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Now, on to Short Loops, vol. 2! The first part of it is "Sky Appreciation Day" (2013) Enjoy!

During a Snow Day, I decided to be... somewhat productive ^_^

2012 content is all on my channel, here comes 2013 - and maybe some new stuff?...

I originally composed "Psychomachine" as a battle theme for an independent game jam in 2012. This is the last of my material from 2012, see you all next time! :)

Thank you for stopping by, this is the last part of Short Loops, vol. 1 - "Dusterman" (2012)

"Haunted Coconut" from Short Loops, vol. 1 (2012) - Thank you for coming by, and enjoy!

Thank you for coming! Part 4 from Short Loops, vol. 1 - "Shadow Mode" (2012). Have a good day!

Inspired by Indonesian gamelan.

Thank you for coming by! Relax and enjoy "Ghost Ship".

Fractal Funk, Flower Power, and Ghost Ship, all are part of a collection I call "Short Loops vol. 1" (2012). The other parts to the collection will be uploaded later.

A vibraphone tune I wrote in 2012. Please leave a comment and subscribe! Thank you, and enjoy! :)

A vibraphone tune from 2012. Enjoy!

This tune is more ambient. I recommend listening with headphones. Like the last song, I intend on remastering this one to give it better audio effect. Enjoy!

This is a tune I put together in 2012. I hope sometime to re-do it, so that it is in stereo, with better definition. Enjoy!

A tune I wrote in 2012, and my first publication!

A tune I submitted to OCRemix a while back... a remix of a tune from the "Viewpoint" soundtrack (Sega Genesis) ...hey, it's my first attempt at an electronic tune (2011) Enjoy, sorry no spiffy preview for this one.

The last part to my thesis movie, part 3. (2011)

Part 2, I tried my hand at inviting viewers into my research mind... at the time. Eh, it's a little odd looking back, but here it is! (More to come :) ) - 2011

I embark on my Doctoral Thesis in music (2011).

Ah, my first upload - more of a test movie (from 2011).

Welcome everyone!


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