went back to india in 2019 last time i was there was around 1997 and it looked different to a point where the building was so big because when i was there it was just a huge field and a building in the middle that was just a ground floor which was an L shape with a terrace on top and a water tank on the roof there was also a stage for sports event and plays which was made of concrete and a tree with rings and that was it, in the middle of nowhere and a church on the outside of the compound the field was a cotton farm

so i was taking pictures outside of a school in India and they wanted me to stop taking pictures , i had to ask for permission to take picture and they ended up showing me around the whole school and i recorded it , it was nice kind of them and a good experience for me to see

so this is a process to put a design on the shoe tops before they are attached to the sole

my cousin tells me that there is a one way road and then i see someone go in the opposite direction

people dancing on the street follow the music car to the wedding so the bride and groom get married

this is a very tasty ice shaving desert with syrup we got the most expensive one with the full wack , but is normally with ice shaving and syrup

golo is ice with syrup that has been shaved into shape using ice shaving , its sooooooooo tasty

hand stitching shoes in a traditional style that are used in Gujarat

a little bit about cotton seeds and what they are used for

wooden roller sugar cane machine , i didn't notice a difference in taste but i was told it taste better then the metal one but it tasted the same to me, i understand this because of the taste of tin food

using a conch shell to make noise

this is a sugar cane machine kart so you can get drink on a moving business in India Gujarat

this is a pump to get water


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