It’s official! We are excited to share a sneak peek of #ReBootTheGuardianCode! The show is a cool mix of live action and awesome animation about the adventures of four teenagers who become the Next-Generation Guardians of Cyberspace with the help of an artificially intelligent bio-constructed teenage girl. This Netflix Original Series debuts worldwide on March 30th, stay tuned for dates in Canada!

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“Minefield” performed by The Katherines
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Phong convinces Dot that in order to give citizens of Mainframe something to believe in, Enzo must face the User in a game alone as their Guardian.

Megabyte returns to Mainframe with a few upgrades - including the ability to shape-shift.

Dot prepares for her wedding to Normal Bob, but the ceremony is interrupted by an unexpected guest.

Glitch Bob attempts to separate from Glitch to win over Dot. Matrix, AndrAIa, Normal Bob, Phong, Enzo, Hack and Slash take on Rocky the Rabid Raccoon.

The Mainframers try to figure out which Bob is the original and which is a copy, while Bob, Matrix and Frisket enter a Pokemon-type game.

With Daemon on Mainframe's doorstep, Dot sends Enzo, Hack, Slash and Frisket to safety within a game cube. Enzo beats the User and returns to save his friends.

The truth about the destruction of the twin cities is revealed as Bob recalls his days as a cadet and Dot speaks with the null of her father.

Daemon sends Guardians to recruit Matrix and AndrAIa while Dot and a weakened Bob are forced into a game. Hex undergoes a surprising change.

Daemon's viral forces open Mainframe to the Net; Bob and Matrix argue over how to defend their home against the Guardians.

The remaining inhabitants of Mainframe have survived Megabyte's bane, but the system is destroyed and dying. As their final hope, they must cause a full system crash in hopes that the User will perform a restart.

In an attempt to save Mainframe from a complete system shutdown, the sectors must be powered down.

The Mainframe Resistance, Glitch Bob, Matrix, AndrAIa and the Software Pirates hatch a plan to take back the Principal Office.

The Saucy Mare has made it to their destination in one piece - which is more than can be said of Mainframe.

Having achieved their mission to find Bob, Matrix, AndrAIa and the crew of The Saucy Mare set course for Mainframe.

The hunt for the Web creature that bit AndrAIa continues.

While The Saucy Mare sails through the Edge of Beyond, AndrAIa is bitten by a Web creature that steals her energy and part of her code.

Of all the bars in all the Web, Captain Capacitor walks into the one Matrix and AndrAIa are hiding out in.

Matrix and AndrAIa finally land in a system that connects to the Web, only to discover that the Guardians have put travel on lockdown.

Matrix is ready to give up his search for Mainframe when it seems he's found it in the form of a game.

AndrAIa and Matrix find their way into a system run by a group of Superguardians.

Matrix and AndrAIa ride a game into a ravished system. They recruit a group of brave sprites to train in game play as well as one Tagalong. Pixelacious!

Megabyte uses Hexadecimal's viral energy to penetrate the firewall. Enzo, AndrAIa and Frisket enter a game they can't win.

In his quest for dominance, Megabyte's propaganda campaign against Enzo and those defending the Principal Office persists.

Dot, Phong, Mouse and Enzo take refuge in the Principal Office, fending off Megabyte and Hexadecimal's onslaught on the city.


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