Dave Ebel

Dave Ebel

Dave Ebel


Directed, Edited, Produced by Dave Ebel
Cinematography by Meg Kettell
Choreographed by Sam Householder, Genna Carey's performance balances variety with reproduction while displaying her sheer athleticism. The slow motion video permits the audience to capture subtleties in movement that would otherwise elude the eye.

Directed & Edited by Dave Ebel
Cinematography by Meg Kettell
Paradise out now: https://pop1280.bandcamp.com/album/paradise

Music Video for Crinkles 'Hide Me Dog' on LOSS LEADER 12".
Directed by Dave Ebel
Starring Hico Oshiro
Make Up & SFX by Sarah Wood
Music by Crinkles - Andrew Chugg, Dan Crosby, Kyle Kabel, Jon Campolo, Nick Campolo

Directed by Dave Ebel
Medias including sodium acetate and ferrofluid were photographed prior to choreography, allowing for model Abby Merrick’s human movement to correspond with the visual effects presents on screen. As the colors and shapes grow more diverse and complex, more and more is revealed of the inhuman form manipulating these energies. Underwater photography lent a realization of the vast weightless environment. This infinite void is introduced just as quickly as the crystallizations return us to darkness.

music by Megan Cox off of debut album W
download @ http://megancox.bandcamp.com/
Wardrobe by 7 Wonders Vintage 606 Manhattan Ave, Greenpoint
video by Dave Ebel


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