said she didn't care for the dogs and their outdoor water faucet, located in their front yard was not working so I asked neighbors on the back street if I could use their water faucet to get fresh water to the Doberman.

This is a walk I had with Cujo.

The following is a musical way of travelling through each day with a Chow that knows how to be happy. He likes to walk but he doesn't care to stop anywhere for long. If you are not watching him every second he will keep walking.

I made a good video at the river today, July 22 2022, with Cujo and its encoding but right now I am talking about the differences between me and Cujo's owner.

The dog really leads me into some situations.

When I began taking Cujo under my care five years ago I was getting him away from a massive Chow that was dominating him. It led to an every day thing of allowing him to choose how I spend my time.

One of my walks.


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I hope to leave something good in this world. I was in prison most of my life going back to May 1982. I got out in 2017 and have been making video everyday since. I was targeted by the authorities, imprisoned wrongfully. I could tell many truths but the Internet is set up to prevent you from ever hearing the things you really need to know. Simply investigate on your own instead of listening to anything an authority will want you to believe.