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From the archives - 2017. This is a travel film I assembled from footage I took in various parts of Ireland. I traveled with some colleagues to Dublin, Kilkenny, Limerick, Galway, Lisdoonvarna, Doolin, the Cliffs of Moher and the Aran Islands. Enjoy the scenery!

** Hey, learn from my mistakes - you all may know this already, but when I made this footage, I clearly did not know that the vertical phone camera perspective is crap! Oops! <sigh...>

Also, note that the label 'Ghent' was not actually in Ghent - it was the belfry in Bruges... <sigh...>

From the archives - 2017. I get a tour of some European cities upon my arrival at the new job location. More to come, thanks for watching!

** From the archives - 2017

Before embarking on my European work location, I take time to immerse myself in West Virginia's majesty, and I visit home. Thank you for tuning in, I hope all is well!

In 2018, I experimented with doing a timed composition exercise, to assess my ability to create a piece of music in two minutes.
** I may do more stuff like this in the future, but for now I've only done this twice (it's difficult to capture me doing a good one in this format, but I think it's a fun concept nevertheless). I hope you had fun, and if you would like to, please leave a comment, subscribe, "recommend" (BitChute users), and remember that you're always welcome to come by anytime. Have a great day! :)

More from the archives - In 2017, I learned that I had an opportunity to work in an interesting place - watch to find out about it :) Thanks to all of you for coming!

This is a short movie I made to shine some light on my creative process, and how it involves sketching and composing on-the-go. Thank you all for coming by, feel free to drop a line! :)

**!Alert!** ... the websites at the end of this intro are no longer available. As I mentioned in my first BitChute movie ("Welcome to my Channel (2019)" - https://www.bitchute.com/video/VLlbhZrnUI76/), I am reworking my online presence. This archive entry is an intro from 2017. Talk to you all soon - thank you for watching!

My biggest, heartfelt thanks go to the WVU percussion studio, who joined me in recording my original percussion ensemble tune in 2016, "Plasma Cannon Predicament." This song is a serious undertaking to perform, and I always will be thankful for the assistance of these talented students. I look forward to recording this tune again in the future. Thank you all for watching, and I'll see you all next time! :)

This is a project I started in 2017, probably will finish it sometime this year - 2020 (fingers crossed). Glad you all could visit, see you next time!

Have a nice day! Here is a brief snippet of a small historic town plaza, set with original background music and footage from 2017. I appreciate you all joining me, see you all soon! :)

In 2017, I created a short, ambient music setting to some sunrise footage I took. Thank you all for tuning in, see you all next time :)

An original jam diddy I put together in 2017. I like this one, perhaps I should re-record/remaster it later. What do you think? Leave a comment, consider liking and subscribing. Thank you, see you soon! :)

"Victory!" An original short musical fanfare of mine, inspired by a statue that I filmed in 2017. Thank you, and enjoy!

I set music to a manor scene that I filmed in 2017. Many thanks to my viewers, see you soon :)

I took footage from an evening scene by some power lines in 2017 (hence the title). I set some calming music to it, please enjoy my short "Power Lines" from 2017. Please consider liking and subscribing - thank you so much for tuning in, and I hope you all stop by again very soon :)

One of my experiments setting music with video footage - a short at a nature park. Filmed in 2017. Enjoy, and please consider liking and subscribing! Thank you all for visiting, and I wish you well :)

I recorded a new piano composition! This one has a few tricks to it, stick around for the build-up around 2:00. It starts off slowly, more atmospheric. This tune was a journey, as I was fighting a major writer's block. I hope you enjoy, this is "Icebreaker".

Thank you all for coming by - please consider liking and subscribing!

A while back, I experimented with setting original music to short examples of varied ambient movie footage (that I also took myself). These are some examples from 2017. Enjoy!

I call this one Bamboo (from 2017) - there have been times, when I've stumbled across patches of bamboo, and decided to explore them, Here, I gave a simple musical reflection of one of those times. Thank you for watching ^_^

This is from an original composition of mine called "Roaming Western Fiddler." It is the last of the movies I made for the filmed portion of my 2019 audition footage. I used this for the "Two-mallet Solo" category. Another one that I may re-record in the future. See you all soon! :)

Edit: I'll understand if viewers may find this one a bit weird :) See below, and thank you...

My concert snare drum part of the audition - #13 from Mitchell Peters' "Hard Times." It's difficult to find a perfect balance between artistic and technical demand when choosing their solo audition literature. This one is quite rhythmically intricate, especially with metric modulations - hence the name "Hard Times."

This is an original composition of mine, from a compilation called "Four Etudes" - "Tense Threes" (2007).
When making these audition movies, I picked music that I thought I would be able to re-learn fairly easily. Easier said than done. I've been evaluating my recordings, and I'll probably re-record this later. Thank you for watching, we'll see you all next time :)

This is Westbrook Muster by John Pratt.

I recently recorded movies for an audition packet in October (2019). I didn't get invited for a live audition, but here is some of the material that I made. These opportunities to record give me the chance to examine my performing ability. Perhaps it was my shirt? Who knows :) Enjoy, more to come!

Happy Veterans Day 2019! In the USA, it is important for us to reflect on the individuals that have sacrificed so much for our nation's prosperity. I offer this small token of thanks, to contribute to the greetings and festivities of such a special occasion. Everyone have a great day, and to the veterans - thank you for your service! See you soon :)

A tune, a little diddy, from 2017.


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